The Ultimate Boise State Fan Holiday Gift Guide – 2014

It’s almost bowl season, which means that the holidays are coming fast as well. We all know from that last sentence what I feel is truly important this time of year, but some people get messed up priorities and start buying their friends and family silly things like soap/lotion/body wash baskets, ceramic figurines, or scented candles. We can do better, Bronco Nation!

(Disclaimer: We at Blue Turf Nation are receiving no kickbacks or merch for this. However, we probably wouldn’t argue… just saying. Call me if you have that hookup, Nike!)

So, here’s The Ultimate Boise State Fan Holiday Gift Guide for 2014, broken out by fan type.

The Little Ones First – For The Kiddos

White #2 Matt Miller Jersey - $40

Kids love dressing like their heroes, so why not give the gift of Matt Miller’s jersey? Can knock out football, superhero, and cowboy all in one fell swoop!

Boise State Broncos Fox Sports Robot 2.0 – $29.99

Yay, action figures. Also, it’s the Fox Robot so breaking it is kind of the least big deal ever. Win-win!

Boise State Football (literally!) Onesie and Hat – $26

This is adorable. Someone please buy this and send me pictures of your uterus-flippingly cute kid in this getup.

Boise State Toy Train – $17.90

C’mon. It’s a wooden toy train, painted in blue and orange and the Bronco logo. A kid’s very own J-Train, baby! Choo-Choo!

Kinda weird cartoon Buster framed poster – $42.99

This looks like a typical Amazon knockoff poster, but who knows. The logo is a little off, the words blue turf are just shoved on there without context, and Buster looks strange as a cartoon but it is a unique looking piece.

College Dreamin’ – Young Adult

Boise State Shockwave – $24.99 (sale)

Oh, hey. A speaker to work with a phone or mp3 player in the only appropriate color scheme. Neat. I bet T-Swift sounds even better through this. That is what the kids are listening to these days, right?

Boise State Player Knit Hat – $28.00

There isn’t much that’s better than wearing the same stuff as the players. This beanie has been keeping the Broncos warm on the sidelines since the weather got cold and looking good doing it.

Boise State Stealth Backpack – $44.95

Sure, a backpack is boring. But add a Bronco logo and all of a sudden it becomes…well, still a backpack but one that will likely get used a ton.

Boise State Broncos Reflex Portable Travel Couch – $106.57

Just hear me out. I know this one seems like a reach, but I would’ve loved this thing as a teenager. Friend sleeping over? Hey, Bronco couch! Dorm room needs some extra seats? Hey, lookie here! Even has cupholders. There are so many options for today’s young adventure seeker with this thing! Sledding, floating the river, camping, tailgating, partying, trying to ride it down a flight of stairs…no, wait. Forget I brought any of that up. Of course, dear reader, your wonderful, responsible young adult would never be involved in such unsafe shenanigans. Hey, look! Bronco couch!

Broncoistas – For The Ladies

Boise State Rah-Rah Necklace – $16.16

There is lots of Bronco jewelry out there, usually covered in plastic and bling. This piece is not the usual “Bronco head with two blue and two orange fake jewels glued on” and therefore is awesome.

Knit Hoodie Infinity Scarf - $29.95

It’s a scarf! A gorgeous blue one! With a hood, and a prominent Bronco logo on the side! This is the perfect statement piece for those 8 pm kickoffs. May the recipient of this gift’s ears and neck never be cold again.

BSU Full Zip Tunic Hoodie – $69.95

Don’t let the URL frighten you. Victoria’s Secret PINK campaign is a fully licensed partner of Boise State and isn’t the type of stuff that requires a half-nekkid girl in angel wings to model. This tunic zip hoodie does not use the usual BSU logos, and looks like the best thing ever with a pair of leggings and boots this winter.

“All About That State” T-Shirt – $26.95

A legit funny play on the Meghan Trainor song “All About That Bass,” this shirt is almost sure to amuse almost anybody with some pop culture chops. 

Boise State Western Boots – $327.99

If these are in your budget, they’re worth every penny. It would be nice if they would update the logo, but it’s not a deal breaker. If you know a Bronco inclined lady who can rock the hell outta a pair of cowgirl boots and you want to really treat her to an unforgettable gift…these are the way to go.

Dude Gear – For The Guys

Broncos Fiesta Bowl Hat (Charcoal) – $29.99

This hat is the answer to a question we didn’t even know we needed to ask. If its possible for a cap to be sexy, this one has pulled it off admirably. 

Glow In The Dark Boise State T-Shirt – $19.99


The Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Fitted Shield Max – $85

There are guys who go to the stadium shirtless when it’s 9 degrees, and then those who need to bundle up a bit more. This Pro-Combat undershirt is the perfect layer to wear to add warmth but not bulk, and we all know how much better it makes life to not be walking around looking like Maggie Simpson in her starfish snowsuit at a tailgate party.

Boise State Broncos Pewter Ring – $74.95

It’s not quite as pretty as championship rings, but is still pretty dang sweet. 

Baki Clothing BSU Bamboo T-Shirt – $25

Throwback yet fresh, with the BSU logo and the raring horse from the mid-80’s? Yes, please.

Tailgating Fiends

The Coolest Cooler – $349

Yes, it’s a $350 cooler. It also has more options than the car I’m driving right now. It’s got fat tires to help wheel it with more stability through whatever terrain you happen to be around. It’s got tie downs and oodles of storage. An integrated cutting board. It’s got LED’s in the lid to help you see in the dark so you don’t end up with your brother-in-law’s cheap beer. It’s got USB ports to charge your phone. It’s got bluetooth speakers to play your tunes. Heck, it’s even got a blender! This thing is no joke and should be on every tailgaters wish list.

BSU Grill Set – $49.95

Pretty standard bbq tool set, but with a logo on it, and a bottle opener. YAYYYYY!

Sunscreen Flask – 2 for $10.95

Uhhh, yeah. Tailgating. That’s all this could ever be used for.

Steam Cleaning Grill Brush – $15.95

A clean grill is a happy grill. Other possible uses: messing with opposing fans by shooting steam at them, staying warm on cold nights, facial treatments to open up those pores.

“Redneck” Mason Jar Condiment Dispenser – $12.95

Redneck? Possibly. We’re Idahoan and that comes with the territory. However, these look super useful, especially once the gloves come out in the cold. Imagine a world where nobody fumbled with massive ketchup bottles and surprise mustard juice ever again!

Bowl Gear, The One Thing Everybody Wants, and Other Cool Stuff

2014 Mountain West Conference Champions T-Shirt – $22.99

Commemorate the first outright MWC championship with a t-shirt! Or wait until next fall and get it on clearance. I’m not here to rush anybody in to anything.

Orange “Broncos Love Fiestas” Hoodie – $44.99

This is going to be the piece of gear to have from Fiesta 3.0. 

Nike Women’s Fiesta Bound T-shirt – $26.00

Go Big Blue, indeed. Nike is doing good work for us this season.

BSU Tooled Leather Horse Skull – $350

Got a slightly morbid Bronco fan in your life? Here’s the perfect gift! It’s a hand painted horse skull, with a gorgeous leather piece affixed to the front bearing a tooled Boise State logo. Is this guy sanctioned by the university? Probably not! Is he awesome for putting this art out in the universe? Yes he is!

…and now to the big one that everybody wants:

Nike Anthracite Platinum All-Time Performance Hoodie (AKA Harsin’s Black Hoodie) – $75

On the entire internet, there are apparently only women’s size medium and large at this time. Protip: if you want this hoodie for someone special who are not those sizes and might also carry a y chromosome, you’re going to have to stalk The Bronco Shop, The Blue and Orange Store, and Dick’s Sporting Goods like it’s your job. They go extremely quickly. 

Treat the Broncos in your lives (or yourselves!) to something special this holiday season. Socks are great and all, and everybody loves homemade baked goods, but sometimes, the greatest gift is the one of gear. Or a horse skull. Whatever floats that particular boat.


Bowl Games – The Hashtags & GIFS That Describe Them

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl – Air Force vs Western Michigan #Cold

giphyCactus Bowl – Washington vs Oklahoma State #awkward

GoDaddy Bowl – Toledo vs Arkansas State #Bleh

giphyMiami Beach Bowl – BYU vs Memphis #NoSeriously

giphyNew Orleans Bowl – Nevada vs Louisiana Lafayette #DumpsterFire


Hawaii Bowl – Fresno State vs Rice #AtLeastWeGetToPlayintheOcean

giphyVizio Fiesta Bowl – Boise State vs Arizona #JayTrain


Rose Bowl – Florida State vs Oregon #SuperMariota

giphyCotton Bowl – Baylor vs Michigan State #AngryBears

giphySugar Bowl – Alabama vs Ohio State #SabanFace

giphyThe 1st Ever National Championship via a Playoff #Finally


Poll: Do you plan on attending the Fiesta Bowl?

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One More

A year ago, the word pee-gate hadn’t yet entered Boise State lexicon. Coach Petersen had left, and the current senior class was trying to hold down the fort going into to what would ultimately be a rather lacking performance versus Oregon State in Hawaii. Bronco Nation was in turmoil, obsessively tracking a coaching search online and hoping for the AD to make the right choice.

12 short months later, after a year of unfathomable growth (recruiting victories, the dawn of the social media era in Boise, the program opening up to people outside of the complex, allowing fans to really feel like part of things, and the never ending march of improvement during the season), we’re headed back to have ourselves a little Fiesta vs. the Arizona Wildcats.

Does Boise State have some issues to take care of? Sure does. Will it all get worked through and improved, just like the team has done with every other challenge in front of them this season? Confidence is easy to find on a day like today in Boise. Fiesta Bowl trophies cure a lot of ills.

Just like the Mountain West Championship, the opponent has any bearing on how this Fiesta Bowl is going to go. The Broncos have a month to prepare for an Arizona team that might be so demoralized by what happened in the Pac 12 champ game and by ending up in a “no-win bowl,” that they’ll under prepare and be taught a lesson in Glendale.

Grant Hedrick has grown up in front of us this season. He has demonstrated his ability to bounce back, whether from monster hits in the Ole Miss game or all the turnovers against Air Force to being the player of the game in the MWC championship game and the most accurate passer in the country. Jay Ajayi has proven himself as one of the greatest running backs in Boise State history, with great potential to start on Sundays. Matt Miller acted like a grown man through adversity that has broken lesser people and also will likely be playing in the league for a lucky team. The offensive line did a great job of playing big. Rees Odihambo had some truly memorable blocking and Marcus Henry stepped up to be another in the line of excellent Boise State centers. Shane Williams-Rhodes has played like a dangerous man and given us the gift of screen grabs from the sideline of the SDSU game. Jeremy McNichols + corners has given Bronco Nation enough joy to power the north pole through the holiday season.

Boise State’s defense has also done great things. Kamalei Correa has TEN SACKS on the season. 8 different Broncos have forced fumbles. Darian Thompson has seven interceptions! Donte Deayon has five! Tanner Vallejo got 42 tackles! Hell, #DeadCenterDan had three! The defensive line played very well against the run game for most of the season. If Boise State shows up at the Fiesta Bowl playing the type of defense that they did in the first half against Fresno, well, Arizona is going to be a bunch of sad kitties. Coach Yates and his crew have exceeded expectations, and truly proven themselves to be right back in that vein of shutdown Bronco defense more often than not this season.

What does a third Fiesta Bowl mean? It means playing for pride. Taking down yet another P5 school who thinks the matchup is a no-win situation. It means more hardware in Boise. It means recruiting bumps and enrollment bumps and all of those things that Boise State is going to have to do to keep moving forward.

It also means, definitively, that Boise State is greater than one man. Bronco Nation is taught this lesson over and over again. Coach Harsin knows it. His assistants know it. The alumni know it, the players know it, and Bronco Nation’s newest members are coming to understand. Boise State isn’t about flash and tricks and gimmicks. It’s not one coach, it’s all of them. The man who grew up here, played optimist ball on The Blue, fought and clawed his way for everything he’s gotten, was vindicated for believing in this place last night. All of us were. It wasn’t about Fresno. It’s not about Arizona. It’s not about Resource 5 vs. Power Program. What Boise State is about is belief in the ability to get better. To always improve. Doing the correct things, preparing the correct way, having a good mindset and working harder than everyone will pay off. Never flinch, never falter, and learn the lesson when failure happens. That is Boise. That is Idaho. That is the essence of this place.

Go Broncos. Bleed blue, and attack that future. This one is for all the Vizios.