BTN Predictions: Week 5 vs. Hawaii


Derek – So, I am not very good at predictions.  I picked blowouts in our first three games and two of them were close (Idaho State was a given).  I pick a close game against Virginia and what do you know, our team puts together a complete game.  I do, however, fee VERY confident in predicting a blowout this week.  Hawaii has traveled 70,000* miles in the past couple weeks, and are dealing with some injuries.  On top of that their hot-garbage-offense is going against our stout defense.  It’s going to get ugly.  They do have a decent defense themselves, but the jet lag may catch up to them, and I think our offense continues to get better.  Vegas has this game at about a 25 point spread and 54 over/under.  I think we cover and go over.  Boise State 55 Hawaii 0.

*Miles traveled may not be accurate

Noel – I am just like Derek, it appears. That just means I’m horrible at predictions.  I don’t think there will be too much trouble with the Rainbow Warriors.  I do expect them to score in the 3rd or 4th quarter when the game is already out of reach. The Broncos’ defense will stop #HBUpTheMiddleForPresident all night long and, since Timmy Chang isn’t coming out of the tunnel in Boise, the passing game won’t be all that great either.  I’m guessing some destruction and R.U.T.S. will occur. Broncos 66, Hawaii 17.

Tami – Yeahhhh, this game is most likely going to get out of hand if everything goes to plan. Kind of excited to see the ‘bows break out their awesome road throwbacks, tho. That’s going to be epic against The Blue. If one listens closely, they can hear the internet complaining about their eyes already. Boise State should score big on a travel weary Hawaii team. The Warriors will fight to the very end, but they also probably won’t have any more success than anybody else has establishing the run or defending against the McWeapon. Hawaii is a more complete team than they usually are, but the Broncos are primed for a run. Hawaii is just in the way. Boise – 58, Warriors – 24

Bronco Feedbag: Hawaii (Rainbow) Warriors

Roasted_puaaYour pig won’t taste as good as this one

Aloha!  It is Hawaii game week, and I am excited!  I have been looking forward to tailgating for this game for a long time.  I grew up with a lot of Pacific Islanders – one of my good friend’s jokingly called me Keleka once – a rough translation of my name  – and it stuck. Anyways,  I was lucky enough to be able to attend many back yard Luaus, and  there is nothing like Polynesian food and culture.  Let’s get to it!


Traditional Kalua Pig is cooked in an underground pit called an Imu.  This oven is made by digging a hole, starting a mesquite fire and then covering the fire with rocks and lining the pit with banana leaves.  The whole pig is then salted and stuffed with more hot rocks and wrapped in banana leaves or wet burlap to maintain the moisture of the meat.  The pit is then covered in sand and left to cook for about eight  hours.  Once finished, the pork is shredded to mix the melted fat with the meat to spread the flavor throughout the pig.  My friend’s parents had an imu in their back yard and would make Kalua Pig for special occasions – there is nothing that compares to it. Unfortunately, for tailgating purposes you probably don’t have the time to cook the pig traditionally, and I would guess the people who own your tailgate spot would frown upon you building an imu.  Luckily crock-pot Kalua Pig is very easy.  All you need is some pork butt roast, sea salt, and liquid smoke.  Pierce the roast a few times with a fork, cover it with sea salt and liquid smoke, and cook on low for about eight hours or on high for about four hours.  Once it is tender, shred it with a couple of forks and mix it with the fat and juices in the pot, and serve.

A great traditional side item to serve with this is Local Kine potato-mac salad. It is basically a mixture of potato salad and macaroni salad, so get your favorite recipes of both, and mix them together.  If you are short on time (or lazy) you can also buy a container of each of these at your nearest deli and throw them together.

If you want to go all out, make some spam fried rice or sticky rice and you will be able to build your own Hawaiian lunch plate!


I am a big fan of all the beers from Kona Brewing, and I think Big Wave is perfect for tailgating.  It has a great balance of malts and hops, but is lower in alcohol (4.4%) so you can still have a few.  Here is the description from Kona:

Our brewers wanted to make a beer that went down easy after a day out on the water. Big Wave Golden Ale is just the ticket. Big Wave is a lighter bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor – a smooth, easy drinking refreshing ale. The use of caramel malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer and our special blend of hops provides bright quenching finish.

You can find Kona’s brews pretty much everywhere around the Treasure Valley, and some stores carry their sampler pack so you can try all of their great beers.


In previous editions of the Feedbag I have referred to Business Insider’s article on the most popular liquor in every state, which for Hawaii is Jack Daniels.  I am going to go a different direction this week so we can keep with the theme, so let’s make some Mai Tai’s!

Most people think of Captain Morgan’s when it comes to spiced rum, but I really like Shellback Spiced Rum.  I find it a lot smoother and great for shots:

Shellback® Spiced is a flavorful, medium-bodied rum of remarkable quality. Its 12 exotic spices combine to offer unique aromatics and layers of caramelized vanilla, brown spice, cinnamon, and honey. With a distinctive yet versatile profile, it is pleasantly warm with a clean finish and makes for a tasty shot, mixes nicely with soft drinks and serves as the perfect companion for hot drinks.

For the Mai Tai, pour a shot of Shellback, and a shot of Malibu Coconut Rum over ice, add a splash of grenadine, and top with pineapple juice and orange juice.  Stir and enjoy!

Enjoy your tailgate parties this week. Should be a great October day for football!


Bronco Feedbag: Virginia Cavaliers


I’ve never been to Virginia. I know nothing about Virginia.  Despite this it is my responsibility as Head Chef at Blue Turf Nation to provide you with some good eats and libations to get you prepared for our battle against the Cavaliers of Virginia.  There are a lot of local favorites I could go with here – Smithfield ham or Virginia style barbecue would be good – but with Fall here and the nights getting cooler I though a nice stew would do.  We are going to go with Brunswick Stew, a traditional Virginian dish. Just like last week our game is on a Friday, so we will do a crock pot version in case you are short on time.


Authentic Brunswick stew was/is made with squirrel, opossum or rabbit.  I am going to take a wild guess that you either can’t or don’t want to source these proteins, so we are going to go with some good old pork shoulder.  Much easier to find at your local Albertsons than rodent flesh! By the way if you do want to use squirrels my sources tell me you will need 2-3 for a meal (Thanks JP).

Get yourself about three pounds pork shoulder and cut into two-inch pieces.  Peel and dice three medium-sized potatoes, and one yellow onion.  Throw these into your crock pot. Add a 28 ounce can of crushed or diced tomatoes, one 18 ounce bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce, one can of chicken broth, a can of drained and rinsed lima or kidney beans, one package of frozen corn, and one package of frozen okra. Stir in 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 tsp salt.  Cover and cook on low for about 10-12 hours.  If you are short on time cooking on high for about four hours will do, but the meat might not be as tender.  Ladle in to bowls and serve with cornbread!


oktoberfestbottlepint2As far as I can tell there are not any beers from the Old Dominion that are available for purchase in Idaho, so if you will be staying home and table-gating we need to go with something we can get here in Boise. Tis’ the season for Fall seasonal’s, and my favorite right now is an Oktoberfest collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Brauhaus Rieggele. For a hop-head like me it is by far the best Oktoberfest – perfectly malty like a you would expect, but still a little hoppiness.

If you are one of the lucky ones that are traveling to Charlottesville, hit up Star Hill Brewery or South Street Brewery for some local brews.


vodka-grey-gooseBusiness insider tells us that Virginia’s favorite liquor is Grey Goose Vodka. I can’t think of anything better than a dirty martini, but since we are tailgating we don’t need excessive expenditures or ingredients, so we are going to cut out the dry vermouth and combine the classic martini with a shot.  First fill a rocks glass (or solo cup) with ice water to get it chilled.  If you are lazy, just throw some ice in it.  If you are really lazy and/or don’t care skip this step all together. Pour in a shot’s worth of Grey Goose, some juice from a jar of green olives, swirl, and shoot!  If you want to go with the real deal, add a splash of the dry vermouth, a couple of olives, throw your pinky in the air and sip away!

As always, if you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter @Keleka24

Happy Tailgating!

Adventures in Tailgating: Bronco Feedbag – Idaho State Bengals


Two teams from Idaho playing each other?  You know what that means, right?  POTATOES!  If there is one thing this great state is known for other than our famous Blue Turf™ it has to be potatoes!  Any one outside of our wonderful boot-shaped state automatically assumes we all grew up on potato farms and eat potatoes for all three meals.   For anyone who has never been here the assumption is this is one great huge potato field.  Well, we may as well live up to those stereotypes and do something potato-ish for our tailgate party!


With a Friday game and an earlier start time (!) we need something we can prepare easily and have ready to tailgate with.  If you are like me you have to work Friday so you might want to spend less tailgate time grilling and more time socializing drinking.

First of all figure out how many people you want to serve (or how many potatoes you can fit in your crock pot) and get that many Idaho Bakers.  Stab the potatoes with a fork about four times per “side”.  rub those tubers with some olive oil and sprinkle with kosher salt, and then wrap each one in foil.  If you are going to be working a full day before heading down to the tailgate spot you can cook them on low for about eight hours.  If you or a helper will be at home, four hours on high should do the trick.  Potatoes are done when the skin starts to pull away from the potato a little and they are slightly mushy.

Now, you need toppings.  You know more than I do what you like on your potatoes, but the standards always work – butter. sour cream, shredded cheese, bacon, green onions.  If you want a little extra heartburn heat up some Nally’s chili without beans and throw that on there.  Some pickled jalapenos won’t hurt either.

There you go!  Nice easy Idaho themed tailgate menu for an earlier Friday game.


High_LakesOf course we need an Idaho beer this week.  So many great options to choose from, but I LOVE this beer from Sockeye Brewing here in Boise.  If you are an IPA lover like me this beer has all the hoppy, citrusy wonderfulness of a great IPA, but at 4% ABV you can still drink a dozen or so without your evening ending by being chased by MAV security across the Blue™ wearing only  tighty whities and Benny The Bengal’s head.  Of course if you DO want your night to end like that…..


fireballOnce again we will refer to Business Insider to find out what is most popular in Idaho, and according to them it is a tie between Fireball, Jagermeister, and Captain Morgan. Jager and Captain were both trendy when I was going to Boise State, but we don’t want to go all Uncle Rico and live in the past, so let’s go with what the kids are drinking now, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.  Want to keep it simple?  Fireball is a pretty easy shot to do.  Want to get fancy?  Well, after last week’s game I can’t think of a better named drink than Angry Balls (I am sure Chanceller James would agree).  To make an Angry Balls, get yourself a cup of ice, pour in a shot of Fireball, and top off with some Angry Orchard.  Simple as that!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Keleka24.

Happy Tailgating!

Adventures in Tailgating: Bronco Feedbag – Washington Huskies


I’m a foodie.  I grew up in the restaurant business, it’s how I pay the bills, and truly what I love.  Obviously I also love Boise State football, and one of my favorite parts of game-day is tailgating.  So, I figured – why not combine my loves and post it on my blog!  Great idea, right?  So each week this season the Blue Turf Nation team will come up with some ideas for you to use at your tailgate or watch party, based on the region where that week’s opponent comes from.   We will provide you with a main dish, beer, wine, and cocktail that we feel represents the opposing team’s region.

A couple of notes – as a cook I feel you should take any recipe and  experiment a little to make it your own – so take what I give you and play around.  Also, I won’t give measurements.  Cooking isn’t a science, it is an art, and like I said – play around!  (If we do give you some baking recipes measurements will be provided as baking IS a science).  If at any time you want or need more guidance you can always hit me up on twitter.  My goal is to give you recipes that can be easily executed for both parking lot and living room service.  So let’s dive into our week one region Seattle!



I feel like Seattle deserves a fish entrée, but we need something easy to execute in a parking lot.  We are going to go with smoked salmon tacos with pico de gallo and a creamy chipotle drizzle.  This will require a little prep work at home before heading to the stadium.

First up let’s make Pico de Gallo. Get yourself some tomatoes, onion, cilantro, jalapeño and garlic.  Dice it all up and put it in a mixing bowl. Squeeze some fresh lime juice in it, throw in some kosher salt, and you are good to go.

Next up we will make the chipotle drizzle.  You will want to get some chipotles in adobo (canned in the Mexican food aisle) and throw them in a blender.  Blend for about 30 seconds and put in a mixing bowl.  Add in a little mayo, a good amount of ranch dressing, and some fresh squeezed lime juice.  Whisk until smooth and load it into a squeeze bottle to make it easy for your guest to apply at the party.

Next you will want to get the rest of your taco fixin’s.  You can find smoked salmon in pretty much any grocery store, usually near the deli or meat counter.  Smoked salmon is great because you don’t have to heat up to enjoy it.  If you do prefer it warm, simply wrap it in foil and either heat it up on your grill in the parking lot or in the oven at home.  Get some white corn tortillas, some sort of cheese (I think Mexican queso fresco would be great) and some shredded lettuce or cabbage. Some lime wedges to squeeze on your tacos might be good too. Arrange all of your fixings on your tailgate table or kitchen counter and let your guests have at it!


BEER OF THE WEEK: Manny’s Pale Ale

mannysSeafood goes great with pale ales or IPA’s because of their citrusy hop characters.  Manny’s comes from Georgetown Brewing in Seattle.  Here is their description of Manny’s:

“A careful selection of Northwest hops, premium barley, and our unique yeast give this ale a rich and complex malty middle with a snappy hop finish. Crisp, clean and smooth with hints of citrus and fruit.”

If you want to serve Manny’s at your tailgate this week you will need to get it in a growler, as they don’t currently bottle.  I found it at the growler station at  Fred Meyer on Federal Way, and I would guess you will find it at a lot of growler fill stations around town as it is quite popular right now.  If you are looking for something bottled, Long Hammer IPA from Red Hook Brewing is a good choice.  Looking for cheap and in a can? Rainier it is!


WINE OF THE WEEK:  Chateau St. Michelle Gewürztraminer

chateaugew__63718.1434596590.1280.1280I like wine for the right occasion.  I don’t think tailgating is that occasion, but to each their own!  For the wine imbibing tailgaters out there this is a great wine for early fall days where it still might be hot out, and pairs well with spicy food.  And its cheap! Here is the description:

“A fan favorite, this Gewürztraminer is such an enjoyable wine with exuberant fruit and clove spice. This is a lush style of Gewürztraminer with a lot of floral character, yet it still maintains the grape’s natural crisp character. A touch of Muscat offers citrus notes and a deeper spice character. Try this wine with Thai food or any cuisine with a little “bite” to it.”


Cocktail/Shot of the week:  Patron Silver Margarita/Shot

PATRON-SILVER-750MLWhen it comes to cocktails, there really is not much that is regional.  For this part I will refer to this article from business insiders, which tells me Washingtonians love their Patron. So how about a margarita?

Get yourself a shaker tin, throw in a scoop of ice, and count to six as you pour your patron in (that’s about 1 1/2 ounces).  Throw in some of triple sec (or if you want to get fancy some gran gala), a little agave syrup (it’s usually by the honey in the store), and squeeze some fresh lime juice.  Shake it and strain into a glass (or solo cup) full of ice with a salted rim.  If you want to cut out the middle man, pour in a salted shot glass, squeeze a lime wedge in and shoot it.  If you want to cut out that middle man, pour the tequila directly from the bottle into your mouth!

Like I said earlier, if you aren’t sure about cooking or mixing without measurements, feel free to hit me up on twitter at @keleka24.

Happy tailgating!