Attack The Opponent: New Mexico Lobos

In a normal season, New Mexico rarely registers beyond generic MWC opponent without a chance #7. However, they’re an option team, and last weekend managed to hang on through one of the ugliest games since opening weekend and beat Utah State.


Did you think we forgot, USU? Broncos don’t like losing, and we REALLY dislike losing to…losers. WTF, Aggies?

The stats proclaim that the Broncos likely will win. History says that the Broncos likely will win. The offensive trend, while not showing it likely that Boise State will do better than 705 yards of offense, does think its pretty likely that New Mexico won’t do better than 236.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.57.44 PM

Boise State – Inconsistent, but obviously improving. Not enough for MWC Player of the Week honors for any record breaking freshman quarterbacks though, apparently.

Comparing the last common opponent is pointless. It’s highly unlikely that Boise State will turn the ball over like they did vs. Utah State again, and also highly unlikely that this game is held under a cumulative 30 points. There are some things that should be taken under consideration though. First, it’s really nice for Boise State to be coming off a bye week, because completely healthy knees and ankles could be an issue after this game. Stupid option offense. Second, New Mexico has gotten better, and this is a team that pushed Boise State to the very edge last year.  Their third down defense all of a sudden got amazing when it came to USU, holding them to 27% success on 4/17 attempts! With Boise State’s struggles on third down earlier in the season, it’s possible that this becomes an issue vs. the Lobos. Finally, New Mexico is capable of the type of big plays that make Boise State fans automatically go into a Thousand Yard Stare.

TheEyesThe horse does not know how to happy when an opponent is ripping off a 40 yard play through a defense that looks less like a Yates masterpiece and more like some injury-laden Swiss cheese.

New Mexico is finally an improved team. Boise State is still the cream of the Mountain West crop, and owe some of that to the Lobos. Hopefully high fives are enough, because if their reward is turnovers, we’re in for a very long evening. Luckily, the Broncos are on the Blue and they’re very good at protecting their house. They’re also as healthy as it gets in November, and hopefully come out fired up and ready to play. If all of those things happen, New Mexico is going to end up 0-7 all time against Boise and the world will remain in balance.

BTN Predictions: Week 1 vs. Washington Huskies


The 2015 season is here and our staff predictions are back! Without further adieu here is what we see happening this week against the Huskies!

Derek – Season openers are always tough to predict – and Boise State certainly has not fared well in them the past few years.  We have not opened at home since 2009 either, so maybe that will make a difference.  This game will be filled with emotion, from the Washington’s coach homecoming to the excitement of the first game of the year.  The crowd will be electric, and there is no doubt in my mind that both teams are going to be hyped up.  The question is  – will all the hype  lead to great execution or first game jitters?  After watching all the games last night, there sure seemed to be a lot of rust being knocked off, but my hope is that Boise State does not have that.  I am going to go with a pure emotional prediction – no stats for me (sorry Tami!) – I think Boise State pulls this off with emotion alone (although I do think we have the better team).  The defense will swarm, the crowd will be the loudest of all time, and the Broncos will prevail.  Washington scores some garbage points late, Bronco O fires on all cylinders, and we even get a special teams TD.  Boise State 42 Washington 20.

Heath – I have gone back and forth on this game. One side of me says we walk away easily in this one. I don’t see an inexperienced team walking on to The Blue against this motivated, this experienced, this potentially dominating defense and winning. But the other side of me says, not to overlook Petersen & staff returning to Boise. So ultimately, I am going to go with this is closer than people think. The two coaching staffs just know each other too well for it to not be right? Our defense is going to make plays, and I think we will have some big things happen on offense. I also think though that UW is going to have some “tricks” up their sleeves and I think they will catch us a few times. So with that, I am going to say Boise State wins 28-17.

Noel – There is a reason that the Broncos have been so successful since the early 2000s.  It’s not all Chris Petersen but he has a good chunk of the credit. The thing is, part of some of Coach Pete’s success is due to the “new” guy, Coach Harsin. The first half will be a wonderful display of emotion and grit.  The second half – a butt kicking.  Broncos win 38-17.

Tami – This game is a pretty good match-up for week one, when we know nothing about any team, really. (Well, except Idaho. We knew enough about them to determine “terrible”, thankyouverymuch.) I like Noel’s optimism about the second half, but I’ll believe that the Broncos won’t falter in the third quarter when I see it consistently. The intensity tomorrow night should be off the charts both on the field and in the stands, and I’m also going to call this one close. Boise wins, 33-24.

This Week at the Diggity’s – 2015 Episode 3 (One Week….)

We are less than one week away from the first opening game on the Blue since 2009 (Is this real life?). By the time I get to the Diggity’s next week, the Broncos will already be 1-0 having exorcised the demon that has haunted the team since December of 2013 – COACH PETE’S RETURN!  I won’t predict the score just yet. We have a column for that. Enjoy your last week without Boise State Football.

Coach Trump

Coach Trump

Addyi and #DickTrump started the week off with a bang. I’m glad that what I do gets people talking a little. Even if it is just a bunch of rubbish… Do not roll up on a Ducks practice if you have a camera crew. They call Eugene’s finest on you. And these days, I’m not sure anyone wants the police called on them…

Straight Outta....I'm Over It Now

Straight Outta….I’m Over It Now


Josh Duggar was one of the people who got outed for using the Ashley Madison website. Mrs. Diggity says, matter-of-factly, “He’s not having a very good year!” That may be a bit of an understatement… For some reason, I think the two antagonists from the DirecTV commercials, “Bad Comedian” Eli Manning and “Artsy-Craftsy” Tony Romo, would actually be friends in real life… Has it already been 10 years since Hurricane Katrina hit the southern U.S.? My goodness time goes by so quickly it seems. As an ex-NOLA resident with a brother and sister that lived through it, I’m still very attached to the Big Easy… Big Boise State news this weekend. Coach Harsin named Ryan Finley as the starting quarterback for the Washington game (duh). Also, the Broncos hit the preseason AP poll at number 23 (too low)… Oh Cris Carter. You and your crazy words for the kids. You and Ray Lewis preach so much but end up choking on the foot that you shove down your own throats. Pretty awesome role models… I hadn’t seen “Petite” Randy Moss yet. He’s my favorite DirecTV guy now… Mrs. Diggity has been tolerating me watching the Little League World Series for the past week or so. I enjoy watching the love of the game. I wish that more Major League players had the same enthusiasm… In Vandal news – kids steal from Vandal bookstore (remedial window falling books, probs), coach returns items, Vandals not punished. Life on the Palouse… Bad news about Orlando Scandrick. While we don’t like to see anyone hurt, we hate when a Bronco sees his season end prematurely. Best wishes for a speedy recovery… I don’t care what you say McDonald’s. Your buttermilk chicken sandwich won’t make chicken lovers switch to yours. How frozen is it before you cook it?… Cheese-n-Rice, 49ers! Have the worst offseason in the history of offseasons why don’t you? Ray McDonald and Ahmad Brooks both indicted on charges? What in Sam Hell is going on in the Bay?  You don’t have to out felony the Raiders… So I thought I’d try watching “The Carmichael Show” mainly because of David Alan Grier. It’s trash. I won’t watch again… I’m kind of tired of the whole Floyd Mayweather/Rhonda Rousey thing. I get it. Champions talk trash on occasion. But they’ll never fight each other so just shut up already… We lost an all-time great basketball personality this week with Daryl Dawkins. We’ll miss you Chocolate Thunder. Rims will not but we sure will…

No Caption Needed

No Caption Needed

“Blindspot” on NBC‘s main character is described as a “female Jason Bourne”. Is that the Matt Damon version or the Jeremy Renner version? There’s a difference, you know… It’s official – “Dancing With the Stars” has put the Whip/Nae Nae craze to death. Aaron Carter? Victor Espinoza? I’m glad you think you are cool enough to do such things but if the Diggity’s don’t do it, you shouldn’t either.  Just say this to yourself – “WWtDD – What Would the Diggitys do?” Not the Whip or the Nae Nae! BYE FELICIA!

I had an idea for the song of the week about one week ago.  Although the lyrics don’t jive up with the situation the title does…

Remember, on Fridays, we wear blue and orange.  So enjoy your week, get that gear ready, and GO BRONCOS!


Every off season feels like the longest one ever, but 2015 has been crazy.

Boise State didn’t go away last season, like some thought they would. In a shocking plot twist, the Broncos went 11 – 2 and won the Fiesta Bowl after Chris Petersen left for purpler pastures. Nationally, apparently some people are stunned. Boise State was supposed to sit down, shut up, lose 5+ games again, and fade into the obscurity of the Mountain West during the power conference era, when the haves widened the gap and left all the have-nots, out.

Except that isn’t what happened. It’s been an eventful 2015 so far, and Boise State appears to be keeping up. Yes, it’s with a much smaller margin of error, but this program is in battles (and winning some!) for recruits that wouldn’t have even returned a call three years ago. Cost of Attendance is handled, the content coming out of the football complex is much more polished than at any time before, and Bronco Nation is chomping at the bit for the biggest OOC game on The Blue since Oregon came for their eventful visit in 2009. Fall camp is in full swing, the stadium banners have been unveiled, Hars has taken a pie to the face, Yates has chastised everyone for talking up the defense, and we’re under a month to go until the start of something that could be really special.

Mystique is totally a thing still, Rocky. Whether you want it to be or not.

This is the best and worst time of year. The anticipation is intoxicating. Every team is 0-0 and hope is easy to come by. Go on the Internet and almost every fan base is being insufferable. Utah State is coming for Boise State, just like they are every season. With their 78 77 76 75 74 73 72 returning starters and one of them being perpetual Heisman candidate until that knee happens, Chuckie Keeton, well why wouldn’t the Broncos be running scared? Washington might be in trouble as far as skill positions, but they’re still in the Pac 12 and that automatically spots them two touchdowns and a few friendly calls from the officials. BYU’s fan base is secretly checking every interesting looking rock in Utah County for a prophecy to translate and convince the Coaches Poll voters to put them in the next top 25. Even Bronco Twitter is in on the action, making it a life goal to get blocked by Nevada’s resident humorless corndog connoisseur and the coach of the Wolf Pack, Brian Polian. Once he called us out during Media Days, he had to know he was flipping that troll switch, right?

Can’t forget the realignment rumors flowing as sure as the rivers of smack. The Big 12 is the destination this time, and as fun as the speculation is, it’s still a long shot for the Broncos to move out of the MWC anytime soon. Still, the idea of the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming out of Austin and Norman is incredibly soothing in this run up to kickoff.

Not quite as soothing as cuddling up with your best equine buddy in the living room, though.

What we know for sure right now isn’t much. We know the Broncos return a lot of experience and depth in every position but QB, RB, and CB, and the options there are solid if unproven. We know that the coaching staff didn’t have much of a drop off, even with losing former OC Mike Sanford to Notre Dame over the offseason. Harsin seems stunned when anyone asks about the transition, like its nuts to expect anything other than awesome out of Coach Drink. We know that Boise’s OOC schedule might just be enough to carry them into the playoff if the MWC shocks the world a couple times and doesn’t lose a bunch of games they shouldn’t.

The possibilities and questions are endless. We’ll spend the next few weeks thinking over the alternatives and talking about position battles and pouring over practice reports and player interviews trying to get a bit more understanding. All of it in a pointless attempt to predict the future performances of a bunch of young men that hold their own destiny, thankyouverymuch. We’re just along for the ride.


Attack The Opponent: Everyone

Perhaps it’s fitting that the both the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Tournament Committees are burying the Broncos and their Idaho loving faithful in shoulder chips leading into March Madness.


The women’s team got seeded to start tournament play vs. Tennessee in Knoxville, so while it would be fantastic if Bronco Nation could show up to support the team and all, it’s still the powerhouse of the Lady Vols on their home turf we’re talking about here. The 2 seed vs. the 15. Real David and Goliath stuff. Winning can happen for the correct orange and blue, but it’s going to take a perfect storm to get there.

The men also are between a rock and a hard place – their last venture on to the court ended in a stupid miracle banked three pointer in OT with what seemed like half the team unable to make anything happen offensively. That half included MW Player of the Year, Derrick Marks. It was as heartbreaking as it was infuriating to watch. But now, they’re back in Dayton, OH for the second time in 3 years, facing off against yet another fire hot team in the hometown Dayton Flyers. Dayton finished second in the Atlantic Ten, and some of their fans felt slighted by having to go to the play-in game. There’s some less than enthused faces around the player’s table during the announcement as well. These boys are ready to cause a bloodbath on their way to the Sweet 16 and Boise is just in the way. Shoulder chips all around, then!

However, it depends on point of view. Yes, Dayton is a very good basketball team riding a home winning streak in a tough conference. So were Utah State, SDSU, and New Mexico. The venue and experience of playing in Dayton won’t be new to the leadership of this team. If the Broncos are loose and ready to go, this game will be a metaphorical fist fight full of three-ball haymakers. The home team is a walking, talking, shot-sinking highlight reel, not unlike some other gentlemen we know.

The Flyers are a scrappy, small-ball team that shoots 35% from the arc and averages 68 points. They’re led by senior Jordan Siebert, a guard who averages just under 17 points a game. There are three point threats all over their squad, which I guess is the tradeoff when you don’t have a player over 6’6 on the roster. James Webb III and Rob Heyer should be gorging themselves on the boards all night. However, that means that the big time Boise defense that we saw in the thick of the run through the MWC better return in force. The Flyers are fast and dangerous, scoring 68.2 ppg and holding teams to 60.9 points on average. Boise State is just as stingy on defense, but has been averaging 70.8 ppg.

Also have to remember that Dayton was last season’s Cinderella. They made a run to the Elite 8. They also have fought through some tough stuff, with their starting big guys all dismissed from the team amongst…circumstances…and having to regroup in January. Huh. I mean, it’s not exactly the MWC POY candidate in the midst of having a stellar senior season getting injured and having another senior stand up and put the team on his back leading to a stellar conference campaign and POY accolades for him, and the team tied for first place in the regular season, but it’s a pretty good story.

Thinking in the context of giant killers, this is probably new ground for Dayton. They spent last season winning the country’s collective hearts and minds with their improbable run, and now they are the home team against what is probably the biggest name connected with the idea of a Cinderella in Division 1. Sport be damned. Of course, that line of thought won’t matter much if the Boise State Broncos that Wyoming has managed to tame all season show up in Dayton on Wednesday. Because bricking three pointers and allowing anybody and everybody to drive to the basket willy-nilly will not a win make.

With it basically being a home game for Dayton (even though the Broncos will be in their home whites), the fact that, well, Dayton has won in the Dance before and the Broncos have not stacks the deck some. It felt fortunate to even get to the play-in game with the way the committee was hosing the mid-majors this season (Sorry, CSU, but your tears are still delicious.) On the other hand, Boise State has been very good at spoiling other team’s good times at home. IF Derrick Marks plays his A game AND Nick Duncan can get hot AND Webbie does what he should on the boards and Hutchison plays some stellar, lights out defense and IF Rob Heyer and Montigo Alford both are on their collective game and can cut down the outside threat as well as protect the paint effectively, then, it’s going to be a real good time. The Broncos did that a lot this season. Now they just need to do it again. Everything after this game is a bonus.

It’s truly a great year to be a Bronco fan. Football champions, regular season men’s basketball co-champs, women’s basketball tournament champions. So much hardware coming to Boise, we’re going to have to start storing them at the University of Idaho downtown campus offices. Running out of space over there Vandals, sorry. They’re in preparations over across the river, yanno. It’s the Broncos vs. the World.