Blue, Orange, and Black

December 31, 2002 was a cold day in Boise, but burned bright with a memory Bronco Nation would not soon forget. That day will forever be remembered as not only the first victory that Boise State would enjoy over a BCS opponent, but also the last time our beloved Broncos would don a uniform without that iconic Nike Swoosh. The Boise State Broncos finished off the Iowa State Cyclones 34-16. It was the first time that the Broncos had ever finished the season in the top 25, and Nike took notice.

Since then Boise State has taken on many different looks throughout the last 10 seasons with Nike as its sponsor. In 2009 Nike unveiled a new Boise State uniform that first introduced a grey number to accent the traditional blue and orange. This was a move that would eventually lead to grey being an even more dominant color in future Bronco jersey schemes. Bronco fans are creatures of habit, and as with any major change, there were a fair number of those who opposed the break from tradition.

September 6, 2010, Boise State graced FedEx Field with an even newer uniform combination as they battled BCS powerhouse, Virginia Tech to a 34-31 victory. The jerseys were comprised of a grey top with blue and orange accents and solid blue pants. After that victory the Broncos returned to their normal look and continued throughout the season in traditional uniforms.

As the November 19th game against Fresno State approached, rumors had swirled that the Broncos would put aside the blue on blue home uniforms for the first time in a very long time. On that cold, wet evening the rumors became reality, and the Broncos came charging out of the tunnel wearing an all orange uniform for the first time ever. The crowd erupted at the first sight of the all orange uniforms, and thousands witnessed history being written as the Boise State Broncos continued their fight toward national respect and relevance while beating Fresno State 51-0.

Leading up to the 2011 season, Boise State was once again chosen by Nike to grace the gridiron with a new set of Pro Combat jerseys. The broncos quietly came out of the Georgia Dome tunnel donned in all white. The Broncos battled in these storm trooper-esque uniforms to a 35-21 victory.  This instantly became the favorite scheme ever for Bronco fans across the nation.

During this homecoming game, the Broncos will be taking on a new look as history is once again rewritten. Images of a matte black helmet have been floating around the social media blogosphere for months on end. The Broncos will make their way out of the tunnel versus UNLV wearing all black.  Ever since the first Pro Combat uniforms were worn, fans everywhere have hoped that Bronco Stadium would one day see a black-out. As this new uniform is introduced for the first time, the Broncos hope to continue their new uniform win-streak with a victory over the UNLV Running Rebels. When Boise State takes the field this Homecoming game, don’t forget your blackout gear Bronco Nation, and spend some time thinking of what Nike may design next.

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