Interior Design Trends for 2022

Erin Browne

Redecorating projects have been on the rise as homeowners feel compelled to refresh their living spaces. Following this trend, Rent Cafe analyzed the increase in search volume for various design styles in 2021 compared to the previous year to identify which gained the most popularity. Here is what they found:



  • Tranquil, zen, harmonic
  • One-year increase in search volume: 1,217 percent
  • Average monthly search volume: 3,820

Japandi is seeing the most notable rise in popularity, with Google searches 13 times higher than they were just one year ago. This style brings together the best of two worlds — Japan and Scandinavia — and focuses on creating a calm and clean aesthetic. It embraces natural tones and textures while simultaneously promoting peace of mind. The color palette is filled with neutrals and muted colors, as well as pops of accent and contrast to create dynamism. At the same time, plants bring in life, and warmer hues are used to create a livelier, more dynamic space.


Dark Academia

Dark Academia

  • Gloomy, dark color pallette, cool tones
  • One-year increase in search volume: 405 percent
  • Average monthly search volume: 2,020

Dark Academia is the second-trendiest design style, having spiked 405 percent in Google searches in 2021 compared to 2020. According to Rent Cafe, Dark Academic is a style endorsed by the lovers of literature
and art, promoting the passion for the academic lifestyle.

The overall aesthetic has a dark, gloomy color palette. Dark browns and shades of crimson or purple; heavy materials, such as velvet, metals and stones; and highly ornate pieces of furniture complete the look.




  • Vintage, patterned, bold
  • One-year increase in search volume: 217 percent
  • Average monthly search volume: 730

Grandmillennial has recently morphed from a range of decor options into a full-fledged aesthetic. The style is abundant, loud and evokes the busy homes of Millennials’ grandparents. Although it hasn’t yet reached the level of search volumes other styles have, it has gained traction in the last few months, becoming one of the designs to watch in 2022. This style is about reconnecting and rediscovering beauty in bold, floral patterns, pleated items, bright colors and mismatched furniture, according to the article.




  • Abundant, loud, eclectic
  • One-year increase in search volume: 112 percent
  • Average monthly search volume: 3,540

Using eclectic, rich colors and bold patterns, Maximalism creates an over-the-top design and makes any room come alive. According to the article, layers are key to this design to keep it balanced in abundance. Add surfaces for display such as bookcases, coffee tables or open shelves. Incorporating plants and other functional items can also help complete the look.


Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse

  • Charming, cozy, traditional
  • One-year increase in search volume: 24 percent
  • Average monthly search volume: 25,670

Modern farmhouse remains the most-searched-for design type on Google. As opposed to classic farmhouse, this style is less reliant on rustic and vintage items, instead incorporating the warmth and coziness of the farmhouse design with a modern and elegant feel. It also moves away from clutter and kitsch and toward a more sophisticated and clean design.

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