Winston Venable Suspended for 1 Half

Does Boise State’s Winston Venable Hit on James Rogers warrant a game suspension? The WAC thought so, but later reduced the suspension to a half against the New Mexico State Aggies this October 2nd. Below is video footage from this past Saturday’s game that has drawn a lot of attention from Karl Benson and WAC Officials.

Western Athletic Conference Supervisor of Officials Jim Blackwood, said Tuesday on Idaho SportsTalk the following:

“The player (James Rogers) that was hit was defenseless. The player (Winston Venable) that delivered the hit seemed intent on leaving a calling card.”

In a split second, as the video below shows, Venable had to adjust his path to OSU QB Ryan Kantz as James Rogers was pushed by BSU CB Jamar Taylor. It would appear that once Venable saw Rogers, who stands 5 foot 7 inches, he attempted to get lower in order to avoid taking a hit to a lower part of his body. It is highly unlikely in the brief moment Venable was thinking about leaving a “calling card.”

All athletes are coached to go at full speed in order to avoid injury. In this case had Venable slowed he could have likely been injured. Venable for his part used his hands to separate himself from Rogers during the hit.

This is my opinion of the play, but I would like to get your take on the hit. Please let us know what you thought about the play.

The best news out this whole situation is that James Rogers has been ruled eligible to play this week. I have nothing but respect for this student athlete. I wish him the best for the rest of this season and beyond.

One thought on “Winston Venable Suspended for 1 Half

  1. Good video… makes it clear that Venable was trying to push through Rodgers, not spear him. This play was correctly NON-CALLED as a penalty.

    Reality here shows that James Rodgers was trying to find a way to block BOTH Bronco defenders… he had Thompson on his back, and was looking to get in Venable’s way… he was clearly aware of both players, or he’d have blocked up on Brandyn Thompson from the frontside, and pushed him away form the sideline.

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