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Erin Browne

LAGRANGE — The Lakeland School Corp., along with members of its building corporation, signed a series of papers required by the state that moves the process of selling bonds forward, raising the money needed to make $7.9 million worth of updates and renovations to school buildings.

Building corporation members met with Justin Glick, a member of the school’s legal counsel, to sign more than a dozen documents required by the state. Now signed, the school district is free to move forward with the process of securing and selling those bonds. Glick is a partner in the LaGrange law firm of Eberhard, Weimer and Glick. The money raised will be used to update air handling systems in Lakeland’s buildings, update security measures at the school doors, and replace roofing where needed.

The money is expected to be in the hands of school officials by mid-April. About that same time, the school hopes to be awarding bids to contractors.

“You want the money you get to be in your hands about the same time you award those contracts, that way, there’s no loss of time, and prices don’t go up or down,” said Bill Eberhard, the school district’s lead legal counsel. “You try to bring everything together at the same time.

Eberhard said the school hopes to see construction start as soon as school ends for the year.

In other matters, board members approved a new $400 stipend to be paid to members of its classified staff.

Traci Blaize, principal of Lakeland Primary School and the head of the school district preschool program, announced Lakeland has received about $225,000 in stabilization grants from the state paid to help shore up the preschool program. Blaize said that money will be used to help pay for school staff as well as create new outdoor classrooms at both the Wolcott Mills and Lima-Brighton locations.

The board also approved a recommendation to hire Marissa Lewis Permanent Substitute at Lakeland Intermediate, hire Denise Sluyter as a cafeteria helper at Lakeland Primary School, hire Massie Maskow as the junior high assistant boys track coach at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High, hire Tami Maxey as the Educator Rising advisor at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High, hire Mike Troyer as a volunteer track coach, hire Tara Stockert as an assistant varsity track coach at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High, hire Mike Bustos as an assistant varsity softball coach at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High, and hire Linda Burkhead as a substitute bus driver.

The board also approved the retirement of David Hughes as a bus driver, approved the resignation of Ben Morgan as the special education director, the resignation of Desirae Bach as the art teacher at Jr./Sr. high school, the resignation of Trystan Golemon as a paraprofessional at Wolcott Mills, the resignation of Drew Chrisman as a custodian at Lakeland Intermediate School, the resignation of Cassidy Roush as the junior high golf coach, the resignation of Ashlyn Maskow as junior high assistant boys track coach, the resignation of Miles Mast as the JV basketball coach, the resignation of Megan Hamilton as girls assistant softball coach at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School, the resignation of Bobbi Bustos as the Jr. Sr. high school cheerleading coach, the resignation of Brittney Stilley as junior high girls’ soccer coach, and the resignation of David Priestley as an assistant varsity track coach at Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School.

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