BTN Predictions: Poinsettia Bowl vs. Northern Illinois

Poinsettia Bowl

Here we go with our last game predictions of the 2015 season!

Derek – Bowl games are always tricky.  You never know how motivated teams are going to be, who is going to be healthy by game-day, and what players are going to get in trouble before or during the bowl trip (Hi Tanner! Hi DSG!).  You are also playing an opponent that you are probably not very familiar with, and in this case  – have never played.

I think the Broncos will come out slow, but pick up steam as the game rolls on.  NIU plays a lo of man defense which should be good news for Ryp, and on offense they have major questions at QB and have had a tough time running the ball.  Boise State pulls away late, and ends up with nine wins to put the 2015 season to bed. Boise State 34 NIU 21

Jonathan –  I’ll be honest I didn’t watch a single game that NIU played in this year. I have not watched a single snap until it was announced they would be playing Boise State in this bowl. I have since looked up some stuff and have done a little research. They seem to be good. Better than maybe their record shows. I think this will be a tough close game with Boise squeaking out in the end. The Broncos have to gain momentum going into next season. I believe that they have the offense to score a lot of points and score them quickly. They just need to fine tune the minor things. But back to this bowl, Boise State wins in a tight one. Boise State 27 NIU 24

Noel – I don’t see the Poinsettia Bowl as a bad thing for the Broncos. I see the match up against the Huskies as an opportunity to prove what a dominant Group of 5 team Boise State is. Not that I had any doubts. I believe this won’t be close. The Broncos will be up by 21 by half and then a steady dose of McWeapon will finish Northern Illinois off. Rypien gets SWR back so add another tool to the box. The Huskies are down a couple of quarterbacks and, unless the triple option is a new staple of their offense, the Darien Thompson-led defense will play super-inspired.  If I remember right, a 9th win will give the Broncos 13 straight Senior classes with at least 40 wins. That’s going to happen. Boise State 45 Northern Illinois 24

Tami – This is an interesting match-up and statistically, a close one. Boise *should* win. However, it’s a bowl game coming after a month of distractions and anything can happen. We might have a Hawaii bowl situation going on, and must be prepared for that possibility. An entire off-season of listening to the media rattle about NIU out BSU-ing BSU sounds atrocious, so let’s hope the Broncos shut down the Huskies rushing attack and force them to pass, opening up scoring opportunities off turnovers and winning the battle of field position. Then the boys in Blue just need to keep their foot down. Boise State 38 Northern Illinois 28

Josh – I love the matchup, being that both teams are some of the best that “the Group of 5” has to offer. That being said, Boise State wins this. NIU is a great team, and almost had a chance at upsetting Ohio State this year, but their quarterback situation is in shambles. Who knows if the backup or the backup’s backup will be out there playing in this game…having Darian Thompson and Donte Deayon back will be a huge help to Boise State’s struggling pass-D. And the run-defense has been stout all year, Vallejo’s vacancy will feature a smooth transition with Joey Martarano filling it (hes done great all season, did you see his pick against SJSU??) If execution is there, this might be a blow out. Boise State 35 NIU 24

BTN Superlatives: Northern Illinois

For all the Boise State fans who aren’t familiar with the Northern Illinois Huskies that the Broncos face in tomorrow’s Poinsettia Bowl (their first ever meeting) – here are some of the award winners of the BTN’s Superlatives.


Aidan Conlon - lumberjack





#61 Aidan Conlon – Most likely to double as a lumberjack

Anthony Brooks





#31 Anthony Brooks – Most likely contemplating solutions to life’s biggest problems

Cameron Clinton-Earl





#54 Cameron Clinton-Earl – Most likely to be featured in the sequel to the movie “Bucket List”

Chad Beebe





#82 Chad Beebe – Most likely to be asked for ID at the movie theater


Clayton Glasper - Pettis





#81 Clayton Glasper – Hopefully his playing ability is nothing like his doppelganger ability to Austin Pettis

Juwan Brescacin





#11 Juwan Brescacin – Least likely to say “My name is Juwan Brescacin too!”

Maalik Todd

#40 Maalik Todd – Most likely to be confused for a junior high student

Ryan Graham





#17 Ryan Graham – Most likely to own SPF 70 sunscreen

Robert Kraklow





#67 Robert Kraklow – Previously tried out for a role in the hit film “Braveheart”

Marquis Howard-DJ Brown - Troll









#18 DJ Brown & #43 Marquis Howard – Most likely to have stolen hairstyle from 1990’s troll doll

Ryan Roberts - Shaq n Drake




#98 Ryan Roberts – Love child of Shaq & Drake

Tommy Fiedler





#16 Tommy Fiedler – Tried out for the role of “sunshine” in Remember The Titans

Will Daniels - Jake Gyllenhaal






#41 Will Daniels – Most likely to be Jake Gyllenhaal with his head shaved


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Kellen Moore has played in many big games. He has beat big schools like Oregon, Georgia, Virginia Tech, TCU and so on. He has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated and has been featured on Jon Gruden’s ESPN show. The man has even traveled to New York as part of the Heisman Trophy ceremony. So he took his 50-3 record as a collegiate player to the NFL.
Now flash forward to the present and Moore is with his second NFL team and still waiting for his first regular season snap. While in Detroit Moore was stuck as fourth string QB and currently with Dallas he is back up to the atrocious Matt Cassel. As soon as Dallas signed the former BSU superstar Broncos fans wanted to see him as Tony Romo’s back up. He ended up on the Cowboys practice squad and was called up when Romo first hurt his shoulder. Brandon Sweden got the starting gig as Kellen was named backup. Then the Cowboys traded for Matt Cassel moving Kellen back down to the practice squad. Since then the Dallas Cowboys have turned into the NFL’s version of a soap Opera. Weeded was horrible, Cassel was horrible and Romo returned and then left again after yet another injury. So now the Cowboys have decided to do their version “re-dating an ex” and let Cassel start again. There is a reason why things didn’t go well the first time, Matt Cassel just isn’t very good.
So the young man with a NCAA record of 50-3 is forced to sit and watch this train wreck. Players, fans, announcers and I’m sure come coaches are waiting to see what he has. The Cowboys are hanging on to this 1% chance they still have a shot. But the truth is if Cassel was good they would be leading this dumpster fire of a division they are in.
So #freekellen was born. It is being posted by Boise fans, Cowboys fans and fans of football that are tired of seeing what the Cowboys are putting out on the field. Kellen has to get a shot right? Anyone who has seen him play knows he can play and play good. The kid has the talent and has put in the work to be an NFL QB. He has played and beat the PAC12, SEC, and the BIG12. In 4 years he only lost 3 times and 2 of those losses where due to missed field goals. Yes he’s short, no he can’t thrown the ball 80 yards with the flick of his wrist, but that hasn’t seemed to bother Russell Wilson or Drew Brees. Kellen can play and he deserves a shot. If anything just see what this kid has. Stranger things have happened. Would Tom Brady have ever got a chance if Bledsoe had never gotten hurt??


Best Group of 5 Teams – Boise State tops the list

How do people judge the success of a football team?

It’s simple – Wins. And having a winning season is a significant feat, but can that success be repeated? How consistent can a team win? I took a look at some of the most successful group of 5 programs recently, specifically the last 10 years. For those wondering what Group of 5 means, it is simply the 5 conferences not considered “power” conferences (American, Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt). Some of the better G5 programs this season (Temple, Memphis, Toledo) did not make the list, but Houston and Navy did.

Group of 5 teams with the MOST wins: (previous 10 seasons)

10. UCF (81)









9. Nevada (82)








8. Tulsa (83)








7. Georgia Southern (84)

Georgia Southern






6. Navy (92)










5. Houston (93)








4. Cincinnati (94)










3. Northern Illinois (94)








2. Appalachian State (108)

Appalachian State









1. Boise State (121)

boise state logo3









The best part is there will be a great matchup between Group of 5 Giants #1 Boise State and #3 Northern Illinois in San Diego this year, in the Poinsettia bowl! Be sure to watch it!

Go Broncos!

(Stats taken: 12/13/15)

Here’s a complete list ranking G5 teams by most wins:

  1. Boise State (121)
  2. Appalachian State (108)
  3. Northern Illinois (94)
  4. Cinncinnati (94)
  5. Houston (93)
  6. Navy (92)
  7. Georgia Southern (84)
  8. Tulsa (83)
  9. Nevada (82)
  10. UCF (81)
  11. East Carolina (80)
  12. Ohio (80)
  13. Toledo (78)
  14. Central Michigan (77)
  15. Fresno State (77)
  16. Air Force (75)
  17. Bowling Green (74)
  18. Marshall (72)
  19. Louisiana-Lafayette (70)
  20. Southern Miss (70)
  21. Louisiana Tech (70)
  22. San Diego State (69)
  23. Middle Tennessee (68)
  24. Hawaii (68)
  25. Western Michigan (67)
  26. Ball State (67)
  27. Troy (66)
  28. Texas State (65)
  29. Arkansas State (65)
  30. Western Kentucky (64)
  31. Connecticut (63)
  32. UMass (61)
  33. Rice (61)
  34. Utah State (60)
  35. Colorado State (58)
  36. Temple (58)
  37. San Jose State (56)
  38. Memphis (53)
  39. Wyoming (52)
  40. SMU (51)
  41. New Mexico (46)
  42. Akron (44)
  43. Miami(OH) (41)
  44. Tulane (36)
  45. North Texas (35)
  46. UNLV (34)
  47. Eastern Michigan (27)