Kitchen island ideas for a statement kitchen

Erin Browne

Kitchen island ideas for a statement kitchen

May 10, 2022, 01:55 pm
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These kitchen island ideas will add to the visual appeal of your home.

Have you been thinking of getting an island installed in your kitchen but are confused about how to go about it?

The kitchen island is a built-in table that lies at the center of your kitchen.

It offers storage space, meal preparation space, space for coffee breaks, and a place for dining.

Here are some kitchen island design ideas.

Black & white color scheme with sleek fixtures

A black-painted wood island will add great contrast to your kitchen. Choose an island with light-colored cabinets and floorings to add a contemporary touch to the overall look of the kitchen.

However, not only the kitchen island, make sure that the appliances and hardware are sleek and stylish as well.

Install a showstopping butler sink to add a rustic touch to the modern style.

When choosing the size of your island, think about how much space you need to walk around the kitchen.

You don’t want the island to take up all the space. It will obviously be the main space in your kitchen, but it definitely doesn’t need to eat up all the space.

There is no one size as it all depends on your kitchen dimensions.

Mix and match stylish storage options

A kitchen island means adding lots of storage space.

Opt for a kitchen island with different stylish cabinets and drawers to ensure easy storage for cookware and serving dishes.

You can also go for open shelving to display some essential kitchen appliances.

Make some space for your cookbooks and chinaware on the island itself.

Cabinet size should be based on your kitchen items.

Choose a quirky shape with ample space for seating

A rectangular kitchen island is the most traditional and common one found in most homes.

However, ditch the rectangular shape this time and choose one that has an unusual and quirky shape.

You can opt for a circular or slightly curved shape.

Create at least 60-70cm space per person along the island to sit comfortably. You can choose chic bar stools.

Choose proper lighting for your kitchen island

Your kitchen island must be well lit to amp up its design and make it more useful.

However, it’s important to choose the perfect lighting.

Add some warm lights for a cozy dinner, and some bright ones for parties.

Pendant lights look great hanging over the island.

You can also install lanterns or overhead spotlights which you can adjust according to your preference.

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