Gameday Poll: What will be the outcome of Boise State vs. UConn?

Our predictions have been made, and our in-house psychic has seen the future, so what do you think will happen today?  Vote in our poll and leave us a comment below or on Twitter to tell us what you think!

What will be the outcome of Boise State vs. UConn?

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Ask a Psychic – Predictions for the UConn game

Not what Unstoppabull really looks like – I think
Good day again everyone visiting, it is I Unstoppabull again bringing you my predictions for the upcoming BSU vs UCONN game. Now normally I have had to sit and meditate on the answers to these questions, but I’ve been getting strong energies early. So I’m going with my first sights. And here they are:
1. Boise State is set to have a monster game. Will the early game and time zone differences effect their performance?
Hey if you want to be that guy who goes on vacation in Japan looking for a Krispy Kreme at 3am, be my guest. It may be rude but it’s not hurting anyone.
>neither will affect their performance.
2. Will Boise’s offense gain over 700 yards on Saturday?
Sure, if they walk to the stadium.
>no, they will not.
3. Will Boise’s defense hold the Huskies under 100 yards rushing?
Who let the dogs out? BOISE BOISE BOISE!
>No, they will not.
4. The Broncos have had a string of injuries on defense. Will that trend continue this week or will everyone stay healthy?
After last weeks game, if pride could be worn as armor then BSU will be knights!
>no injuries on the defense.
5. Who wins? Boise State or UConn?
The all important question. I look forward to this every week. Coke or Pepsi? Big Mac or the Whopper? Go to work or call off sick? Ok maybe that’s just me.
Thanks again for allowing me to view the future. Be sure to follow me on twitter @unstoppabull360 and like my Facebook page

BTN Predictions – Week 3: At UConn

The BTN staff does these predictions on a weekly basis purely for the fun of it. Who doesn’t like to make predictions? Everyone once in awhile, one of us gets a little lucky. Here’s hoping that this week we nail the score again, because with UConn starting QB Casey Cochran retiring from football this week, I get the feeling we’ll see some lopsided predictions. Feel free to post your prediction in the comments section, in reply to our Twitter account, whatever floats your boat.


As I alluded to above, I predicted last week’s score perfectly. The week before that, I missed the Ole Miss score by only 3 points. I’m starting to get good at this. I’m going to test my new-found predicting abilities and possibly abuse the privilege a little. UConn….is terrible. The box score for the UConn-Stony Brook game is nothing short of ghastly. 223 total yards AT HOME, vs. a team (the Stony Brook SeaWolves…there are no Wolves in the sea) that lost to something called the Bryant Bulldogs at home the previous week. I can’t make these things up. The Broncos are hurting quite a bit at corner with injuries, and traveling to the East Coast is never easy, but I’d be shocked if this game is close. I predict the defense to have a big day, possibly to even score a Touchdown themselves. I have a gut feeling this might be too conservative a prediction, but give me 34-13 Boise State in Harsin’s first true road game. But beware of a possible #BEATEMDOWN.


I feel like our biggest opponent in this game is the time it is played. We have a weird history of flopping, yet still winning in early morning games. That being said I don’t worry about energy with this group even at 10am “our” time. So I am going to say this gets ugly quickly, and by the end it is too far out of reach for UConn for the 4th quarter to even matter. (At least we hope so right?) I am gonna go out on a limb and say we have an epic offensive game and we hit the 50’s in this one. So with that I am gonna go Broncos win 52-21 with the 2nd string guys playing majority of the 4th quarter.


I’m not excited about having to wake up pre-9 AM on a Saturday (Remember, I live in Oregon) but if I have to wake up, I hope it’s to a deconstruction of a All-American Conference bottom feeder. I don’t believe this is going to be close at all. I’ll agree with Heath and say that we may start out slow on our first drive or two due to the early start time but early doses of Jay will wake the rest of the boys up. I believe we go over 500 yards of total offense for the second week in a row and the Broncos roll, and maybe give up an extra TD in the 4th quarter, 45-21.


This game starts around breakfast time here in Boise, and it will be over before the morning drinkers can pour their second Bloody Mary.  As Jay Tust mentioned on Twitter, Jay Ajayi had more yards rushing in three quarters against CSU last Saturday than UConn has had THE ENTIRE SEASON.  I keep hearing that the Huskies defense will be a formidable foe, however they lost they yardage battle to the Seawolves (again, what is a Seawolfe?)  so I don’t see them stopping the four headed monster of Hedrick-Ajayi-Miller-SWR.  On the defensive side our secondary is banged up, but it will not matter.  Our front seven has been destroying the competition so far this year – including an SEC team in Ole Miss – and this game will be no different.  The ball may never make it to our secondary with us stopping the run and hitting quarterback Chandler Whitmer before he can hit leading receiver Geremy Davis.  Boise State puts together four quarters for the first time this season, but will only need two to finish the Huskies.  Boise State 59, UConn 9


I’m not going to waste any time with this one – UConn is BAD. I expect a highly lopsided affair; one where the Broncos are flying on all cylinders early and sustain their dominance throughout the whole 60 minutes. Last week vs. Colorado State I believe we got a glimpse of the show. This week I expect to see the whole package. I only ask of two things …. Can we please keep Jay Ajayi alive in the process and not lose another corner-back …. This one should be over by halftime, and if not, by third quarter’s end. Prepare for some scouting analysis folks, I am anticipating a small dose of Ryan Finley live-game action. Yep. And that calls for a…  Hell Yeah!  Boise State 45 UConn 17 

Gameday Poll: What will be the outcome of Boise State vs. Colorado State?

The Blue Turf Nation crew has given their predictions, and our friendly psychic has weighed in as well, so now it is your turn.  Vote below and leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter with your predictions!

What will be the outcome of Boise State vs. Colorado State?

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Ask a Psychic – Predictions for the CSU game

Last week, our own personal psychic friend called the results of the opening game with some unsettling accuracy, so we decided to give it another go. Can he go 2-0?

Your illustrious psychic Danny Romero here to give you my predictions for the upcoming BSU vs CSU game. I apologize for not answering the bonus question last week, it was beneath me and you for questioning the Vandals. Now on with the predictions:

1) Will Boise State’s offense be effective on Saturday?
My prediction is they will all make it to the game on Saturday: on time and in uniform!
Yes, they will be effective and efficient as well.

2) Who has the bigger game – Colorado State’s RB Dee Hart, or Boise State’s RB Jay Ajayi?
I loved Dee Hart back in the 90s! Groove is in the Heart is one of my favorite songs. As for Jayajayajayas…….. Is that his name or are we under attack? Sounds like a second grader stuck at the spelling bee.
Jay Ajayi but its close.

3) Will this game have bearing on who wins the Mountain West’s Mountain Division?
Is this a hillbilly thing? I havent heard that many mountains at once since Dolly Parton got out of the shower. (Ed. note: C’mon, man. I’ll be rolling my eyes at you on Monday.)
No this game will not have any bearing on who wins the division.

4) Which is better: Churros or Ice Cream Potatoes?
Whats the contest here? Are we talking street fight? 100m dash? Id love to give the potatoes more credit since they share the same initials as the Insane Clown Posse but I don’t think they could stand up to the Churro.

5) Who wins? Boise State or Colorado State?
This question I will not joke about. I have actually been meditating on this for a few days since I charged my crystals.
Boise State.

Bonus Vandal Question: Will the Vandals remain undefeated against Acts of God again this weekend?
The Vandals are performing considerably well but I have not looked into their future, I kinda do what everyone else does and stick behind the team. Nevertheless: I say they will stay undefeated.

Think he’s wrong? Think he’s right? Tell him about it. @Unstoppabull360 on twitter and check out his gaming channel: