I’m a cleaning fanatic and my five easy tips can help you cut energy costs while leaving your home spotless

Erin Browne

JENNIFER Hall, who lives in Yorkshire, recently shared some of the easy ways she keeps her energy bill low on Instagram.

The cleaning whizz and mum of two says that you don’t need to go out of your way slash you bills.


Most machines have an eco setting already built inCredit: Instaqgram/@hall_at_home/

With the increasing cost of living and soaring energy prices, Jennifer says there are so many ways you can decrease your pricey bills without much effort.

Using the eco setting on your washing machine and dish washer is a great place to start, this setting uses less water at lower temperatures, meaning it will keep your energy bill low but still get your dishes and clothes clean.

It’s also vital to fully load these machines to help cut costs, half-full loads mean you’ll end up using twice the amount of energy.

Your fridge uses a lot of energy, but it uses even more when the door is open because it has to compensate for the cool air that is lost while you try and work out what to eat as well as the added light that’s needed.

Don't forget to close the fridge door straight away


Don’t forget to close the fridge door straight awayCredit: Instaqgram/@hall_at_home/

Luckily it’s an easy fix, just close the fridge as soon as you’re done fetching your lunch.

You could even go the extra mile and take a picture of the contents of your fridge when you restock it, so you minimise the time the door is open.

Jennifer’s next energy saving tip is to only boil the water you actually need.

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re making endless cups of tea, but the chances are you wont use as much as you think, but boiling so much extra is costing you some serious cash.

Don't overestimate how much tea you can drink, only boil what you need


Don’t overestimate how much tea you can drink, only boil what you needCredit: Instaqgram/@hall_at_home/

Outside of the kitchen, a simple change that can make all the difference is switching your normal lightbulbs to LED ones.

Lighting accounted for a whopping 15% of the average UK home’s energy bill in 2020, so this change can make all the difference.

Even better, keep them turned off during the day and keep the curtains open for some bright, natural light.

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Jennifer’s clever tricks are just some of the ways the you can reduce your energy bills, but her viewers loved the tips: “Such great tips! I need to stop over-filling the kettle.”

Another viewer added: “I will be doing all of these!! Our energy supplier has gone bump and now it looks like our rate will be double.”

A third quipped: “I always wait until I can do t he biggest load possible!”


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