Cleaning with baking soda: 12 things to clean with baking soda

Erin Browne

Never thought of cleaning with baking soda? Most of us have a box or tub of baking soda in the back of a kitchen cabinet. It’s often used in home baking, working as a leavening agent in cookies, cakes and muffins. But did you know that it can also be used around the house to keep everything from mugs and ovens to carpets and curtains fresh and clean? 

This humble white powder is an important alkaline that can take on the toughest of cleaning tasks and there are so many things you can clean with baking soda. It’s also one of the best eco-friendly ways to keep everything looking good as new. Here’s our pick of the top cleaning tips for things you can clean with baking soda.

Clean with baking soda

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