Blue, Orange, and Black

December 31, 2002 was a cold day in Boise, but burned bright with a memory Bronco Nation would not soon forget. That day will forever be remembered as not only the first victory that Boise State would enjoy over a BCS opponent, but also the last time our beloved Broncos would don a uniform without that iconic Nike Swoosh. The Boise State Broncos finished off the Iowa State Cyclones 34-16. It was the first time that the Broncos had ever finished the season in the top 25, and Nike took notice.

Since then Boise State has taken on many different looks throughout the last 10 seasons with Nike as its sponsor. In 2009 Nike unveiled a new Boise State uniform that first introduced a grey number to accent the traditional blue and orange. This was a move that would eventually lead to grey being an even more dominant color in future Bronco jersey schemes. Bronco fans are creatures of habit, and as with any major change, there were a fair number of those who opposed the break from tradition.

September 6, 2010, Boise State graced FedEx Field with an even newer uniform combination as they battled BCS powerhouse, Virginia Tech to a 34-31 victory. The jerseys were comprised of a grey top with blue and orange accents and solid blue pants. After that victory the Broncos returned to their normal look and continued throughout the season in traditional uniforms.

As the November 19th game against Fresno State approached, rumors had swirled that the Broncos would put aside the blue on blue home uniforms for the first time in a very long time. On that cold, wet evening the rumors became reality, and the Broncos came charging out of the tunnel wearing an all orange uniform for the first time ever. The crowd erupted at the first sight of the all orange uniforms, and thousands witnessed history being written as the Boise State Broncos continued their fight toward national respect and relevance while beating Fresno State 51-0.

Leading up to the 2011 season, Boise State was once again chosen by Nike to grace the gridiron with a new set of Pro Combat jerseys. The broncos quietly came out of the Georgia Dome tunnel donned in all white. The Broncos battled in these storm trooper-esque uniforms to a 35-21 victory.  This instantly became the favorite scheme ever for Bronco fans across the nation.

During this homecoming game, the Broncos will be taking on a new look as history is once again rewritten. Images of a matte black helmet have been floating around the social media blogosphere for months on end. The Broncos will make their way out of the tunnel versus UNLV wearing all black.  Ever since the first Pro Combat uniforms were worn, fans everywhere have hoped that Bronco Stadium would one day see a black-out. As this new uniform is introduced for the first time, the Broncos hope to continue their new uniform win-streak with a victory over the UNLV Running Rebels. When Boise State takes the field this Homecoming game, don’t forget your blackout gear Bronco Nation, and spend some time thinking of what Nike may design next.

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The BNP – Blue Turf

In this Episode Tyler and JT discuss the following stories:

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Nike Pro Combat, New York and Monday night

Nike is a marketing company. You think Nike makes shoes and sports wear and they do actually, but they are a company that completely understands marketing in 2010. They invited Bloggers to a press conference in New York City. Bloggers, both big and small knowing the information put out on the web about the Pro Combat product would quickly become viral and spread like a wild fire and it worked! On this particular site for a few days anything Nike was the number one read. I’m not sure why the mass media did not show up, budgets, lack of interest? They all have written about the uniforms, but I believe they missed out on the real message, the one that no one is talking about. The Pro Combat System of Dress, the complete uniform, not the color or story behind the design – The design behind the design.

Nike has built not only a better bread box, but a faster one. The theme for the day was Boom! And it was everywhere in the room, but most who were there missed it. It’s not about the colors, the B on the left knee or the Bronco eye being reflective. Each of the aforementioned is just a part of the overall look. Its about what the student athlete is going to do in the uniform. It’s about performance, the performance caused by a design. I could tell you that Boise States uniform is themed after The Blue Turf, but so is this blog – Does that win football games? Then what wins football games? Think about that question for a minute. What wins football games? No, thats not it! You probably answered coaching, athletes, quarterbacks or one of many different possibilities. What you probably did not answer is - SPEED! The ability to go fast wins football games. Speed wins football games.

When I sat down with a cup of coffee this morning to write this, I reviewed my notes and the one glaring message that hasn’t been talked about is the quote from the beginning of the Nike presentation. “It’s about speed! Te Pro Combat from Nike is the lightest system of dress ever made. Every level and every position – Light weight, durable, faster. The game has naturally evolved, become faster and more explosive. What Nike has done was give the game yet another push. The push for speed with an amazing product and the push of that product using marketing 2010.

New York in a day to write a few paragraphs about a product. The trip was the about eleven hours of one day in my life. I will remember the look of the city, the traffic to and from the airport the great lunch provided and having the opportunity to be a part of the media spectacle for a few hours. What I will remember most is the opening – It’s abou Speed! This you will see Monday night on ESPN at FedEX Field as both the Virginia Tech Hokies and Boise State Broncos will showcase the look of the Pro Combat system. Monday night under the lights it will be about the Speed, every player, every position. Speed!

Nike Pro Combat Review

The Nike Pro Combat Uniform Reveal was fairly star studded. Celebrities in attendance included, Chris Fowler, Michael Irvin, Bob Huggins, and other players from the past. Jerard Rabb, of 2007 Fiesta Bowl Fame presented the Boise State Nike Pro Combat Uniform.

The uniform featured a gray jersey with dashes of Blue, which pays homage to the Blue Turf of Bronco Stadium. The concept for the uniforms were presented to Boise State, and were based on the history and tradition of Boise State. I was told the final say about the look of the uniforms fell to AD Gene Bleymaier and Coach Chris Petersen. I suspect this may also be the reason for the lack of orange as Coach Pete has been on record as not being fond of the color.

The Media was treated to an assortment of items, one of which included a book that described the thoughts behind the uniforms. The term “Bleed Blue” has been adopted by the players this year and is used on the straps of the game day gloves and on the palms of the hands. The helmet certainly pops with a new, as Crissie Fields says, “beastly” look.

The uniforms are designed accentuate the players physical traits. They are be brighter and stand out on the live HD broadcasts. The Boise State uniform also includes the BSU “B”. Also in grey the “B” is located on the left knee. The uniform is certainly designed with Boise State in mind. If I have a vote I would like to see the Broncos wearing these Nike Uniforms all season, as the gray jerseys will work well on the Blue while the helmets pop, which could hush critics of Boise States current uniform selection, while playing on the blue turf.

The event was not just about Boise State. Nine other teams were invited and of those my favorites included the following:

  • Miami – Michael Irvin introduced the U in a special way. The U is all over the uniform and the Orange and Green looks great together.
  • Ohio State – Just the military being incorporated into the uniform makes me proud. Like with BSU the helmet will be noticeable come game day.
  • TCU – what can you say about these uniforms. They certainly topped last years design with even more

I was honored to be able to view this event in person and see the level of detail in each uniform. I was able to score some interviews. The three available in this post come from Boise State player Jerard Rabb, Mike Waller and Chris Fowler. Unfortunately I had a technical issue with my version of Chis Fowler, but Stan Brewster from Foto 208 was there to capture the conversation.

Also check out the below video from Boise State’s Marketing Team, as well as a slide show of some photos I took. Additionally, check out the Nike site for more in depth coverage and photos.

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BSU and Nike unveil new Nike Pro Combat Jerseys!

BSU Uniform

BSU and Nike's new Nike Pro Combat Jersey

From Nike designers : The BSU design is reflective, Game Royal Bronco head on the uniform echoes the famed blue turf of Bronco stadium.

BSU will be wearing the new grey top with only a splash of orange around one sleeve.

Only 10 top teams debuted the new Nike Pro Combat Jerseys.

Look for more details and pictures soon!

Bags are Packed

I am leaving on a jet plane to New York City, a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. I can confirm this as Kyle Wilson is living proof. If last week you were following the BTN and BNP twitter accounts (if your not, you should) you would know that Nike has invited us both to cover the unveiling of the Nike Pro Combat Series Uniforms for the 2010 College Football Season.

The event is to take place Wednesday September 1, 2010 at the Skylight West Studios in New York City. The event begins at 10AM Eastern and 8PM Mountain. That day back in Boise, the Blue and Orange Store will have the Nike Pro Combat Series gear for sale. I can also assume so will the Bronco Shop.

This is a great opportunity for both Cliff and myself. It is not too often that the Blogging world gets asked to attend event like this. It would appear the other local media types will not be attending, due to ethical issue surrounding Nike providing travel accommodations. They also chose not to attend on their own dime, due to budget constraints.

The funny thing about this event is whether the local media attends or does not attend Nike will still benefit from the coverage. I certainly will be happy to provide a prospective that Brian Murphy and other local media will lack in there coverage.

Either way the event provides fans of Boise State a chance to promote the program yet again on a national stage. I plan to take as many pictures as I can possibly take, while providing as much commentary about the event.

I am due to arrive in New York on Tuesday and will get a chance to meet up with other fellow media types from the 10 schools announced for the 2010 series. For now I am I will get back to packing my bags and will keep you updated on the events over the next 2 days. Go Broncos!!

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Nike to unveil the Pro Combat Uniforms for Boise State

Boise State joins nine other elite NCAA Football programs across the nation that will wear the Nike Pro Combat system of dress uniform design for the 2010-2011 season. Nike Designers along with representatives from each school will be on hand this Wednesday for this media event. New Your City will play host to this event and Nike will unveil the new uniforms to you via the internet as things unfold. You can watch here live as it happens. Join representatives from these elite schools athletic programs as they share each unique design.

Nike has worked diligently with each university to bring relevant of the school’s rich heritage into the futuristic elite fit uniform designs. The uniforms are engineered to bring superior protection, while utilizing advances fabrics and tooling that reduce weight. Blue Turf Nation will bring you an exclusive insight from this event. You can expect all of the details on Boise State along with many of the other universities. The list of universities involved in this years Nike Pro Combat campaign include.

  • Alabama
  • Boise State University
  • Florida
  • Miami
  • Oregon State
  • Pittsburgh
  • TCU
  • Virginia Tech
  • West Virginia