BTN Predictions: Week 4 vs. Virginia


Derek – For the fourth week in a row we are going into our game not knowing exactly what to expect from our team.  With Ryan Finley going down with an ankle injury, we saw glimpses of what Brett Rypien and Thomas Stuart could do, but how will this translate to an opponent like Virginia?  Virginia is also tough to gauge with two close losses to quality teams and a close win over a team they should have beat handily.  Although I expect both quarterbacks to play and be serviceable, I don’t think they will dominate and this game will come down to defense.  The D holds late and Tyler Rausa kicks the game winner as time expires.  Boise State 24 Virgina 21

Noel – Does anyone really know what’s going to happen? This week, it’s 52-card pick up. Toss ’em in the air and hope we come up all Aces. I’m not horribly worried about the trip, or the grass field (no UConn repeats, please), but I am worried about two things: our quarterback situation and Virginia’s bipolar team. Our QBs are noobs and have never played an away game in such a hostile environment. Virginia has shown the nation absolutely nothing and are as consistent as Michael J. Fox running a telegraph. I’ll have to steal Derek’s idea and leave it up to the defense. Besides a few broken pocket down field heaves, they’ve been pretty darn good. I’ll also take our coaching staff over UVAs. The good guys win: Broncos 28 Cavaliers 17

Tami – The data doesn’t lead anywhere. Neither does the eyeball test for either of these teams. This game is an enigma playing a question mark. But what would the best case scenario be? I’m feeling lucky.

It’s possible Derek has it right with this tweet.

Hars/Drink troll us all by calling some crazy formation and putting both Rypien and Stuart on the field together for the first play. Stuart then finishes out the first quarter with points on the board and a pile of yards. The defense is opportunistic and hard-hitting and immediately takes both Virginia’s offense and crowd out of it in that old school, soul sucking Bronco way. Ryp comes in for the second quarter, the skies clear, angels descend with his white helmet and crown him…

Whoa. Too excited, sorry. This isn’t after all.

The offensive line has gelled, and do a great job protecting Ryp and he goes off. Virginia just can’t keep up and #BoiseStateTwitter loses their minds even more than usual. Comparisons to a certain lefty that IS GETTING TO DRESS FOR DALLAS ON SUNDAY fly fast and furious. Boise State, in that way they will, allows Virginia to get uncomfortably close at the end but still end up winning by 2 TD’s on a late punt return. Boise State – 42, Virginia – 28


Bronco Feedbag: Virginia Cavaliers


I’ve never been to Virginia. I know nothing about Virginia.  Despite this it is my responsibility as Head Chef at Blue Turf Nation to provide you with some good eats and libations to get you prepared for our battle against the Cavaliers of Virginia.  There are a lot of local favorites I could go with here – Smithfield ham or Virginia style barbecue would be good – but with Fall here and the nights getting cooler I though a nice stew would do.  We are going to go with Brunswick Stew, a traditional Virginian dish. Just like last week our game is on a Friday, so we will do a crock pot version in case you are short on time.


Authentic Brunswick stew was/is made with squirrel, opossum or rabbit.  I am going to take a wild guess that you either can’t or don’t want to source these proteins, so we are going to go with some good old pork shoulder.  Much easier to find at your local Albertsons than rodent flesh! By the way if you do want to use squirrels my sources tell me you will need 2-3 for a meal (Thanks JP).

Get yourself about three pounds pork shoulder and cut into two-inch pieces.  Peel and dice three medium-sized potatoes, and one yellow onion.  Throw these into your crock pot. Add a 28 ounce can of crushed or diced tomatoes, one 18 ounce bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce, one can of chicken broth, a can of drained and rinsed lima or kidney beans, one package of frozen corn, and one package of frozen okra. Stir in 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 tsp salt.  Cover and cook on low for about 10-12 hours.  If you are short on time cooking on high for about four hours will do, but the meat might not be as tender.  Ladle in to bowls and serve with cornbread!


oktoberfestbottlepint2As far as I can tell there are not any beers from the Old Dominion that are available for purchase in Idaho, so if you will be staying home and table-gating we need to go with something we can get here in Boise. Tis’ the season for Fall seasonal’s, and my favorite right now is an Oktoberfest collaboration between Sierra Nevada and Brauhaus Rieggele. For a hop-head like me it is by far the best Oktoberfest – perfectly malty like a you would expect, but still a little hoppiness.

If you are one of the lucky ones that are traveling to Charlottesville, hit up Star Hill Brewery or South Street Brewery for some local brews.


vodka-grey-gooseBusiness insider tells us that Virginia’s favorite liquor is Grey Goose Vodka. I can’t think of anything better than a dirty martini, but since we are tailgating we don’t need excessive expenditures or ingredients, so we are going to cut out the dry vermouth and combine the classic martini with a shot.  First fill a rocks glass (or solo cup) with ice water to get it chilled.  If you are lazy, just throw some ice in it.  If you are really lazy and/or don’t care skip this step all together. Pour in a shot’s worth of Grey Goose, some juice from a jar of green olives, swirl, and shoot!  If you want to go with the real deal, add a splash of the dry vermouth, a couple of olives, throw your pinky in the air and sip away!

As always, if you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter @Keleka24

Happy Tailgating!

Attack The Opponent: Virginia Cavaliers

UVA is an interesting team. Keep in mind, this is based on data from three games. Not a huge sample size, but a wildly varying one. Virginia has lost in close games to two ranked teams (UCLA and The Rosen One, and cautiously decent Notre Dame) and notched a close victory over FCS William and Mary. The narrative on the Hoos has been a stout defense and a misfiring offense. However, they’ve allowed serious yardage in all three games, haven’t managed to cause a turnover…and still played all three teams closely.

Oh no. UVA is one of those teams that plays to their competition. Whether its a middling FCS team or the #7 team in the country. Boise State is currently a team trying to minimize turmoil and distraction after the worst kind of those things – a rather brutal injury to Ryan Finley triggering a QB controversy.



I believe that the UVA game is going to come down to three things – what happens at quarterback for Boise, whether UVA is better than their stats say on defense, and confidence. Virginia’s fanbase is almost as jaded as the Vandals, except they actually care about tradition and pride enough to actually try.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.19.02 PM

They also have a well dressed mascot and great taste in rides. Plus, swords!

The Broncos coaches aren’t going to name a starter at QB any time soon. They plan to utilize both Brett Rypien and Tommy Stuart’s unique skillsets. This sounds perfectly sensible and logical, and utterly terrifying. There is much reason for hope just gauging by the feel of the game when TFF and Ryp played vs. Idaho State, but there are no guarantees. This is an opponent that came within a touchdown of a strong-looking ND. Not exactly the Bengals. Boise’s strength on D is going to surprise Virginia, but they tend to respond well to challenges and at least give opponents a scare. Taking a true frosh and a JC transfer who have a combined 0 starts into a politely hostile-ish environment. (This is going to be like bizzaro world for Bronco fans – lots of old money donors and students dressed in blue and orange dress shirts and ties or dresses. Wine tailgates, hillside seating – another of these meetings between Old Money and The Future that tend to end well for the team who wants it more.) Will it be the record-shattering freshman leading the experienced Broncos to 3-1? Or the team that should have a better record than they do and would like nothing more to do what most of their other P5 compatriots haven’t managed recently – knock off Boise State.

It’s difficult to find any hate toward the Hoos. They won’t be dirty like BYU and this won’t be as emotional as UW. We share colors, the whole horse mascot thing, and not a whole lot else. The ACC isn’t exactly the SEC but it would be nice to get the next win against a true P5 team. Lets just hope for no injuries and a game that is fun to watch, because nobody really has an idea what we will see from either team until the game is played.

This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 6 (How Long Have You Been Gals?)

Happy Friday, Bronco Nation! It’s a weekday game and you know what that means, right? No Saturday stress. I’m still worried about the game because anything can happen but I don’t expect too much of a tussle with the Tigers. So, hopefully we can enjoy a stress-free Saturday.  GO BRONCOS!

I’ve been awake since 6 am. The Mrs. is still asleep. She’s missing a ton of football.  Her loss… Hey, Auburn! You schedule these teams for a game. Jacksonville State there for a game. You obviously didn’t expect a GAME!… I know the Broncos took the L tonight but they were 3-2 at one point last year. Different team but turnarounds happen… Hey, Tanner Mangum is a good kid and has had some magic but let’s not annoint him yet. But, Boise-area fans can start cheering for him again… Sad to see we lost NBA Great Moses Malone. If you don’t know who he is, look up his stats. Moses is up there with Kareem and Wilt…


The NFL season is upon us.  What does that mean? That means I get to be disappointed by my team again. Every damn year… The fact that Gary Busey is on “Dancing with the Stars” makes me want to watch it. I won’t. But he’s gonna burn that place down… You think that after a person gets a preseason tattoo with a losing team as this year’s champion, that it should stop. Nope.  Thank you Eagles fan…


Sometimes I see commercials with cute newborns and all the awesomeness that is involved in child-rearing and kind of regret not having kids of my own. Then, through the joys of step-children as teenagers (they’ve become pretty badass now), I realize that it’s not that much regret. Noel the step-dad is what it’s going to have to be… There’s a real disease called B.E.D. – Binge Eating Disorder. I don’t quite know what to say about that… Did anyone notice that Floyd Mayweather fought this weekend? I did but I don’t think many did. He won, BTW…  Facebook is going to add a “dislike” button. This means that I won’t have to like people’s misfortunes any longer.  This also means people will hate all your stuff. You ready for that?…  So, I beat Mrs. Diggity in fantasy football this past weekend. She wasn’t very happy about it. Love is war… The games that I watched this week: Utah State/Utah, South Florida/Florida State, Oregon State/Michigan, Wake Forest/Syracuse, Sacramento State/Washington, Jacksonville State/Auburn, Notre Dame/Virginia, Georgia/Vanderbilt, San Diego State/Cal, Oklahoma/Tennessee,  Toledo/Arkansas, East Carolina/Florida,  Idaho/USC, Oregon/Michigan State, Boise State/BYU... If you like magic, you should check out Mat Franco.  He has the Mrs and I like this…..


There are so many songs about tigers (none specifically about Bengals though).  I was thinking “Eye of the Tiger” but there’s already a person getting sued over that. Thanks Kim Davis.  I was thinking “Roar” by Katy Perry.  But no…

Don’t stress out, people.  We’re in week 3. The Broncos are going to be just fine.  Be amazing.  Spread kindness like confetti!

BTN Predictions: Week 3 vs. Idaho State


Derek – We are two weeks in with predictions, and although I am 1-1 I have been way off both weeks.  The optimist in me is always thinking our team will be in #BEATEMDOWN mode, yet so far we have not even been close.  That changes this week.  Not only are we matching up against a FCS team, but we are facing them coming from a loss when our guys are going to be even more motivated.  Had we beat BYU I think this game would have been closer, but now, it is going to get ugly.  A lot of teams have close calls with FCS programs (we have had our own) but this won’t be one of them.  Everything clicks, we score in all three phases of the game, and next week will be much happier than this one has been.

Boise State 56 Idaho State 13

Heath–  Pretty simple here, Boise State will be angry, focused, & on “The Blue”.  So what do I predict?



Boise State wins this game easily, and people will feel confident moving towards Virginia (we can talk about this later). But final score is,  Boise State 49  Idaho State 17.

Tami – No idea what to expect out of Boise State, and ISU could be sneaky better than most expect. It just doesn’t feel like it’s going to be close. As much as I would like to see ISU put up a fight, I think the penalties will be cleaned up, the offense will look like worldbeaters, and we will know just as much about the Broncos as we did at the end of last week. Boise State 52, Idaho State 24

Noel – I have no idea what is going to happen so I have to just straight guess. Because the Broncos are now a high-level program, I can expect what used to happen to Boise State back in the early days of the 1-A football on the Blue….a total butt-whoopin’ but this time on the side of the good guys.  Boise’s depth chart wins in the second half.  Defense scores twice.  Boise State 59, Idaho State 20.