This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 13 (Why oh WYO?)

Today was a tough day for me.  It’s the first Saturday of the season that I haven’t been able to completely veg out and just watch football. The reason…JOB TRAINING.  I’m thankful for a late game at this point.  Take a look at the uniform combo and enjoy your evening.


It seems to me that Vern Lundquist and Gary Danielson, and maybe all of CBS, is rooting for Alabama over Mississippi State….If you don’t pay attention, the Crock Pot Hook Up System sounds like a dating site for people who use slow cookers….I get frustrated with the Broncos sometimes too but I never give up on them. It seems like every time the Boys get down, Twitter gets dumb as hell....After a tough first half, the Broncos are down 20-10. Man the stadium emptied out quickly too….Another amazing second half performance out scoring SDSU 28-9 on the way to a 38-29 victory. A Cleshawn Page interception and a conversion of a fake punt were the big plays. We snapped the Aztec curse….It’s crazy how people will believe some stupid stuff on the internet but won’t use that same Internet to prove or disprove  that stupid stuff….This week is a bit different  with the weekly bowl predictions. It seems Both Brett McMurphy and Mark Schlabach have the Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl against UCLA. That would be a tough game against one of the best quarterbacks in the country….I am not quite sure why I did it but I deleted my list of football games that I watched last week. Dumb Noel! Dumb….Hey VH1! There is no real reason that you need to air a reality show about Gerardo.  There is nothing “Rico Suave” about bringing him back….When Oklahoma City and Denver play, it affords me the opportunity to laugh like a 12-year old. That’s because the bottom line reads “Thunder-Nuggets”. If that’s not funny, I don’t know what to say to you….We were watching the “Today Show” and Al Roker was doing a Thanksgiving recipe that he grew up with. It was called Sweet Potato Poon.  As you can probably guess, “Poon” jokes were abundant. I thought they were doing a late night show, not one in the early morning…..I swear, even before cannabis legalization, there were too many references to 420 in this state. I should open a food truck that serves Funyuns and Abba Zabbas down by campus though….On paper and record-wise, Boise State is a better team. But, they don’t start well and that is an issue, especially on the road. I do give the edge to the Broncos in this one though. I think that, despite the wind, Grant will be able to get short to mid-range routes consistently and Jay may have his best all-around game as the ground game will have to be featured later in the evening.  The defense will keep the Cowboys under 300 yards.  You heard it here!  Boise State 38, Wyoming 13.

The song of the week is self-explanatory.  Never forget!


Have an amazing week.  We’ll see you next week…at the Diggity’s.

This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 12 (Never Stop Believin’)

It’s hard to believe that a team from so far away could become our newest rival but San Diego State has accomplished that feat. I suppose that will happen when you lose two games consecutively. It’s a Black Out tonight.  I’m not sure the thermometer had to play along.  Stay warm, my friends.

Black Out!

Black Out!

“That Presbyterian College gave us a really good challenge!” – No team ever. C’mon Ole Miss. Why would you even schedule them? You can get more worth from an intrasquad scrimmage….Hey! Eastern Washington! Would you mind turning the color of your field down. Holy Hannah it’s bright!…I hope Boise State never had to  “rebuild” like Idaho does. I’d still be a fan but to be optimistic about a under-2 year record of 2-18 would be a tough pill to swallow.I’m in shock right now. Still the first quarter and the Broncos are stinking up the joint….Crazy halftime score. The Broncos have over 400 yards of offense and 35 points and is still down by 7. Hopefully, the defense removes their heads from their posterior….OMG. The Broncos step up the defense and out scored New Mexico 25-7 in the second half to win. The final score: 60-49. And they followed my plan!


These are the college football games that I forced Mrs. Diggity to sit through (save one): Wake Forest/Clemson, Fordham/Bucknell, Memphis/Temple, Utah State/Wyoming, Georgia/Kentucky, Presbyterian College/Ole Miss, Oklahoma/Baylor, Notre Dame/Arizona State, Texas A&M/Auburn, Mississippi State/Tennessee-Martin, Michigan/Northwestern, Eastern Washington/Montana, SDSU/Idaho, Boise State/New Mexico, Alabama/LSU, Oregon/Utah, Washington/UCLA….ESPN anchors – please stop TRYING to be cool. If it’s organic, by all means, do it. But most of the time, you’re making a fool of yourselves. Don’t say “swag” or “turnt up” or even “fo’ swizzle”. Please….Congratulations to Grant Hedrick and Dan Goodale. The both won Mountain West Player of the week. Grant for offense and Dan for special teams. Way to represent….Also, Grant wins the Capital One Impact Player of the Week. That’s a fan-voted award from ESPN. And those fans are absolutely correct. If the Broncos don’t get that performance, they don’t win….


LeBron won’t let his sons play football. I just don’t get it. If it’s something they enjoy, let them enjoy it. That goes for anything. Within reason of course…I was going through the onscreen cable guide and noticed “Doc McStuffins”. I know that it’s on The Disney Channel but doesn’t that sound like the name of a character in a porn movie?…I agreed with Stephan A. Smith AND Skip Bayless when they were disappointed with Derrick Rose saying he thinks about after he’s done playing basketball when he sits out of a game. I think it’s the wrong mindset for any athlete to have much less someone that’s getting paid millions….I’m sure 1 or 2 people might sing “Mony, Mony” with you if you roll around blasting it but I’m thinking you get more “WTF” looks than anything….This week’s Bowl Projections have Boise State in a couple of places. Mark Schlabach predicts the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl against Stanford while Brett McMurphy says Arizona State in the Fiesta Bowl. Those would both be top-tier opponents but I lean towards the Fiesta Bowl….Hey! Who cares about Kim Kardashian’s posterior?…I was watching a local commercial and it had words scrolling at the bottom to the left. It totally tripped me out….Little Caesar’s box says to try their “Award Winning” deep dish pizza. The award it won? “Best Deep Dish” at Motor City Fest 2013. C’mon now. That’s like winning something at the Elmore County Fair. You can’t brag about that award….Despite having two good backs and a great receiver, the quarterback play is what kills the Fightin’ Rockys.  And, since Boise State’s quarterback play has been pretty ok recently, that’s where the difference lies. Grant may not have a monster game like last week but he’ll do well enough to destroy SDSU’s defense which leaves them vulnerable to getting stuck in the way of the Jay Train.  I’m going to say, Boise State 51, SDSU 24. The Blue Turf Monster bites back!

The song of the week is for the people who didn’t turn off the New Mexico game at halftime. I give to you:

Again, stay warm, be loud, and have fun tonight Bronco Nation. Your team needs you to disrupt the Aztecs rhythm, damage the Aztecs confidence, and encourage our team til you can’t talk anymore.  Take care!

This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 11 (Less is More, Right?)

I don’t dislike much about college football but I have to deal with a couple of things in a row: bye weeks and the triple option.  The bye week thing is obvious but that’s just me being selfish and wanting more football.  The triple option, on the other hand, is another story.  To me, it’s like using a typewriter. Antiquated technology that has no use in the world.  Now that I’ve vented, on to the column.  It’s short because I’m an idiot. Enjoy!


I got my iPhone 6+. It’s huge. My 5s fits in the screen. In other news, I deleted all my notes for the start of this column when I changed phones. Idiocy is a talent….


Since I’m in Oregon, and I haven’t been here long enough to establish residency, I wasn’t able to vote. I vote in almost every election that I’m eligible to so I’m kind of ticked….This week’s bowl predictions are out. Mark Schlabach and Brett McMurphy both have the Broncos in the Fiesta Bowl against Arizona State. That’s a good one. Let’s do that!…I went to the AT&T Store to sell back my iPhone 5s and was waiting forever. Obviously, it was busy but what caught my attention was that the store didn’t offer a Wi-Fi connection. That’s irritating. You sell phones that use data so you don’t offer a convenience? Wow….On a positive note, for the first time in 23 days, there’s no type of precipitation happening here in Eugene. So we’ve got that going for us…”I want a pizza with Fritos on it!” said no one in the history of mankind. Papa John, when is the last time you came up with a good idea? Fire your test kitchen, please!…And one day later, it’s raining again. So 5 out of six days. Pretty good percentage. But Mrs. Diggity says it’s ok because we’re an hour from the ocean….The wifey and I were watching “Ink Masters” and they had a strange challenge. They had to paint with pigs’ blood and show gradient. I would just fail that challenge…..

I asked Mrs. Diggity to pick the song of the week. She is a big fan of AC/DC so you know we had to give a shout out to the drummer. Although the charges were dropped, this seems appropriate:

Next week will be better.  I’ll get the whole column in there.  Until then, keep being classy Bronco Nation. I don’t expect anything less.

This Week at the Diggity’s – Week 10 (The Other White Meat…err Bye Week)

Oh great!  The Broncos are on another bye week.  I understand the need to get healthy so bye weeks are important. But, don’t they understand everyone’s need for some quality Harsin time? I’m kidding of course.  The defensive backfield needs some rest.  Enjoy the column, Bronco Nation!

I’m enjoying the offense and defense so far in this game.  Well, besides the long touchdown on one play.  But the play-calling is amazing and Grant is playing ultra-efficiently…I like the Mountain West Conference Championship game “Cartoon commercial”. I am not a fan of the Rap commercial.  You have hits and misses, I suppose….Halftime score is 41-16.  A 40-spot by halftime?  That’s WAC-style Boise State.  And Grant is killing it tonight with some big help from the receivers.  This gives me tons of hope for the future of this season and the next few….The Broncos only scored two touchdowns in the 2nd half. The best news is so did BYU.  The final score – 55 to 30….You know what makes me happy? #COUGARTEARS, Dominant defense, Jay Train for over a hundy,  and Hedricks’ awesome performance….Here are the games that I caught some of this week:  Arkansas St./UL-Lafayette, Cincinnati/USF, Boise State/BYU, Oregon/Cal, Texas/Kansas State, Arkansas/Alabama-Birmingham, Nebraska/Rutgers, Navy/San Jose State, Florida Atlantic/Marshall, Michigan/Michigan State, Mississippi State/Kentucky, UCLA/Colorado, Ole Miss/LSU, Alabama/Tennessee, USC/Utah, Washington/Arizona State, Ohio State/Penn State. Friday games make it tough to stay totally engaged in weekend football….Having the two brothers from Duck Dynasty pick on College Gameday is ridiculous. I trust Katy Perry’s college football knowledge more….Arkansas just had an offensive lineman throw a touchdown on a fake field goal. It worked. And it was as awkward as it sounds….The referee for the Ohio St./Penn St. game is as inept as both teams have been. I guess you get nervous in front of crowd…I was impressed with pretty much the whole episode of “Saturday Night Live” this week. Jim Carrey was his crazy self. I wasn’t into Iggy Azalea though. Not real hip hop in my eyes….This week in fantasy football, I left Jeremy Maclin and Ben Roethlisberger on the bench. Lucky for me, I will still win. I just hate when players go off and I don’t capitalize….Creepy, not-so-attractive, and super-awkward are all things that I imagine some DirecTV customers in the south are. Thanks Rob Lowe (I did work for DirecTV at one time, BTW)….I was watching SportsCenter Monday morning and all they were talking about was The NFL. You never would have guessed a World Series game was on. I get that you and the Shield have a big money deal, ESPN, but it’s time for the Fall Classic….Congratulations to Kamalei Correa for winning the Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Week….


Tony Romo suffered a back injury in the Monday Night game. It was so bad that Brandon Weeden was in the game to replace him.  Ginger quarterback and head coach? You’re playing with the devil right there….If the lead singer for Garbage is only “Happy When It Rains”, she should move to Eugene. I’m sure you’d be jubilant here, Shirley Manson….Sign at Royals/Giants game 6: Hunter Pence and Creepy Rob Lowe are BFFs….This is tough for me to do as a Padres fan but congrats to the San Francisco Giants on their 3rd World Series title in 5 years….The Science Channel has a thing coming up called “Space Week”. I’m sorry but I can’t watch any other week but “Shark Week”….Mrs. Diggity says our Halloween costume is a out-of-shape middle-aged couple. We don’t even need to dress up. Take a look:


This week’s song – I’m just going to throw in something I enjoy. I’m a hip hop guy from way back in the day so I’ll go with that.


We get some football next week.  Until then, have a great one and enjoy the Bronco fall!

Attack The Opponent: That Darned Bye

We’re in the thick of a moment that should be committed to memory carefully. With four games left in the season, the Broncos are a dangerous team. They out-prepare their opponents, and out-execute them too. Boise State plays hard, hits harder, learns quickly, can adjust on the fly and obviously has fun. A team like that is hard to beat. The truly hard part of the schedule is over. The rest are traps. Next up is New Mexico, yet another option team but one that is still 2-5. Then SDSU, who needs to be beaten into submission similarly to what happened to BYU last Friday. After that is Wyoming, who very much want to beat our guys and seem to think they can do it, but then they also aren’t a good football team so, whatever. They’ll take their best shot in a few weeks. Utah State could be a tripping point if overlooked, but they are down to fourth string freshman QB’s. Just how good of a coach and recruiter is Matt Wells, anyway? Not many are that good. After that, if the Broncos emerge unscathed, we’re talking an MWC Championship game on the Blue. In year one!

Next June, when there isn’t anything going on and its a billion degrees outside and we’re in the doldrums of a college football offseason, remember how glorious this has been. Bowl season is coming, possibly with a decent opponent for the Broncos, and then soon enough it will be over for another year. Recruiting info will ramp up and then ramp down, signing day, the spring game, and all of a sudden it’s the middle of the summer and everything sucks a bit more because college football is so impossibly far away.

all baseball and no football makes tami something something

all baseball and no football makes tami something something

This has been a spectacular season so far. Sure, it started off in a less than optimal way, but that loss vs. Ole Miss didn’t turn out to be so bad. The Air Force game was an aberration, a horrible example of worst case scenario. Grant stood up afterwards, dusted himself off, and has proven to be a very good quarterback – the most accurate in the nation by almost 2% over Brett Hundley, Jameis Winson, and Cody Kessler. Those are awfully big names to be ahead of on the arguably most important quarterback metric.

Jay Ajayi has also had a great season so far, getting tons of yardage. He’s an impact back, and can get 4.5 yards just by existing. The Jay Train is going to go to a very lucky NFL team whenever Jay decides it’s time to take that step. Speculation gets us nowhere, because Ajayi is the only one that knows and it sure seems like he’s hungry and focused and trying to play football for Boise State to the best of his ability. He’s maturing as a player and it’s truly wonderful to watch. However, there are some younger guys who are making a difference too. Thomas Sperbeck, the circus catch making receiver who has stepped up brilliantly in place of Matt Miller for one.

(Speaking of Matt, his injury just sucks. He was 15 yards away from the school receiving record and instead of figuring out how to get it he just stepped back, put on a headset, and is still being a great leader on the sidelines and in the locker room. Mr. Miller, here’s to a quick recovery and a great combine performance and draft.)

Shane Williams-Rhodes is having a good, if not somewhat quiet year. He is on track to better his TD best from last season, and is only a few big plays from being back around that heady 9.1 yard per carry number from last season. Swerve seems to always be just a broken tackle away from popping off for big things, and with New Mexico and Wyoming and their terrible defenses coming up, he should do some interesting stuff. Jeremy McNichols is another young player who is electric with the ball. He is a great compliment to Jay, with his ability to keep defenders honest on the outside.


Jeremy McNichols sliding around that corner like

The Broncos defense has additionally been quite solid, snatching the most interceptions as a team in the MWC, holding teams to the second lowest in rushing yards and yards allowed per carry. Pass Defense stats totals aren’t as pretty as the rush D, but the takeaways and the fact that the Mountain West’s defensive player of the week has been a different Bronco twice this season (Donte Deayon and Kamalei Correa), we can safely call the defense back.

It’s a good time to be a Bronco fan. Coach Harsin and his assistants have infused this team and this city with much needed optimism. Albertson’s Stadium was so loud it was impossible to think on Friday night at times, and it’s been a while since that happened. Boise State football is truly fun again, and winning is the reason. Coach Petersen left the program in pretty good shape and Harsin added to it with a truly excellent 2014 class. The world appears to be changing around us as far as what schools are able to offer recruits, so it remains to see if Harsin and his team can keep up the torrid pace, but Boise State remains a place to be for kids who want to win football games, learn how to be a successful person, gain a family, get a good education, and possibly a chance to play football professionally. If anybody can sell a recruit on that, it’s these guys.

We’re 8 games in and the future is just as bright as it was that first day Harsin stepped, beaming, to the podium last winter. That is more than we ever could have asked for. Let’s hope the rest of the season is just as satisfying.