Cleaning expert shares tips on stopping hay fever at home ahead of the allergy season

Erin Browne

As the summer months approach, many will start stocking those hay fever tablets and bracing for what is the most irritating time of the year for those prone to allergies.

Hoping to help people ease hay fever symptoms and eradicate home allergens – usually, the dust – Ivan Ivanov, a spokesperson for End of Tenancy Cleaning Service, shares simple tips to take onboard when tidying up your home.

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Cleaning the floor

A carpet is a perfect place for the dust to accumulate as it sinks into its surface. And if you are hesitant to switch to a hard floor – which is highly advisable if you are prone to allergies – a powerful hoover that you use frequently is the best way to go.

If you do have a hard floor, becoming a mopping pro is how you eliminate allergy triggers in the home. Use warm water with a couple of splashes of vinegar when mopping the floor to ease some of the dirt off of the surface. You might not notice the difference straight away, but that solution is more effective in cleaning the floor.

Tools to have at hand

If allergies are your often struggle, consider investing in an air purifier. It filters the air and cleanses it using extremely fine filters to remove any allergen particles. Ranging in price, there are many air purifiers on offer that are proven to be excellent at picking up even the tiniest dust particles.

If you have a busy schedule or are just not that excited about spending hours cleaning up, this tool is a great helper – and an effective one too.

Dust that settles on window blinds is often overlooked, which allows it to collect there for months, irritating allergy-prone family members. Get some lint rollers to tackle that problem. Even though they are used to clean the clothes, they are also effective at collecting dust and can easily fit between the window blinds.

Get organised

Decluttering and organising your space is the best way to reduce the buildup of dust and make the cleaning up process easy and quick. Dust settles on things, and the more items you have around your home, the more dust it will collect.

Ahead of the summer season, it is a good idea to declutter your space and organise your storage so that nothing is left in the open. Store your things in closed cupboards and items you want to showcase – like souvenirs or a collection – behind the glass cabinets.

Top tip

When dusting, make sure to use a wet cloth because the dust will stick to it. And if you use a dry cloth, the dust will just rise into the air and settle back in.

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