BTN Predictions: Week 8 vs. Cal State – Fresno


We are half way through the season and we have certainly seen some ups and downs from this team.  It certainly makes it tough for us to predict.  Last time I did not really predict how the game would go – just that emotion alone would win.  I was right. It was a tough game, going back and forth with lots of scoring, but ultimately emotion won out, and you could tell by the post-game celebration.

Emotion will play a part in this weeks match-up against Fresno State as well. I am sure that losing by one point left a bad taste in the mouths of the players, on top of the fact that Fresno seems to think it is a new era in the rivalry.  Unlike last weeks game however, we are at home on the Blue, and do not have to deal with the opposing team’s emotion of protecting their home field.  I also feel like this is the week that the Broncos finally put together a complete game.  Fresno has had an ugly season up to this point. On Friday night, it will get uglier.  Boise State 56 Fresno 12


Boise State appears to be on the verge of their first truly complete game of the season. Like, any minute now. (I’ve been calling for this since UConn, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯.) I think the boys in blue will be sufficiently hyped after last season, and in an emotionally and physically good state coming off a bye. The game is in the friendly confines of Bronco Stadium, and Fresno is not a good football team. The Bulldogs are coming off a rather sad loss to UNLV in OT and I’m guessing the crowd and the lights and Boise State’s level of execution will mess with them. Boise’s stout defense should bother QB Brian Burrell into coughing up some turnovers. They also must contain Fresno’s RB Marteze Waller and dangerous WR Josh Harper, but Fresno isn’t exactly Ole Miss and it’s hard to be really concerned. The Broncos offense has been more consistent in the red zone since Air Force, and shouldn’t have an issue putting points on the board against the Dog’s porous D. Of course, it’s just as possible that Fresno plays outta their mind, but even then I think the crowd will help swing momentum Boise’s way when they really need it. BSU wins by a bunch. Broncos 48 – Fresno 10.


Being at home gives me all the confidence in the world. There is just something special about Boise State when they play Fresno in Boise. And because of that, I don’t see any scenario where Boise State loses their first time ever to Fresno on “The Blue”. Jay Ajayi is positioned to have another massive game, and the Fresno State offense is going to serve up big chances for our defense to make plays. That being said, I am leaning towards a convincing win in the range of 42-20 Boise State.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been horrible at this (in case you haven’t noticed. So, I asked the Mrs. for her opinion this week.  We both agree that the Broncos will win this game. I am worried about WR Josh Harper but that’s really all.  Their run game won’t be able to muster anything.  If the Boise State offense gets going, will the Bulldogs be able to stop it with any regularity? FRES-NOPE.  Grant has a decent game and hits 2 deep balls.  SWR will score once.  And Jay gets at least 2 scores.  I say the final will be 42-24.  In case you’re wondering, Mrs. H said 42-31.


Fresno, Fresno, Fresno… I love you so. Some of the most prolific — high-scoring — nail-biting — gut-wrenching  games have taken place between these two teams. One being last year. Which unfortunately reminds me Fresno squeaked out a 41-40 victory. I happen to break my phone that night… coincidence….?

This year should be a different story. Derek Carr gone – Fresno’s potency gone with. Their defense is dismal at best … giving up 50+ points in four of their seven games so far. YIKES. Somewhat like the Broncos … Fresno’s offense is struggling to achieve consistency. Already mentioned by everyone above, Fresno has one serious threat — Josh Harper. If Cleshawn Page and the rest of the Broncos secondary are able to contain him, the Milk Can shall belong to the Broncos once again. Boise State 49 Fresno 17



BTN Predictions – Week 6: At Nevada


After the Louisiana game a couple of weeks ago, it appeared that Boise State was starting to put it all together.  The defense continued to dominate, Grant Hedrick had a solid game, and we were seeing signs of the ball being spread around to more than just the “Big Three”.  There were definitely reasons to be optimistic heading into the Air Force game.  I expected a tough, close game – especially considering how the Broncos have fared on the road recently – but was not expecting to be dominated like we were by the Falcons.  Many people used the word “debacle”, and it truly was.  The results of the past two games truly make it hard to predict this one.  Was the Air Force game an anomaly? Was it just some growing pains of a new staff and the players continuing to learn together?  Or was that what this team is – average at best – going to win some and lose some?  If you know me, read my writings, or follow me on Twitter, you know that I am an optimist – to a fault maybe – and that will not change.   I see no reason to think negatively or doubt what myself, others, or this football team are capable of.  I am concerned about going on the road still, however this game typically has more Bronco fans attending than any other road trip.  I also think the Air Force game was a wake up call to both the coaches and the team.  I am not going to go into specifics about what players are key, which sides of the ball have the advantage, or how this game goes.  This game will be an emotional one, both because of who and where we are playing, and what happened last week, so this is a purely emotional pick.  Boise State bounces back, and continues to grow under Harsin and staff.  Boise State 31 – Nevada 21.


Nevada is a pretty good team. The Wolf Pack’s only loss so far came at the hands of Arizona, the team that beat Oregon at Autzen on Thursday night. Boise is a very talented team who is still trying to find consistency. The performance last week at Air Force makes this game quite hard to predict – I know what I want to see out of the Broncos, but a big run game, some nice deep throws to open up the field for Jay, and a shut-down defense may be more than we can hope for. The X factor is the fact that Nevada is the closest thing we have to a rivalry, and the hate is palpable. Losing to them would be a tremendous blow. So, assuming that Grant has his confidence back, the coaches are on and have everybody ready, and that some of the guys that have been out injured are able to come back (hi there defense), Boise should be able to make this a game. I’m homering it up and calling for a win for the good guys: Boise State 28 – Nevada 24. 

Dan Goodale, please be ready. We’re going to need Dead Center Dan to go to Reno and kick a ball just to watch a man and his middle fingers die.


I’m on the fence about this one. Last week was a horrid week on the field for Grant Hedrick and, if he paid any attention to the fan base, he didn’t have a good time post-game either.  His mindset is one of the keys to the game.  If his head is on straight, the offense will be sufficient. The other key is the defense. Coach Harsin and CoachYates can take some cues from Arizona’s defense on gap-integrity. and how to contain a “running” quarterback. Fajardo can eat teams up on the ground. Here’s how I see it – Broncos offense performs and the defense destroys the Nevada running game.  Broncos win 35-20 and I lob double-birds at Nevada fan on the TV.


This game might be a defining point in an already up and down season. As Derek pointed out – after beating the Ragin’ Cajuns – Boise State fans felt like the Broncos might have their mojo back, potentially leading to a chain of W’s. I felt this way myself. Short lived serenity to say the least. Air Force kindly provided a needle to Boise State’s balloon of confidence and the Broncos offense inserted it for them; with not 1.. not 2.. not 3.. but 7 turnovers.

I’ve tossed and turned all week about this game. My stabbing paranoia has me thinking the Broncos will under perform again and Nevada will win – allowing their egotistical fans to boast it in the Broncos face 2010 style. Then, on the other hand, my usual homerism has me thinking the Broncos will storm into Reno with a “F this” mentality – F last week, F the season opener, and F you Nevada. Checks to make sure I’m not a 13-year-old girl. 

I’m so atrocious at predicting final scores or even coming close (check out my previous predictions) therefore I’m going to plead the 5th on guessing this weeks final score and do so because of my superstitious nature. I will predict a close game though. Maybe even OT? Yikes. I don’t know if my heart can handle OT. But… if there are more than three “wtf Grant?” moments, prepare for another sad week in Bronco land.


I am not sure what to even say here honestly. I look at the Air Force game and then I look at the this game and I get worried. When you watch the turnovers of Hedrick my concern was a lot of throws were just inaccurate. Going into Reno the pressure on him is going to be a lot, can he handle it? I guess we will find out, but I don’t have a great feeling about it. Even with all that though, I have to remind myself I trust Harsin when it comes to the QB position and this can be no different. My other major concern going into Reno is looking at Jay Ajayi’s stat line on the road this year. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen it, but if not here is what you need to know.

Jay Ajayi at home averages 6.1 yards per carry this season – on the road this season, 3.4.

So for us to win, Jay has to break this bad start to the road this season, and Hedrick has to be a completely different QB. Oh and I can’t forget the defense has to continue to dominate at an incredible level… Yeah, I think you guys know where I am going with this…And that is despite all this, Boise State thrives in positions like this, this is what makes BSU great. Broncos win 34 – 17.


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Attack the Opponent – Connecticut Huskies

After a week back on The Blue™ our beloved Broncos are heading back to the East Coast, this time for a match-up against the Huskies of Connecticut.  Both teams are heading into this contest with records of 1-1, and both are coming off of a win at home, however these two teams had completely different performances in their wins last week.



The Huskies ended up pulling out a win against Stony Brook B&B, but it was not pretty. The Seawolves (?) out-gained the Huskies 300 yards to 223, with 54 more yards passing, and 23 more yards on the ground.  Uconn also turned the ball over twice while the Seawolves (?) had zero. Stony Brook held the advantage in time of possession, and if it were not for the disparity in penalty yards (SB B&B 108, Uconn 25) the Seawolves (?) may have pulled this out as they clearly dominated the box score.  The Huskies also lost starting quarterback Casey Cochran, who is retiring from football due to concussions.  Senior Chandler Whitmer will start for Uconn on Saturday.


If a mullet like this can’t protect you from concussions no helmet ever will.

The biggest threat for Connecticut is wide receiver Geremy Davis, a 6-2 216 LB Senior.  Davis put up 96 yards against BYU and 113 yards and a TD against Stony Brook last week, and is averaging 18.8 yards per catch.  This seems like it could be a problem for Boise State’s banged up secondary, but in order for Davis to get the ball Whitmer is going to have to get it out of his hands before Mat Boesen and his hair destroys him in the backfield.

Boise State’s game went a little differently.  Although the final score was a respectable 37-24, this game was a blow out.  CSU was never in this game, and if it were not for the refs making us play four quarters the score would have reflected this.  Jay Ajayi put up video game like numbers with 280 yards and 3 TD’s total offense, while Grant Hedrick made me wish I could have started him in my fantasy league instead of RGIII, throwing for 352 yards and 2 TD’s while running for 80 yards and a TD.  Our D was also dominant (for three quarters) with another outstanding performance from our front seven, and our young offensive line was tossing Ram defenders around like glitches in Madden 15.

The biggest concern for our team heading into East Hartford is our secondary.  Donte Deayon did not play against CSU (although he certainly tried – changing into his uniform from his street clothes in the 4th quarter) but should be back in action against the Huskies.  Unfortunately Cleshawn Page will not play after leaving the CSU game with an injury, and  the team had already  lost Mercy Maston to a stress fracture.  Bryan Douglas also left the CSU game with concussion symptoms but is expected to be ready for UConn.  The depth has gotten so bad that the Broncos are taking  walk-on, true freshman corner Eric Yates to the game.  Yates, who shares the same last name and refrigerator with Defensive Coordinator Marcel Yates, did not even play high school football last year. The good news is I also did not play high school football my senior year, and I am pretty sure I could fill in nicely in this game at corner. Our defensive line and linebackers have played so well that we may even be able to play without a secondary, as Whitmer will only have about .02 of a second to get the ball off.

Husky fans sending @Keleka24 angry tweets after reading the last paragraph.

So what will Boise State have to do to pull out the W on Saturday?  Showing up should do it.  A lot of people are concerned about the early start time, but being that Jay Ajayi eats defenses for breakfast we should expect a feast of epic proportions, and the game will be out of hand by brunch.  This will give our team a chance to work out some of the kinks of the past two weeks, and we may even get to see some backups get some playing time.  Lets just hope they remember to play the 4th quarter this week.

Go ahead and scoot on home, Huskies.  This one will be over before the 4th quarter starts.