This Week at the Diggity’s – Bye Week Edition (Relax, Recover, Refocus)

So it’s Bye Week at the Diggity’s.  This is a good thing for two reasons: I was so stressed out that I broke into tears after the Nevada game and my daughter’s birthday is this weekend.  I won’t miss a thing.  I guess I’m making Chicken Kiev for dinner tonight.  Now, onto the fun!

Watching Tennessee play Florida was almost as bad as watching an Idaho scrimmage. Will Muschamp did say that he loved disappointing the Volunteers’ crowd so that was awesome….Waiting all day to watch a Boise State game is such a horrible way to spend the day. Especially when it’s a rivalry game coming off a crappy game….So this weekend, Oregon, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Stanford, UCLA, LSU, USC, Wisconsin, BYU, and Nebraska have lost. That’s numbers 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, & 19, respectively. I like the uncertainty of this season….Loving the offense at the start of the game.  Need to fix kicking and defense….This game has gone from ridiculous to ludicrous. Grant and Jay are playing out of their minds. Our defense has 4 picks. We can’t make the Wolfpack go away. My heart is horribly weak….That game took a lot out of me. I literally had tears in my eyes at the end. The bye week is here. We, team and fan base, need it….

Already hearing about the classy Nevada fans. Spitting on our cheerleaders and apparently pulling knives on people. Stay classy, Re-NOPE. Biggest Little Craphole in the West….So SyFy now has a zombie show called “Z Nation”. DJ Qualls is in it. It can’t be good. Judging by the previews, I’m gonna have to say NOPE….Usher, oh and Nelly, is life so bad that you’re now dancing with an animated bee and hawking Cheerios? Should have stayed another season of The Voice, huh?…A blonde, blue-eyed woman with a British accent is TONS better than finding an alternate way to get your truck and horse trailer out of the mud. Good job, Viagra!…Does the world need another movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel? Even Tyler Perry says “No Please!”….We were watching an episode of “Food Factories” and the owner of a company said “I think I was born with a cannoli in my mouth”. The 12-year old in me laughed….I’m always that guy that has to pull forward at fast forwards. You should have my chicken nuggets ready. I don’t care if you know I’m coming or not. Damn you fried foods!…I annoyed myself. I deleted my list of games that I watched last week. Now you’ll never know.  Just know that I did enjoy 14 hours of football fun!

You had to know this song was coming…

Enjoy the bye week.  I predict we win this weekend (a prediction I can’t fail at. WOOT!). Remember to start hating Fresno as soon as possible.  Go Broncos!


BTN Predictions – Week 6: At Nevada


After the Louisiana game a couple of weeks ago, it appeared that Boise State was starting to put it all together.  The defense continued to dominate, Grant Hedrick had a solid game, and we were seeing signs of the ball being spread around to more than just the “Big Three”.  There were definitely reasons to be optimistic heading into the Air Force game.  I expected a tough, close game – especially considering how the Broncos have fared on the road recently – but was not expecting to be dominated like we were by the Falcons.  Many people used the word “debacle”, and it truly was.  The results of the past two games truly make it hard to predict this one.  Was the Air Force game an anomaly? Was it just some growing pains of a new staff and the players continuing to learn together?  Or was that what this team is – average at best – going to win some and lose some?  If you know me, read my writings, or follow me on Twitter, you know that I am an optimist – to a fault maybe – and that will not change.   I see no reason to think negatively or doubt what myself, others, or this football team are capable of.  I am concerned about going on the road still, however this game typically has more Bronco fans attending than any other road trip.  I also think the Air Force game was a wake up call to both the coaches and the team.  I am not going to go into specifics about what players are key, which sides of the ball have the advantage, or how this game goes.  This game will be an emotional one, both because of who and where we are playing, and what happened last week, so this is a purely emotional pick.  Boise State bounces back, and continues to grow under Harsin and staff.  Boise State 31 – Nevada 21.


Nevada is a pretty good team. The Wolf Pack’s only loss so far came at the hands of Arizona, the team that beat Oregon at Autzen on Thursday night. Boise is a very talented team who is still trying to find consistency. The performance last week at Air Force makes this game quite hard to predict – I know what I want to see out of the Broncos, but a big run game, some nice deep throws to open up the field for Jay, and a shut-down defense may be more than we can hope for. The X factor is the fact that Nevada is the closest thing we have to a rivalry, and the hate is palpable. Losing to them would be a tremendous blow. So, assuming that Grant has his confidence back, the coaches are on and have everybody ready, and that some of the guys that have been out injured are able to come back (hi there defense), Boise should be able to make this a game. I’m homering it up and calling for a win for the good guys: Boise State 28 – Nevada 24. 

Dan Goodale, please be ready. We’re going to need Dead Center Dan to go to Reno and kick a ball just to watch a man and his middle fingers die.


I’m on the fence about this one. Last week was a horrid week on the field for Grant Hedrick and, if he paid any attention to the fan base, he didn’t have a good time post-game either.  His mindset is one of the keys to the game.  If his head is on straight, the offense will be sufficient. The other key is the defense. Coach Harsin and CoachYates can take some cues from Arizona’s defense on gap-integrity. and how to contain a “running” quarterback. Fajardo can eat teams up on the ground. Here’s how I see it – Broncos offense performs and the defense destroys the Nevada running game.  Broncos win 35-20 and I lob double-birds at Nevada fan on the TV.


This game might be a defining point in an already up and down season. As Derek pointed out – after beating the Ragin’ Cajuns – Boise State fans felt like the Broncos might have their mojo back, potentially leading to a chain of W’s. I felt this way myself. Short lived serenity to say the least. Air Force kindly provided a needle to Boise State’s balloon of confidence and the Broncos offense inserted it for them; with not 1.. not 2.. not 3.. but 7 turnovers.

I’ve tossed and turned all week about this game. My stabbing paranoia has me thinking the Broncos will under perform again and Nevada will win – allowing their egotistical fans to boast it in the Broncos face 2010 style. Then, on the other hand, my usual homerism has me thinking the Broncos will storm into Reno with a “F this” mentality – F last week, F the season opener, and F you Nevada. Checks to make sure I’m not a 13-year-old girl. 

I’m so atrocious at predicting final scores or even coming close (check out my previous predictions) therefore I’m going to plead the 5th on guessing this weeks final score and do so because of my superstitious nature. I will predict a close game though. Maybe even OT? Yikes. I don’t know if my heart can handle OT. But… if there are more than three “wtf Grant?” moments, prepare for another sad week in Bronco land.


I am not sure what to even say here honestly. I look at the Air Force game and then I look at the this game and I get worried. When you watch the turnovers of Hedrick my concern was a lot of throws were just inaccurate. Going into Reno the pressure on him is going to be a lot, can he handle it? I guess we will find out, but I don’t have a great feeling about it. Even with all that though, I have to remind myself I trust Harsin when it comes to the QB position and this can be no different. My other major concern going into Reno is looking at Jay Ajayi’s stat line on the road this year. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen it, but if not here is what you need to know.

Jay Ajayi at home averages 6.1 yards per carry this season – on the road this season, 3.4.

So for us to win, Jay has to break this bad start to the road this season, and Hedrick has to be a completely different QB. Oh and I can’t forget the defense has to continue to dominate at an incredible level… Yeah, I think you guys know where I am going with this…And that is despite all this, Boise State thrives in positions like this, this is what makes BSU great. Broncos win 34 – 17.


This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 6 (Hate is a Strong Word but….)

Here we go! It’s HATE WEEK at the Diggity’s. There are tons of reasons to hate Nevada. Let’s see – Reno, Kaepernick, short goal posts, did I mention Reno? Oh and this guy (I put the “NICE” one up).…

IMG_1630 (2)

Enjoy HATE WEEK everyone! I predicted a win today. Let’s hope I’m not wrong.

Credit - Boise State

Credit – Boise State

There is an update on the Albertson’s “situation”. I was contacted by their Director of Northwest Division Marketing. They spoke to all the Eugene stores and anyone wearing ANY teams’ jersey will get the 10% discount. He also apologized and offered a $25 gift card.  So…WINNING!…Congrats to Chelsea Clinton, her husband (whatever his name is), and the grandparents on both sides (whatever their names are) on the birth of Charlotte Clinton-Mezvinsky. But did the kid need a hyphenated name? Like we don’t know it’s the child of a Clinton? US Weekly, People, et al. will remind us constantly….For the record, I only HATE Coach Pete when he takes recruits from the Broncos. And I will if they end up playing in 2015, which I fully expect….We just heard a “Dixie-Dukes of Hazard” car horn outside. Eugene just oozes awesome. /Sarcasm….This is so not the Boise State team that we’re used to seeing. Down 17-0 at halftime vs. Air Force? Just way bad….Seven turnovers will cause any team to lose. There’s no joking around about that. I’m glad that the boys fought until the end and the defense proved their moxie all night. Losing to Air Force – I hope it’s a catalyst….You may notice but I’m way off on my predictions this year. Damn me to hell!…This week’s college football view was pretty extensive. I missed Arkansas/Texas A&M for some reason. Anyways, here it is: Texas Tech/Oklahoma St., Middle Tennessee/ODU, CSU-Fresno/New Mexico, Georgia/Tennessee, Michigan St./Wyoming, TCU/SMU, WKU/Navy, Stanford/Washington, Michigan/Minnesota, Boise State/Air Force, Oregon St/USC, & San Jose St/Nevada….”Napoleon Dynamite” was on tonight. After that game, I needed some stupid laughs….The only thing that would have made this weekend worse is the Chargers losing to the Jags. They didn’t. Thank goodness….I have to say something about this. Didn’t anyone here in Eugene learn to wear light-colored clothing at night? Meth-head Frogger is tough enough in the daytime….The Mrs. and I were watching “Beat Bobby Flay” and the dish was wiener schnitzel. The challenger said “I think my schnitzel might win.” The 12-year-old in me chuckled….On a more serious note, our upstairs neighbors seemed to be having a major domestic dispute. I didn’t think I should go up there so I called 911. I don’t know if I’m a hero or a tattletale but the cops did show up….I questioned why Ole Miss had a Boise State hate week earlier this season. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have the animosity towards the Broncos as our fan base has against Nevada. Believe me, the hate flows deep for much of Bronco Nation….I’m not sure that a University of Idaho/Nevada collaboration is such a great idea. Maybe you’ve heard of it? “Dumb and Dumber To”….There’s a company here in Oregon that was reprimanded for false claims about their caffeine-infused shorts. Supposedly, they help you lose weight. What is their tag line? “The best part of waking up is Folger’s on your junk”?….So there’s this new app that is supposed to help curb sexual assault by basically asking if you are consenting. It seems like it could be a bit flawed. If you can talk someone into sex when they’re drunk, how hard is it going to be to have them tap a phone screen in the “right” spot? By the way, it’s called Good2Go. What kind of schlub asks are you “good to go” when you about to have sex?…That moment right before #2 Oregon loses at home to unranked Arizona when a sideline person dressed as a pink highlighter gives your Heisman candidate the stink eye….FullSizeRender (2)

Congrats to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis on the birth of their daughter, Wyatt. My NEPHEW is named Wyatt. Noel may not be the most gender-specific name ever but I was pretty sure Wyatt was. Now that’s blown all to hell. Thanks Obama….Acura has stepped their game up in its new commercial. Their pimp game, that is. That music you’re hearing is “Pimpin’ All Over The World” by Ludacris. Ball out til you fall out, Acura….Wendy’s having pulled pork is a good thing like Jack in the Box having tacos is a good thing. You may as well eat it while sitting ON the toilet….Taysom Hill getting injured sucks. You want to play against the best to measure yourself. I’m not sure BSU gets that chance now….Concerning the Jack’s Links commercial where the animals are coming out of people’s shirts – those are insanely creepy….Along the same line, the creature in the GE “Ideas Are Scary” commercial is downright wrong.


I love music.  It says so many things that polite people can’t.  This song may say everything. Enjoy!

Do you know why I like doing this post every week? Honestly because I don’t have to really write anything. The world writes it for me. I just get to put my skewed point of view on it. Have a great week!  #BEATNEVADA

IMG_1600 - Copy

Ask a Psychic: UNR Edition

Oh, Danny. I hope you’re wrong too.
Id like to start off by saying that my record this season for predicting the winners is 4-1. Now on to the questions:
1.) Which QB will finish the game for Boise – Grant Hedrick or Ryan Finley?
Ryan Finley, Grant is feeling tired as of late. I know there is something weighing heavily on his mind.
2.) Will Nevada’s defense be able to stop Jay Ajayi?
No, but that’s not to say that he will score many points. He will have a decent game, but as you see by my next answer, it wont be enough.
3.) Who wins – Boise or Nevada?
Nevada 35-17, Good job Nevada you get another hate week next year.
I would throw in some comedy here but it’s almost 4am. Yes, it has taken an exceptionally long time to meditate on these answers. This is one of those instances though where I hope im wrong. Should be an interesting game.

Attack The Opponent: University of Nevada – Reno Wolf Pack

Everybody okay after what happened last weekend at Air Force? I’m not sure I’ve ever been that wrong on a game prediction in my life. However, it’s time to act like we want our team to act, so now that the hangover is gone and Monday has arrived, it’s time to get back to work. Who better to take out our frustrations on than Reno?

Boise State and UNR have a long history together. The series started in 1971 with a Boise State win, but didn’t really become a year-in, year-out “rivalry” until 1979. As a whole, Boise is up in the series 26-13. It’s been all Boise State since 2001, with one exception in 2010. For some reason, I can’t at all remember what happened in that game. Hmm.


No, Calculon. None of us remember what happened in Reno 4 years ago. At all. Ever.

Last season, the Wolfies were kind of terrible. Their D was suspect and their offense, while prolific against most opponents, just couldn’t get going. So what is this years incarnation of the Pack like? Apparently made of magic. Because despite the fact that opponents are out gaining them in passing yards, first downs, and total yardage, Reno is still winning. Their only loss thus far was a squeaker to Arizona two weeks ago. The Wolf Pack coaches are attributing it to their defense “wanting it” more but that’s the answer of a group that has done no data analysis. I think that their run defense is spectacular. That is the only part of the defensive game where the Wolfie’s are out performing their opponent. Prior to Saturday, I would have thought that Boise State would just focus on the pass game to try to open up the ground for Ajayi, but now I’m not so sure. Nevada does only have 4 picks so far this season, so if Boise can avoid turning the ball over a billion times again…

A lot more has to do with where Boise ends up. Seeing Matt Miller step back onto the sideline in street clothes and a walking boot last week was nauseating. That one man is a third of Boise State’s offense. Boise State’s offensive line got their butts kicked by an AFA D-line that just was not physically big enough to be doing such things. Coach Huff, maybe we can stop riding the lightning and maybe attempt to Seek and Destroy? It also doesn’t help that Boise’s defensive backfield has been pretty much decimated by injury. So how healthy can the guys get in the next week? We know that our coaches will watch tape and make adjustments, but just how effective are adjustments going to be when we’re playing third stringers at LB against the guy who is arguably the most dangerous QB in our conference?

So instead of focusing on the unknown, we’ve got a week to fill with the most justified hate to hate on since the last time Idaho was on the schedule – Reno Hate.

Um, good job avoiding syphilis, alcohol poisoning, and mining accidents guys!

This is the week we need to hold a grudge. Our best bet is a supremely pissed off Bronco squad, trying to get a fresh start vs. a team that is obnoxious in every way. First, they’re from freaking Nevada, which is the armpit of the west. Unless you like thousands of miles of sagebrush broken up by dirty casinos, then it’s cool I guess. Reno is basically trashy Boise, like the awful neighbors that leave their Christmas lights up and functioning year round and use their front yard as a junkyard/urinal. Their head coach, Brian Polian, seems to have an issue with how Boise State’s new staff recruited last year, and was quite vocal about it.

“And, frankly, they’re going to look at me and say, ‘Who cares what he says? They’ve beaten us once in 10 years. And that’s fact.'” – Brian Polian, UNR HC

Pretty much, Brian. Pretty much.

So, what this all comes down to is I have no idea what is going to transpire in Reno this weekend, but I do know that Nevada is obnoxious, probably better talent-wise than Boise St. fans are giving them credit for, and has a lot to prove. They probably think the Broncos are in a perfect position to lose this weekend. I’ve got more faith in our players and coaches than that though, and would love nothing more than to see the boys in ANYTHING BUT ORANGE HELMETS go down to their silly little campus and whip the Wolf pack just to shut them up for one more year and get the Bronco’s winning ways back on track.