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The worries weighed down over a thousand years,
over a wish we made hoping for it to never vanish,
were only awaiting the answer of fate.

Wei Wuxian had heard of going against the flow, but to be honest, he hadn't thought that it would mean going against the flow of time.

On the bright side, the in-laws were perfectly civil. On the bad side, the wronged god which he had met in his past-future just awoke early.

Then Lan Wangji came along, and now there was a young him and a young Lan Wangji, along with older-still-handsome Lan Wangji, and wasn't that just delightful for a lesson in syntax to account for non-linear time?

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In a Cultivation World with a Cheat System (Xianxia inspired quest).

Kolarthecool said:

Lol that's true I suppose. But at the same time it's a good idea. Look at Library of Heavens path, it doesn't have such asystem yet I'm always flabbergasted when the MC is paid something like a mountain of coins or crystals. Seems a bit cumbersome.

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That's because of inflation. Not the normal economic kind, but the kind where the author dumps big piles of coins and such right away to show how valuable the protag's bullsh*t swag and loot pulled from corpses is. But then you have to go up from there, so either you use the magic credit card or the MC ends up with enough gold, gems and magic crystals to build a new island out of them.

Naruto is certainly small scale for most Xianxia. It works great for the early stages where people are usually just a bit over the 'super' line but quickly falls off when the scales get ramped up. If it wins then I'll certainly have to limit the capabilities of late game cultivators in this. Short of the reaching the Sage of Six Path's level of power, the MC would be too underpowered for late game stuff in most Xianxia.

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I mean, you couldjust say that most cultivators in this setting become like Human Bijuus once they reach a certain level of power or something, or that to reach the trueheights of cultivation requires becoming a Sage and then going from there. And the endpoint is stuff like the Sage of Six Paths, or just the Ōtsutsuki in general. Hell, Truth-Seeking Orbs alone are so versatile you could have at least a dozen different guys using them without any overlap in their fighting styles.

That said, being able to sink continents is really only below-average as an endpoint for Xianxia, IMO; honestly, I think our view on it just tends to get skewed by the reallycrazy stuff that often sticks out to us far more and thus becomes emblematic of the genre in our minds. The ones where you train for literal millions of years at a time and casually eradicate galaxies as an opening move are not the typical ones, just the ones that become memorable due to how ludicrous they are (and how several of them are often the ones recommended to people as "gateways" into the genre). In fact, I'd say the ones that have a better grasp on when the constant escalation just starts to wear thin are usually the much better ones.

I think they would fit in well for the low fantasy type stories. They basically boil down to special movement, defense and offense techniques. Not a single move is too far out of the bounds of most Xianxia. They're also less flashy and more efficient than some moves I've seen in other stories and can be easily improved as the user gets stronger.

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I actually meant what the fluff for them would be, and what kinds of cultivators would tend to practice them. Also what they'd be called, since the names are both Japanese and don't always sound setting-appropriate if translated. "Shigan," for example, means "Finger Gun."


Sours: https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/in-a-cultivation-world-with-a-cheat-system-xianxia-inspired-quest.45865/page-2
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