I’m a cleaning expert – 3 things you MUST do for summer to banish pollen allergy symptoms

Erin Browne

DON’T spend your summer fighting allergies.

Cleaning expert Jessica Haizman spoke exclusively with The Sun to share her cleaning tips for reducing allergy symptoms.


Jessica Haizman shared her top cleaning tips for reducing allergy symptomsCredit: Lauryn with Photography By Lauryn

According to the well-known allergy medicine Zyrtec, summer allergies usually begin in June and end towards September.

To avoid the uncomfort that comes along with seasonal allergies, Haizman shared cleaning tips that can help reduce pollen and dust around your home.

“Obviously there’s other things that can affect your allergies like diet and what not, but when it comes to cleaning, there is a lot that you can do to keep those allergies out of your home,” she said.


Haizman first suggested that you start off by cleaning your windows.

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Besides cleaning the window itself, she said to make sure you get the window track and screen.

“Those can really hold a lot of allergens and a lot of little bugs.”

“I like to take my vacuum attachment and do the screen, and then just use a wet cloth to wipe it dry.”

Haizman said you can also use the vacuum attachment to get built-up winter gunk out of the window tracks.

“If you do require a little deeper cleaning, you can get an old toothbrush to scrub with.”

The cleaning expert said that if your window isn’t cleaned out, whatever is building up in it will get pushed into your house.


Warmer weather means you’re using your fans more often.

Haizman said to make sure to clean out your fans, as they can hold a large amount of dust.

To clean ceiling fan blades, she suggested putting a pillow case on the blade and simply just pulling the dust off.

“That’s a good way to get the dust down without letting it spread throughout your entire room,” she said.

After using the pillowcase, she said to go back up with a wet cloth to make sure you get all of the dirt off before turning on the fan.

“If you suffer from allergies, anything can help,” she said.

As for box fans, she said most can easily be taken apart from the back.

For smaller fans, she said you can use a cotton swab or cloth to wipe the blades down.


The cleaning expert also suggested that home owners and renters change out their air filter every 90 days.

“At the start of the warm season is a good time to filter your air,” she said.

Although a pricier option, Haizman said having an air filter makes a huge difference in allergy symptoms.

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“It pulls a lot of stuff that typically would form in the corners of the room,” she said.

She also recommended staying on top of cleaning and frequently wiping down surfaces to avoid a lengthy clean up day.

Haizman said to clean window tracks and dust blades to help reduce allergy symptoms


Haizman said to clean window tracks and dust blades to help reduce allergy symptomsCredit: Image Source – Getty


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