Interior design trends 2022: What’s in store for your home?

Erin Browne

Interior design trends 2022: What’s in store for your home?

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Varnika Sharma

Mar 11, 2022, 09:51 am
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These interior design trends 2022 are sure to make your space more comfortable and bring a sense of personal joy.

Designing their own home is a long-cherished dream of many people.

So when you get the chance, you do not want to falter and make any mistakes.

But, it is easier said than done.

If you like to follow trends, then stay with us as we explore the interior design trends for the year 2022.

Read on, renovate and thank us later!

Chocolate brown in combination with other colors

Neutrals are not going to be huge in 2022. However, shades of brown are going to be immensely popular.

Chocolate brown specifically is going to be the main tone this year.

It might not be used on its own, but can be combined with other colors, such as oranges and pinks.

Expect full monochromatic walls in shades of different earthy browns.

Nature-inspired decor that is sustainable

Sustainability and being one with nature are going to be popular themes in 2022.

Besides nature-inspired colors like green, warm browns, and sky blues, you will also see decorative objects made up of timber and terracotta.

Marble bathtubs and stone surfaces will be popular.

People are bringing nature inside their homes by placing lots of plants, and even large trees.

Outdoor furniture still rules

Outdoor furniture will continue to evolve this year as well.

The idea is to develop a more sophisticated and refined space that is equally comfortable.

The trending colors here will be muted nature tones like leafy greens, bark browns, and whites.

If you have space and your budget permits, add a pool or a fireplace to make your outdoors truly cozy and relaxing.

Vintage showpieces and furniture

Vintage decor and antique items are going to hog your home this year.

These pieces are timeless and classic and you can never go wrong with them.

Besides, if you are looking to create a sustainable home, then vintage is the way to go as you are reusing old items, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Vintage even adds warmth to your home.

Travel-inspired interiors

Traveling and bringing back mementos and magnets has always been a thing to remind you of all the places you have visited.

Since people are traveling again, you will find a whole lot of travel-inspired decor in homes.

Incorporating art pieces from different places can refresh your memories and bring a sense of personal joy.

So wherever you go, pick up a special item.

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