Do We Need to Worry About Toledo?

Last week we witnessed Toledo almost knock off Ohio State. It came down to the last seconds in the game. #15 Ohio State had trouble with their defense, and to be exact their pass defense. Eric Paige, Toledo’s receiver had 12 catches for 145 and 2 touchdowns. Another guy that Ohio State had a problem with was Adonis Thomas, the starting Running Back for the Rockets. Thomas had 6 catches for 111 yards, plus he had 47 yards on the ground and a touchdown.

Now that we know what their offense is like, lets take a look at the defense. A big thing that Toledo did was keep the Running Back contained. They held starting Running Back Carlos Hyde to 76 yards on 20 attempts. They held the Quarterback to 53% passing and under 200 yards.

Now Boise State’s offense is explosive this year, Seniors QB Kellen Moore, RB Doug Martin, and TE Kyle Efaw. On September 3rd they put up a great show against Georgia. The offense put up a total of 390 yards. Martin didn’t have as many yards this game due to Georgia’s great run defense. I think Doug will have a great game with over 120 yards and 2 touchdowns. What I am asking you Bronco Nation is, do you think Toledo will have a chance for an upset on there own turf?

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