Step Into My Time Machine (Old BSU RB Video)

Once upon a time, I was given a great chance to intern with Boise State’s video department. During that time, I started to learn how to make highlight videos for the football team. Well, last night as I was looking through my old external hard-drive, I found this gem. My first ever video that was posted to Thankfully I have learned a ton since then. But I thought it might be fun for fans to see this “classic” in all of it’s glory. Here is a video highlighting Ian Johnson, DJ Harper, and Jeremy Avery. But perhaps, the best part of this video is MC Hammer!

Blue Turf Nation’s Tribute to Kellen Moore

Bryan Harsin says “embrace the past, attack the future”. With this tribute to Kellen Moore we are doing just that! Embracing the past with the greatest QB in college football history, while attacking the future with hopes for our future QB’s.

So, take a trip down memory lane, and relive some of Kellen’s great moments at Boise State.