NCAA 14 Simulation: Boise State vs. San Diego State

The scenario for each of these match-ups is a simple process, I take the current roster and set up multiple dynasties and simulate the seasons, to collect my data. To make sure I had a large enough sample size I simulated 7 seasons to gather the right information. To make it easier to follow I edited the roster to include actual names of the players and aside from that we are all EA sports. With each opponent I will try to give you a best case scenario, worst case scenario, and a possible outcome. Boise State is running out of a pistol offense to keep it as close to reality as possible.


With a cool breeze chilling the stadium, the Broncos stepped onto the field to battle the Aztecs and keep their hopes of a MWC title still intact. With the opening kickoff the game was underway and the Broncos used a powerful running game, while rotating backs, onto their way into the end zone. Derrick Thomas was able to put the first points on the board when he scored from six yards away.

After a strong defensive effort the Boise State offense again took the field ready to stop the Aztecs and that’s just what they did.  This drive Jay Ajayi found his way into the end zone with a 5 yard run that extended the Bronco lead. Late in the first quarter Grant Hedrick was able to find Shane Williams-Rhodes on a quick screen who slipped past the defense and into the end zone for a score from 7 yards away.

The second quarter began with SDSU joining the scoring session when Roberts caught a 20 yard reception for the Aztecs’ first points of the game. Boise State responded when Matt Miller caught a seven yard slant route for his first touchdown of the game. Unfortunately the PAT was pushed just wide right of the goal post after a bad snap and a bobble on the hold. With under three minutes until the half SDSU got into Bronco territory and capitalized when they kicked a 43 yard field goal.

Coming out after half time the Aztecs were able to find success running the ball down inside Broncos territory, but were stymied and forced to kick a 30 yard field goal. Boise State used that defensive momentum and put together a long methodical drive down inside the two yard line of the Aztecs. Hedrick was able to fit a pass in tight coverage, and Holden Huff came down with the reception and the score.

Once the Broncos got the ball back early in the fourth quarter they capitalized when Devan Demas scored his first touchdown of his career from 2 yards away. SDSU was able to put together a drive of their own, but unfortunately it again ended in a field goal, this time from 47 yards away. With the game fully in hand and replacements covering the field, the Broncos looked to Patti for any more points. He didn’t disappoint when he found Aaron Burks open for a 54 yard pass and the final score of the game.

Final Score: Boise State 48 – SDSU 16



Preparing for the opening kickoff of the game the Broncos looked to continue their offensive resurgence which started with a flurry of points against Wyoming. However as had become the norm for the Broncos they couldn’t seem to start the quarter off with a fast start and sputtered during the opening fifteen minutes of the game. Thankfully the Aztecs weren’t much better as the quarter finished just like it had begun, a scoreless stalemate.

San Diego State broke the tie when Lockett caught a 21 yard touchdown pass and gave the Aztecs the lead. Again SDSU found success through the air and after a promising drive, was forced into a 27 yard field goal. The Broncos appeared to have lost their steam as again a three and out lead to more SDSU points after a 35 yard field goal. Right before the half SDSU got the ball back, got within field goal range, and kicked a 43 yard field goal to take a 16-0 lead.

Coming out after the half, Coach Petersen must have lit a fire as a new offense appeared to be taking the field. The Broncos found success running the ball and found their way in Aztec territory only to kick a 30 yard field goal. Boise State was able to force a turnover and orchestrated a passing attack which was capped off with Geraldo Boldewijn catching a 30 yard pass from Grant Hedrick for the score. A few minutes later the Bronco’s offense found themselves with the ball in their hands again and got into Aztec territory only to kick a 33 yard field goal.

The defenses opened up the fourth quarter in a dominant fashion as neither offense was able to find much success moving the ball. Boise State was the first to break that stalemate when Hedrick slipped a tackle and found a streaking Dallas Burroughs for a 33 yard touchdown reception. Midway through the final quarter the Broncos had taken their first lead of the game and used a stout defense to hold onto the lead and come away victorious.

Final Score: Boise State 20 – SDSU 16



When Boise State entered Qualcomm Stadium it appeared as though the Broncos finally had a team full of healthy players. With the Broncos set to receive the opening kickoff the game was about to get underway. The opening drive for the Broncos began, and shortly ended with an all too familiar sight of quickly giving the ball back to the opposition. SDSU capitalized on the short field position and marched into the end zone for their first score of the game.

Hedrick and company returned to the field after a dismal opening drive and didn’t disappoint. The Broncos used their most elusive player, Williams-Rhodes in the passing game, coupled with the bruising running of Ajayi to march the ball down the field. Ajayi was able to put some points on the board when he ran in from nine yards away for the score. The Broncos were able to regain possession with two minutes left in the quarter and found success through the passing game. Boise State put more points on the board when Hedrick found Williams-Rhodes open for the score.

Early in the second quarter SDSU used their running game and pushed their way inside Bronco territory only to be forced to kick a 33 yard field goal. Both offenses seemed to be confused by the defenses at hand as neither team moved the ball very effectively. Boise State lined up for a field goal from 49 yards away with mere seconds left on the clock, and Dan Goodale kicked it just short to keep the score at 14-10 headed into the half.

Coming out of half time and with the crowd behind them, SDSU was able to march down inside the Bronco red zone and this time crossed the goal line on a short play action pass. Boise State responded with a couple short passes to Williams-Rhodes which set up the deep pass. Boldewijn slipped by his defender and Hedrick found him open for a 37 yard touchdown reception. The Broncos extended their lead when Derrick Thomas finished off the drive with a 3 yard run for the score just before time expired in the third quarter.

The Aztecs couldn’t seem to find an answer to the Bronco’s defense which was flying all over the field and stopping plays before they even started. Hedrick, sensing an opportunity to put the game out of reach orchestrated a drive down inside the Aztec red zone. On third and three from the seven yard Hedrick looked for his most trusted receiver which he found for the score when Matt Miller caught the pass between two defenders. After the Bronco lead was extended to 18 points the defense continued to play with confidence, and stopped all future Aztec drives, giving the Broncos the win.

Final Score: Boise State 35 – SDSU 17


Stats from game:

Grant Hedrick: 18-29, 3 td – 1 int, 308 yards

Jay Ajayi: 14 carries, 67 yds, 1 td

Derrick Thomas: 11 carries, 47 yards, 1 td

Matt Miller: 6 rec, 112 yds, 1 td

Shane Williams-Rhodes: 5 rec, 85 yds, 1 td

Geraldo Boldewijn: 2 rec, 45 yards, 1 td

Demarcus Lawrence: 5 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 1 def


Head to Head:

Boise State 7 – SDSU 0

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