Blue Turf Nation Interview with Recruiting Analyst Mike Singer

Mike Singer started writing for the Blue Turf Nation in November of 2012. Since then, he has moved onto writing for the USF Rivals recruiting website, where he works as a recruiting analyst/reporter. In this interview, I got the chance to ask him about all things Boise State recruiting related. Including, what we can expect from Jalen Greene, what recruits think of the turf, and if Boise State has any diamond in the rough recruits on the radar?

BTN: It is easy for fans to get really excited about future recruits. The recruit most Bronco fans seem to be really excited about right now is Jalen Greene. What can you tell us about him? How does he differ from the QB’s currently on the BSU roster.



Mike: Everything I’ve heard and read about Jalen Greene is that he’s just a stud. At 6-foot-3, 195-pounds he already has the size, but he has speed as well. He’s the 20th ranked dual-threat quarterback in the country by We all know that this staff finds their gems, but this guy has a decent ranking too. The only real question with his game has been his accuracy, but that has already improved throughout the first few weeks of his senior season. He’s a left quarterback – that alone makes Boise fans happy – but he also has the arm strength and athleticism to be a perfect fit in the new pistol, up-tempo offense that Boise is running.

BTN:  Boise State has become famous for finding “diamond in the rough” type of players, is there anybody Bronco fans should keep an eye on that might fit this description?

Mike: Definitely. Sean Modster is that guy. I talked to him during the summer when he picked his first offer – which was of course, Boise State – and he was ecstatic and shortly committed thereafter. He’s tall at 6-foot-2, but he’s just considered to be a burner. A guy like this that can stretch the field is going to be big for Boise. He also had major interest from Oregon before he committed, has an offer from Colorado, and is ranked a three-star by Rivals despite only having two offers.

BTN: Having gotten the chance to speak to so many recruits, what separates Boise State from other schools in the mind of the recruit? Is it the field, uniforms, coaches, city etc...?

Mike: The recruits definitely like the field and the uniforms – that was something I always made sure to ask the kids. They also like the tradition behind the BSU program. The hammer that the defensive player runs out with before pregame is something they like. Mostly, the on the field success Boise has had the past decade is something they love. Boise is bringing in kids that want to win and will be dedicated to that.

BTN: Any predictions you want to give in regards to the future of Boise State football? Do you see Boise State continuing to gain more attention from the more sought after “4-5 star” type of recruits? Or do you think Boise State has peaked in terms of recruiting?

Mike: By, Boise State brought in two four star recruits last year. Aaron Baltazar was one of them and is  guy I really liked coming out of high school. We’re seeing that on the field right now, and he’ll definitely be more involved in the offense as a true freshman. As four as getting more four and five star guys down the road, I think it’s going to happen. Boise will definitely need to get into a bigger conference for this to happen more frequently, but higher ranked recruits definitely are interested in what Boise has to offer. Four-star defensive lineman Connor Humphreys is one of the best recruits in the west, and he had high Boise State interest for a while. Kalen Ballage is another four-star who really likes Boise State and could possibly land there.

BTN: Do you have anything you would like to say to the Blue Turf Nation readers?

Mike: I’ve been writing for – the Rivals site covering USF sports – for about six months now. I can assuredly say that it would not have happened if I didn’t get my start with the BTN. The BTN is the best fan website I’ve ever seen and it truly does a great job on bringing a positive light on the football and basketball programs. I appreciate all the Boise State fans I talk to on Twitter – and they still follow me despite all the USF tweets :). (You can now follow Mike @Mike_RTB)

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The BNP – Senior Day Edition 2011

JT and Tyler are again joined by Travis Hawkes.  The show went a little long talking about 21 Seniors making their final appearance on the Blue Turf of Bronco Stadium.  Also discussed:

  • Chris Petersen Ties a BSU record for Wins as head coach
  • Craig James votes the Broncos #24 in the AP Poll
  • The Broncos Win an Academic Award
  • Michael Weinreb’s wants Boise State vs LSU

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Thoughts To Think About

My First Thought: it is important to respect the journey of a season. So much was made of the opener against Georgia and rightfully so, it is rare, at least for most programs, to start a season with a game against a ranked opponent in a bowl like atmosphere. The aftermath however is controlled to a certain degree by the fans. As big as the win against Georgia was for the program it is only one game of a football season, it is easy to get caught up in all the outside noise. My plea to the fans is this “enjoy the win, enjoy the season and enjoy Boise State football”. The off seasons are long the seasons are short, there is plenty of time to talk about where Chris Continue reading “Thoughts To Think About” »

The BNP – Blue Turf

In this Episode Tyler and JT discuss the following stories:

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Boise State schedules Michigan State

BOISE, Idaho – Boise State has agreed to a three-game football series with Michigan State, Director of Athletics Gene Bleymaier announced Friday.

The Broncos will open the 2012 season at Michigan State (Aug. 31), and the game will be televised nationally by ESPN.

“This will be another nationally-televised marquee match-up to begin the season,” Bleymaier said. “Michigan State is a premier program and we are excited about playing a Big Ten opponent.”

Boise State opened its 2009 season with a 19-8 victory over No. 16 Oregon, and also defeated No. 6 Virginia Tech (33-30) to open the 2010 season. Both games were televised nationally by ESPN.

The series will continue with Michigan State playing at Bronco Stadium Sept. 17, 2022, and the teams will again meet in East Lansing, Mich., in 2023 (Sept. 16). Boise State will receive a guarantee of $1.2 million for the 2012 game and the schools will exchange $300,000 for the games in 2022 and 2023.

The Spartans are currently ranked No. 5 in all three major polls, and their No. 5 ranking in the Bowl Championship Series Standings is the highest in school history.

With the agreement, the Broncos will move their game at Oregon State to Sept. 24, 2016. Boise State has also moved its 2012 game against Miami (Ohio) scheduled for Sept. 1, and will now play Sept. 15, 2012.

The Broncos’ nonconference schedule for 2012 is as follows:

Boise State schedules Michigan State

Boise State schedules Michigan State

Aug. 31 at Michigan State
Sept. 15 Miami (Ohio)
Sept. 22 BYU

Back where Kellen belongs

Kellen Moore for Heisman

Kellen Moore for Heisman

Have you seen the recent Heisman Predictions? Kellen Moore is #1 again! Where else would you have a guy whose touchdown to interception ratio is 14-1? He also plays for the #3 team in the Nation, and soon to be released BCS, which will likely have his team #1. These rankings will likely change as BSU enters conference play, but that shouldn’t take away from the facts of what Moore has done so far. He is the best player on the best team at this point in the season. Period.

ESPN Heisman Predictions

ESPN projecting BSU #1 in BCS

ESPN’s Brad Edwards has done a BCS projection and shows the Broncos at #1.
Read Here: ESPN’s BCS projection has BSU #1

Kellen More

Kellen Moore

Why is Boise State predicted to be the #1 spot when the BCS debuts next Sunday? The BCS is 1/3 Harris Poll, 1/3 USA Today Coaches Poll, and 1/3 BCS Computers. Nobody really knows exactly how the computers calculate their rankings, but  strength of schedule, quality of win, wins away and wins at home, etc, all figure into the calculations. Let’s take a quick look at the Strength of Schedule part of the equation;

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Beavers Drown on the Blue Turf

The money spent by the Oregon State Boosters to paint their practice field blue was a bust, at the end of the game when the final whistle blew it made little to no difference. In fact it created more national attention for the Blue Turf at Boise State. ABC and ESPN showcased the Blue Turf and its meaning to this program.

Boise State went to 3-0 with a win over non-conference PAC-10 rival #24 Oregon State. The outcome was a win but the road to victory was penalty filled and paved with mistakes on special teams. Boise can attribute at least one Beaver touchdown to penalties as they were 8-58 in that category. But, I say lets give them just a little slack for the mistakes as the distractions were plenty. A nationally televised game on ABC, ESPN College Game Day, the Championship Trophy in town and a slew of national reporters, throw in the everyday distractions of class and being home for the opener and I say we can excuse a few.

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It’s ESPN Game Day in Boise

It began unlike any other morning with a 4:30 alarm, a shower, drive to the stadium and a $20 parking fee only to stand in line for over an hour just to get in. By my guestimate I would say over ten thousand of the Bronco Nation did the very same, minus the parking fee most likely. I met the five creators of this GAMEDAY sign and they sounded off like the mouseketeers,  ”Joanne, Collette, Rebecca, Cathy and Dawn” each sharing the many road games they all have traveled to, including Washington DC. True representation of the Bronco Nation. By the way there were no stick signs allowed into the stadium, so this is most likely the only representation of their efforts.

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