Best Group of 5 Teams – Boise State tops the list

How do people judge the success of a football team?

It’s simple – Wins. And having a winning season is a significant feat, but can that success be repeated? How consistent can a team win? I took a look at some of the most successful group of 5 programs recently, specifically the last 10 years. For those wondering what Group of 5 means, it is simply the 5 conferences not considered “power” conferences (American, Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt). Some of the better G5 programs this season (Temple, Memphis, Toledo) did not make the list, but Houston and Navy did.

Group of 5 teams with the MOST wins: (previous 10 seasons)

10. UCF (81)









9. Nevada (82)








8. Tulsa (83)








7. Georgia Southern (84)

Georgia Southern






6. Navy (92)










5. Houston (93)








4. Cincinnati (94)










3. Northern Illinois (94)








2. Appalachian State (108)

Appalachian State









1. Boise State (121)

boise state logo3









The best part is there will be a great matchup between Group of 5 Giants #1 Boise State and #3 Northern Illinois in San Diego this year, in the Poinsettia bowl! Be sure to watch it!

Go Broncos!

(Stats taken: 12/13/15)

Here’s a complete list ranking G5 teams by most wins:

  1. Boise State (121)
  2. Appalachian State (108)
  3. Northern Illinois (94)
  4. Cinncinnati (94)
  5. Houston (93)
  6. Navy (92)
  7. Georgia Southern (84)
  8. Tulsa (83)
  9. Nevada (82)
  10. UCF (81)
  11. East Carolina (80)
  12. Ohio (80)
  13. Toledo (78)
  14. Central Michigan (77)
  15. Fresno State (77)
  16. Air Force (75)
  17. Bowling Green (74)
  18. Marshall (72)
  19. Louisiana-Lafayette (70)
  20. Southern Miss (70)
  21. Louisiana Tech (70)
  22. San Diego State (69)
  23. Middle Tennessee (68)
  24. Hawaii (68)
  25. Western Michigan (67)
  26. Ball State (67)
  27. Troy (66)
  28. Texas State (65)
  29. Arkansas State (65)
  30. Western Kentucky (64)
  31. Connecticut (63)
  32. UMass (61)
  33. Rice (61)
  34. Utah State (60)
  35. Colorado State (58)
  36. Temple (58)
  37. San Jose State (56)
  38. Memphis (53)
  39. Wyoming (52)
  40. SMU (51)
  41. New Mexico (46)
  42. Akron (44)
  43. Miami(OH) (41)
  44. Tulane (36)
  45. North Texas (35)
  46. UNLV (34)
  47. Eastern Michigan (27)

Bronco Feedbag: San Jose State

feedbagFeedbag is pretty easy this week.

Being that today is the day after Thanksgiving, all of your menu items have been prepared, they just need to be re-assembled in new and exciting ways! Turkey sandwiches! Stuffing Sandwiches! Mashed potato sandwiches! Lemon pie sandwiches!

For your beverage choices hopefully you still have some sort of beer sampler pack type of assortment in your fridge, or a few ounces of vodka, rum, or whiskey left in each bottle.  If not, there is always that half-drank bottle of white zinfandel that your aunt brought over!

Be sure to pace yourself today – we have football at 1:30 and basketball at 3:30!

Happy tablegating! Go Broncos!

Attack The Opponent: New Mexico Lobos

In a normal season, New Mexico rarely registers beyond generic MWC opponent without a chance #7. However, they’re an option team, and last weekend managed to hang on through one of the ugliest games since opening weekend and beat Utah State.


Did you think we forgot, USU? Broncos don’t like losing, and we REALLY dislike losing to…losers. WTF, Aggies?

The stats proclaim that the Broncos likely will win. History says that the Broncos likely will win. The offensive trend, while not showing it likely that Boise State will do better than 705 yards of offense, does think its pretty likely that New Mexico won’t do better than 236.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.57.44 PM

Boise State – Inconsistent, but obviously improving. Not enough for MWC Player of the Week honors for any record breaking freshman quarterbacks though, apparently.

Comparing the last common opponent is pointless. It’s highly unlikely that Boise State will turn the ball over like they did vs. Utah State again, and also highly unlikely that this game is held under a cumulative 30 points. There are some things that should be taken under consideration though. First, it’s really nice for Boise State to be coming off a bye week, because completely healthy knees and ankles could be an issue after this game. Stupid option offense. Second, New Mexico has gotten better, and this is a team that pushed Boise State to the very edge last year.  Their third down defense all of a sudden got amazing when it came to USU, holding them to 27% success on 4/17 attempts! With Boise State’s struggles on third down earlier in the season, it’s possible that this becomes an issue vs. the Lobos. Finally, New Mexico is capable of the type of big plays that make Boise State fans automatically go into a Thousand Yard Stare.

TheEyesThe horse does not know how to happy when an opponent is ripping off a 40 yard play through a defense that looks less like a Yates masterpiece and more like some injury-laden Swiss cheese.

New Mexico is finally an improved team. Boise State is still the cream of the Mountain West crop, and owe some of that to the Lobos. Hopefully high fives are enough, because if their reward is turnovers, we’re in for a very long evening. Luckily, the Broncos are on the Blue and they’re very good at protecting their house. They’re also as healthy as it gets in November, and hopefully come out fired up and ready to play. If all of those things happen, New Mexico is going to end up 0-7 all time against Boise and the world will remain in balance.

BTN Predictions: Week 1 vs. Washington Huskies


The 2015 season is here and our staff predictions are back! Without further adieu here is what we see happening this week against the Huskies!

Derek – Season openers are always tough to predict – and Boise State certainly has not fared well in them the past few years.  We have not opened at home since 2009 either, so maybe that will make a difference.  This game will be filled with emotion, from the Washington’s coach homecoming to the excitement of the first game of the year.  The crowd will be electric, and there is no doubt in my mind that both teams are going to be hyped up.  The question is  – will all the hype  lead to great execution or first game jitters?  After watching all the games last night, there sure seemed to be a lot of rust being knocked off, but my hope is that Boise State does not have that.  I am going to go with a pure emotional prediction – no stats for me (sorry Tami!) – I think Boise State pulls this off with emotion alone (although I do think we have the better team).  The defense will swarm, the crowd will be the loudest of all time, and the Broncos will prevail.  Washington scores some garbage points late, Bronco O fires on all cylinders, and we even get a special teams TD.  Boise State 42 Washington 20.

Heath – I have gone back and forth on this game. One side of me says we walk away easily in this one. I don’t see an inexperienced team walking on to The Blue against this motivated, this experienced, this potentially dominating defense and winning. But the other side of me says, not to overlook Petersen & staff returning to Boise. So ultimately, I am going to go with this is closer than people think. The two coaching staffs just know each other too well for it to not be right? Our defense is going to make plays, and I think we will have some big things happen on offense. I also think though that UW is going to have some “tricks” up their sleeves and I think they will catch us a few times. So with that, I am going to say Boise State wins 28-17.

Noel – There is a reason that the Broncos have been so successful since the early 2000s.  It’s not all Chris Petersen but he has a good chunk of the credit. The thing is, part of some of Coach Pete’s success is due to the “new” guy, Coach Harsin. The first half will be a wonderful display of emotion and grit.  The second half – a butt kicking.  Broncos win 38-17.

Tami – This game is a pretty good match-up for week one, when we know nothing about any team, really. (Well, except Idaho. We knew enough about them to determine “terrible”, thankyouverymuch.) I like Noel’s optimism about the second half, but I’ll believe that the Broncos won’t falter in the third quarter when I see it consistently. The intensity tomorrow night should be off the charts both on the field and in the stands, and I’m also going to call this one close. Boise wins, 33-24.