5 Keys to the Game Boise State vs UNLV

1.) Don’t Overlook UNLV: UNLV is 1-6, so this is not an easy task. Much like last year, Boise State is expected to destroy UNLV. This year however, Boise State needs to start out better. Last year UNLV was 2-6, and at halftime the score was 21-14. This year, the Bronco’s are at home with oddly enough, a ton of excitement going into this game. Problem is, the excitement is about the new uniforms and crowd scheme, not the team the Bronco’s are playing. It will be important that Boise State doesn’t take a moment to overlook UNLV. If they do, we could see another tight half of football like last year.

2.) Be Boise State: The fans want it, the media is looking for it, and the players and coaches are striving to obtain it: the blowout – the dominance that put Boise State on the map. When a team like UNLV steps foot on The Blue, the expectation is they lose by no less than 40 points. That swagger has yet to make an appearance with this 2012 squad. With UNLV coming to town, and new uniforms being unveiled, it is the perfect time for that old attitude to return.

3.) D-Jay-Harper-Ajayi: Thunder and Lighting, Smash and Dash, whatever you want to call them, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is they keep getting the ball. This RB duo has done a great job so far this season and they feed off each other. They give each other fresh legs, they keep the defense off-balance, and most of all they present completely different running styles: DJ the patient agile runner, Jay the powerful bruiser.  It has become clear this is the Boise State offense of 2012. Boise State needs to continue to dominate the run game and keep the pressure off Joe Southwick. Much like 2006, this is a run first team that looks to pass when the opportunity presents itself. It will be up to DJ and Jay to take Boise State to the next level, and lead BSU to a win Saturday.

4.) Find Matt Miller: Boise State should, on paper, win this game easily. That being the case, it is the perfect time to find ways to get better. One way to do this would be to continue to target the most talented WR on the team. Matt Miller currently leads the team with 30 receptions (2 TD’s). Yet, something seems slightly off with him and Southwick. The timing is just not on all the time and many of his catches are difficult ones. UNLV comes in with a suspect defense on both sides of the ball. Because of this, it looks like the perfect chance to get Matt going at full speed. Boise State should target Matt early and often, and look for ways to get him and Joe on the same page. As the season goes on this relationship will be very important. 

5.) Punch it in!: If this team finds itself in short yardage situations it is time to punch it in. No more goal-line stands can be tolerated this late into the season. It is one thing to struggle in the red-zone but when you are within the 5 yard line you have to score touchdowns. Boise State has struggled in this area.  If the situation presents itself on Saturday, Boise State must capitalize. They do these 5 things, Boise State should walk away with an easy win over UNLV.

Boise State 49 UNLV 10.

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