Careers you can train for in six months or less

Erin Browne

Dr.  Scott T. Queen

Today’s community college student — especially the adult learner — has finite resources. They are often working and juggling family responsibilities.

When considering whether or not to enroll in school, they typically have four key questions: How much will it cost? How long is it going to take? How will I benefit in the end? And what will I have to give up for the duration (such as earnings, time with family, and hobbies)? 

As a college, we know we need to provide short-term training opportunities for individuals to get them into — or back into — the workforce as quickly as possible. We’re constantly communicating with our partners to adjust programming in response to the needs of our local and regional businesses and industries. 

At Blue Ridge Community College, we offer a variety of training programs you can complete in six months or less for careers in public safety, healthcare, skilled trades and advanced manufacturing. So, if you’re looking to increase your earning potential and career opportunities in the near future, consider one of the following options. 

Public safety careers 

You can train to become a police officer or firefighter in six months or an emergency medical technician (EMT) in only two to three months. 

Healthcare careers 

If you’re looking to go into healthcare, you can complete training for one of the following careers in two to three months: behavioral health technician, dialysis technician, electrocardiogram (EKG) technician, healthcare billing and coding professional, phlebotomist or home care aide.

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