BTN Predictions: Air Force Falcons


Derek –  Listen, I am not ever going to predict a Boise State loss.  This is a homer blog and I am going to make homer picks.  That does not mean I can not be slightly realistic when it comes to games.  I have picked close games before (I think) and I may again.  This will not be one of them. We lost on the Blue last week.  It is senior night this week.  The last time we lost back-to-back games at home was in 1997.  It ain’t happening again this week. I don’t know if Air Force is feeling particularly confident, but whoever is running their social media is:

AF Tweet

Unless whoever is tweeting for them is a player, I have as much of a right to be confident as they do – neither of us have anything to do with the outcome.  It will not be pretty for the Falcons.  All of those dropped balls and overthrown passes last week will be completions this week, and all of those runs that were almost broke will be broken.  The ball will bounce our way this week.  Boise State 45 AF 10 #BEATEMDOWN

Josh – I bleed blue in every vein in my body but nightmares from last year continue to haunt me. Vegas must feel pretty lucky selecting Boise State as a favorite in this game, and I kinda wish they made the Broncos an underdog because they seem to play their best games that way. Air Force is very similar to the last team to break Boise’s 18-game home win streak, yet they’re more effective and have a better passing game. Double uh-oh (our secondary is definitely our weakest link right now). It seems the triple option will forever doom the Broncos. Keys to a Boise State win would be limited big plays, red zone efficiency, and PROTECTING THE FOOTBALL. Turnovers are pastries, and also the biggest factor in whether or not you win a football game. With Boise’s recent struggles, they would need to play at 120% to come out with the W- which is totally doable. I really hope Harsin prints and tapes Air Force’s tweet in the locker room to fire them up. Air Force 31 Boise State 27 :(    p.s. I’m also hoping by predicting Boise losing that by some reverse-magnetic magical changing fate that it makes them win (Football fans are pretty superstitious-all my Boise State friends blame me attending the New Mexico game for the loss)

Jonathan– Boise State lost last week to an opposition that clearly they should have dominated. But did they beat us or did we beat ourselves? Boise State has not lost 2 games in a row since 2007 and I don’t see that happening this week. The option has always been tough for Boise to handle but I think the defense finds a way to handle it tonight. There is no way this senior class will lose this game. It is a must win if the Broncos want to have a shot at the Mountain West championship game. I also think the offense goes off tonight. Rypien will have this receiving core back on track and catches will be made unlike last week when the receivers couldn’t catch a cold. I believe Boise State dominated this game, but it will be a tough fought game. Boise State 41 Air Force 17

Tami – I really hope that everyone else is correct in calling for a blowout and I am more wrong than ever before, but I just can’t see this being a big win for the Broncos, or even a comfortable one. Possibly, not even a win at all. AFA is a good football team. Boise should be a better football team, but not if they can’t defend successfully or score more than 33% of the time from the red zone. The unthinkable will become sudden reality unless those things are fixed. I’m picking a Bronco win here because Vegas (Boise +0.5) and Homerism, but this thing is going to be just stupidly, infuriatingly close. The season is saved on a Rau$a clutch kick. Broncos 30, Zoomies 27.

BTN Superlatives: Air Force

The 2015 Air Force Falcons football team awards:

Benton Washington

Benton Washington

Most Likely to: have tried Rogaine in the past

Coach Matt Mcgettigan

Coach Matt McGettigan

Most likely to: lead two hobbits to Mordor

Devin Rushing

Devin Rushing

Most likely to: belong to a family of runningbacks

Jake Lacoste

Jake Lacoste

Most likely to: be sunburned by the camera flash

Jesse Washington

Jesse Washington

Most likely to: be the love child of Drake

Karson Roberts

Karson Roberts

Most likely to: make eye contact with you while staring awkwardly

Luke Strebel

Luke Strebel

Most likely to: be the kicker on the team

Garrett Griffin

Garrett Griffin

Most likely to: wipe his nose and chin at the same time

Samuel Byers

Samuel Byers

Most likely to: have “how to smile” in his search history

Go Broncos!

BTN Predictions: New Mexico


Derek – The first of two consecutive weeks of facing the dreaded option teams has arrived, and with them brings nightmares of 80 yard runs and torn knee ligaments to all of Bronco nation. DON’T WORRY WE WILL BE FINE! A lot of fans are pointing to our loss at Air Force and the defensive struggles at New  Mexico to justify their concerns, but the AF debacle was a result of turnovers, and the 17 runs of 80 yards against UNM were mostly up the middle (although it could be argued the fear of the option made those runs possible). Anyways, we reallyy have not had issues with the option.  Sure the Lobos will get their yards, and probably some points, but I think Boise State gets MORE yards and A LOT more points.  Coach Yates will have the D ready, and on offense – well, Brett Rypien.  Not sure we beat the spread of 30.5 but we will win easily.  Boise State 49 UNM 20.

Josh – The bye week couldn’t have come any sooner, and the Bronco D will be ready for the Lobos. Coach Yates probably hasn’t slept all week, and our run defense really has improved this year. DID YOU SEE THEY STOPPED UNLV WHEN THEY RAN THE OPTION! Considering that New Mexico barely puts the ball in the air, our run defense has been pretty lights out, and the game is on the blue…Boise State wins this. It’ll be a battle and by no means an easy win but the Broncos win it. P.S. the Lobos beat the Aggies because of a missed field goal and turnovers- it was a pretty sloppy game. Boise State 41 New Mexico 17.

Jonathan– During last weeks bye New Mexico helped out this Boise State team by beating Utah State. But New Mexico shouldn’t expect Boise State to give any thank you mercy this week. While Boise State’s defense has looked slightly suspect on tape if you look at the numbers they are really good. They have had a week to prepare for the run game that in my opinion they seemed to handle pretty well in Las Vegas. Although New Mexico beat Utah State last week, let’s be honest it was a lot of luck, Boise should have no problem with the Lobos this week. Look for Rypien to have another huge game (and probably still not get MWC player of the week) and for the defense to contribute with some turnovers. Boise State 49  New Mexico 16

Tami – This game is likely to be close. if New Mexico can avoid the “biggest win in program history” emotional drop-off, they’ll come onto The Blue with an infuriating offense, and enough defense to be a problem. Boise State needs to capture momentum and remember that field position is a thing. Like Coach Yates said earlier this week, everyone has to play assignment football on defense and not get out of position in order to prevent big plays. Well, Boise State hasn’t exactly been awesome at that all the time. Also, The Broncos are going to have to continue with the big guns on offense and put up lots of yards and points. Likely, Boise State will win, but by less than 3 scores. Broncos 42 Lobos 32

Noel – I hate the triple option. I don’t like watching it. I didn’t like playing against it when I was in high school. I didn’t like running it in high school. Everyone knows what to do on defense but it still seems to be a mystery when you play against it. That being said, this game won’t be about the Broncos’ defense. It will be about the offense. If Coach Drink is able to call a game that will hit quickly with some deep balls and get the boys ahead on the scoreboard, this game is over by half. That’s what will happen. Boise State 50, New Mexico 26

Everyone Loves a Bye Week

Everyone likes a bye week.

It gives you a chance to spend your Saturday with the family or give a couple extra hours at work. Who doesn’t mind a break from this grueling college football schedule?
Who am I kidding, everyone dreads the bye week. It’s the worst addition to college football since Mark May. No words being exchanged between your team and its opposition, just timelines filled with good food ideas and family plans.

But this weeks war cry seemed to be “Root for Chaos”. Boise was on the outside looking in at the Mountain West Championship and needed an Aggie loss to regain control. Utah State was in the drivers seat for the Mountain Division crown and so many G5 teams were ranked higher. So what Bronco Nation needed was chaos to occur on this bye week. Utah State had New Mexico on the schedule, a seemingly easy win after a loss last week. But the win does not count until the game is over. Utah State could not handle the Lobos. With one minute left the Aggies kicker missed wide right on a 41 yard field attempt and the upset was complete. Wide right… Those words seem to haunt Broncos fans but not tonight – tonight it was all part of the chaos. But what about all those other G5 schools? This past weekend saw loses for a couple of them. On Tuesday night Toldeo saw their perfect season come to an end versus N. Illinois. On Saturday Navy beat a top 15 team for the first time since 1984 beating #13 Memphis 45-20. Unfortunately the royal flush of a bye week could not be completed as both Temple and Houston both won their games.
Where will Boise end up come bowl time? Some “professional” analyst have them playing in Las Vegas, Hawaii and one even has them in the Potato Bowl (CBS must allow drinking while making picks).

I believe that Boise will put together a strong enough season to be in the running for a New Years 6 bowl or possibly end up in Las Vegas once again. Possibly against a team like UCLA whom had high hopes for a National Championship at the beginning of the season.

Time will only tell where the Broncos end up.

BTN Superlatives: New Mexico Lobos


Of course the idea is inspired by Jimmy Fallon…Here are the 2015 New Mexico Football team Superlatives!

2 - Kimmie Carson - LB#2 Kimmie Carson – Most likely to disapprove of his first name

62 - Garrett Adcock - OL#62 Garrett Adcock – Most likely to ask “are you gonna eat that?”

94 - Sam Gentry - P#94 Sam Gentry – Most likely to be from the South

4 - Romell Jordan - RB#4 Romell Jordan – Most likely to be Shane Williams Rhodes

6 - Jhurell Pressley - RB#6 Jhurell Pressley – Most likely to have his name mispronounced by CBS Sports Network

2 - Dameon Gamblin - WR#2 Dameon Gamblin – Most likely to stop in Vegas on his way home

image_handler.aspxCoach Bob Davie – Most likely to use tanning beds

84 - Erik Beilman - TE#84 Erik Beilman – Most likely to be asked to show ID

66 - Tevita Fonua - OL#66 Tevita Fonua – Most likely to visit Justin Taimatuia’s hair dresser

14 - Daniel Henry - DB#14 Daniel Henry – Most likely to own a comb

4 - Isaiah I.B. Brown - DB#4 Isaiah “I.B.” Brown – Most likely to send his cousins after you

Of course this is pure satire and is not meant to offend anyone, except New Mexico fans.

Pictures courtesy of

Thanks for checking it out! Go Broncos!