Catching up with The 2007 Defensive Player of the Year – Marty Tadman

Recently I had the chance to catch up with Marty Tadman. This is the latest in the BTN Interview Series.

BTN: You’ve been gone a few years from the program. How often do you look back and reflect?

MT:  I look back daily. Every day someone in my daily life brings up football, especially since I wear my championship rings quite often.

BTN: The Broncos first Fiesta Bowl (2007) you were the Defensive MVP. Share the experience of that magical game.

MT: You know its funny, the game itself was fun, but not much more memorable then any other game…honestly. I know for fans that is very hard to believe but for me its true. However, what made that game magical and memorable was the aftermath or the game. None of us could have guessed that day how big of an impact that game would be for our lives, our school, our state, and for college football as a whole as well. It allowed me to be remembered for a special moment in college football history which is an amazing honor I will always remember and cherish.

BTN: Success seemed to be your middle name at Boise State. What are you up to now and what kind of success are you havening?

MT: I’m now a financial advisor who focuses on middle class/upper class for retirement, insuance, and estate planning and am actually opening my own practice now. I also have 2 daughters with my lovely wife of 4 and a half years. As well as continuing to share the gospel through preaching and teaching. I guess I consider my life successful at such a young age, however, I believe my success is driven by what football has taught me. I treat my business as a sport, waking up early, staying up late, and finding pride in working harder then everyone else because that’s how you become a true winner in life. I also pride myself in helping all my clients have success in their lives and work as hard if not harder then I did at BSU. We are blessed with the experience of college football and being successful, and that created an addiction for me to be successful at whatever I might do in life, and for now, that’s being a good husband, father, and advisor.

BTN: What is you best memory and worst memory as a Bronco and why?

MT: Best and worst memory are the same for me. It may sound cheesy, but walking off the field my senior year after losing to East Carolina was it for me. It was the worst because we lost, and that turned out to be my final footall game ever after 16 years, and it would have been nice to go ot with a win. It was a good memory as well as I scooped up a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown with a minute or so left in the game. I know no one remembers that, but it tied the game and gave us a chance. It would have been nice for that too be my last play as a player. It was also my best memory, slowly walking off the field trying to remember everything I had been blessed with. Taking the cleats off for the last time, the shoulder pads, the helmet, the socks, the pants…everything. Saying thank you to all my teammates and coaches. I really tried to capture that moment after the game realizing it would be my last. And it was a good end to a solid career.

BTN: When you decided to attend Boise State and play football did you ever imagine the program and you personally would be so successful.

MT: I chose Boise over pac-10 schools because I knew the program was growing, and I also was very confident I would get a chance wit opportunities to shine there if I could. So I did feel confident BSU would be where it is at know, and am happy I made the decision to go there. I also was confident I could hae success there, and I was very driven by others doubting my success at the college level because of my size. I couldn’t have imagined the reality of seeing my name as a 1st-team all american by sports illustrated my senior year, but other then that, I was blessed with some God-given talent, great coaches and teammates, and was given some good opportunities.

BTN: As you look at Boise State today versus three or four years ago what goes through your mind? What is different?

MT:What’s different is the national recognition and the “stuff.” The magazine covers and the TV ads on our school have become normal since I left. Whereas only our biggest games ever made it in the national scope before. Also, the team gets some cooler stuff, like the new uniforms, new field, new pressbox…that stuff is very cool.

BTN: One final question. Taking from your experiences at Boise State, if you could offer any advise to the younger players what would you say?

MT: Enjoy the moment, enjoy the long practices you hate, enjoy the film, enjoy each other,enjoy the wins, and remember the losses…because there will come a moment when you take your cleats off for the final time as well, and never get another opportunity to enjoy or experience the game in the same way. So stop complaining about the hard stuff, the hard stuff is what you look back at the most and miss for some reason. So just enjoy the game.

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