Getting Behind BTN Hall-of-Famer Scott Jorgensen


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Scott Jorgensen is a lot of things, a 3x Pac-10 wrestling champion, former #1 contender, BTN Hall-of-Fame inductee, and undoubtedly one of the most exciting fighters in MMA history. However, tomorrow night this former Boise State star could very well be fighting for his future in the premier MMA organization in the world, the UFC. Jorgensen is coming off back-to-back loses and loses in 4 of his last 5 bouts. And though many including myself would point to the fact that 3 of those 4 loses have come against guys who are either champion, former champion, or #1 contender’s, the UFC tends to have little sympathy or care about such things. The UFC is a cut-throat business where a losing streak often means walking papers.

There is no doubt Scott Jorgensen is aware of this fact. Overall, I am pretty sure he is probably tired of addressing these questions all together. My purpose in writing this article in fact is not even to rehash these issues over and over again. My point in writing this was to make Bronco Nation aware that one of our own is going into battle tomorrow and they should tune in. The fight itself will be on Fox Sports 1 between 3 and 5pm. But even if you can’t catch the fight don’t hesitate to send Jorgensen some well wishes on Twitter (@ScottJorgensen). Jorgensen is one of our own, he wrestled at Boise State, and still trains here today. He has opened a gym in Boise, and has spent a lot of time giving back to the community. It is time for Boise to support one of our own.

Good luck Scott, the Blue Turf Nation has your back!

What They Are Saying – Demarcus Lawrence


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Boise State has a tradition of proving people wrong. That tradition does not extend to just the football however. Every year the NFL combine seems replay a familiar cycle. It kind of goes like this.

1.) NFL Combine invites Boise State Player to attend.

2.) Said Boise State player accepts invite.

3.) Boise State player comes and blows everyone’s mind.

4.) Rinse, recycle, repeat.

This year, that player we are talking about is Demarcus Lawrence. Boise State fans already knew what they were getting when he was invited this year. But this is what NFL experts, and media are saying now that he is currently in step 3 of the cycle.







Also, if you missed Demarcus run the coveted 40 yard dash, you can see it below.

Coach Tweets – Fans Speak – Part 2 (Recruiting Recap)

Recruiting is a lot like football Christmas for fans and coaches. Today has been a lot of fun, and you have to thank Coach Harsin for adding to the excitement. If you missed “Part 1″ of this check it out here.











Coach Tweets – Fans Speak Part 1 (Recruiting Recap)

Today is signing day, and if you have followed us, or Twitter. You know Coach Harsin knows how to rock social media. So as other sites give you scouting, and in-depth looks at the players. We thought we would give you a different kind of recap. Show you the tweets of Harsin announcing the players, and our favorite fan tweets about that player. Enjoy!









Part II will be coming soon!

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BTN Offseason Interview – Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe

Ricky Tjong Tjoe

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Blue Turf Nation has built a tradition of providing fans with great offseason interviews. This season is no different and we are excited to start with a man who epitomizes what it means to “Bleed Blue”. Coming all the way from the Netherlands his transition to America was not an easy one, but one he made to chase his dream. Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoie is a true Bronco and because of that, we are very excited to give you all our first offseason interview.

BTN: You just spent time at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. What was the experience like? What is next for you as you prepare for the NFL Draft?

Ricky: It was a great experience for me because I got the opportunity to show my skills and keep improving as a football player; On top of that it was just a great experience to be a part of it coming from the Netherlands, I am just giving this my all and I am trying to take this as far as I possibly can. I had a great time meeting great people and even better players over at the NFLPA game. I learned a lot about the process of getting in the NFL. I think this experience really motivated me to work harder and to not ever give up because this journey is only getting harder.

BTN: Coming from the Netherlands what was the transition to football like in America?

Ricky: It has been a crazy ride coming from the Netherlands and I took a real big risk moving to Boise by myself to enroll at Boise High School. It hasn’t been easy at all, but I feel like I had a great support from the beginning of my journey, My host parents made the transition as smooth as possible and my high school coaches made sure I wasn’t falling behind in football or school wise. Even though the people surrounding me helped me out a lot, it all came down to setting goals and achieving those. My family took a big risk financially just to send me across the world to chase my dreams, I had to keep in mind that I came here to play football and that is what I focused on.

BTN:Did you play a lot of football before you moved here?

Ricky: Before I came to Boise I played for the Amstelland Panthers in the Netherlands which is a club football team similar to a club soccer team in the United states. We had few coaches and mostly just scrimmaged and did the things we had seen on other peoples highlight films. Things got real serious when I made it to Boise and realized that Football is a lifestyle instead of a hobby. I was overwhelmed when I started for Boise high because unlike before everyone knew what they were doing and things became more serious.

BTN: While at Boise State you made a lot of plays, and played in a lot of great games. What memory or memories stand out to you? What was your favorite moment at Boise State?

Ricky: I have two memorable moments that I can really think of at this moment. The first one is my first college game I had ever played in against Virginia Tech. Coach K allowed me to be in the game for about 3 plays because I messed up pretty bad and Tyrod Taylor broke for a 15 yard gain because of me.

The second memory is my sophomore year against Air force, It was the first game coming back from my NCAA suspension. It was such an emotional game for me because I had just been so upset and angry for not being able to be out there with my teammates for the first 6 games of that season.

BTN:There is always a lot of outside noise about Boise State and how it compares to other national powers. How do you feel Boise State has prepared you for the next chapters in your life?

Ricky: Since I have been Boise state I have endured so many different types of adversity, from incredibly hard workouts to being suspended for six games. Boise State has really made me into a man. Coach Pete educated me and my team mates on what it  means to be a real man, and at first I was a bit skeptical but now that I am a little older I realize the truths he spoke. I also am very grateful for the 100+ friends and family members I now have in my (old) teammates.

BTN: Right now there is obviously a big transition going on at Boise State. With Petersen leaving, and Harsin and company taking over. How do you feel about the transition that is taking place? What kind of impact do you think this coaching change will have on the future of Boise State Football?

Ricky: I’ve been around this staff and team these past 2 weeks and I think that this change is going to be great. I expect great things from our new team. All the coaches have something to prove and they are ready to get to work.

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Stars Don’t Always Matter In Recruiting

Stars Don't Matter

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It is recruiting season and with that a lot of fans have had their eyes on who may or may not be a future Bronco. The game is typically played by fans looking at recruiting sites, checking to see who has offered a player – specifically how many “big” schools have offered him. Then, after that, you look up and see those little yellow stars next to a player’s name. So much is said about a player based on those little yellow stars, but in reality it doesn’t always tell the whole story. Now don’t get me wrong, I was as excited as anybody when I saw we flipped a 4 star player from Texas A&M. But as recruiting has drawn on and time has passed, a lot of things have become apparent – this staff is going to have to find some of those guys who don’t have big offers, or 4 stars. They are going to have to do it the way we/BSU got here, that is finding the guys who don’t have all the offers, but they have a chip and a ton of potential nobody else sees. Think about this – think about the picture I have placed at the top of this article. Ryan Clady, Jeron Johnson, Ian Johnson, Shea McClellin, and Kyle Wilson were deemed to not be worthy of a ranking.They were just some kids looking to play football at a D-1 school.

I write this article not to try and lower expectations for fans and recruiting. I simply write it as a reminder to myself and anyone who reads it, that stars are nice. But kids who want to prove the world wrong can be just as rewarding long-term. This program was built on “no names” who went out and made the world recognize who they are. Perhaps, this class will simply be another group who has to prove the world wrong. Maybe the next guy who signs his letter of intent to play at Boise without stars by his name will simply be the next 1st round draft choice from Boise State.

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Introducing Our Newest Contributor – Former BSU Safety Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson We at Blue Turf Nation are very excited to announce that Jason Robinson, will be joining us as our newest contributor! Jason played at Boise State from 2006-2010, and was the Captain of the Special Teams in 2009. He is currently the founder and creative director of About That Life Clothing. We can’t wait for Jason to bring our readers some of the best football knowledge you will find online.

Join us in welcoming Jason Robinson to the Blue Turf Nation team!

Follow him on Twitter: @Jrob5

You can also see some of his work here:

How Denver can stop LeGarrette Blount

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ATF Trailer #1 “Fear” New Video From Boise State

We at Blue Turf Nation love videos. We especially love Boise State videos that make us pumped for football. With that, Bryan Harsin took to Twitter today to release a “trailer” called “Fear”. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed! Great work by the Boise State video department!

ATF TRAILER #1 “Fear” from Bronco Video on Vimeo.

Embrace the past, attack the future indeed! Go Broncos!

Bryan Harsin & The Boys Are Back!

Boise State held it’s first meeting back from break (pictured below) and things sound exciting.


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After the meeting Boise State players took to Twitter to sound off on how excited and amped up they are about the future. Here are some of the tweets from last night after the meeting.






If you are going to take away one thing from all of this. It would be the players are buying into what Harsin and company are selling. Recruits talk about the energy, the players talk about it as well. And judging by the fans reaction on Twitter and Facebook we have all joined them in the excitement. This next season can’t get here soon enough!

Attack the Future!

Go Bronocs!