How much does a new kitchen cost? Here’s what to budget

Erin Browne
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  • A new kitchen can change your life for the better. That’s no exaggeration! Having enough storage space for pots, pans, crockery and favourite foods, makes life calmer and less stressful. With the right layout and appliances, family mealtimes and hosting friends becomes a breeze. So how much does a new kitchen cost?

    Of course, when it comes to new kitchens, prices vary wildly, depending on the size of your space and the styles or materials you like. We’ve canvassed opinion from experts across the board for a broad range of kitchen costs. After all, even those with big budgets will want to spend wisely.

    We’ve you got covered, whether you’re planning an extension to incorporate a large kitchen-diner or just looking for small kitchen ideas.

    How much does a new kitchen cost?

    Image credit: Future PLC/David Parmiter

    A new kitchen is one of the most expensive home improvements but it will add value to your property. Those wanting a custom design with quality materials, smart storage and top-notch appliances will be looking at a five figure start price. At the premium end, the cost can stretch into tens of thousands of pounds.

    The price of a kitchen re-model is dependent on many factors, such as the size of your space, materials, products and how bespoke the finish. Our kitchens start from £20,000 including installation,’ says Graeme Smith, Head of Commercial Design, Life Kitchens

    A mid-range kitchen can be upwards of £10,000. Yet it’s possible to replace a kitchen and get good results on a budget. Although, if you’re not using a design professional, it’s important to know what not to do when designing a kitchen.

    ‘For a small kitchen including the fitting, the cost would be around £7,000-9,000. This can go up to £13,000-18,000 for a larger space,’ says Rated People‘s Asad Choudhry of Glam Kitchens.

    Dark grey shaker kitchen with floor to ceiling units and kitchen island. Light wood flooring.

    Image credit: Future PLC/James French

    It may not even be necessary to replace the whole kitchen. If the layout works and the carcasses are good, you can upgrade the visible parts for a fraction of the cost of replacing the lot. It’ll not only save cash, it’ll slash kilos off your carbon footprint too.

    ‘A good way to keep costs down is by not ripping out the whole kitchen,’ says Rated People’s Asad Choudhry of Glam Kitchens. ‘By replacing the doors, pelmets, worktops and tiles you could save thousands and it would look brand new.’ Painting old kitchen cabinets is another way to save money. 

    Customising an existing or new Ikea kitchen is easy. Companies such as Custom Fronts make doors, drawers and worktops to fit. These can provide a bespoke look at a more affordable price. ‘Buying fronts, handles and worktops for an Ikea Metod kitchen would cost from £2,000-£3,500,’ says Rachel Thurlby, Director, Custom Fronts.

    How much do kitchen cabinets cost?

    This varies on the quality, style, materials and whether they’re flatpack, factory-assembled or custom-made. It’s possible to buy eight units for a small galley kitchen for around £1,000-1,500 at retailers such as IKEA, B&Q, Wren, Magnet or Homebase. These are usually flatpack, so you’ll need to add the installation cost. This is where you can save money, if you’re able to fit them yourself.

    View of wooden kitchen cupboards with white work surface and view through a window with blue window blind.

    Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole

    Factory-assembled cabinets in customisable options, for example colours, sizes and textures cost more. Retailers such as Magnet and Wren offer these from around £3,500 for eight cabinets (excluding installation). The prices increase on the ranges with more options.

    With a high end kitchen, bespoke cabinetry can be upwards of £10,000. ‘Kitchen furniture can often be the most costly part of a project, equating to 40-50% of the total amount,’ says Graeme Smith, Life Kitchens. ‘However, this depends on the style and finish of the door, the level of smart storage and tailored internals within your cupboards. Also whether your chosen colour is painted to order or bespoke.’

    How much do worktops cost?

    Island sink, quartz worktop, jug of yellow flower blossom

    Image credit: Future PLC/Nicholas Yarsley

    At the budget end are laminate worktops. These can be bought from around £100 per metre when made to fit, and for even less if you’re able to use a standard size.

    In the middle are solid timber, bamboo and certain types of quartz and composite materials. These can range from around £150 per metre for oak up to £500 per metre or more for American walnut and stone composites. Although, some quartz composites can cost more than marble and granite. Expect to pay from around £300 per sq m, up to £900 or more.

    ‘Work surfaces can be anywhere from 10% of the project cost; dependent on the chosen specification,’ says Graeme Smith, Life Kitchens. ‘A good tip for managing budgets can be to mix work surface materials, breaking up runs of expensive materials with more cost-effective choices. This mixed material approach can also give unique look in your kitchen.’

    How much do kitchen appliances cost?

    This comes down to the quality and type of the appliances and the brands you want. Ikea’s most basic oven starts at £150, going up to £720 for a smarter one with more functions. At John Lewis, an American-style fridge-freezer can vary from £899-£7,7249.99 according to the functionality and manufacturer. ‘Appliances are a key investment typically equalling anywhere from 25-30% of the total kitchen cost,’ says Graeme Smith.

    ‘If customers are mindful of their budget, they should ask themselves how serious they are about cooking and if they actually need the high-tech gadgets,’ says Lizzie Beasley, Head of Design, Magnet.

    How much does a budget kitchen cost?

    Black kitchen ideas with black units and marble splashback

    Image credit: Howdens

    Budget kitchens comprise mostly of flat pack furniture from the likes of Ikea, B&Q and Homebase. Once worktops, handles, appliances and installation are included the cost will be around £5,000 for a small to medium-sized kitchen.

    However, that’s not your only option. Trade suppliers such as Howdens offer budget kitchens, but you’ll need a tradesperson to purchase it on your behalf. Find a reputable kitchen fitter at the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Installation, a government-sanctioned institute for the industry.

    ‘The KBB installation sector is largely unregulated which means that registration or certification is not required to be a kitchen fitter,’ says Damian Walters, Chief Executive Officer, The British Institute of KBB Installation. ‘Our registered businesses undergo stringent criteria and compliance checks, providing reassurance for consumers. It’s always sensible to request references and examples of previous work, and to carry out online research for reviews.’

    How much does a mid-range kitchen cost?

    Image credit: Wren Kitchens

    At Magnet or Wren a small kitchen from one of their premium ranges including appliances, worktops and installation can be bought for around £6,500-9,000.

    The Used Kitchen Exchange is another option. Here you can buy ex-display and second-hand kitchens from high-end brands such as Harvey Jones, Tom Howley and Smallbone. ‘The savings are typically 60-90% compared to a new kitchen,’ says Helen Lord, founder, Used Kitchen Exchange. ‘Our used kitchens have minimum wear and signs of use. We also sell ex-display kitchens which generally have never been used.’

    How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?

    Typically for most high-end brands, these start at £20,000. ‘Our top design-led and bespoke ranges, which are more luxurious and tend to suit larger kitchen can retail between £35,0000-60,000,’ says Mark Mills, Managing Director, Mereway Kitchens. ‘However, a small project would cost from £20,000.’

    How much does it cost to fit a kitchen?

    Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles

    The location, size of space and number of units and appliances will all contribute to the cost of fitting a kitchen. ‘The amount a customer will pay for a kitchen installation varies wildly and will be dependent on many factors,’ says Damian Walters, BIKBBI.

    ‘Location, availability, preparatory works, product speciality and the property itself are just some of the factors that will affect the installation cost. In most instances, an installation will cost upwards of £2,000, which could increase to tens of 000’s depending on all those factors.

    ‘We recommend obtaining multiple quotations for installation. Make sure there’s a clear, itemised price for all elements of the install and a schedule of works. This should include preparatory works, fitting of appliances and, in some cases, clarification of materials to be used. There should also be a legally binding contract for service in place. This should specifically cover payment terms and the process required should a dispute arise.

    ‘It’s also recommended that some form of payment protection is in place. As an example, those that cover payments made by credit (cards and loans in particular). We would strongly advise consumers not to part with cash, regardless of the incentive as this offers no protection in cases of dispute.’

    Can I fit a kitchen myself?


    White open plan kitchen, with grey kitchen island unit, exposed brick wall and fireplace, industrial metal storage unit.

    Image credit: Future PLC/Tom Meadows

    This depends on your DIY skills and how complex the install. Fitting cabinetry is within the scope of someone with decent joinery capabilities. However, gas or electrical appliances have to be installed legally by a registered professional with the relevant certification.

    ‘Someone would need competent skills in carpentry, tiling, plumbing and building work,’ says Rated People’s Asad Choudhry, Glam Kitchens. ‘They’ll also need the right equipment. For example tools to cut and install worktops, cut tiles, and carpentry machinery. It’s important to note that a good kitchen fitter can make a cheap kitchen look beautiful and expensive. But an expensive kitchen in the wrong hands can have the opposite effect.’

    Damian Walters, BIKBBI, highlights, ‘Some appliance manufacturers and retailers offer an installation service that includes the removal of old appliances. Otherwise, these will need to be done by a qualified gas engineer (Gas Safe registered) or electrician (NICEIC/other regulatory bodies).’

    Our recommendation would be to appoint a professional installer. They’ll have a good understanding practical installations, legislation requirements and, importantly, trouble-shooting experience and expertise.  Installation is complex as it covers multiple trades, regulations and competencies.’

    How much does a new kitchen cost? Your budget may stretch further than you think

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