Boise State Football Spring Preview

It seems like its been an eternity since Chris Petersen stunned #BroncoNation the morning of December 6th when it was announced that after years of speculation, he finally took another head coaching job. It only took a week for Bob Kustra and Mark Coyle to find their man to replace Pete, but it certainly didn’t feel that way to Broncos fans.

Since then lots has changed. Bryan Harsin and his young staff shocked Broncos fans by getting commitments from 4-star prospects Dylan Sumner-Gardner and Chase Blakley, showing everyone the kind of recruiting prowess and potential this staff has. Now that the recruiting games are somewhat over (at least for this recent class), the staff can finally pause their recruiting efforts to coach football! The Broncos hit the field for the first time under Harsin tomorrow morning, and unfortunately if you’re expecting a ton of news and updates from the local media, you will be a bit disappointed. Harsin is keeping things on the down low, possibly to keep the Broncos scheme anonymity intact until after the Ole Miss game.

Updates or no updates, the team will be practicing, and there is lots to sort out… are some things to keep an eye on this spring, and going forward into summer workouts and fall camp.

The QB “Battle” – It is natural that with a coaching change, every position is open for the taking. That said, Harsin and the coaches have made it clear that RS-Senior QB Grant Hedrick is the leader in the clubhouse. I know fans have a bad taste in their mouths about last season, and Grant was far from perfect, but he did some good things. Hedrick finished the 2013 season with a passing efficiency rating that ranked 23rd nationally at 150.0. Hedrick struggled with turnovers, often at bad times (ugh….that SDSU pick-6)…but 1825 passing yards, 22 total TDs, and 5 INTs in only 6 total starts isn’t exactly terrible either. Grant earned the right to be the “incumbent”. That said, nobody is guaranteed anything. Grant will have to fend off JC-transfer Tommy Stuart, who impressed fans with his highlight tape and has done nothing his entire life but exceed expectations. He won’t concede that starting spot without a fight. RS-Freshman Ryan Finley will attempt to compete as much as he can, but Harsin has warned that they’ll need to bring him along at a slower pace with Finley coming off of surgery. Put all that together, and the details suggest Hedrick will be a heavy favorite to win the job, but nonetheless fans will pay very close attention to the QBs come the spring game.

Will the future play-makers please stand up! – Jay Ajayi, Matt Miller, Shane Williams-Rhodes….fans know who the stars of today are on this Bronco offense. Jay and Shane however are already juniors and Matt Miller is a senior! The Broncos are in need of some future play-makers to step up and make a name for themselves. Unfortunately the RB depth behind Jay Ajayi is a little cluttered with Aaron Baltazar’s unfortunate departure (sigh). From Charles Bertoli, to Devan Demas, to Jack Fields, to Derrick Thomas…I swear all of these RBs have had bright spots, but none have solidified that #2 or #3 RB spot in the rotation much like Jeremy Avery and D.J. Harper did behind Doug Martin. You can take your pick, all of them have talent. But someone needs to stand up behind Jay Ajayi and establish themselves.

The same can be said for the WR position. Matt Miller and SWR were awesome last season, but whoa boy does production fall off a statistical cliff after those two. The Broncos cannot continue to rely solely on these two in 2014, or 2015 will present some serious concerns at WR. Fortunately, there are lots of talented candidates waiting in the wings. A.J. Richardson is one of the more highly rated WRs to ever commit to Boise State. Tanner Shipley and Thomas Sperbeck both impressed during last August’s fall scrimmage. Troy Ware had some good moments last season sans fumble vs. Oregon State. Much like the RB spot, the talent is there….but who will step up? Junior Adams will have a fun time sorting through this crew. With SWR taking it easy coming back from surgery, the opportunity is there.

O-Line depth to be tested – Also noted in Chadd Cripe’s linked notes from the Statesmen is the fact that Rees Odhiambo will sit this spring out as a precautionary measure. Meaning Marcus Henry will be the only returning starter from 2013 to participate this spring. Travis Averill, Mario Yakoo, Steven Baggett, among others come into spring with some experience. This is a very talented group who will benefit from lots of reps this spring. Winning football games derives from how you play in the trenches. If the Broncos want to hit the ground running on offense in 2014, this O-Line unit will need to gel quickly.

Can Yates fix the Bronco Defense? – Joe Southwick this, Robert Prince that…..Grant Hedrick that, Robert Prince this… about the offense all you like, the reason the Broncos struggled in 2013 is because the defense took a tremendous step backwards. The days of abusing opponents upfront and suffocating passing games under a dominant secondary appeared to be a thing of the past. Marcel Yates said it was hard to watch film of last season. LOL You’re telling us……everyone struggled. Freshman LBs Tanner Vallejo and Ben Weaver provide optimism, and inserting more depth with Joey Martarano coming into the fold is exciting. But this entire defensive unit sucked. No getting around it. The secondary has come under a ton of scrutiny from media and fans. Whether it was a scheme issue or talent issue is what we’ll begin to unravel this spring with Yates taking over. The introduction of stud recruit Dylan Sumner-Gardner and many redshirt corners like Dionza Blue and Cameron Hartsfield to name a few, should light a fire under this unit. Nobody’s spot is safe. The secondary battle, more than any other group, should be intense as Marcel begins to rebuild this unit. They know what happened last season was not satisfactory. Time to fix it.

The Broncos lose very few starters on defense going into spring. In fact, only two really. Unfortunately, those two are Demarcus Lawrence and Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe. Outside of Armand Nance, nobody really has an inside track on the D-Line starting spots. Kamalei Correa, Gabe Perez, Beau Martin, among other DEs figure to fight for those spots. RS-Freshman DT Nick Terry was one of the most highly rated DTs Boise State has ever landed. Can he potentially be our next 4-year starter at DT? God I hope so. The Broncos desperately need play-makers at DT to stand up. Nance has been very good, but he cannot do it all himself. The Broncos need to be four deep. Can the likes of Taimatuia, Terry, Ash, etc. take that next step? To return to national prominence, the Broncos will need to recapture their dominant ways on the D-Line.


Coach Harsin has challenged fans to break the 20,000 fans barrier at the spring game. The theme of this spring seems to be everyone needing to step up. The Broncos need young talent to step up at all positions, and the fans need to step up too. Coach Pete made it clear that things began to go stale here in Boise, even for him. The Broncos have every intention to kick this funk and fans need to do the same. We need to break that 20,000 barrier for the spring game and then attempt to sell-out every home game next fall. This is a team effort and we need to help this young team and staff as much as we can. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this 2014 Boise State football team. Lets start off things on the right note…

Go Broncos!!! #BleedBlue #Project20K

This Week at the Diggity’s – Episode 6 (I Was Stuck In A Bathroom In Sochi)

You may have heard about an American Olympian being trapped in his bathroom in Sochi. Contrary to those reports, it wasn’t Johnny Quinn, it was me. That’s where I’ve been. I know you’ve missed me. Well, maybe the column if not me. Anyways, TWatD is back and raring to go! Enjoy the misery.



I’m sorry I haven’t been around in a couple of weeks. I can come up with a couple of excuses. Mrs. Diggity hasn’t been feeling all that well so I’ve been focusing on her well-being. I like to say that my weekly column has been preempted by the Olympics…I’m so proud of the Men’s basketball team. Big wins against UNM, CSU, and UNLV. They’ve moved back into almost being a bubble team. I’m cautiously optimistic….I don’t care that Miller Lite is in a throwback can. Unless you put a good product in that can, you’re putting a dress on a pig…I was really impressed with both the USA Men’s and Women’s hockey teams. And I’m glad that the women won the Silver. It looked like the men decided that Bronze wasn’t good enough and quit against Finland. If you don’t feel like representing the country 100% of the time, turn down the spot on the team…It’s good to see someone from ‘nsync doing so well. No. Not Timberlake. Congratulations, Joey Fatone, on your ad deal with Bosley Hair Restoration…Who was the first person that said “Let’s ski 50km and let’s put it on the very last day of the Olympics.”? If I was one of those idiots, sorry, elite athletes, I’d want a 31 mile ski race to be on the first day so I could recover for the Closing Ceremony….It’s fun to see my wife all hopped up on migraine medication trying to tweet. She’s not making any sort of sense. Epic….I’m confused with all of these diet and sensitive stomach dog foods. For heaven’s sake! Dogs drink from toilets and eat their own poop. How sensitive can their tummies be?…How do I feel about the Olympics? I watched them. Twitter and the 24 hour news cycle ruined them for me. And, for some reason, NBC Sports Network would show live events in the morning and then NBC would replay those same events as their prime time line up. Like we wouldn’t notice….Hey Subway is selling pizza now! What’s that? Flatizza? No it’s pizza. Don’t come at me with a pizza and try to tell me it’s not. Are you taking bong rips with Michael Phelps?…I’m not sure what to watch now that I’m out from under the bewitching spell of Bob Costa’s Double Sochi Pinkeye….NASCAR is back. Apparently so is Dale, Jr. I’m not a huge fan of racing. Probably because they aren’t ambi-turners (points if you know the movie)….Not a good look, Raymond Felton. How are you going to point a gun at your wife? Did she make you that mad? I realize the Knicks are that bad but wow. That’s really not a good look at all sir….If you don’t know your baseball history, please pray you don’t become part of Buck Showalter’s team. You may have to write a one-page essay about your lack of knowledge. But, really, who doesn’t know who Frank Robinson is (if you are a baseball fan)?…Why is anything that Aaron Hernandez does anymore relevant news? So he got in a prison altercation. He’s an alleged triple-murderer now and not a professional football player. He’s not news….Wednesday night was a bad one for both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams. The guys never had a chance although Mikey and Ryan had great games.  The gals were down by over 20 and forced overtime but still came up short. We are all still behind you. Finish strong….And just when you thought there wasn’t anything left for reality shows to grab on to, along comes “Game of Arms”. You guessed it. An arm wrestling reality show. SMH….I have mentioned that I like watching boxing. Typically it’s Friday Night Fights. The fighting isn’t always upper echelon but Teddy Atlas has the right amount of crazy to keep me interested….I hate to say this but telling us where Tiger Woods is at in a golf tournament is the equivalent of telling us where Danica Patrick is in a NASCAR race. Pretty close to far from contention. At least Tiger used to be a champion. Right, Danica?…A commercial came on tv but I wasn’t really paying attention and the tag line was something about “…the Power of a Period.”. My first thought was about how classless are tampon commercials getting. It was a Metro PCS commercial. I’m dumb sometimes….I know I’ve mentioned in my column before. Their tag line is “City Folks Just Don’t Get It”. I beg to differ. They do actually. They created the internet….Both the Men’s and Women’s teams took it to Wyoming this week. The Women had an easier time of it. The Men, on the other hand, decided to give the Cowboys get a 15 point head start. Way to chip away and get the win, guys….Here’s the soapbox moment of the week – There is no way in hell and breakfast that some people can like EVERY good team. That, sir or madam, makes you a bandwagon fan and you are a fraud. *Jumps off the soapbox*…The song of the week says it all.  Have a great week everyone! And, as always, GO BRONCOS!


What They Are Saying – Demarcus Lawrence


Image Courtesy: USA Today Sports

Boise State has a tradition of proving people wrong. That tradition does not extend to just the football however. Every year the NFL combine seems replay a familiar cycle. It kind of goes like this.

1.) NFL Combine invites Boise State Player to attend.

2.) Said Boise State player accepts invite.

3.) Boise State player comes and blows everyone’s mind.

4.) Rinse, recycle, repeat.

This year, that player we are talking about is Demarcus Lawrence. Boise State fans already knew what they were getting when he was invited this year. But this is what NFL experts, and media are saying now that he is currently in step 3 of the cycle.







Also, if you missed Demarcus run the coveted 40 yard dash, you can see it below.

The Writing Is On The Wall – Do Superstitions Help?

The only thing more agonizing than being a fan, willing their team to win while watching live, is being a fan, willing their team to win, and having to totally ignore the game because they’re convinced they have become a jinx. I had a good couple hours last night to ponder what exactly good it might do to be superstitious at all, since recently discovering that my eyeballs on a basketball game will cause the Broncos to lose.

Since all animals form habits, which can be construed as superstitions without magical thinking, it follows that from the first time that an ancient human hit a rock with a stick and laughed because it was fun, sports superstitions have likely followed. Lots of athletes have them – watch the next few times a Bronco is at the foul line and see if they have a very specific dribble/ball spin sequence that they follow each time. To this day I always put on left sock, right sock, right shoe, left shoe. I don’t do that because it’s fun, I do that because one time I performed really well after putting on my shoes that way. It’s lucky.

Scientific research has proven that superstitions can bring people a positive result. A few studies have been done, and it was concluded that while it’s probably not the superstition itself that is bringing good fortune, the power of confidence and positive thinking can improve performance. For example, a group of people being tested were in a putting contest. There was a group told that their ball was a “lucky ball,” and they regularly outperformed those who had a regular ball. People who carried talismans of some sort were able to surpass their unlucky counterparts on memory tests. People who were told that the person administering a puzzle test was crossing their fingers for the participant’s good performance in another type of hand-eye coordination test outdid the control group as well.

Fans can take this to extremes – lucky clothing, lucky food, and lucky spots on the couch. Like the ad told us, “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.” Last night, I was the basement guy on the Bud Light commercial, watching bad reality television and willfully ignoring my phone while the Broncos stomped on Colorado State in an epic show of threesmanship. I wasn’t alone – at least 3 of the awesome people who I follow on Twitter avoided the game for the same reason I did – fear of jinxing that win.

So why do we persist with these little actions, even when they probably will make no difference in the outcome? Because we believe in our team. Sure, third-party superstition so far has proved nothing whatsoever scientifically, but if it works first hand, and fan support can help athlete confidence, would it be so much of a leap to think that a few chumps doggedly hanging on to superstitious nonsense could help fans that are actually AT a game feel better about the team’s chances and therefore cheer louder?

I dunno, but I’m not going to test it. Y’all have fun watching the guys play UNLV on Saturday.  I am going to hide with a blanket over my head until my phone notifies me that the Broncos are still thundering toward their victorious destiny and the win has been secured.

This Week at the Diggity’s – Episode 5 (I’m Opening That 5th Snowflake As I Write This)

It’s been another week and I know you’ve been patiently waiting for another TWatD (My very own acronym for this fun little column.). I usually finish it up early Sunday morning and you get to start your week off right.  I’ve failed you when it comes to that. There’s no real reason besides the fact that I just ended up watching more Olympics coverage than I should have. Team Figure Skating and Cross-Country Skiing should never take up my morning. Regardless, here it is. Have a great week!

Here’s the first pet peeve of the week – people who spell Super Bowl as one word. I know. It’s a bit nit-picky but this game is close to 50 years old. Please figure it out, “football fans”….I am not quite sure whose idea it was to send Bill O’Reilly to the White House to interview the President during the Super Bowl pre-game show but I think it was an ill-conceived notion. No matter what your politics are, it’s a non-partisan day unless you’re a Seahawks or Broncos fan. You failed Fox….About the Super Bowl – Last episode I picked the Broncos to win 28 – 17. Boy was I wrong. I never expected a Peyton Manning-led offense to get dominated like that. The Seahawks deserved that win. Mrs. Diggity isn’t ever going to let me root for her team again….Papa John’s has a cheeseburger pizza now. That sounds kind of ok in theory. Now let the fact that there will be pickles on your pizza sink in. I’ll pass. Better ingredients? I say better ideas, Papa John’s…Speaking of food – no thank you, Subway, for a chicken enchilada sub with Fritos on top. That doesn’t sound like a sandwich. That sounds like a soggy-bread mess….There’s a University of Idaho commercial with a graphic proclaiming how great their Return On Investment over a fair amount of schools is.  I stopped the DVR just so I could make sure they didn’t slip Boise State in there. They didn’t. See for yourself….


If you’re a child, don’t read this next part. I heard the same commercial on the radio a couple of times and I don’t know but giving someone a gift certificate for a massage and a facial doesn’t sound right even for Valentine’s Day….The first recruiting class under Coach Harsin has me, and the rest of Bronco Nation, so excited about this new year. They made casual fans into fanatics and that is awesome….For National Signing Day, I took a trip down to Twin Peaks to hang out. I was pretty disappointed. There were no signed pics of Fox Mulder anywhere. There were a bunch of half-dressed women and the beer almost froze into a slush in my beer glass. What kind of man wants to be distracted by all of that when they’re trying to learn about the newest recruiting class? (There’s no sarcasm font so you’ll just have to believe me when I say I was being sarcastic.) A big shout out to ESPN Boise for putting on their little shindig for LOI DAY. By the way, I met a lot of great people I had only “met” on Twitter so that was the REAL highlight….What can I say about the men’s basketball game against San Diego State? I think that says it all.  Finish the season strong, guys….I do not, repeat, DO NOT, ever want to see “Vampire Academy”. But “The Lego Movie” did come out this week. I’m excited for that….There’s no real American Idol moment this week. As horrible as it sounds, I like to see when the 15 and 16 year olds claim that their lives are over. No. Your life isn’t over. When you turn 41 and you work in a call center, talk to me. Gosh, I sound bitter….My favorite tv show is “The Big Bang Theory” and you may have heard a rumor that I had an emotional response to something that happened on that show. I can neither confirm or deny that I cried when Sheldon kissed Amy on this week’s episode….The 22nd Winter Olympics have started. Who’s excited? I kind of am. These are the sports that I don’t watch except for every 4 years. Well, I watch hockey on a somewhat regular basis.  And the X-Games.  But you won’t catch me watching figure skating, cross-country skiing, and probably not even bobsledding at all until the Games come on….Let’s hear it for Sage Kotsenburg on bringing home the first Gold Medal of the Games.  Not just for the United States but the whole Games. Put that in your babushka and smoke it, Russkies.  Check out this video out of Golden Boy being himself before the games….

I have tried to think of a song for the week. Usually, it has something to do with the main theme of the week but I probably am just going to give you something random. I hope you don’t mind. Shout out to all my old school hip hop heads!

The Art Of Losing

Growing up, I was a passably decent basketball player, who trained year round. My last 3 years in high school, while being pretty much consumed by the sport, the teams I played on were a collective 27-36. 42%. We won 12 games the last two seasons. Now, I’m not going to go all Uncle Rico about my mediocre basketball career. I do want to impart to Bronco Fans who did not suffer through the football win droughts of the 80’s and part of the 90’s, though, an important lesson. That is the art of losing.

Losing more than winning is painful. It’s a land of heartbreak, and what the Broncos Men’s basketball is dealing with, since they are now 5-6 in conference after a loss to Utah State this afternoon in Logan. The guys are also 3-5 away from Taco Bell Arena, and not only does their confidence seem drained after losing several games this season when up big at one point, but fan support is waning.

One thing I learned from the debacle in the first paragraph was that changing coaches is a rough affair. If it can be avoided, it should be. We had 3 coaches in 3 years, and it was awful. Coach Rice is three seasons in, and still winning more than losing, and that means that the hot seat is nothing more at this point than a nice warm leather car seat in 20 degree weather. Teams require consistency, and Rice is statistically the best Bronco Basketball coach EVER in Bronco History, currently 70% win percentage. No Boise State coach ever is that high – even Bobby Dye ended up at 61%. Coach Rice is having the best season he’s ever had, and has a two-year improving streak, not including this season. There is ZERO reason to be calling for his job at this point.

The next thing I learned is that losing can’t be the end. Basketball, in my experience on a losing team, is about the fight. Winning is about asserting your will – being creative and having fun, while ensuring the outcome is the one you envision. The keys to winning anything from games of quarters to National Championships are simple: Have a plan, have the skill, desire to finish, and work ethic to execute that plan to the very best of your ability, figure out a way to enjoy the process, and share it with great people. If a person gets up excited to attack rather than dreading the action, then winning is inevitable.

The teams I played on always got stuck in the step after the one the guys are in – a rough stretch of close games, taking losses at home and away, making nothing about the game much fun at all. Let’s face it, losing freaking sucks. Bad. Players internally question their skill and their teammate’s commitment, they stop communicating well which just exacerbates the issue, and then all of a sudden nobody is having a bit of fun and starts playing to Not Lose.

I don’t think the Broncos have hit that mark yet, they’re still talking, but the outside noise is louder and it’s probably getting hard to ignore losing. They’re on the verge of two outcomes – Bronco Nation stops showing up, games continue to be lost, and everybody on both sides gets disillusioned and are happy to be out in the first part of the tourney, or the team finds their identity, does some conditioning, finds their killer instinct, and makes a run we’ll never forget.

The last thing I learned about losing is this: being a gracious loser is much better than throwing tantrums. Shockingly, I had a foul mouth and a violent set of elbows back in those days. I fouled out nearly every game, usually 4 fouls that could probably be considered misdemeanor assault if they happened at a bar, and a technical. My attitude was crap, losing hurt my heart, and since we were a bunch of teenage girls everything was theatrical and The Worst Thing Ever in the History of Things. (It was kind of like a IRL twitter fit, except all the time and at high pitch with tears.) Losing causes trauma and drama with the wrong mindset. Bronco Nation, we don’t have to be happy with losing. We don’t have to pretend like nothing is wrong and never criticize anybody for anything. We do, however, need to keep perspective. The Bronco Bouncyhoop team wins more than they lose, they’re working hard, and if anybody can figure out the puzzle that is getting personalities of young men to mesh and work together in a way that makes victory achievable, I think it’s probably the all time winning-est coach in the history of Boise State.


Coach Tweets – Fans Speak – Part 2 (Recruiting Recap)

Recruiting is a lot like football Christmas for fans and coaches. Today has been a lot of fun, and you have to thank Coach Harsin for adding to the excitement. If you missed “Part 1″ of this check it out here.











Coach Tweets – Fans Speak Part 1 (Recruiting Recap)

Today is signing day, and if you have followed us, or Twitter. You know Coach Harsin knows how to rock social media. So as other sites give you scouting, and in-depth looks at the players. We thought we would give you a different kind of recap. Show you the tweets of Harsin announcing the players, and our favorite fan tweets about that player. Enjoy!









Part II will be coming soon!

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This Week at the Diggity’s – Episode 4 (I Have No Dog In The Fight Really)

It’s the week of the big game (Am I allowed to say Super Bowl? Umm…Ooops) and I’m sure most people have their pick. And I do too although I am not a real fan of either team. Mrs. Diggity is a lifelong Denver fan so it’s obvious who she’s going take. All I know is that she’s going to be at work and I’ll be watching sans company. That doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll be on Twitter with my other “family” so I won’t be lonely and I’m going to run to the store for some snacks. By the way – Denver, 28 – 17. Have a great week!

Why is it, that no matter what you do and how courteous you try to be, the rudest people are always at department stores (I won’t say which one). I get over because I want to give you space to get by yet you continue on a head-on collision path? Why, ma’am? Why?…No matter how hard they try the NFL Pro Bowl is the worst all-star game of the 4 major sports. The MLB game is for home field advantage in the World Series and the NBA & NHL games are fun for no defense. This game seems like a mockery of the sport….Usually this comes later in the column but the movie I DON’T want to see is “Endless Love”. The only reason I can give is that I’m a guy….The newest season of Survivor is brains versus brawn versus beauty. I can see the train wreck coming from here….I admit it. I watched the Grammys. I loved the Kendrick Lamar/Imagine Dragons performance as well as the opening performance by Beyoncé and Jay Z. I don’t know on which planet Macklemore is a better artist than Kendrick or Jay but, hey, I’m just opinionated. These guys were big though…

I watched “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise and I have two things to say about it: 1)Is his name Jack in every movie? and 2)This has to be his most confusing movie since “Vanilla Sky”. I mean, I figured it out but I don’t know if I really wanted to…According to Tami (@reflectivity), Pabst Blue Ribbon is the “Official” beer of the 2014 Inversion. That seems to be a perfect flavor profile for the biting cold and lack of sunlight….Papa Murphy’s is running a $10 special on their Cowboy pizza until Sunday. It’s the closest a “Cowboy” will be to the Super Bowl this year. Or any year in the near future from what I can see….I’m so scared to watch “Friday Night Tykes”. It has to be the masculine version of “Toddlers & Tiaras”, right? I can imagine me just shaking my head and/or becoming extremely frustrated how parents treat their kids….The American Idol moment of the week for me was a woman who claimed she was trained in opera. She sang “Barracuda” by Heart. It wasn’t pretty. I can only imagine she did opera for the deaf….McDonald’s has done it again. While showing amazing moments of Olympians achieving the pinnacle of their careers, they managed to blow the importance of the moment. The athletes – the prerequisite biting of the medals they’ve won. Mickey D’s – fades into people chomping on nuggets. Shameful….Great game by the Men’s Basketball team vs. Air Force. I guess you can call it a man crush but I can’t say enough about Ryan Watkins. And it was good to see Jeff Elorriaga get something going too….I’ll just say this, BYU – Idaho has produced the one of the oddest videos ever and that’s all I’m gonna say about that…. I hate when people say a player “deserves” a championship. No they don’t. They need to earn it no matter how long they’ve been in the league….I actually just got done reading “Dracula”. The original one by Bram Stoker. I think for a book written in 1894, it had a great flow to it. And yes, I can read….The Boise State Men’s Basketball team let one slip away against UNLV Saturday night. I know it’s easy to get frustrated with this team. All we can do is support them the best we can. They’re just kids to most of us. *jumps off of soapbox* On the other hand, the Women’s team is doing awesome. Sole possession of 2nd place in the Mountain West? Way to STOMP the UNLV Women….The Football coaching staff has been killing it on the recruiting trail. Bronco Nation has only 3 days til National Signing day and we finally get to see one of our most anticipated classes of all time. I’m geeked….All I have to say about the song of the week is that it’s supposed to get us pumped up for football and it seems to still be used at Taco Bell Arena (Would someone steal it, please?). ENJOY!