My Favorite BSU Football Players & Why

I have been writing for Blue Turf Nation now for over three years. For some reason, it never really occurred to me to just write a quick list of my favorite players of all time from Boise State. So I figured why not now? Here is my list of favorite BSU players based on what I like as a fan.

brock_forsey1.) Brock Forsey – Brock was the first superstar player I ever really attached to as a fan. As a kid, Brock did it all, punt returns, caught the ball, ran for touchdowns. It was easy to be excited and love everything he did on the field. The guy never quit fighting for yards and ended up in the NFL when it was uncommon for Bronco players. There has been a lot of debate around who is the best RB to ever play at Boise State. But for me, no player will ever be regarded as highly as Brock Forsey.


quintin_mikel2.) Quintin Mikell – Another guy who made it into the NFL out of BSU when it wasn’t the “norm”. Mikell was a star player and fun to watch on “The Blue”. But he takes the #2 spot because after the Humanitarian Bowl, he came to the North Endzone where I was sitting with my Dad at the time and gave me a high-five. For a kid, that changes everything and you never forget your first moment like that. Really, looking back, Mikell doing that, probably made me the die-hard fan I am still to this day.


406299_169784373127556_169539846485342_237299_592153088_n3.) Kellen Moore – I really don’t have to elaborate on Kellen Moore. For most people he is #1 on their list. Kellen was and is special. He symbolized everything a Bronco should be. He was the blue-collar kid who dominated the world. He also wore the same number as I did growing up #11. Chances are, Kellen will hold the top spot for a QB on my list for the foreseeable future.


ian-johnson-nfl-draft4.) Ian Johnson – 2006 was an incredible year for all the reasons we will always remember. But I don’t think any RB has ever had a season at BSU like IJ did that year. People forget quickly how his sophomore season was like nothing we, or really anybody had ever seen before. Ian that year averaged 6.2 yards PER CARRY. Let me say that again, 6.2 yards PER CARRY. He ran for over 140 yards in 6 games, and over 150 in 4 of them. Not to mention he did it on a battered body that included a punctured lung at one point. People can remember the proposal, but I dare anybody to find a performance more impressive than what IJ did against Oregon State. That sophomore season makes him an easy #4 for me.


p1.boise.zabransky5.) Jared Zabransky – A lot of people have mixed feelings about “Z”. I however hold him near and dear because he was born in Hermiston, Oregon. That alone would seem odd to matter if it wasn’t for the fact I was also born in Hermiston. My grandparents also go to church with his in Pendleton which is pretty cool. It is rare to have those kind of connections to a player so it really didn’t matter what Zabransky did or didn’t do on the field, because frankly he was always going to have a spot on my list.


Jay+Ajayi+UNLV+v+Boise+State+9WID3vGjQOTl6.) Jay Ajayi- For everything Brock and Ian did on the field Jay has pretty much done the same. Ajayi’s year this season has been incredible and you won’t find a more well rounded RB. I love the “Jay-Train” and the way Jay plays the game, he runs hard, and falls forward. If he has a massive day against Arizona, he might just climb my list.


Jeron-Johnson7.) Jeron Johnson - The guy just wrecked people on the field… I am tempted to just leave it at that because that is why I loved him. I have never seen a player at BSU hit the way Jeron hit guys. He put legitimate fear in opposing teams, and I am not sure Russell Hill ever was the same after this. ( If you love football, you loved every moment you watched Jeron Johnson on “The Blue”.


KW+FIESTA8.) Kyle Wilson – Kyle Wilson had a bus with a giant picture of himself on it that his family drove around to promote him. Just saying that sounds bad, but Wilson backed it up every single time he laced up the cleats. He was “swagger” personified and the best ball-hawking CB I have seen in recent years. I loved watching Wilson wag his finger after defending a pass, and the hit he laid on Andy Dalton on the Fiesta Bowl will never be forgotten.  It is actually hard for me to have Wilson this low to be honest.


6e5fa55af879c96bac1da8bea3349b162fabb6b59.) Dempsey Dees – I don’t remember watching Dempsey play at BSU honestly. (I was just too young) But I remember his stats, and the fact he averaged an interception every other game at one point. I also loved CB’s and thought it was awesome we had one who was that successful at BSU. For whatever reason, because of that, he was always one of my favorites despite having a foggy memory of the actual plays he made.



doug-martin-alex-ibiloye-2010-1-4-23-41-2010.) Doug Martin - Doug was just awesome to watch play football. I still have not seen a RB at BSU finish runs with the pure force and anger Doug did. ( Martin had a knack for making big plays and had the best nickname in BSU history. Honestly, Doug belongs on most BSU fans top 10 list.


Honorable Mentions:
Korey Hall – Daryn Colledge – Ryan Dinwiddie

So Bronco Nation, who is your top 10 favorite players?

What They Are Saying – Jay Ajayi Part I

For all those who have followed our website for awhile, you know I love the NFL draft process. Even more, I love watching Boise State players take on the NFL and impressing scouts. Last season, I started this column on Demarcus Lawrence, “What They are Saying” where I give BSU fans all the current info I can find on current players who maybe/are going into the NFL.

Jump to today, and the question is now being asked about Jay Ajayi, will he stay, or will he go? A lot of the debate that is going on right now between Bronco fans is what is Jay’s value, and where would he would go in the draft? So to help everybody out, I thought I would start the series early this year and let everybody know, what people are saying about Jay Ajayi.

NFL Draft Scouts (
Current Position Rank: 7
Total Rank: 77 out of 2513
Projected Draft Round: 2-3
NFL Draft ScoutsBucky Brooks from’s take from December 1st. (Full Story Here)

Bucky Brooks

CBS Sports RB Rankings: (Full List Here)
Current Position Rank: 8
Total Rank: 77

CBSSportsTweet Regarding Ajayi’s future:

Take all the conjecture, and bias out of it, and there you have it. That is what the experts are saying as of right now. Jay Ajayi looks to have a bright future wherever he goes. As we get closer to the NFL Draft, and an official choice is made by Jay, I will bring you “Part II”.

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Hawaii Bowl – Fresno State vs Rice #AtLeastWeGetToPlayintheOcean

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Rose Bowl – Florida State vs Oregon #SuperMariota

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Flashback Friday- Fiesta Home (Fiesta Bowl)

At this point, I think everybody is aware of what is on the line Saturday night. It doesn’t get bigger than this and hopefully our fans will respond accordingly. So to get fans ready for Saturday I figured why not “flashback” as tradition on the internet to our past Fiesta Bowl appearances? Why not revisit what our fans cherish so much and say separates us from the rest of the college football world. To do this I have put together videos and pictures of those amazing events. Let us “Embrace the Past” as we get ready to “Attack the Future” Saturday. Get ready Bronco Nation, tomorrow night it is all on the line!

2007 Fiesta Bowl

Frankly, I dare you to watch this video and not shed a tear, or get goosebumps.
It is easily one of my all-time favorite videos ever made.

Here are some HD quality highlights from yours truly recapping the “3 plays that shocked the world”.

Pictures capturing that truly amazing night

BSU72911862WEBNCAA Football - Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Boise State vs Oklahoma - January 1, 2007boisestate_marty_tadman

2010 Fiesta Bowl

HD highlights of the game.(38 second mark, Wilson destroys Dalton)

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - TCU v Boise State