Boise State Spring Football: Early Speculation

After months of anticipation, the Boise State Broncos finally hit the field in the last week. The coaching staff and Video Coordinator Chris Mitchell have treated Boise State fans to “Bronco All-Access” videos that give fans an inside look at how this new era is unfolding. Unfortunately for the local media, Boise State’s practices are closed off for the most part and not much info is getting out. Completely understandable of course, makes game-planning harder on Ole Miss.

However, the staff has been releasing a “player of the day” for multiple categories each practice, allowing fans to speculate without having seen the team practice.

First Observation: Derrick Thomas is coming on at the right time

Coaching chances can be a blessing for players who were not on the best terms with the previous staff when it comes to playing time. Derrick Thomas appears to be our first example of this. The Senior RB, who faltered a bit on the depth chart late in the season, has been labeled offensive player of the day TWICE in back-to-back practices. RB coach Kent Riddle had this to say about Thomas’ performance,

“Derrick has put together two really nice practices in a row,” said running backs coach Kent Riddle. “He showed some nice explosiveness and power on Sunday night, and caught the ball well out of the backfield for a couple of scores.”

Finding a good compliment to Jay Ajayi in the RB rotation is a goal the coaching staff has set, and Derrick Thomas appears to be making a name for himself early. It’s still early in spring ball, and a ton can change between now and August 28th, but D.T. has taken the bull by the horns so far.

Second Observation: Corey Bell is leaving nothing to chance

Marcel Yates pointed out not too long ago that the Bronco defense will be returning to a 4-2-5 set that will see the nickel spot return in the role former players like Ellis Powers and Winston Venable once played. This opened up a variety of possibilities, and I’m sure must have stressed out Corey Bell a little bit. Those who didn’t play much under Chris Petersen are elated to see a coaching change. It means they might play more! Former starters on the other hand might be a little worried about roster instability. Marcel Yates wanted to give Bell first crack at the spot, and it appears the first audition at nickel might be the last for 2014. In just three practices, Bell has won honors for Defensive player of the day, Ballhawk honors (twice), Special Teams player of the day. Its clear Bell is leaving nothing to chance, and he’s an early candidate to have a breakout year in 2014. Still early of course, but Corey has his eyes on the prize.

Third Observation: Ryan Finley making an impact?

My final bit of early speculation involves a QB…finally! Its been well-noted that the Broncos have very little to no depth at QB. Grant Hedrick is supposedly the only serviceable QB, and if he gets hurt we are doomed. Contrary to that, Thomas Stuart has been said to be having a good camp so far, albeit still learning. One detail that caught the eye of Bronco fans was that of Ryan Finley earning Playmaker of the day honors in the Broncos third practice. What this means nobody is completely sure, but it is encouraging to see that a QB other than Grant Hedrick is making plays in practice. I’m not ready to call Ryan Finley a dark horse to start at all, but if he continues to earn honors like that in the coming practices, you can bet #BroncoNation will go nuts over the RS-Freshman QBs progress.


That is all for now, we’ll have more speculation and food for thought as spring ball develops. What do you guys think? Is Thomas going to be the #2 RB? Will Ryan Finley come out of nowhere and shock the fans, media, and coaches?

Remember Coach Harsin’s goal! Make Project20K happen! #ATF

This Week at the Diggity’s – Episode 5 (I’m Opening That 5th Snowflake As I Write This)

It’s been another week and I know you’ve been patiently waiting for another TWatD (My very own acronym for this fun little column.). I usually finish it up early Sunday morning and you get to start your week off right.  I’ve failed you when it comes to that. There’s no real reason besides the fact that I just ended up watching more Olympics coverage than I should have. Team Figure Skating and Cross-Country Skiing should never take up my morning. Regardless, here it is. Have a great week!

Here’s the first pet peeve of the week – people who spell Super Bowl as one word. I know. It’s a bit nit-picky but this game is close to 50 years old. Please figure it out, “football fans”….I am not quite sure whose idea it was to send Bill O’Reilly to the White House to interview the President during the Super Bowl pre-game show but I think it was an ill-conceived notion. No matter what your politics are, it’s a non-partisan day unless you’re a Seahawks or Broncos fan. You failed Fox….About the Super Bowl – Last episode I picked the Broncos to win 28 – 17. Boy was I wrong. I never expected a Peyton Manning-led offense to get dominated like that. The Seahawks deserved that win. Mrs. Diggity isn’t ever going to let me root for her team again….Papa John’s has a cheeseburger pizza now. That sounds kind of ok in theory. Now let the fact that there will be pickles on your pizza sink in. I’ll pass. Better ingredients? I say better ideas, Papa John’s…Speaking of food – no thank you, Subway, for a chicken enchilada sub with Fritos on top. That doesn’t sound like a sandwich. That sounds like a soggy-bread mess….There’s a University of Idaho commercial with a graphic proclaiming how great their Return On Investment over a fair amount of schools is.  I stopped the DVR just so I could make sure they didn’t slip Boise State in there. They didn’t. See for yourself….


If you’re a child, don’t read this next part. I heard the same commercial on the radio a couple of times and I don’t know but giving someone a gift certificate for a massage and a facial doesn’t sound right even for Valentine’s Day….The first recruiting class under Coach Harsin has me, and the rest of Bronco Nation, so excited about this new year. They made casual fans into fanatics and that is awesome….For National Signing Day, I took a trip down to Twin Peaks to hang out. I was pretty disappointed. There were no signed pics of Fox Mulder anywhere. There were a bunch of half-dressed women and the beer almost froze into a slush in my beer glass. What kind of man wants to be distracted by all of that when they’re trying to learn about the newest recruiting class? (There’s no sarcasm font so you’ll just have to believe me when I say I was being sarcastic.) A big shout out to ESPN Boise for putting on their little shindig for LOI DAY. By the way, I met a lot of great people I had only “met” on Twitter so that was the REAL highlight….What can I say about the men’s basketball game against San Diego State? I think that says it all.  Finish the season strong, guys….I do not, repeat, DO NOT, ever want to see “Vampire Academy”. But “The Lego Movie” did come out this week. I’m excited for that….There’s no real American Idol moment this week. As horrible as it sounds, I like to see when the 15 and 16 year olds claim that their lives are over. No. Your life isn’t over. When you turn 41 and you work in a call center, talk to me. Gosh, I sound bitter….My favorite tv show is “The Big Bang Theory” and you may have heard a rumor that I had an emotional response to something that happened on that show. I can neither confirm or deny that I cried when Sheldon kissed Amy on this week’s episode….The 22nd Winter Olympics have started. Who’s excited? I kind of am. These are the sports that I don’t watch except for every 4 years. Well, I watch hockey on a somewhat regular basis.  And the X-Games.  But you won’t catch me watching figure skating, cross-country skiing, and probably not even bobsledding at all until the Games come on….Let’s hear it for Sage Kotsenburg on bringing home the first Gold Medal of the Games.  Not just for the United States but the whole Games. Put that in your babushka and smoke it, Russkies.  Check out this video out of Golden Boy being himself before the games….

I have tried to think of a song for the week. Usually, it has something to do with the main theme of the week but I probably am just going to give you something random. I hope you don’t mind. Shout out to all my old school hip hop heads!

Monday MWC Review: Week 3

Another week is in the books, as out-of-conference play is coming to a close for many MWC teams. A lot of tough results this week, and quite a few teams on byes. It all started on Friday night at Bronco Stadium….

Air Force @ Boise St.

Result: Broncos 42-20

Recap: If you had told me prior to this game that the Bronco offense would only see 8 possessions all night, I would enter Friday’s night game terrified as to the final result. Air Force did what Air Force does. They kept the ball away from the other teams offense and scored efficiently. Jay Ajayi and the offense were solid, scoring on all of their 1st half possessions. It appeared this would be a 4-quarter battle, but the defense woke up in the 2nd half thanks to great play from Demarcus Lawrence and the young but solid LB-play. Joe Southwick had a historic performance, he was essentially perfect minus the INT/Incomplete pass that were really interference’s.

Next up for the Broncos: @Fresno State, September 20th, 9 PM ET at Bulldog Stadium. Its been a running joke with Broncos fans for years: Fresno fans always believe “this year” is the year they beat Boise St. A lot of those years ended with the Broncos winning by a considerable margin. However, something feels different about this edition of the Boise-Fresno made-up rivalry. Fresno is ranked AND favored at home. Fresno’s strength is its top-tier passing game led by Derek Carr. Boise’s unquestioned biggest issue is the young and struggling secondary. That’s a big deal. Is is 2007 all over again? The Dog fans have had September 20th circled forever. It feels like the 2007 Boise-Hawaii game all over again. Hope for the best, expect the worst Broncos fans.

Next up for the Falcons: Wyoming, September 21st, 10:15 PM ET at Falcon Stadium. The Falcons are coming off of two tough loses, both in which the Utah State Aggies and Boise State Broncos had their way with the Falcon defense. It doesn’t get any easier this week with a home game against Brett Smith and the Wyoming Cowboys. This is an absolute must-win for the Falcons if they don’t want this season to go awry early.

New Mexico @ Pittsburgh

Result: Panthers 49-27

Recap: Traveling to the east coast is never an easy task for a team out west. That proved to be true again in Pittsburgh when the New Lobos came to town. Kasey Carrier never got going, in fact he was dominated by the Panthers defense. Only amounting to 22 rushing yards. Pittsburgh was simply too big and too fast for the Lobos. This one was over by halftime.

Next up for the Lobos: UNLV, September 21st, 8 PM ET at University Stadium. The game neither team can afford to drop. The Lobos and Rebels dominate in basketball, but tend to hang around the bottom of the conference in football. Loser of this game will be even more suckish than before.

Fresno St. @ Colorado

Result: Postponed

Recap: The horrific floods in Boulder, Colorado led to this game being postponed and potentially cancelled. The game is set to be played on December 6th or 7th. Big issue? Fresno is very much expected to be the representative of the West division in the MWC Championship Game: Held on December 7th. Good chance this game doesn’t get played.

Next up for the Bulldogs: Boise State, September 20th, 9 PM ET at Bulldog Stadium. Coach Tim DeRutyer says there is only one team everyone in the valley wants to beat: Boise. The stars have aligned, with Boise fielding a rebuilding team and the Dogs fielding arguably its best team ever. Fresno fans are expecting a memorable night this upcoming Friday.

Cal Poly @ Colorado St.

Result: Rams 34-17

Recap: Cal Poly came off of a solid performance @Fresno State looking to beat the Rams in Ft. Collins. The Rams were having none of that. Thanks to a brilliant performance from QB Garrett Grayson, the Rams jumped out to a 27-10 lead at halftime and coasted from there to a 34-17 win. Some fans may laugh at this result, but the Rams have struggled to put “lesser” opponents away at home in recent years. This was a good win for the Rams.

Next up for the Rams: @Alabama, September 21st, 7 PM ET at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Um, wow. What is there to be said? Don’t let too many guys get hurt Rammies.

Nevada @ Florida St.

Result: Seminoles 62-7

Recap: Believe it or not, Nevada actually kept this game fairly close early on. With Cody Fajardo sidelined, backup QB Devin Combs had some early success against the Seminoles. Then he got hurt. Nevada is now down to its 3rd-string QB AND 3rd-string RB. A 62-7 loss is the least of their worries. This game was a chaotic mess in the 2nd half, as evidenced by the score. I am glad Jameis Winston will have graduated by the time Boise State gets to play Florida State.

Next up for the Wolf Pack: Hawaii, September 21st, 8:05 PM ET at Mackay Stadium. Trap game. With so many QBs and RBs potentially out for this game, Norm Chow and his crew must smell blood in the water. This game could serve as a brutal reminder to the Pack fans that the Ault era is truly over.

Northern Colorado @ Wyoming

Result: Cowboys 35-7

Recap: Another week where the Cowboys inexplicably end the 1st quarter tied 0-0 with a crappy opponent. Last week it was Idaho, this week it was Northern Colorado, who lost to DII Colorado State-Pueblo last week. Brett Smith apparently hurt his ankle a little, but continued to play. It must have hindered him quite a bit, because the Pokes struggled almost all day. A late 14 points in the 4th quarter allowed for a core that looked more lop-sided, but the offense better thank the defense for some solid red-zone defense. The Bears had multiple opportunities to score, and didn’t.

Next up for the Cowboys: @Air Force, September 21st, 10:15 PM ET at Falcon Stadium. The hype surrounding the Cowboys as a MWC title contender simmered down not only because of their lackluster performance against the Greeley Bears, but also because Nebraska got whipped badly by UCLA, thus making the Pokes good performance in Lincoln not-as-impressive. A big game this week for the Pokes as they head to rival Air Force. Both teams desperately need to win this game. Should be interesting to see if Smith’s ankle hinders him at all this game. The Pokes enter the game as a -2.5 point favorite.

Weber St. @ Utah St.

Result: Aggies 70-6

Recap: Weber State coughed up 70 back-to-backs weeks. They are easily the worst Big Sky team around. The Aggies, who appear to the MWC’s best team right now, could have won by 100 if they wanted to. Terrible game to watch, unless you are from Logan.

Next up for the Aggies: @USC, September 21st, 3:30 PM ET at Los Angeles Coliseum. I don’t care if Lane Kiffin and the Trojans are having an awful year. A MWC team beating the Trojans in the Coliseum would be a tremendous achievement. Chuckie Keeton has been amazing, now he faces a very good and talented Trojan defense. This should be a fun game to watch….unless the Broncos have lost to Fresno, a which point none of us will even be awake yet.

Central Michigan @ UNLV

Result: Rebels 31-21

Recap: This was the very last game of the Week 3 college football schedule. I’d be willing to bet not a whole lot of people tuned in. The Chippewas jumped out to a 21-0 lead, and then proceeded to concede 31 straight points to the Rebels. That was pretty much what happened. Nick Sherry got benched! Some dude named Caleb Herring saved the day for UNLV.

Next up for the Rebels: @New Mexico, September 21st, 8 PM ET at University Stadium. The battle of the basketball schools! Neither team looks particularly great, but the game will be played! On a more random note, I can’t wait for the Broncos basketball team to spoil basketball season for these two schools.

San Diego State: Bye

Next up for the Aztecs: Oregon State, September 21st, 7:30 PM ET at Qualcomm Stadium. The Aztecs were off this weekend, as they were licking their wounds from their awful start to 2013 and looking ahead to Oregon State coming to town. The Beavers are coming off of a thrilling win in Salt Lake City over the Utes in overtime.

Hawaii: Bye

Next up for the Rainbow Warriors: @Nevada, September 21st, 8:05 PM ET at Mackay Stadium. The Rainbow Warriors opened 2013 with two respectable losses to USC and Oregon State. The Hawaii defense appears to be one of the best in the MWC. A prime opportunity awaits the Warriors in Reno to upset the very-much beat-up Wolf Pack.

San Jose State: Bye

Next up for the Spartans: @Minnesota, September 21st, 12 PM ET at TCF Bank Stadium. The Spartans had an off week and are now set to travel to Minnesota. How did UNLV and SJSU pull this game off? I wouldn’t mind if the Broncos got to play a Big Ten school in Minnesota. New Mexico State played there too! The Gophers are holding out on us. Anyways, David Fales needs to win this game for the Spartans to hold any respect they gained in 2012.


That’s it. Big week for the Broncos. The stars appear to be aligned for Fresno to finally beat Boise. Will it happen? Guess we’ll find out. #BleedBlue no matter what. Go Broncos!

What we learned from week 1

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

A little late, but I wanted a crack at this.

The pain following last week’s loss is still exuberating. The pounding Boise State took in the 2nd half was something we haven’t seen in a long time, and for some of us, maybe something we’ve never seen at all. The questions and concerns circulating around the team are definitely viable. Overreacting to the loss is also a possibility – only time will tell – but what exactly did we learn from week 1?

Well, I’ve laid out a few things:

1. The Huskies came to play

There’s no denying the Huskies were the better team in that game, that became apparent fairly quick. We all knew that this game wasn’t going to be a walk in the park and most knew that there was a high chance we would lose (maybe I am just speaking for myself on that one), but I don’t think anyone expected it to go down like that. Unless you’re a Husky faithful on twitter, of course.

The pre-game chatter was about how Boise State couldn’t handle the environment, the noise, etc. I’m not so sure that was the case and if I were a Husky fan, I would be a little disappointed if that were still the reasoning behind the win. The team won that game, not the environment. A simple stat to prove that would be our zero false start penalties compared to their three. Yes, environment isn’t just based on the stat sheet; it does take away from the Huskies great performance though.

Keith Price and company came hungry; still looking a little peeved about last year’s Vegas Bowl loss. Besides the opening drive, they were nearly flawless. Showing off their speed throughout the entire game. Spreading us out to either run it where we weren’t or finding their play-makers in the open field to take advantage of our weaknesses. Whatever they tried, it worked. Their new offense was seamless, moving down the field methodically on every drive; so quick it was nearly impossible to tweet about a play because it would already be two plays later when ready to hit send.

Ultimately, it is hard to recognize how well they played, because of how poorly we did. In all honesty though, that team, full of experienced players looks poised to make a run at the PAC-12 title this year.

Fingers crossed they do.

2. Offense is our weakness?

Over the last decade, Boise State has had one of the most prolific offenses in the country, averaging nearly 40 points a game per year. Last year was a more than slight drop-off to 30.2 PPG (Points per game). Granted, we lost a legend in Kellen Moore and couldn’t expect anyone to come in and fill his shoes without a loss in production. We did expect points though, just maybe not to the Kellen Moore extent with beautiful deep balls and pin point accuracy. Sorry, still day dreaming about the past, I guess.

It would be easy to heavily read into my statements above, but let me be clear, by no means am I saying that Joe Southwick should not be our quarterback, let me repeat, Joe Southwick is our best option.

(Side note: I am a little more than pumped to see what Nick Patti can do in the upcoming years.)

As noted above, last year wasn’t our best year offensively and this year isn’t off to the greatest start. Let’s play that ESPN (Sports Center) game real quick – Panic or No Panic. I am borderline panic for sure. I don’t think it’s more of a personnel problem as it is a scheme/play-calling enigma.

Bronco Nation displayed their annoyance of Offensive Coordinator Robert Prince on Twitter (myself included). I was confused by the lack of creativity in what we know too well of what a Boise State playbook looks like. Yes, Coach Pete did mention prior to the season that they (Coaching staff) scraped out quite a bit of the playbook to clean it up. Is this to the extent we’re taking it? Lowering ourselves and conforming to what everyone else is doing?

Multiple former Bronco’s chipped in on twitter, one being Mike Coughlin an ex-Bronco Quarterback:


Who knows what the future holds for the offense, but if this is path we’re headed down, simplicity might not be the best bet.

3. We are not immortal

No, no, I don’t mean Hollywood type immortal. Although that would be pretty awesome; if that were the case, it kind of went out the window when LeGarrette Blount connected with a right hook to Byron Hout’s jaw. All joking aside, it’s hard not to be a Boise State fan and think that we are somewhat indestructible.

Let’s look at our history since the arrival of Coach Pete as Head Coach.

Simply put, we go win games that we were expected to lose, year after year (last year the exception). After we go win those games, we go on to be undefeated or nearly undefeated. Something can be said about those nearly undefeated years by the way, you know those where we lose by a last second missed field goal (grimaced typing that out). I think those losses were to keep us humble and grounded; not entirely crush us, but they definitely do the latter.

Every year I fear our “run” might be over, but then I think to myself, “we’re Boise State those traditional rules of up and downs in sports don’t apply to us”. I’m not sure if that is a disease, a condition, or a habit and furthermore I don’t know if it’s even curable; losses like last week are a bittersweet dose of medication I guess.

Most importantly, what we learned is we can lose big opening games, but that shouldn’t define our season. Just like anyone else, I want a BCS berth for one final time, maybe more than anyone else considering I live in AZ. Fiesta Bowl’s do seem to be our best friend after all. With that being said, it would be too easy to  think that this year is over because the BCS chances are nearly dwindled away.

That won’t happen, nor should it.

Immortal or not.


The Season Is Upon Us

The longest off-season for sports fans, and more specifically Boise State fans is almost over. It has been 246 days since Boise State beat Washington in the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas.  About 5,918 hours since we last saw our Broncos play a game.  355,080 minutes.  Somewhere around 21,304,800 seconds and I feel like I have counted each and every one waiting for The Broncos to take the field again.

The wait is finally over.

Game week is here.

Saturday night at 8:00 MT Boise State will kick off their 2013 season against the team they played last, the Huskies of Washington.  And I for one can not wait.

There is an air of optimism surrounding the team this year:  A season under the belt of Joe Southwick, who improved greatly towards the end of 2012.  An offensive line re-focused on paving the way for a running attack led by Jay Ajayi.  A receiving corps that may be as deep and talented as any other group Bose State has fielded.  A streamlined playbook – and a focus from Chris Petersen and his coaches to score more points.

There are also some question marks:  Can a defense that has been one of the best in the country the past few years continue its dominance after replacing a majority of its starters? Will the rebuilt defensive line led by DeMarcus Lawrence continue to strike fear in the hearts of quarterbacks gazing across the line at them?  Will Bryan Douglas be back at full strength and can he and Jeremy Ioane lead a defensive backfield that has become known as DBU for putting players in the NFL?

I am confident that the offense will live up to its expectations, and the defense will answer all the above questions.

I have a really good feeling about this season.  We will find out if I am right in just a few days.

No matter what the outcome of the first game (win!) The Blue Turf Nation will be here for you each week to provide analysis, previews, recaps, and other information about our Boise State Broncos.

We have plans to do an NCAA 14 simulation each week to give you the best and worst case scenarios for each week’s game.

We will also continue to bring you the Five Keys to each game, game day polls, interviews and stories from beyond The Blue.

Five days from now it will be game day.  Are you ready?

Blue Turf Nation is. Go Broncos!

BTN Offseason Interview Series – Recap


The BTN staff was more than excited to interview a few notable BSU stars of the past few years. We hope our viewers enjoyed them as much as we did! The seven interviews we conducted can all be viewed on this page.

Here are a few highlights from the interviews -

From the Austin Pettis Interview:

BTN: Going from high school to college, and from college to the pros – what were the biggest changes you had you adapt to as a receiver moving up in each level?

AP: Biggest adjustment HS to college as a WR was knowledge of the game. I learned a lot more about the X’s and O’s of football rather than relying on athletic ability. College to the NFL is a much bigger adjustment. Every player you go against is the best of the best. Everyone is the biggest and fastest player so you have to find out what little things you can gain a advantage by.

Interview with Marty Tadman:

BTN: What is your favorite personal moment and team moment during your football career at Boise State?

MT: I have many of these I’ll just list a few:

Personal Moments:
1. My first play as a true freshman against Tulsa on kickoff return..I got ran over.
2. My first interception against Hawaii my freshman year, it was against Timmy Chang, and my interception gave him the record for most career interceptions I believe.
3. My touchdown against Hawaii, at Hawaii, where I juked my high school rival Colt Brennan and scored.
4. My senior year, just a tackle against southern miss, but probably my best play of my entire life, I juked and slid under 2 pulling lineman, and rose up off the ground to lift the running-back up in the air and land him on his back.
5. my 99 yard interception return against La Tech my junior year.
6. Having sports illustrated name me an All-American my senior year, and doing a 2 page article on my life story and focus on my faith
7.. PROBABLY THE BEST, my 2nd interception in the 2007 fiesta bowl where I scored a touchdown, and my favorite picture was given to me framed, and when I score the touchdown , the picture is of me sliding in the endzone on my knee, pointing to the sky, with Adrian Peterson diving behind me after I scored…so I can tell me kids, I outran a future hall of famer Adrian Peterson…not that they need to know I had a 10 yard start.
Team moments: There are so many amazing moments, but there are 3 that stick out to me above the rest…
1. The 2007 fiesta bowl victory, running on the field, getting the trophies, called on the stage in front of Bronco Nation, the media room, the parade in Boise, and everyday since.
2. My last game against East Carolina in the Hawaii Bowl, we lost, but that last locker room and bus ride with my teammates, is one I’ll never forget.
3. Every away trip on the plane with the guys…playing 8 way Mario Cart on our Nintendo DS, playing poker on the plane for fun, and all the other memories of the guys I played with.
Derrell Acrey:

BTN: Coach Petersen always seemed to get thrown around in rumors of taking a head coaching job somewhere else, but now we know none of them have been true. How did you and other players handle the rumors? Did you ever believe them? What do you have to say to fans that worry about Petersen leaving Boise State in the near future?

DA: We never really worried about it as players. We hear rumors all the time about things associated with football throughout college, and this was no different. So as players, we just tried to make ourselves better on and off the field regardless of who our coach was. Those kinds of things can drive a player crazy thinking about that and not focusing on the task at hand.

My message for the fans would be just relax. Yeah there is always a chance a coach might leave a team but Coach Pete loves the town and the program. I know his goal is to make the Bronco program so great that no coach wants to leave. So keep showing support on and off the field because as a man who pays attention to the little things, I’m sure he sees it.

And Kicker Michael Frisina:

BTN: Coach Petersen seems to be a very straight forward, serious guy. What was one of the funniest things you’ll remember Pete doing?

Frisina: Last year he told Tyler Shoemaker to leave and go home because he was joking around at Coach Pete’s expense at a function of some sort. I don’t know if it was a Varsity B thing or booster dinner or what but Tyler apparently made a joke and Coach Pete pretended to be mad the next day and told him to leave but as he was about to walk out the door he said I’m just kidding sit back down. The whole room lost it and Shoe was so embarrassed because he thought Coach Pete was serious, and so did the rest of the team. That among others was one of Coach Pete’s funnier moments.


Please check out all seven of the interviews! From the BTN staff, our sincere gratitude to Austin Pettis, Marty Tadman, Thomas Byrd, Derrell Acrey, Jamar Taylor, and Michael Frisina.

Broncos Going Dancing!

Boise State will be in the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2008, and for the first time in the school’s history received an at- large bid.

Boise State will face LaSalle Wednesday night at 7:10 P.M. (mtn) in Dayton Ohio.  The game will be televised on TRU TV.

Here is the team’s reaction to the news:

Our own @BRONCOstats will have a match-up breakdown soon.

Good luck Broncos!  Let’s make a run!