BTN Question of the Week – Who was your Favorite Player on the 2012 Boise State Football Roster?

Wednesday night the BTN twitter page asked the question to our followers – who was your favorite player on the 2012 football roster? We had a variety of awesome answers!

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Here are a few answers that I thought were pretty cool!


Definitely can’t go wrong with the fat man TD that won us a game! He was a great player this year.

Jay definitely gives us a lot of reasons to get excited for the 2013 rushing attack.

DJ will be missed.. Crazy to think he’s not going to be at Boise anymore!

When I tweet with fellow comrades of Bronco Nation about our receiving core next year, SWR is always a player I seem to forget! This guy is going to electric for years to come.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Leave us a comment below and tell us your favorite 2012 Bronco!