TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson Spouts Off

After all of the BCS talk this past week, today was a strange detour.  During Coach Gary Patterson’s teleconference the Idaho Statesman’s Chad Crippe got a little more than he bargained for.  ”Apparently”, during the  2010 Fiesta Bowl Media Day a video was taken of a TCU player spouting off about Boise State.  This video was then presented to the Boise State players.  This did not sit well with Patterson and well it looks like he is holding a grudge.  Audio is from 1350 KFAN in Utah.  Through twitter today it is rumored the “radio guy” was none other than Jeff Caves of KTIK.

One thought on “TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson Spouts Off

  1. Wait… Gary Patterson was mad because someone was taping media day? It is not like they snuck a camera into the event or misrepresented themselves. It was freakin MEDIA day.

    But non the less I think I know what went down:

    “During a media day interview session, TCU’s All-American senior linebacker Daryl Washington was asked about Boise State’s All-American quarterback Kellen Moore and the five sacks that BSU has allowed opposing defenses this year.

    “We’ll have our way with him” was Washington’s response.”

    Is Patterson mad that TCU didn’t record any sacks on the night?
    Or is it that Kyle Wilson flattened Andy Dalton?
    Or is it that BSU got 3 picks (1 pick 6) to TCU’s 0?
    Or that our secondary shut down TCU?

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