A Letter to Brooke Pahukoa & the Lady Broncos




Dear Brooke & Broncos

I am writing this letter to let you know we noticed. We noticed the heart, the fight, the determination, and the effort you gave against Tennessee. Don’t let the result get you down, we all saw you put on an incredible show and you deserve the accolades to go with it. Brooke, your performance against the Vols is something that will go down in history for Boise State Women’s Basketball. The future is bright, and I am here to tell you I will be at your games. You made Bronco Nation proud against all odds, and it was something to behold. You put the Mountain West Conference and the rest of the NCAA on notice today, and we couldn’t be prouder to be  Broncos. Few performances have been as inspiring as yours was today. We have watched a lot of basketball in our time, and what you did today was truly amazing. Once again congratulations, and thank you for choosing to showcase your skills in a Bronco uniform.

To Coach Presnell, and the rest of the Broncos. Congratulations on a great season, your heart and determination was truly inspiring. We all saw the odds you faced, (In Tennessee, the refs against you, ESPN even calling the game in favor of the Vols.) you ladies never quit and you represented Boise State with incredible pride and sportsmanship. To all of the seniors, congratulations on finishing an incredible season. To those of you who will be back, see you next season. We can’t wait to see how you follow up an incredible performance.

Best Regards,

Bronco Nation

Fiesta Bowl Legacy – In Photos

We are lucky as fans, we have seen 3 of the best Fiesta Bowls any fan base could hope for. Not to mention, we have won all 3 of them. Here are pictures from each game to relive these historic moments.

QB Fiesta Legacy

2007: Zabransky 2010: Moore 2014: Hedrick

Legacy RB Fiesta

2007: Johnson 2010: Martin 2014: Ajayi

WR Fiesta Legacy

2007: James 2010: Young 2014: Sperbeck

DB legacy Fiesta

2007: Tadman 2010: Thompson 2014: Deayon

Coach Fiesta Legacy

2007 & 2010: Petersen 2014: Harsin

Celebration Fiesta Legacy

Why This One Was Special – The Coaches Bleed Blue

635523439815040361-USP-NCAA-FOOTBALL-BOISE-STATE-AT-WYOMING-68949140Take out the records, take out the stats, take out the implications for the program. Seriously take all of those things out, and this one is still special. Perhaps even more so than the previous two Fiesta Bowl wins. Before this season however I would have never even thought that possible. Then, I rushed the field, I heard Harsin speak after winning the MWC Championship game, and it all started to line up. This season really meant everything to this program. And maybe to the outside world this is just another bowl game, another moment Boise State upset the big boys. But when you listened to Bryan Harsin on the mic after winning another Fiesta Bowl, you knew this one was special for a lot of different reasons. This game keeps Boise State relevant yes, it keeps Boise State in the discussions for all those important topics like expansion, and playoffs. But more than that, this was a win by a bunch of guys and coaches who truly “bleed blue”.

After the game was over on TV, I quickly went to my car to listen to the post game show. I am glad I did, because everything I was starting to believe about this game, this win, was solidified when Mike Sanford was interviewed by Bob Behler. The emotion that ran throughAnne-Marie-Sanford-2014-3-425x425 his words was palpable, his tears of joy noticeable, even on the radio. He stated it made him proud to sing HIS fight song, to represent the school that “made him a man”. It was these words, this emotion, this understanding that very well might have saved a program. These coaches instilled the values that make Boise State special. From day 1, this coaching staff knew that to be a Bronco, you have to work hard, have that blue collar mentality, and earn everything that is presented to you. This is a program that has continued to rise despite all the odds, and this game, this season was no different. That is why this game was so pivotal, why this win matters so much, why these coaches are so important, and why this Fiesta Bowl win is so special.

Congratulations players, coaches, and Bronco Nation! Have a Happy New Year, and enjoy the win!

A Letter to the NFL – Play Kellen F’n Moore!

Dear NFLDear NFL,

I am writing you because frankly, I can’t take it anymore… I can’t take the fact that you guys continue to miss the obvious answer sitting in front of you. See, this week Ryan Lindley is starting in Arizona, Austin Davis is starting in St. Louis, Colin Kaepernick starting in San Fransisco, and Connor Shaw is starting in Cleveland! Not to mention the redhead in Cincinnati who makes tons of money for what? I don’t think anybody really knows, but he continues to start as well. All the while a guy named Kellen Moore sits in Detroit probably calling the damn plays for Matthew Stafford and the Lions. I don’t even write this is a joke, I write this because I am tired of the joke you guys continue to play on everybody.

Seriously? What does a guy have to do in the NFL to get a job? I mean, beside the obvious domestic violence case? Maybe that is the problem? Kellen is a good guy who just does his job and doesn’t ask for attention. He is after all probably the most unassuming person  in the league. Then again, I know how that plays against him, just ask that tool from Bleacher Report “Matt Miller” about Kellen’s size and arm strength. Seriously, what is that guys problem anyway? Did he get rejected for an autograph or something? Back to the point though, seriously, what does Kellen have to do? He won 50 games in college, lost 3 (By a total of 5 points!)…That doesn’t matter you say? Ok… Well he won a Fiesta Bowl and got invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony… Still nothing I see, ok well this preseason his stat line was, 35-51 – 361 yards – 68% completions – 3 TD’s – 0 int’s – 108.4 rating. You see what I am getting at here? You guys are really starting to piss off Bronco Nation as you continue to ignore an obvious answer to your problems. No Kellen doesn’t have the arm of Jamarcus Russell (See what I did there), or the speed of Michael Vick (Once again really NFL), nor is he as tall as Peyton Manning (Ok, I will give you that one). Kellen is just the unassuming football genius who wins games and does it his own way.

Don’t take my word for it though? Ok, remember that list of Quarterbacks at the beginning of this letter I listed for you? Take Connor Shaw off the list then ask the rest of them about Kellen. Seriously go ahead, do it, you know why? Because they all have something in common, what is that you ask? They got their asses handed to them by…You guessed it, that little unassuming too slow, too weak, too short guy, who is in Detroit. Seriously NFL, get your crap together, this joke is old, we are not laughing, START KELLEN F’N MOORE!

Yours Angrily,

Bronco Nation


PS: If you still don’t get it, watch this damn highlight, tell me what MORE DO YOU WANT!?

Kellen Moore Career Highlights