Adventures in Tailgating: Lipstick on a Pig

If you know me – either personally, through Twitter or this blog – you know I love tailgating. I love beer.  I love Boise State football.  I love food.  I love beer.  Oh and I love my family.  Tailgating combines all of these loves six times every fall as we get together to celebrate before every Bronco home game.

Our family has six spots near the Ram for our tailgating festivities, and when a group of 10 or so people need to get all of their tailgating gear to those spots, you need a tailgating machine to get it all there.

Now there are many nice tailgating vehicles in the Boise State community – fancy paint jobs and wraps, elaborate satellite TV set ups, motorized kegerators etc.  Unfortunately, ours is not one of those.  We have an old 1972 Dodge Balboa that we trust (barely) to get our set-up to the game on Fall Saturdays (or Fridays, or Thursdays, or…).  It does the job, but it is far from fancy:

MohoOur trusty Moho

The Moho, as we like to call it, was originally owned by mom’s boyfriend.  When he first bought it and redecorated it, it was pretty nice.  He painted the cabinets blue and orange, ripped out the carpet and installed blue turf, hung Bronco pennants and pictures inside, and painted blue and orange stripes on the outside.  Over the years we added magnets and stickers to the outside, and various memorabilia to the inside.  Overall it has been a lot of fun and great to have for tailgating.  Sadly, the years have not been kind to her.  Summers in storage, and Winter nights being quickly abandoned after hours in 5 degree weather have taken their toll.  What was once a tailgating machine that we were proud to display around the stadium has deteriorated into a vehicle being compared to other dilapidated vehicles from pop-culture:

Uncle-Rico-and-His-Van                I guess I see the resemblance.

BreakingMuch bigger and much less legal than mine. I like the orange smoke though!

EddiesMine might look a little better.  Plus we don’t have a working toilet so the sh***er is never full!

Needless to say the Moho is not the prettiest tailgating machine out there, but it does the job, and with September 4th and our meeting with Coach Pete and the Huskies quickly approaching, we had to get her ready.

Last night the family got together to get it cleaned up, organized, and stocked with the proper supplies.  We ordered some Papa Murphy’s, bought some beer and Root Beer (not your fathers!), gathered up the cleaning supplies, and….sat in the front yard for an hour drinking beer and staring at the Moho wondering if we can make her prettier.

Eventually we got brave enough to enter and start the project.  First thing we noticed was that we need a new doormat.  This one is getting a little worn out:

Vandal matI am not really sure where this came from , but for years it has been used to wipe mud, snow, stepped on brats and spilled beer from our shoes. After a little discussion we all decided that none of us wants to spend any money buying a Vandal hat, so we will see if we can get one more season out of this and keep our eyes open at the thrift stores.

Once we stepped past the door mat, I decided to open up the roof vent to get some air circulating while we worked.  I was greeted by a family of yellow jackets that had taken up residence in the off-season:

yellow jacketsThis called for some heavy artillery.  Luckily we had a helmet that was worn for Patton’s Army at a tennis match, so I strapped on my cover, grabbed some Raid and quickly defeated the infiltrators.

SGT CancelThe rest of the night was fairly uneventful.  We hosed her down, dusted the insides, reminisced about some of our other tailgating adventures, and dreamed of Maaco paint jobs and spinning hubcaps that  would make our Moho a little more presentable.  Most of these things may never happen, but no matter what, our Moho has been there for all the wins, a few losses, and  three fiesta bowl seasons.  Hopefully she can stay alive for many more.

If you see her, stop on by and say hi.  I will introduce you to my family, maybe share some food and beer, and if your lucky, give you a tour and have you sign our wall of fame.

She’s not pretty, but she’s ours  – and one of the many things that make Bronco Football such an important part of our life.

Go Broncos!





This Week at the Diggity’s – Holiday Edition (Santa Needs An Umbrella Here)

It’s almost Christmas.  Do you know what that means?  That means that you may have Boise State stuff from Santa. That also means it’s closer to December 31st and the Broncos can Fiesta.  While we’re waiting, you can enjoy another installment of This Week at the Diggity’s.  Well, if you’re up for it.

Christmas season is obviously in full swing so I put together a list of holiday shows I’ve watched – Elf (x2), Christmas Vacation, The Grinch That Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey), The Santa Clause 1, 2, & 3, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, The Polar Express, Michael Bublé’s Christmas in New York, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer….


Once again, Apple made a holiday commercial that made me tear up. Stupid feels….With all the “Coach of the Year” awards Coach Harsin is up for, I’m surprised anyone is even talking about Coach Pete anymore….As lazy as this sounds, I don’t like fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt because I don’t like the task of mixing it up. You do it, Dannon! It will make it worth the dollar I paid for it….We watched “Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon”. I realized that we were just watching YouTube on tv with a C-List host interjecting badly written jokes. How fun for us….I think both the Mrs. and I were disappointed in this year’s tease of “The Sing Off”. We dig the acapella music as much as the person and have watched every incarnation of the show. This year, no Ben Folds and only one episode.  You’re giving me a watered down, commercial-ridden version, NBC. Thanks for that….I held out the smallest glimmer of hope that Jay Ajayi would come back for his Senior season.  Good luck in the NFL, Jay Train! P.S. We know who the REAL MWC Offensive Player of the Year is.

FullSizeRender (4)

As always, I love to put a song of the week in the column and I like to make it somewhat relevant to what’s going on.  So of course you’re going to get a Christmas song. Enjoy!

I realize that this is kind of a short column this week. I’m gonna use the “work is killing me” excuse this time around. I mean, it’s the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” at the USPS so give me this one.  Mrs. Diggity and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas this week.  If you’re in to that.  Whatever you do, enjoy the family time.  See you next week.

Jay Ajayi and a Brief History of Boise State Players in the NFL

With the news that Jay Ajayi has decided to enter the NFL draft, I decided to do some research on the history of Boise State players in the NFL. You can peruse all the information at Pro Football Reference, but here are some interesting facts and tidbits:

  • Jay Ajayi is the fifth Boise State player to declare for the NFL draft after their Junior season.  The other four were Orlando Scandrick (5th round), Jeremy Childs (un-drafted), Ryan Clady (1st round) and Demarcus Lawrence (2nd Round).
  • Ajayi will be the 6th Boise State running back to play in the NFL.  The other five were Cedric Minter, David Hughes, John Francis, Brock Forsey, and Doug Martin.
  • Boise State has had 63 players play in the NFL
  • Doug Martin has scored the most touchdowns with 15.
  • Kimo von Oelhoffen played for the most years (14) and in the most games (198)
  • Dave Wilcox played the most years as his team’s primary starter (11)
  • Wilcox also leads all Broncos in the NFL with 11 Pro-Bowl selections and is the only Bronco in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Darrel Aschbacher was the first ever Bronco to play in the NFL with the Eagles in 1959.
  • John Wilcox was the first Bronco ever drafted.  He was picked in the 15th round by the Eagles in 1960.
  • Dave Wilcox was drafted by two teams in 1964 – The San Francisco 49ers of the NFL drafted him in the 3rd round while the Houston Oilers of the AFL drafted him in the 6th.  He signed with the 49ers and played his entire career there.
  • Aschbacher, John Wilcox, and Dave Wilcox all attended Boise Junior College and were drafted out of the Univeristy of Oregon.
  • Faddie Tillman was the first player ever drafted out of Boise State University (10th round by the Atlanta Falcons).
  • Ryan Clady is the highest drafted player from Boise State.  He was taken with the 12th pick of the 2008 draft.  Boise State has had four first round draft picks (Clady, Shea McClellin, Doug Martin, Kyle Wilson).
  • Two of the top five players in years played were un-drafted free agents.  Quintin Mikell played for 11 seasons and Chris Carr played for nine.
  • Position wise, Boise State really is DBU – there have been more DB’s on active Rosters than any other position at 16.  Linebacker is next with eight players.
  • Kellen Moore is the only QB to ever be on an active roster.
  • Alphabetically, Gerald Alexander is first while Jon Zogg is last.

Good luck to Jay!  We were lucky to have him at Boise State and I am sure he will represent Bronco Nation well in the NFL!

This Week at the Diggity’s – Pre-Bowl Edition (The Waiting is the Hardest Part)

It’s that time of year again.  The dead period between the Heisman Presentation and Bowl Season.  I know, there’s the FCS Playoff but who’s interested in Sam Houston State or New Hampshire? I’m sure their fans are.  Anyways, it’s a tough, non-football week but that just builds the excitement for what’s next.

I’m so proud of our Broncos this year. Mountain West Champions and the first team to get the “access bowl” slot. It’s time to FIESTA!


The frustrating part of my week? I lost 2 games during the regular season in fantasy football. I lost in the first round of the playoffs. Thanks, Peyton Manning for your sub-par week….I know that I usually deal with football but congrats to Derrick Marks for winning the MWC Men’s Basketball Player of the week.  Hope there are many more to come this year….


Mrs. Diggity said her meds would be ready in a half hour so I left about 45 minutes later.  Still not done. Thank you for allowing me to wait around an additional 25 minutes, Wally World!…Oh Sears. The Mach Rachet? The Shake Weight thinks you’re dirty….It made my day to see LeBron put his arm around Kate Middleton. That’s how normal people take pictures. It’s no big deal. She wasn’t the Duchess of Cambridge all of her life….The blog “Saturday Down South” has Boise State ranked #25 in their “Way Too Early” rankings. I like that the boys are back in the national eye….I was happy to see that Coach Sanford turned down the Offensive Coordinator position at Vanderbilt. In my opinion, that position would have a step down….There is something really wrong with “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. First off, you can’t say the kid never played in Reindeer Games. He did. That’s how everyone figured out his nose glowed.  Secondly, even Santa, with his amazingly jolly self, wants Rudolph to be segregated….SportsCenter. I’m truly disappointed (this time) in you. Nicki Minaj was on the show? Way to class it down. Hopefully she knows sports better than she knows music….Amazon – stop trying to make the Fire Phone happen. It’s like a Mustaine/Metallica reunion – won’t ever be a thing.

This is probably the only song that was legitimately appropriate for today.  Enjoy it, Bronco Nation.  They can’t take it away from this team, EVER.

So, we will sit here patiently waiting for December 31st and enjoy the other bowl games.  Maybe Boise State should just buy a residence down there.  The Broncos are there quite a bit (Las Vegas too!  AMIRITE?).  Enjoy your week, Nation.

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