Androsky Lugo Discusses Architectural Design Trends of 2022

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Androsky Lugo says that we will see more curved forms in new homes in the next decade.

Androsky Lugo says that we will see more curved forms in new homes in the next decade. This style is reminiscent of the Art Deco aesthetic that arose in the early 20th century. Its simplicity, emphasis on geometry, and materials such as glass are characteristic of the design movement. Some of the best examples of curved plan forms are helical stairs and exposed steel beams. There are many architectural design blogs dedicated to this style.

Lugo notes that the building and construction industry accounts for around 39% of total CO2 emissions and 36% of all final energy consumption. With climate change and environmental concerns rising on the agenda of the public, this trend is sure to become more common. This trend also emphasizes green building techniques, such as incorporating sustainable materials. By incorporating environmentally-friendly features into buildings, architects can minimize the environmental impact of their creations. While these trends have yet to become widely accepted, they are still on the cutting edge of design.

Androsky Lugo notes that the interior design industry is no different. Like fashion, it is experiencing ebbs and flows. A new interpretation of an old design can be the key to a successful project. Another architectural trend that is a surefire winner is Butler’s pantries in custom home designs. Initially just an addition to a home, this room has become an integral part of virtually every custom floor plan. These trends are expected to remain for the next decade and beyond.

The multigenerational living will be another trend to watch out for. In 2022, we will see more multigenerational living arrangements. This trend was first ignited by COVID-19, which highlighted the need for multigenerational living. This trend may continue to gain traction over the coming year. Still, it will require more space in common areas by creating a flexible environment where people from different generations can coexist. Besides living spaces that support several generations, many homeowners will also want a property that can be rented out in the future.

In addition to these architectural trends, Androsky Lugo explains that we will see the evolution of technology. Technology can be integrated into any space, enabling a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment. With the growing awareness of sustainability and ethical consumption, people will demand buildings that integrate with their surroundings. Similarly, a new building design trend that focuses on energy efficiency is the use of solar panels in buildings. This trend will also continue to rise in popularity in the coming years.

Organic prints will be popular in the year 2022. Natural tones will enhance the look of homes with their natural appeal. Similarly, advanced furniture sets made of sustainable materials will be popular in the future. And in addition to unassuming home decor, lamps will be a central focus of attention in the year 2022. Lamps can be used as conversation pieces and can take on fascinating forms. The trend will also work well with the vintage/antique style. Vintage shops are full of exciting treasures that will make great accent pieces to any home.

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