Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye: Imagine Boise State without Kellen Moore behind center, or looking at the starting defensive line and not seeing Billy Winn, how about no #8 George Iloka in the secondary. Sadly, this coming, Saturday will be the last time you will ever see these seniors play on “The Blue” in Bronco Stadium. To say this is the best senior class to ever play at Boise State is not a stretch. They have won a Fiesta Bowl, and the Las Vegas Bowl, participated in the Poinsettia Bowl, while winning 48 of 51 games. They have traveled to Eugene, Phoenix, D.C., and Atlanta, while playing in front of crowds as large asĀ  58,713, 73,277, 86,587, and 73,614. They beat the Pac-10 champions, the ACC champions, and the SEC East/potential SEC champions. They played in two of the highest rated football games on ESPN and Versus. Yet, all of this is only scratching the surface to what this group of players has really meant to the city of Boise, and Boise State University. Continue reading “Saying Goodbye” »