Cowboy Chronicles: Questions – Asked and Answered

The results of our recent blog swap. A Q&A with Robert Gagliardi of Cowboy Chronicles. Click here to read BTN’s answers to Cowboy Chronicles questions and below are Cowboy Chronicles answers to BTN’s questions. A big thanks from BTN to Robert Gagliardi of Cowboy Chronicles for allowing us this opportunity. Good luck on Saturday (the 25th as you battle with the Air Force Falcons).

What are the biggest obstacles still ahead for the Cowboys as they look to the future?

I would say building the overall talent level throughout the program. You can never have enough speed and athleticism and Wyoming got better in the off-season in those areas at receiver. But more is always needed. Wyoming also needs to become more physical along both lines. The defensive line is rebuilding after losing its top four guys last season who were seniors. Keeping coaches in Laramie always is a challenge, especially when they win. That always will be an issue here. But in a more broader picture, Wyoming’s athletics budget is at or near the bottom of the Mountain West. It will never be at the top, but it needs to be closer to the middle for it to continue to be able to be competitive and relevant in Division I athletics.

The game is sold out, what can Bronco Nation expect from the Wyoming fan base?

Fans that love their Wyoming football and loves to see good teams come to Laramie. If Wyoming stays in the game early the fans will be a factor in terms of noise. Wyoming athletics is the only show in town (or the state) for the residents of this state. Many will drive eight hours one-way to see this game. There will be a lot of gold in the stands, but I also imagine a decent smattering of Blue and Orange from Boise State fans.

With a mobile quarterback will there be a different strategy of play against Boise State?

If QB Austyn Carta-Samuels is the only consistent running production for Wyoming, then there might be a different strategy. But if the Cowboys can get their run game going with the running backs, coupled with what Carta-Samuels can do then that could keep the Broncos on their heels somewhat. Carta-Samuels is very good at improvising and freelancing when a play breaks down or coverage is good down field. I think the Wyoming coaches would like to see him take less hits and less chances, but they also don’t want to take away his competitiveness, either. Carta-Samuels also has a way of making things happen late in games. He led Wyoming to five come-from-behind victories in the fourth quarter last season as a true freshman. None were against the caliber of team like Boise State, but Fresno State found out first hand in last year’s New Mexico Bowl. No matter what, Carta-Samuels needs to make some plays with his feet — and his arm — for Wyoming to have a chance. But he also can’t do it all by himself. He needs some help.

What impact will Boise State joining the MWC will have on the conference?

To me it’s impact will be big with the BCS prowess the Broncos have had in the past. Sure, Boise State doesn’t have the history in terms of longevity as Utah or BYU, but in this day and age college football and the BCS is a “What have you done for me lately” business and its tough to argue against Boise State’s track record. Boise State still makes the Mountain West relevant in the national picture despite losing Utah and BYU. Will it have the same type of success in the MWC as the WAC? I think it will be more difficult, but that doesn’t mean its not possible.

What is your prediction for the outcome of the game?

If Wyoming plays well it has an outside shot at an upset. I expect Wyoming to play well and do some nice things. But in the end Boise State wins. I see a game kind of like the previous two between these two teams: somewhat of a defensive struggle.

Final score: Boise State 27, Wyoming 16

Blog Swap – The Cowboy Way!

Up next for the Broncos is a visit to Laramie Wyoming. I guess it’s fitting for the Cowboys to try and ride the Broncs. Robert from Cowboy Chronicles – The Wyoming Cowboys Blog and I have agreed to do a somewhat traditional pre-game blog swap. What should I ask him about the Cowboys?  Do I talk about their fans, their program, the elevation or how they feel about Boise State joining the MWC. I invite you to take a look at their blog and maybe offer up some suggestions. Check back for more on this.

Cowboy Chronicles

Boise State Wins. What's that you say?

It has already begun, it’s not yet 4:30am on the morning after and the media spin is working overtime. Wasn’t it bad enough that we had to listen to three hours of Brent Musberger spewing his one-sided Virginia Tech non-stop commentary. You would have thought his son or grandson was a Hokie Alum. I don’t think he could have put together three positive words about Boise State much less a complete sentence. Brent in my mind is synonymous with Sports Broadcasting, but maybe it’s time to move along into retirement. Then, I got up early to make sure the blog was managed prior to my day at work only to read this.

Really, is Boise State going to continually fall under its own category of criticism? Does every win have to be so picture perfect that the football sports writing gods (little “g”) shine some positive message to the nation about out beloved boys in blue. Boise State has done what others find difficult to do. Others with more money, others with bigger phallic symbols, others with bigger stadiums, others with more whatever, it’s bigger – it’s more. The bottom line in Boise is who cares? Boise State has figured out how to win ball games, no matter the opponent, no matter the size, no matter the location. Boise State wins.

The subject became not winning, but winning. It’s not how you win, but who you win in the national collegiate sports scene. National Championship in Phoenix? Boise State fans should prepare for a consolation prize, the Rose Bowl. Pasadena is nice getaway in January and I hear their parade is quite festive. If we are to be taken seriously we must win? Confused, me too? With offers to major universities for home and home opportunities and no takers what is a program to do? Travel to Boise to play on the Blue? For a mere pittance monetarily and to face potential humiliation? Not this (insert any name here) MAJOR PROGRAM university, we are too big to lose to (or even play) someone so small.

Kudo’s to Virgina Tech for saying yes to playing this little MID MAJOR program from Boise, Idaho. Thank you to the NFL for the use of your facilities and thank you ESPN for televising the game (even if you did give us Brent). Now will the rest of the sports media world wake up to the fact that in two weeks Boise State will be visiting Wyoming. Most likely The Broncos will do what has become expected. They will win and it probably will not be pretty enough to gain national attention – Positive national attention. Boise’s last defeat came at the hands of TCU in the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl which is ironic that TCU’s last defeat came at the hands of Boise State in last years Fiesta Bowl.

To critique Bronco Nation and The Broncos for acknowledging their fans that traveled to the game went too far. This little tradition shows the character of the team. It’s quite simple really, win or lose they go the sidelines and say thanks for supporting the program with a few hugs and some high fives. It’s the blue-collar mentality of a program with so much character the national sport media just doesn’t know what category to place them in.

I’m not sure what more I can say on this topic as I have written similar posts last season and as I can remember the season before. Start fast, finish strong and manage the in-between is pretty much Boise State football. Last night in in Maryland the humidity was evident on their jerseys, their exhaustion was evident in some of the play. What was most evident to me last night was their heart. Virginia with a home field advantage woke up in the second quarter as I had predicted and began to play their brand of hard nose football. I’m sorry that those that did not see the game and are only able to read reports of the game will be exposed to  what I woke up to this morning. Here’s a news flash; Boise State is 1-0.

What others are saying…

Gobbler Country answers a few questions from BTN

BTN: What is a Hokie?

GC: I am.

BTN: How long have you been running Gobbler Country and what got you started?

GC: I started it around February of 2008. As a former writer, I needed an outlet and the blog was a lot cheaper than therapy. Writing about the Hokies gave me the chance to talk about something I loved and knew about without having to be unbiased. Writing about Tech football came naturally because a friend once told me he wished he was as passionate about anything as I am about the Hokies.

BTN: How do Hoke Fans celebrate during the game, is there a special chant or something?

GC: Yeah, there are a few. We have a couple of chants that go along with two of our fight songs. In the middle of Tech Triumph, the fight song, we’ll yell “Go Tech!,” and at the end you’ll hear “Rae, Rai, V-P-I!,” which is also at the end of the official school chant. During another song the band plays, the Power Closer, you’ll hear us chant “Go Tech! Go Tech! H-O-K-I-E-S, Hokies!” However, our favorite chant comes when the offense is in the red zone and has been banned by the administration though you’ll still hear people trying to get it started. We yell “Oh!” six times and then “Stick it in! Stick it in! Stick it in!” accompanied by pelvic thrusts. Yeah, the administration really doesn’t like that one.

BTN: What did you think of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms?

GC: I like the black and think it’s a nice tribute to the Corps of Cadets and to Virginia Tech’s military tradition. However, I think they should have just stuck with that instead of adding the circuitry to the numbers and the shoulder stripes. I also think the matte finish helmets look figgin sweet. Hey, it could have been a lot worse.

BTN: Prediction for the outcome of Monday night’s game?

GC: I’ve said this since the game got moved. If it were played on Oct. 2, I think there’s no way we lose. However, since we have to replace so much and you guys … uh … don’t, I think you guys will take advantage of some of our new defense starters. I went with a final score of 31-28, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like 38-28.

A big thanks to Gobbler Country for playing along! On behalf of the team at BTN – We wish you all the best after Monday nights game! Go Broncos!

GobblerCountry.Com blog swap with BTN

While I was in New York earlier this week for the Nike press conference I wanted to meet some of the bloggers for the teams Boise State would be playing. The event moved along so fast, by the time I actually got around to it I didn’t have much luck finding anyone.

When I got into the airport transportation vehicle I could not believe my luck or fate. I met to creator of Gobbler County and we had a great conversation about our passions as bloggers. We also agreed to a blog swap. He shared that GC has already done one with Kevan of OBNUG (One Bronco Nation Under God) as they are both SB Nation sites. I explained that BTN was a little different and asked if it would be okay to work with an independent blog. I emailed these questions and I’m awaiting a response.

  1. What is a Hokie?
  2. How long have you been running Gobbler Nation and what got you started?
  3. How do Hoke Fans celebrate during the game, is there a special chant or something?
  4. What did you think of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms?
  5. Prediction for the outcome of Monday night’s game?


Nike Pro Combat, New York and Monday night

Nike is a marketing company. You think Nike makes shoes and sports wear and they do actually, but they are a company that completely understands marketing in 2010. They invited Bloggers to a press conference in New York City. Bloggers, both big and small knowing the information put out on the web about the Pro Combat product would quickly become viral and spread like a wild fire and it worked! On this particular site for a few days anything Nike was the number one read. I’m not sure why the mass media did not show up, budgets, lack of interest? They all have written about the uniforms, but I believe they missed out on the real message, the one that no one is talking about. The Pro Combat System of Dress, the complete uniform, not the color or story behind the design – The design behind the design.

Nike has built not only a better bread box, but a faster one. The theme for the day was Boom! And it was everywhere in the room, but most who were there missed it. It’s not about the colors, the B on the left knee or the Bronco eye being reflective. Each of the aforementioned is just a part of the overall look. Its about what the student athlete is going to do in the uniform. It’s about performance, the performance caused by a design. I could tell you that Boise States uniform is themed after The Blue Turf, but so is this blog – Does that win football games? Then what wins football games? Think about that question for a minute. What wins football games? No, thats not it! You probably answered coaching, athletes, quarterbacks or one of many different possibilities. What you probably did not answer is - SPEED! The ability to go fast wins football games. Speed wins football games.

When I sat down with a cup of coffee this morning to write this, I reviewed my notes and the one glaring message that hasn’t been talked about is the quote from the beginning of the Nike presentation. “It’s about speed! Te Pro Combat from Nike is the lightest system of dress ever made. Every level and every position – Light weight, durable, faster. The game has naturally evolved, become faster and more explosive. What Nike has done was give the game yet another push. The push for speed with an amazing product and the push of that product using marketing 2010.

New York in a day to write a few paragraphs about a product. The trip was the about eleven hours of one day in my life. I will remember the look of the city, the traffic to and from the airport the great lunch provided and having the opportunity to be a part of the media spectacle for a few hours. What I will remember most is the opening – It’s abou Speed! This you will see Monday night on ESPN at FedEX Field as both the Virginia Tech Hokies and Boise State Broncos will showcase the look of the Pro Combat system. Monday night under the lights it will be about the Speed, every player, every position. Speed!