How to deter foxes from your yard and garden, without harming them

Erin Browne

If you need to find out how to deter foxes from your yard or garden, you have our sympathies. Foxes are beautiful and fascinating animals – they’re also notorious for causing mischief in residential backyards… If you’ve discovered that, once again, a fox has chewed on your outdoor shoes/garden hose, has pooped in one of your plant pots or spread your trash everywhere… Or if you’re simply fed up with your entire backyard smelling of fox, it’s time to act. 

Fortunately, it’s not actually that difficult to deter foxes from your outdoor space – they are quite shy and like routine, so once you’ve disrupted it, they will leave. Then, you can get on with exploring your favorite backyard ideas. 

1. Tidy your yard

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