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Who is Shiva?


‘Om’, ‘Ohm’ or ‘Aum’ is a sacred sound that is known generally, as the sound of the universe. Om is all encompassing, the essence of ultimate reality, and unifies everything in the universe. The vibrations that the Om sound creates are thought to energize, the chakras throughout the body.

Especially the third eye and crown chakras, which help us connect with our Divine selves.which is chanted to connect with and energize the chakras.

The Om symbol represents the sound in a visual form and has a lot of meaning behind it.

Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols and is found throughout many ancient Hindu texts, prayers and ceremonies.

Elements of the Om Symbol

 The Om symbol is a combination of curves, a crescent and a dot. The meaning of the Om symbol, while purely looking at its visual form, the states of consciousness that Aum represents. The letter ‘A’ represents the waking state, ‘U’ represents the dream state and ‘M’ is the unconscious state, or state of deep sleep.  

In the symbol, the waking state is represented by the bottom curve.The dream state is the middle curve and the state of deep sleep is represented with the upper curve.

Om Shiva Tattoo, The crescent shape above the curves denotes Maya, or Illusion. Which is the obstacle that sits in the way of reaching the highest state of bliss.

The dot at the top of the symbol represents the absolute state. Which is the fourth state of consciousness and is absolute peace and bliss. This fourth state is believed to be the state in which someone could truly connect with the Divine.

Shiva is the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. Om Shiva Tattoo, The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. The other two gods are Brahma and Vishnu.

Brahma is the creator of the universe while Vishnu is the preserver of it. Shiva’s role is to destroy the universe in order to re-create it.

Hindus believe his powers of destruction and recreation are used even now to destroy the illusions and imperfections of this world, paving the way for beneficial change. According to Hindu belief, this destruction is not arbitrary, but constructive. Shiva is therefore seen as the source of both good and evil and is regarded as the one who combines many contradictory elements.

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Best of Lord Shiva Tattoos

Think about religious tattoos and Lord Shiva is perhaps the first thing that clicks. What else could rival his persona! Mahadev Tattoos have taken over the rage in the genre of religious tattoos. It’s been ages since this trend is ongoing and 2019 is no different. Surprisingly, the flair for Lord Shiva tattoo doesn’t just limit to Men. Women also find them pretty appealing and get their own versions of Shiva Tattoo.

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Curated below are some of the Best Shiva Tattoo done at Aliens Tattoo. If religious tattoos appeal you, you are just on the right page! Did you know Lord Shiva Tattoos are one of the most tattooed designs around the globe. It’s a matter of pride to wear something as powerful and unworldly. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and book yourself an appointment.

From small symbolic Shiva tattoo designs to full-sleeve tattoos, there has been quite a buzz about Lord Shiva tattoo designs done by Aliens. Shiva Trishul Tattoos, Script and Mantra tattoos like Gayatri Mantra Tattoo, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Tattoo, Om Tattoos, Rudraksha Tattoos are some elements that are often inked. If you are looking for greatly honoured concepts, Nataraja Tattoo, Shiv Parvati, Shiv Sati, Rage of Lord Shiva, Dancing Shiva, Shiva with the Third Eye are some great ideas. We have incredible great tattoo artists who can turn your ideas into realities.

Why opt for Lord Shiva Tattoos?

Does ‘Shaivism’ play an important element in your life? 

If your answer is yes, this is the right place for you! And we’re sure that you’d find something enchanting to tune in to.


Lord Shiva is the representation of the ‘Great God’ or ‘Mahadeva’. He’s one of the Hindu Trinity – Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh. Shiva is known as the destroyer of evil. The nature of destruction is cyclic in nature as it leads to recreation and then follows the same path time and again. There is a striking contrast in Shiva’s personalities and various avatars. The ‘Mahakaal’ destroys everything and ‘Shankara’ reproduces the same into something new. Lord Shiva is believed to be a unique symbol of masculine and feminine energies as the ‘Ardhanareshwara’ avatar. There is a significant mention of this, as Shiva is said to be inseparable from Shakti – ‘Parvati’. People find strong-rooted emotions in their life with this symbolism and the philosophy of ‘Shaivism’.


The connection of Shiva and meditation invokes the interest towards a permanent recall factor. There are many depictions that signify various aspects of Lord Shiva. Also, when these are attached with a client’s personal experiences it results in mesmerising and memorable tattoos. From Mantras to Poses, Ardhanareshwar to Shiva-Kali tattoos there’s a wide variety that appeals to our clients.

Here are Some interesting Shiva Tattoo design ideas for you!

Lord Shiva Nataraja Tattoo

Trance of Shiva Nataraja Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. This is undoubtedly one of the best and the most beautiful concept-art tattoo based on Lord Shiva-Nataraja theme made by Sunny.

You can feel the divine calmness and blissful state of Shiva flowing through this tattoo! This tattoo depicts the Nataraja form of Lord Shiva, a cosmic ecstatic dancer, being the source of all the movement in this universe which releases souls of living things from the snare illusion (Maya).

Nicholas, an amazing soul, travelled all the way from California to get this tattoo from Sunny. The aura with which this man walks is just incredible. When he saw this design he just loved it to the core. He extended his stay by a week so that we could finish this tattoo. This tattoo took 3 days to complete, day 1, Sunny designed it and the next 2 days for finishing the tattoo.

Aghorian Mystery Tattoo

The Aghorian Mystery Tattoo by Allan Gois at Goa Tattoo Festival, India.
The world of Aghoris is undoubtedly so mysterious. The myths that come along are even more interesting. But people hardly know anything about their rituals and practices and where it all started.
Aghoris are driven by one simple belief that God exists in everything and thus, nothing in the world is impure. Each of their practices indicate the rules recited by the universe even though they seem extreme. Aghoris believe in true human form, so, are bathed in ashes and no cloth most of the times. Many other practices like this, though considered to be horrifying by us mortals, are sacred to them because of their belief in being real and pure. They are devotees of Lord Shiva and believe in Shaivism.

Check this exorbitant Aghori Tattoo by Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoo India. This particular Aghori Tattoo is really unique because it speaks about a Lady Aghori. The tattoo portrays the control of the Aghori over all five elements of nature though Sadhana.

Exciting enough?

Gopisvara Lord Shiva Tattoo

Lord Shiva in Vrindavan (Gopisvara Mahadev) tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. The client is a hearty follower of Hindu mythology, specially Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. He devotes one month every year to the study Bhagavat Gita at Vrindavan, India. He believes his life has transformed spiritually and physically. So this time he wished to have the tattoo of Gopisvara Mahadev, it is one of the 3 rudras of Lord Shiva.
There is a very beautiful story about Gopisvara Mahadev and that is what this tattoo portrays.

The client liked our work on double exposure tattoos and Lord Shiva conceptual tattoos so he was keen on this style for his tattoo. Sameer, our magic illustrator created this amazing concept which portrays the whole story of Gopisvara Mahadev. Sameer is a rockstar at aliens, when it comes to creating illustrations!

When it was time for inking the tattoo, Sunny left no stone unturned to deliver the hyper-realistic portrait tattoo within a long, single, 16-hour session. Isn’t it fabulous?

Lord Shiva-Kali Tattoo

Lord Shiva-Kali Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens tattoo India. Again, this is some rad work by Sunny. The client is from Sweden, follower of Shaivism wished to get a Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali Tattoo on his forearm as a souvenir from India. He was so inspired by Sunny’s work on Hindu religious and mythological tattoos that he decided no tattoo artist would be apt for this work but Sunny.

However, behind this beautiful design lies the hidden artistry of our young magic-man, Sameer. Sameer took almost a week to come up with this amazing tattoo design. This design is a well-planned illustration, the metamorphosis from state of calmness of Lord Shiva to divine rage of Goddess Kali is just flawless. The red drifting strokes beautifully usurp this fusion of states. It is sheer pleasure to keep looking at this tattoo isn’t it?

Sameer has used a few references to build this design - Lord Shiva is the statue of Adi Yogi located at Booluvampatti, India, and the Goddess Kali is derived from the album art for Dan Simmons’ song of Kali. We are immensely gratified to share these amazing art and the artists behind it. Powerful tattoo, yeah?

Lord Shiva-Parvati Tattoo

The contrasting avatars of Lord Shiva – a Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Shiva, an entity that has never been understood completely by anyone and will never be understood. The union of Shiv and Sati is even more powerful and their love defines the divine energy, an energy that can make anything and everything possible in the world. They defined the power of love and unity. There has been no power greater than this unified love epic, ever. This tattoo typically attempts to tell a story about the great love, but it wouldn’t be complete if there’s nothing more to it.

Our client wanted some contrasting emotions to be displayed and Sameer worked out this magical illustration. Our Master, Sunny Bhanushali gave a form to this mesmerising concept and brought it to life! Don’t move your eyes until you take in all that’s happening in this one single piece. Lifelike or world-class? You choose…

Exuberance of Lord Shiva

Exuberance of Lord Shiva Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Yet another master piece by Sunny. Take a look at the details in this Lord Shiva tattoo, breath-taking realism work portraying the Adi Yogi. Such an exhibition of pure ardour and love for what he does, isn’t it?

His mad style of double exposure, high contrast, super detailed tattoos has become his signature style. This design is an unbelievable fusion of ecstatic elements of Lord Shiva, the universe, planets, Shiva on the pedestal watching over the flow of multiverse, the massive snake luring at his prey, raging humongous clouds circumventing the space-time portals, all of this inside the higher state of Adi-Yogi. The craziest composition you must have ever seen. Our client went bonkers looking at the final output. It was a long, 14-hour session. However, worth every second of it.

The client travelled all the way from Jharkand to get this tattoo from us. He loved Sunny’s past work on Lord Shiva theme and he was keen on getting this ‘Mortal Journey Of Lord Shiva Tattoo’ on his upper arm. We try our best to create new designs for every customer, that’s the speciality at Aliens. So, Sunny worked on a new design based on client’s interests and in no time he came up with this completely new design. AWESOME, isn’t?

Mortal Journey of Lord Shiva

The hexagon at the bottom symbolizes love, truth, harmony, reliability, equality and sincerity. Each of its sides depicts one of these emotions. The contouring lines beside them are used to define edges and create boundaries of the elements in life. The intense figure in the centre is an Aghori, an ascetic Shaiva Sadhu. He is the self-restraint disciple of Lord Shiva and is striving towards attaining enlightenment. And at the top of his head is a figure of the commander himself, Lord Shiva, metaphorically relating to the client’s late brother set on a journey in heaven with peace and harmony.

Double Exposure Meditative Lord Shiva Tattoo

This is one of the best Lord Shiva Tattoos done by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. The client was getting a full sleeve tattoo and this was a second session towards it. He wished to have different states of Lord Shiva spanning throughout his arm.

This custom tattoo depicts a meditative state of Lord Shiva and to make it more interesting, Sunny added architecture of the Shiva Mandir at Amarnath. He put around 2 days to create this wonderful double exposure digital art of Lord Shiva,  followed by a 14-hour session for completing the tattoo.

There is a myth that men are more inclined towards getting Lord Shiva Tattoos, but it’s not really the case. There are many women who are interested in getting these designs inked on them as well. The outlook towards tattoos is equally shared between men as well as women. These tattoos hold interesting stories and emotions that our clients share with the depiction of a Lord Shiva tattoo. 

There’s a range of Lord Shiva Tattoos waiting for you! What is your story? Does your jaw-drop when you see these amazing Lord Shiva tattoos? What’s keeping you from getting inked? Want to get yourself a Shiva Tattoo? Choose any option from the designs mentioned above, or visit our Malad Studio. 

We Aliens have got you covered!

Custom Tattoo Stories

What could rival Lord Shiva’s persona and power. His aura has attracted millions of people from around the world. Getting a tattoo done of Lord Shiva is a matter of great pride in India. Imagine having a beautiful piece of art that symbolised something so powerful and unworldly. At Aliens Tattoos, we have taken our clients’ emotions into consideration and have come with some brilliant Lord Shiva tattoos along the way. At our studio, we do quite a few religious pieces but each Lord Shiva tattoo design signifies him in a different light and brings out a unique attribute of his persona.

Here are some of our best Lord Shiva tattoos that have embellished memories for our clients. Something that they carry with pride and flaunt their faith in Lord Shiva with beautiful designs. These designs were customized to suit the client’s demands. These interesting stories are about people who’ve travelled specially to get the tattoos.


  1. ‘Nataraja Pose’ –

    The Nataraja pose of Lord Shiva depicts the dancing pose. It literally translates into the King Of Dance. This tattoo has fascinated a lot of our clients and depicts an insane combination towards the male-female unity and abolition of fear. Lord Shiva is also a symbol of music and dance, along with knowledge in contrast to his destructive abilities. This tattoo clearly excites people who are inclined towards various art forms as this tattoo acts as an inspiring force to achieve their dreams.


  2. ‘The Meditative Pose’ –

    The meditative pose of Lord Shiva commands serenity. The seekers of truth and those who are involved in meditation connect deeply with tattoo. Several different interpretations are possible with this tattoo. Some say, it opens up another dimension in the person’s life, but it might be just another mystery like those connected with Lord Shiva. It can be coupled with beautiful dot-work and mandala art to create fascinating tattoo designs. Clients rejoice this tattoo as it builds a sense of oneness with the divine.


  3. ‘Ardhanareshwar’ –

    This avatar of Lord Shiva is the combination of masculine and feminine energies. It has a profound meaning as it depicts the attached energies that need to act in harmony to maintain balance. The ultimate depiction of duality and stability, this tattoo symbolizes procreation. It’s a rage for clients who are looking for a realistic tattoo and they’re never disheartened.


  4. ‘Aghori Shiva’ –

    Aghorism is the symbol of primitiveness, freedom from illusion. They are ascetics who are no more interested in the worldly bonds. It denotes that outer beauty is temporary and inner beauty is immortal. The Aghori Shiva depicts purity and as he faces south it marks the destructive and regenerative element of Lord Shiva. The avatar when Lord Shiva became a wanderer, and abandoned the samsara is an astonishing imagery as an Aghori sadhu. This angry Lord Shiva Tattoo touches clients with a spiritual inclination.

Lord Shiva Avatar Tattoos:

Symbolic Lord Shiva Tattoos

  1. ‘The Trishul’ -

    The holy trident is considered to be the primary weapon of Lord Shiva. It is said to have the powers of the Hindu holy trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva himself. The three blades also signify the three gunas – ‘Rajas, Tamas, and Sattva’ as well as ‘Swarga, Bhumi, and Pataal’. He uses it to destroy evil. Clients have a strong inclination towards the ‘Trishul’ as it gives them a strong emotion with a sense of protection.


  2. ‘The Third Eye’ –

    Lord Shiva is said to have a third eye, which, if opened, has the potential to destroy the whole world. It is said that with the third eye, Lord Shiva is able to see all that is exists in the past, present and the future. A legend suggests that when the world was consumed with darkness, Shiva opened ‘The Third Eye’ and gave out light and energy to the whole world! The Third Eye tattoo invokes a lot of enthusiasm with its strong significance of that which is unseen yet always present.


  3.  ‘The Dreadlocks’ –

    Lord Shiva was also a wanderer. He was an ascetic that roamed the world for long durations of time. He had a rugged, long hair look in the form of dreadlocks. The trend behind this tattoo style is never-ending and keeps clients hooked.

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoos

  1. ‘Maha-Mrityunjaya Mantra’ –

    This tattoo is a rage amongst clients who look for peace and eternal solitude. It invokes a feeling of serenity to the client as it is said to conquer death. It comprises of three Sanskrit words – ‘Maha’ meaning great, ‘Mrityun’ meaning death and ‘Jaya’ meaning victory over death. It is said that it helps keep a better mental, emotional and physical health, it also gives longevity and immortality. These benefits attract many clients to get this Shiva Tattoo that signifies a strong meaning. The Mrityunjaya Mantra Tattoo can be inked in various creative styles, using calligraphy, trash style, and can be coupled with Lord Shiva and other elements to provide an appealing look.


  2.  ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ –

    This tattoo is a simple mantra put in a creatively striking way. It means – adoration to Lord Shiva or I bow down to the auspicious one. This mantra is chanted by all the sages and devotees of Lord Shiva to pay homage to the supreme God and creates a stunning look as a tattoo.  It demands a significant interest in people who want to keep things simple but meaningful.

Realism and Double Exposure

Realism tattoos or photo realism tattoos are significant for their soft feel and the life-like depth that they portray. Realism produces exact looking photographic images into tattoos and this form of art is highly appreciated in the industry. There are many interesting designs which command the aura of Lord Shiva with a realistic effect.


Double-exposure is a form where designs are furnished out of two different images and merged into one. This effect gives a surreal touch to the tattoos and adds to the awe-factor of the Shiva Tattoos.


These tattoos are specially carved onto the skin with special care. These Shiva Tattoo designs are custom made with the clients requirements to create awe-striking concepts.

Tattoos Symbolising Duality

  1. ‘Shiva-Kali’ –

    The combination of Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali is a depiction of rage and anger which is a mesmerising imagery of how one overpowers the other, but yet they are in sync. Such tattoo concepts spark a light in the eye of clients with its staggering look and insightful symbolism. The staggering power of beauty along with destruction in these tattoos is an amazing sight.


  2. ‘Shiva-Parvati’ –

    The depiction of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is an amazing combo of love and duality. This concept is attractive to many clients and connects with emotions of love. The ones who follow Shaivism hold this duo in high regard. This eternal tattoo design is in high demand when it comes to the youth as well as the elderly.


  3. ‘Shiva-Sati’ –

    The Shiva-Sati duo is a symbolism of relentless love, which depicts the strong bond between Sati and Lord Shiva. Sati was the reincarnation of Ardhashakti, and was bound to marry Shiva. This is seen as a specific connection between many couples as they connect with this story as their own. This form of Shiva Tattoo is a popular one amongst tattoo enthusiasts.

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Lord Shiva Tattoos designs are not just popular in India but also in other countries as well. Lord Shiva is one of the three supreme deities of Hinduism. He is the destroyer of the world. There are many different meanings of Lord Shiva tattoo depending on which form you opted for.

Here we have chosen 150+ lord Shiva tattoos that will look great on both men and women –

trishul tattoo on back

Lord Shiva Tattoos Symbols

1. Here is an old school lord shiva tattoo that is based on his sculptures founded in ancient lost cultures.
Shiva Tattoos

trishul with om tattoo

tattoo designs of trishul

2. If you wish to have Shiva’s trident aka Trishul tattoo then forearm is the best place for it. Here is how the placement would look like.
Amazing Black Ink Trishul And Pellet Drum With Sanskrit Word Tattoo

3. Shiva has hundreds of name. You can try Lord Shiva Name Tattoos.
Amazing Mahadev Tattoo On Hand

4. This is a beautiful mix up tattoo where the artist inked lord Ganesha (Son of Shiva) In the letter OM.
Amazing Ohm Tattoo On Arm Photo

5. One popular name of Lord Shiva is ArdhNarishwar which means half man and half woman. A tattoo of Shiva’s this form will represent your beliefs in equality among $exes.
Awesome Lord Shiva Tattoo On Forearm

6. This is a marvelous double exposure tattoo where the artist inked lord Shiva in the letter OM.
Best 3D Shiva Tattoo Design On Bicep

7. OM is the chanting mantra in Hinduism that brings you closer to god. Om tattoos are very popular. Wrist is the best body part to try Om tattoo design.
Best Om Tattoos Designs Ideas For Men Women

8. If you look closer then you will be able to see this amazing double exposure tattoo which shows Lord Shiva as well as a wolf.
Double Exposure Shiva Tattoo Design On Bicep

9. Another cool design would be Shiva’s Trishul and damru tattoo. It represents that you are an art-loving person who is not afraid of anyone.
Full Back Shiva Trishul Tattoo Design On Back

10. Ganesh is son of Lord Shiva and he is also popular globally. You can get a tattoo of both Shiva and Ganesh. Here is everything you need to know about Lord Shiva.
Ganesha Tattoo Design On Foot

11. You can add Sanskrit quotes to your shiva tattoo designs to make It even more meaningful.
Grey Ink Lord Shiv Hand Hold Trishul With Pellet Drum Tattoo On Half Sleeve With Sanskrit

12. Paintings and Images of Lord Shiva depict him with a ripped physique. So if you are going for a full body Shiva tattoo then make sure he looks like a supreme athlete.
Half Sleeve Lord Shiva Tattoo Ideas For Men

13. Shiva is a very peaceful god. He often spends his time meditating. A meditating Shiva tattoo will represent your faith in spirituality.
Har Har Mahadev Lord Shiva Tattoo

14. This tattoo might off{nd people. It shows lord ganesha on the face of might lord shiva.
Lord Shiva And Ganesha Tattoos Design On Arms

15. Nandi the ox is the most devoted servant of lord shiva. He is also Shiva’s favourite so a Shiva and nandi tattoo will be good choice.
Lord Shiva And Nandi Tattoo Design On Arms

16. Here the artist amazingly inked half lord shiva face and half trishul tattoo to show the dual nature of the mighty god.
Lord Shiva And Trishul Tattoo Design And Ideas For Men

17. Lord shiva has snakes lying across his neck and on his body. This represents his sacrifice for the greater good.
Lord Shiva Face Tattoo Design On Back Neck

18. Om Namoh Shivaay is the chanting mantra of lord shiva. You can try this mantra tattoo along with Shiva portrait.
Lord Shiva Tandav Tattoos Design On Arms

19. Shiva tested Arjuna in Mahabharta in the form of cavemen. You can opt for this avatar of Shiva as tattoo design.
Lord Shiva Tattoo Gallery

20. Lord Shiva has beautiful long hairs. So make sure you add this to your tattoo design.
Lord Shiva Tattoo Hd Images

21. You can base your tattoo design on many different statues of shiva. Here is one that is based on famous statue of lord shiva of kedarnath.
Lord Shiva Tattoo Ideas

22. Lord Shiva is also shown wearing the skin of Tiger. You may or may not opt for this in your design. The final choice is up to you.
Lord Shiva Tattoo On Bicep

23. Here is a traditional lord shiva tattoo which is based on the old school paintings of Shiva.
Lord Shiva Tattoos Designs

24. If you are looking for a minimal lord shiva tattoo then this is perfect choice which shows the trident, third eye, snake and damru.
Lord Shiva Tattoos Images

25. Here is new school lord shiva tattoo that shows him in his rudra form (angry form). This tattoo is suitable for fitness loving people.
Lord Shiva With Maha Mrityunjay Mantra

26. If you want to add Sanskrit quote to the Trishul but not sure how to do it then here is a variation for you that will occupy less space.
Maha Martunjay Mantr Tattoo With Trishul

27. Another popular name of lord shiva is Mahakaal. He is said to bring the end times on earth. Get this tattoo if you believe in it.
Mahakal Shiv Trishul Tattoo Design On Hands

28. Here is a unique style of Om Namoh Shivaay tattoo on the wrist which shows trishul and snake of lord shiva.
Om Namah Shivay Tattoo On Forearm

29. If you wish to get the Om namoh shivaay tattoo then get it in Sanskrit. Other language won’t do justice.
Om Namah Shivay Tattoo On Wrist

30. You can dedicate your om tattoo to your loved ones. Here the artist dedicated it to his mother.
Om Sign And Trishul Tattoo For Men Sleeve

31. Here the artist beautifully used the white and black ink to make an OM tattoo. This is known as dotwork tattoo art.
Om Tattoo Design On Arms

32. You can also use lord shiva tattoos as cover up tattoos. For this you have to choose optimal design like this.
Posts To Om With Trishul Tattoo Designs And Ideas For Men

33. Placement of tattoo can really make it look better. Here shiva tattoo on neck is giving this boy a really unique look.
Shiv Neck Tattoo Design And Ideas

34. Do not get any other tattoo design near your lord shiva tattoo. Because it would be disrespect of the religion and also ruin the whole design.
Shiv Tattoo Design On Arms

35. This tattoo of Lord Shiva on the back is inspired by the book cover of Amish Tripathi’s ‘Immortals of Meluha’. The book is a bestseller in India and tells the story of Shiva from a unique point of view.
Shiva Tattoo Design On Back Side

36. Lord shiva is also shown with rudraksh which has 108 rosary beads in it. He uses them while meditating. His devotees also follows it.
Shiva Tattoos On Hand

37. If you opt to get lord Shiva face tattoo then please check it on an electronic device first. In fact get a printout, before you go for the final design. This tattoo would have been better if inked carefully.
Shiva Tattoos Photos

38. Lord Shiva’s third eye can burn anything to ashes. Tattoo of Shiva’s Third eye will show a deep meaning. It will represent that you have burned all your desires and became a yogi.
3rd Eye Lord Shiva Tattoo Design And Ideas

39. Here is another version of Lord shiva tattoo which is inspired again from Amish tripathi’s books.
Shiva Tattoos Pinterest

40. If you look closely you will see that the trident of shiva also looks like the letter om.
Shiva Tattoos Studio Colva Goa

41. Forearm is the best place to get a lord shiva tattoo. But make sure that there is no tattoo near it.
Shiva Tattoos Tumblr

42. One variation that you can try with the trishul tattoo is by adding fire to it along with hand of lord shiva.
Shiva Tribal Tattoos

43. The artist should not have added damru to this otherwise perfect and beautiful tattoo design.
Shiva Trident Tattoo Meaning

44. Adding damru to the Trishul will represent that you do not wish to fight or get involved in the war but you are also not afraid if invoked.
Shiva Trishul Tattoo On Arms

45. The eye of lord shiva should be shown with fierce fire to give that scary look to it.
Shiva Trishul Tattoos Design On Calf

46. You can mix up two cultures and get lord shiva tattoo in Buddhist style. Here is one for your consideration.
Simple Shiva Tattoo Design And Ideas

47. Shiva has a physique like a supreme bodybuilder. This is the reason why many bodybuilders opt for his tattoo.
Top Shiv Tattoo Design And Ideas

48. Shiva is considered the source of endless power. A shiva tattoo will mean that you are linked to god and has devoted your life to him.
Trishul N Shiva Tattoo Design On Hand

49. Lord shiva tattoo can also be tried in feminine style. For example this Shiva tattoo is given a feminine look.
Unique Lord Shiva Tattoo Design On Thigh For Women

50. Lord shiva is known for his tandav dance. In the avatar of Natraj he is an ace dancer. You can get tattoo of Natraja if you love dancing.
Watercolor Lord Shiva Tattoo Design And Ideas

om namah shivaya tattoo

God Shiva Tattoo Design (1)

om namah shivay tattoo

God Shiva Tattoo Design (1)

lord shiva tattoo designs

God Shiva Tattoo Design (2)

trishul tattoo on back

God Shiva Tattoo Design (3)

om with trishul tattoo

God Shiva Tattoo Design (4)

trishul tattoo on hand

God Shiva Tattoo Design (5)

lord shiva tattoo design

God Shiva Tattoo Design (6)

lord shiva tattoo designs on hand

God Shiva Tattoo Design (7)

shiva tattoo on hand

God Shiva Tattoo Design (8)

lord shiva tattoos symbols

God Shiva Tattoo Design (9)

om with trishul tattoo designs

God Shiva Tattoo Design (10)

tattoo of lord shiva

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (1)

angry shiva tattoo designs

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (2)

shiva third eye tattoo

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (3)

trishul with om tattoo

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (4)

lord shiva tattoo meaning

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (5)

trishul tattoo on wrist

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (6)

lord shiva tattoo price

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (7)

lord shiva angry trishul

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (8)

trishul tattoo on neck

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (9)

om namah shivaya tattoos

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (10)

mahadev tattoo on hand

Lord Shiva Angry Abstract (11)

lord shiva smoking sketch

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (1)

lord shiva tattoo with mrityunjaya mantra

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (2)

lord shiva tattoos for men

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (3)

shiva tattoo designs for men

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (4)

om namah shivaya tattoo designs

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (5)

om and trishul tattoo

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (6)

tattoos of lord shiva

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (7)

lord shiva tattoo gallery

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (8)

shiva tattoos for men

Lord Shiva Mantra Tattoo (9)

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Which tattoo of Lord Shiva did you like the most?

Lord Shiva Tattoo inked By Mahesh Naidoo

150+ Amazing Shiva Tattoos And Their Meanings

Shiva is known as the Supreme Being, the destroyer of the world, and the transformer too which is represented by his three faces in many variations of the idols. He has many forms and whether they are calm or aggressive, they tattoo art of Shiva remains magnificent and alluring. Lord Shiva is considered one of the strongest and most unique gods in the Hindu religion because he represents a combination of both good and evil. He is usually considered the destroyer of the negative energy amongst us and let the positivity to flow within. This destroying attitude is often regarded as angry and wrathful which also explains why he is depicted in a rage most of the time. The same temperament is also shown because Shiva created himself out of nothingness.

The tattoo representation of this creator, destroyer, and preserver is so strong and powerful that it is demanded by people who are not related to Hindusim by leaps and bounds. Lord Shiva can b considered to be the lord of lords in Hinduism. He is, therefore, also called Mahadeva which refers to the supreme god. He has multiple names and forms like Nataraja, Pashupati, Bhairaava, Vishwanath, Bhole Natha, Shiv Shambhu, Neel Kantha, etc which become a part of people who get the idol tattooed.

One of the most distinctive features is his third eye on his forehead which is considered the “all-knowing” eye and stands as a symbol of destruction. He also wears a snake around his neck which is named Vasuki. Besides the Nagaraja or the snake around his neck, he also wears a crescent moon on his head. It is said that Holy Ganga flows through his hair too. He also has two other distinctive features. One o them being the weapon, called Trishula, and the other being his musical instrument, the Damru.

Meaning of Shiva Tattoos

As we know now, Shiva is the supreme of all the gods that are present in the Hindu mythology. Therefore, he is the most powerful god too. There are millions of people who are the followers of Shiva, especially those who believe in yoga too because of his meditative postures. When it comes to tattoos, people search for a design that reflects their spiritual beliefs and understanding and so they often accompany the Shiva portrait with his unique and meaningful symbols.

Shiva tattoo can be quite subjective because of his superfluous nature. The followers of Shiva or Saivites are the people who belong to the Hindu sect and consider Shiva as their supreme deity instead of a part of the triad, that is Mahesh, along with Brahma, and Vishnu.

Because Shiva is multifaceted and has many temperament and qualities associated with him, Shiva tattoos have various meanings. It could be both negative and positive. It could mean tranquility as well as wrath at the same time. Many people get the Shiva tattoo out of sheer devotion while others are more interested in Shiva as a symbol. Therefore, the meaning of Shiva tattoo is highly individual.

The same is true for placement ideas. A shiva tattoo on the chest means that you regard the lord very high in your life, while the portrait of Shiva on the back means that he is your guiding force in life.

Shiva Tattoos Ideas

The description of Lord Shiva tattoos can be given through three mediums:

  • Ony a true artisan can make all the difference by bringing the idol of shiva to life on your skin. Most shiva tattoos are in the form of the portrait with his traditional third eye on his forehead and his main ornaments, his weapon, Trishula which helps him bring havoc and destruction on to the evil and his musical instrument, the Damru. Shiva tattoos are usually large in size.
  • If you are not looking for something large, you can make a mini version of your large design. nay people also lean towards a more modernistic and abstract design in order to pay their homage. You can get just the script done in either Sanskrit or English text. Such designs work almost anywhere on the skin. It will also demonstrate a more peaceful and religious side to your personality.
  • Another way is to represent shiva through his major symbols like his third eye, the Trishula. the snake, the Ganga River, and even his beloved bull. You can also combine all his elements to tell a story of your life through the symbols of shiva.

Here are a few objects that you can consider to add in your Shiva tattoo designs:

1.Chants: Shiva being one of the greatest gods in the religious sect, and the most important one in Shaivism, has many chants dedicated to his name and dedicated to his power. The most common chant in Hindu religion is Om Namah Shivaya, which also has his name. Besides these, there are more chants that are bestowed to his name.

The chants are most often achieved in sharp letters with some crisp line too but many also opt for simple Om symbol or variations of it. Om or Aum is the sacred sound of the universe which represents the unity of everything positive.

2. Realistic Portrait: Realistic portraits of Shiva and his consort is one of the ideal choices for many tattoo lovers. While many also go for a colorful framework, but tattoos done in black are still more popular. You can add features like linework, footwork, realism, geometric patterns and many other styles to include in your design. The kind of patterns that you use can also tell about the meaning of the shiva design. Although photo realism is one of the most popular choices you can also go for a slightly abstract version of the Shiva tattoo to represent your creativity.

3. Colored Tattoos: Although most of the tattoo enthusiasts go for a black ink tattoo of Lord Shiva if you want to give a realistic depiction like that on the idols or paintings, go for some colors. Indian paintings and art are famous for their colorful portraits and you can add color to your tattoo to make it look brighter and more vibrant. While blue is the dominant color, you can customize the colors to make your shiva tattoo pretty personal. You can also think of innovative styles to make your shiva tattoo look distinctive.

4. Male-Female Depiction: There are some portrayals of the shiva tattoos that make the god look like a goddess. It might seem odd to some but those who are aware of the fact that the female side of Shiva is depicted to be his consort and wife, Parvati. Shiva and Parvati are often depicted as one body each half belonging to a male and a female. In other depictions of it, the whole body is masculine but the features are pretty feminine.

These sorts of depictions are not made up but stay true to the original texts in Hinduism in which there was not much difference between a male and a female. There are original shiva portraits that depict the idol of shiva in feminine features, therefore, it is pretty faithful t the Indian texts and scriptures. The feminine side of the shiva shows the balance of male and female. While the masculine side is wrathful, the feminine side is calm.

5. Shiva and Ganga:The tale of Shiva and Ganga is a long one and quite elaborative but the gist of the whole story is that one of Shiva’s biggest gifts to the world was to control the powerful Ganga river. IT was during the time when the Ganga used to flow over the heavens only, neglecting the earth to remain withered and dry. When a learned scholar altered the direction of the river, it cautioned to become a wrathful downpour that would absolutely engulf the earth in its fury. Nevertheless, Shiva stood in between the pathway of earth and heavens and stopped the river by capturing it in his long tresses and stopped the flow.

The lord trapped the furious river with his hair and was able to control her rage and then release her slowly into streams to earth. This is the reason why many portraits of Shiva depicts the river Ganga on his head.

You might need a skilled tattoo artist to capture the beauty of the Ganga river over the head of lord shiva so that it does not look like a lump. Fine detailing would matter in this one. Many also put a small feminine figure of Ganga on his head.

6. Shiva and Trishula: The picture of lord shiva is often accompanied by his weapon, the Trishula, which holds a lot of significance and represents the mastery of shiva over the three important stages of one’s life- waking, sleeping and dreaming and the past, present and future stages. Trishul outlines the three phases of consciousness – waking, dreaming, and sleeping, and it describes the three Gunas – sattva, rajas, and tamas. Keeping a Trishul with himself implies that lord Shiva is above all the three phases of waking, dreaming, and sleeping, and yet is the controller of these three states.

Here, the Shul means difficulties or distress and Trishul means the equipment which slaughters all kinds of suffering. According to the scriptures, there are three types of pain that arise in life:
1. Aadibhautik (physical)
2. Aadhyaatmik (spiritual) and
3. Aadidaivik (ethereal)

The thing that relives from all such distress is the Trishula which is considered the hand of the lord shiva itself.

According to a legend, he also smashed the head of his wife Parvati’s son, Lord Ganesha with the trident and late Ron had to replace it with the head of an elephant. Therefore, it has become the symbol of punishment to the people who commit evil on all three planes of the earth- spiritual, physical, and subtle.

Trishula is the three branches trident that the lord carries with him always. It also stands for the balance of will, action, and knowledge.

The gist of Trishula tattoo is the power that comes with it and Trishula tattoos are often seen as bold statements about the strengths and power you hold or aspire to hold. If you are looking for small shiva tattoos, a Trishula tattoo on the chest is one of the best options.

7. Significance of Crescent Moon: To express no-mindedness one talks of Shiva Tattva while the moon signifies the mindfulness. It is a bit confusing because this shows us to be mindful in the state without a mind to experience, express, and understand.

The no mindedness is actually the infinite consciousness that needs something to express itself in the real world. Therefore, the moon is the propagator of that mindlessness which is often seen on Shiva’s head. Wisdom is different from knowledge which does not need mind but to express itself, it needs a medium which is often symbolized by the means of the crescent moon.

8. The musical instrument, Damru: The Damru, in its symbolic meaning is the way in which the world expands and collapses. It is almost like a heartbeat which has its ups and downs. It is never in a linear line which if it was to be, would mean the end of life. The whole universe has nothing but rhythms which is the universal energy rising and collapsing. The shape of the Damru signifies the same. It s broad from the upper part and becomes narrow only to expand again.

The shape of the Damru with two sides far from each other and narrowed down in the middle represents two different sides of being and existence that are apart. The sound of Damru when it is shaken produces a Nada or an aim sound which is the sound of the universe and can be heard during meditation.

The Damru, with its sound, is also representative of the universe. The sound of Damru produces rhythm and energy which is the whole being of the universe. It has also been proven by science that the universe is nothing but made up of waves. Therefore, the musical instrument, Damru represents the non-dual nature of the world.

9. Significance of Serpent: The serpent is the symbol of alertness. It is when in the state of meditation, it is assumed that one is in a state of a deep sleep, but it is not so. Instead, the person is in a state of alertness. The state of meditation is also called the state of samadhi which is the inner recesses of consciousness depicted through the symbolic representation.

10. Shiva′s Tandava Nritya and its Significance: Many people choose to get a shiva tattoo where shiva is in a dancing state. Some religious scholars state that the dance of shiva which is called Anandatandava in Sanskrit is translated as the Dance of Bliss. The dance is cosmic which means that it symbolizes the cosmic cycle of birth and death, of creation and destruction. The whole dance represents the five principles of manifestation that is prevalent in this cosmos. They are creation, destruction, preservation, salvation, and illusion.

These five principles can be explained by their Sanskritized names which is also a very popular font when it comes to tattoo creation:

  • Shrishti′ – creation, evolution
  • Sthiti′ – preservation, support
  • Samhara′ – destruction, evolution
  • Tirobhava′ – illusion
  • Anugraha′ – release, emancipation, grace

11. The Shiva Lingam: The lord shiva is known to be born not as a physical form, but as Shiva Lingam. This lingam is usually black in color with strokes of ash on the top to it which represents the head. This lingam represents the masculine energy of God. It is one of the most common idols that is worshipped in Hindu temples all over the world. The lingam also signifies the mystery of creation.

12. Lord Shiva’s Blue Throat: The blue color of lord shiva which he is depicted in has a strong association. He is known by the name Nilkantha which means the one who has a blue throat. This is because of a little tale that led Parvati to stop the poison for rushing to Shiva’s heart which he has swallowed.

13. Rudraksha Necklace: ‘Rudra’ is the other name by which Shiva is known. The meaning of Rudra also means the one who is strict, while the ‘Aksha’ means the eye. The necklace that Shiva wears is called the rudraksha which symbolizes that he is strict and firm abut the cosmic laws which allow him to maintain law and order in the world. The necklace has 108 rudraksha beads which denote all the 108 elements that constitute the physical world.

14. Nandi, the Bull: Nandi the bull is the vehicle of lord shiva which he travels by. The bull, in general, represents both power and ignorance. The bull thus signifies that Lord Shiva, with his vehicle, is determined to remove ignorance through his power and spread wisdom.

15. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra: The Mool mantra which is called the Maha Mrityunjaya looks something like this:

ॐ त्रियम्बकं यजामहे, सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनं
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मोक्षिय मामृतात्

Many tattoo lovers get this mantra tattooed alone or with some components of Shiva. The mantra can be seen as a prayer to the Lord who is the creator and destroyer of life in the world. The prayer is to help overcome death. Here, death has spiritual meaning rather than physical death. The mantra is chanted in a state of meditation to request Lord Shiva to lead the devotees to the path of wisdom and deliver them from ignorance.

This mantra is also portrayed with Lord Shiva because he is often displayed as an ascetic who has a passive and calm demeanor. It is with this particular chant that he has been able to maintain his unnerving disposition. This is probably why Shiva is considered the supreme being.

16. Saffron and Ashes: Just like Shiva himself, his devotees,m the Shaivites are amongst India’s most ascetic people who perform meditation and yoga with ashes smeared on their forehead, a rudraksha mala around their neck and wearing a saffron-colored garment. This is the way that they can see the path of shiva and achieve their own inner self and self-realization.

17. Various Names of Lord Shiva: Many people like to inscribe Shiva’s multiple names on their body part as their preferred choice for tattoo design, here are the most popular ones:

  • Gangadhar: When Ganga came furiously towards Earth, Lord Shiva pacified her by taking her in His hair mat to stop her from drowning the earth. Because of keeping the holy river Ganges in his hair, He is known as Gangadhar.
  • Jatadhari: Jata means hair and it is because of the matted locks that he is fondly called as Jatadhari, by his ascetic devotees.
  • Siddheshwar: Siddheshwar is someone who is referred to as the perfect one. Lord Shiva, the creator, preserver, and destroyer of the world is Siddheshwar.
  • Trisuladhari: With the company of the trident in his hands, he became famous as brave and courageous Trisuladhari.
  • Dakhshinamurthi: As the teacher of the world who evades ignorance, He was lauded as Dakhshinamurthi by Adi Shankara in his popular book, “Hymns to Dakhshinamurthi”. It is also visible because of the fact that a great number of cults and groups came to be associated with Shiva which suggests that he had unlimited wisdom. He is considered as the teacher of the world and a father of all, who inspires his devotees to choose the path of self-realization.
  • Other Names: Shiva is ‘shakti’ or power, which gives him the power of a destroyer. He is regarded as the most powerful god of the Hindu religion and one of the supreme gods in the Hindu Trinity. Shiva is known by many names like Mahadeva, Mahayogi, Pashupati, Nataraja, Bhairava, Vishwanath, Bhava, Bhole Nath. With so many names and forms, Lord Shiva is conceivably the most complex of all the Hindu deities clubbed together.

18. The Third Eye: Lord Shiva is also known as the three-eyed Lord or Tryambaka Deva. His eyes have a lot of significance for his right eye is the sun, the left eye is the mound and on his forehead is the eyes of wisdom. It is the eye that kooks beyond ignorance and what is ordinary. It is the eyes that can search the evil from any part of the universe and destroy it with its power.

19. Half-Open Eyes: The half-closed eyes of shiva shows that the creation of the new universe is in progress. The completely closed eye is the meditating and observing phase and it is also the phase of destruction. As there’s open up, so does the possibility of a new universe which is free of ignorance and evil.

20. Tiger Skin: Lord Shiva is always depicted sitting on or wearing a tiger or lion skin. The tiger is known as the vehicle goddess Sakti who is the goddess f power and force. Shiva, on the other hand, is beyond any such powers. He is invincible and the master of shakti. The skin of a tiger or lion that he wears signifies this victory over shakti or any kind of force in the universe. Secondly, the tiger also represents lust. By wearing or sitting on the skin of the animal, shiva tells that he has conquered this evil too. He meditates and is on the path of self-knowledge.

21. Jata (Matted Hair): The flow of his matted hair that spreads in various directions represents Shiva as the Lord of Wind or Vayu, who is the elusive form of breath present in all living beings. Thus it is Shiva who is the lifeline for all living beings.

22. The Elephant & Deer Skin: Shiva is also seen wearing elephant and deerskin to cove himself. The elephant represents pride. By wearing elephant skin shiva tells that he has conquered pride. Deerskin is the representation that he has conquered the peacefulness of mind.

23. Forms of Shiva: If you want to get a tattoo of lord shiva, you can choose a particular form of lord shiva because he has multiple forms and identities. here are some of them:

  • Aghora: The first being Aghora (which resides in the cremation grounds)
  • Ishana: then Ishana (most often appears as the Shivalingam)
  • Tat Purusha: the third being “Tat Purusha” where He is meditating
  • Varna Deva: then Varna Deva (the eternally auspicious Shiva)
  • Sadyojat or Braddha Rudra: and then Sadyojat or Braddha Rudra (the old wrathful form). The last one of the forms of the Lord has the deepest connection to the Rudrakshas and Rudrakshas mala which can be seen as a rosary made of the dried fruits of the Rudraksha tree.
  • Natraja: In this pose the king of dance, lord shiva is paying his tribute to his devotees within consciousness or heart of a human being. Under his feet, he crushes the ignorance and evil which is called Apasmara Purusha, caused by forgetfulness. One of his hands is stretched upwards pointing to the foot that is lifted. It indicates a release from the bondage of the world. The presence of fire in this form represents the final destruction. However, this dance is also the act of creation that gives birth to new energies and vibrations.
  • Kailasapathi: As Kailasapathi, He is the Lord of Kailash, His Abode in the Himalayas.
  • Purusha: As Purusha, He is Iswara Himself.

Now that we know all about Shiva and his multiple forms, it is possible to say that as a form of body art, Lord Shiva designs can go anyplace on the body from your arm to your shoulder blade. However, giving the design a twist will clearly make it unique and stand out from the rest. Take a look at these 150+ Shiva tattoo designs for inspiration:

Shiva Tattoos List

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Arm

shiva tattoo

The arm is a great place if you are looking for some elongated pattern of Shiva on your body. Getting a shiva tattoo on arm would let you have the whole body portrait of him instead of a small version of it. In this picture, the image of lord shiva looks very fierce.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Chant

shiva tattoo

This tattoo has shiva in the meditating posture along with the Markandeya mantra which is said to the best mantra for meditation. However, it has a small tale behind it.

According to a legend, Lord Shiva came before his adherent named Markandeya who was fated to die at the age of sixteen. But Lord Shiva hindered his aging process just a few days before he was reckoned to turn sixteen. Making death not readable to him. Therefore, this mantra is also called the Markandeya mantra in classical Hindu texts as claimed by religious scholars. The mantra ought to be repeated 108 times. Most people repeat it twice daily, at dawn and at dusk. It is especially beneficial for meditation and yoga training.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Symbols

shiva tattoo

Shiva tattoos can be full of symbolic meanings like it is shown with this tattoo. YOu can see that there are more symbols added with red ink to the shiva tattoo who already has his own symbols like the Trishul and Damru with him. Symbols add depth to the meaning of the design.

  • Demon Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Shiva is known as the destroyer of the world when he gets angry. This demon tattoo is a representation of that. The four hands that are around the demon have all the symbols of shiva and it symbolizes that shiva evades ignorance and evil and paves way for bliss and enlightenment.

  • Full Back Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a majestic design of shiva tattoo. This tattoo is not just a shiva tattoo alone but contains all his symbols too. Undoubtedly, this tattoo design must have taken a lot of detailing and precision. The triangular designs around and in the middle of the tattoo look radiant.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Flowers

shiva tattoo

The image of Shiva is surrounded by many flower patterns which look quite beautiful. Probably it is because the masculine energy of Shiva is supposed to be balanced by the feminine flower design. The tattoo thus becomes a symbol of the balance of two distinctive energies.

  • Colorful Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo looks like the child version of shiva. The colors add a certain innocence and vibrancy to the design. This tattoo is all-encompassing and has all the symbols with the shiva. Notice the bright blue ink that has been used to portray the skin color of shiva.

The story behind the blue color of shiva is that the lord once saved the world from destruction by drinking the poison of Vasuki himself. Vasuki was a serpent that the gods used to produced water of life from. Drinking the poison gave him this blue tinge which is often depicted in the art form. It is in a way a reminder of his sacrifices.

  • Geometrical Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Adding geometrical patterns has made this tattoo design a combination of traditional and modern. The whole design is so majestic and covers the entire back of the wearer. The bottom half of the design is that of shiva while the upper half contains detailed patterns of different symbols.

  • Cosmic Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Here, the picture represents shiva in a meditative state. He is so deep in his meditation that he is almost levitating. This shows the relation with the cosmic energy. The same relationship is also shown by the means of planets that have been made along with the shiva design.

  • Trident Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

If you are a stringent devout of lord shiva, this tattoo is perfect for you. It is simple and not too flashy and has all the symbols of shiva without the portrait of Shiva himself. Someone who is looking for something low-key can choose a design like this.

  • Colored Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This colored version of the shiva tattoo looks very beautiful. Not only is it very vibrant but the colors add depth to it. It makes the portrait look instantly attractive. The mixing of colors makes the tattoo very lifelike. The wearer has decided to make it on his arm where it is pretty visible.

  • Radiant Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is one of the most common poses of lord shiva because he was constantly meditating to preserve his powers and make contact with the outer world. His aim in life was to propagate his teachings too. That is probably why many people who meditate and perform yoga are also the followers of lord shiva.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Ganga

shiva tattoo

The tale of how shiva stopped the goddess Ganga to destroy the whole earth is pretty popular. This is why many people like to get this representation of lord shiva with goddess Ganga on his head. Here the wearer has decided to stay away from colors and work with black ink.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design in Meditation

shiva tattoo

One of the most popular depictions of shiva is him wearing lion skin. The second one is sitting on a lion skin. Both of these images have symbolic representation. The lion’s majestic aura resonates with that of lord shiva. Shiva wore the lion skin as a sign of victory over his combat with a lion and also as a demonstration of his power over the three worlds.

  • Watercolor Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Although black and white shiva tattoos look quite majestic, adding a little color would just increase the picturesqueness of the tattoo. A little color would add vibrancy to the design. Here the wearer has not added a lot of colors but only some watercolor effect on the background.

  • Black Work Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Here Shiva is in state of meditation and on his forehead, which is the place fo this third eye, is the serpent. Shiva is also called Nagaraja, the ruler of snakes. However, the weren’t in this picture represents alertness even in the state of meditation.

shiva tattoo

This Trishul design with an om symbol looks a bit different. I am assuming it is because of the dot work that it looks pretty unique and attractive. The arm is a good place for it to be placed because of the kind of surface area it presents. It is also much visible from this pavement area.

  • Mandala Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Here the lord shiva is in his meditative state with goddess Ganga sitting on his head. The illustrations very neat and looks realistic. The special thing about this design is the beautiful halo that is visible behind lord shiva. It signifies that he is the enlightened one.

  • Shaded Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This one is quite a simple tattoo of Lored Shiva. You can only see the face of the lord and not the whole body. It is great for someone who wants to keep his tattoo small and simple. The major symbol of the lord is visible even though the whole design is done with the shadowed effect.

  • Trident and Damru Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The Trishul and Damru together ar oftentimes spotted when it comes to making shiva inspired tattoo designs. They are the major symbols that the lord always carries with him. Elongated places like arms and legs are pretty perfect placement ideas for such a design.

  • Furious Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Here, the lord looks like he is furious. He has often been called the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer, and here he shows his destroying capabilities. However, he wants to destroy ignorance and evil in the world to spread enlightenment and goodness.

  • Shadowed Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is the shadowed picture of lord shiva done with black ink. The halo-like object that has encompassed the figurine of the lord looks pretty alluring and makes the whole design look different. Below you can see some Sanskritized inscription.

  • Shiva in Dance Position Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Shiva is considered Natraja, the lord of dance and the people in Hindu religion consider that it is one o the most fierce dance forms done by Shiva. However, what most of the people do not know is that there are two forms of Tandava- the Rudra Tandava and the Ananda Tandava. As the name suggests, the Rudra Tandava is a fierce form of dance and the Ananda Tandava is done in a state of bliss.

  • Realistic Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This image of lord shiva is pretty realistic. It seems like it is carved out of marble. The embossed effect makes it look pretty 3D. The ornaments that are worn by the lord also look very realistic. Another feature of this tattoo is the shading effect.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Borders

shiva tattoo

Here the tattoo of lord shiva is in a rhombus-shaped figure. The tattoo represents a very angry or surprised form of lord shiva or one of his disciples. Could it be probably because of the disturbed meditation or because of the snake who is another central character in this tattoo design? It is quite subjective.

shiva tattoo

This tattoo design gives a very calm and composed look of lord shiva. He can be seen smiling with various other elements of his that have symbolic representations. The lotus has a halo behind it which is pretty great because it symbolizes enlightenment.

  • Abstract Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo can be said to be a mixture of modern and traditional. The modern elements of art like abstraction and geometrical patterns can be seen in this shiva design. Sure enough, this is one of the most creative designs on this list and the wearer has decided to make it right on his abdomen.

  • Powerful Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Here is a picture of a devout paying his homage to lord shiva. The workmanship is pretty detailed. The symbolic representation in this design is vast. The halo around lord shiva’s head is done in a beautiful dot work pattern. The shoulder provides ample space for a huge tattoo like this.

  • Detailed Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This design has been motivated by the artists because of its wide applications and the stunning symbol. The who design in itself looks very realistic as if it was carved out of a stone. The kind of ink used makes it resemble a stone idol. It is also done with precision which makes it quite appealing. The innocence and calm which is reflected on the lord’s face is the sole reason why this design would be chosen by a number of people as a symbol of harmony and inner peace. This design is pretty spiritualistic and mostly done by people who are a great devotee of shiva.

  • Brown and Black Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The major colors that have been used here are black and brown. The text that is written in Sanskrit just below the raging picture of shiva is embossed from the black ink. The temperament of shiva is that of anger and fury in this tattoo and displays his power.

  • Full Back Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Seems like full-back shiva tattoos are quite popular especially amongst true devotees who want to pay their homage in a different way. The benefit of having such a huge design is that you can fit in various components tell a story that can be personalized to your choices.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Chants

shiva tattoo 86 e1589602021300

Unlike other pictures, the look on Shiva’s face is that of calm and tranquil temperament. The lord seems to be lost in his meditative pose. The pretty halo behind his head looks very creative. There is also an om symbol right at the center of the picture.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Linga

shiva tattoo

A humungous design like this will be pretty much suited to some bigger areas like the chest, back, or thigh. Besides having the usual crescent moon, rudraksha mala, the third eye, and the snake, this image of lord shiva also contains his lingam which has a huge symbolic value in Hindu culture.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Shiva Chant

shiva tattoo

The devotees of shiva worship him by meditating and chanting this mantra, “Om Namah Shivaya.” The wearer has made this tattoo right on his chest with another Om tattoo which means that this tattoo is pretty close to his heart. It is a great way to pay homage to the god.

  • Amazing Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a full arm tattoo that looks pretty realistic. One can say that it doe snot need much detailing or colors and it looks better with black ink. The realism aspect of the tattoo is only potent with black ink.

  • Meditative Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Once again in this design, the lord is seen in his meditative posture while sitting on the lion skin. The lion skin shows his power in all the three worlds. He has goddess Ganga on his head which represents his power to stop the destruction. The halo around him is the emblem of enlightenment.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Shoulder

shiva tattoo

This design of the lord shiva tattoo is done right on the upper part of the shoulder where it is pretty visible. The tattoo is not too big and nor too small. It is just the perfect size to cover all the basic elements of lord shiva. In fact, the tattoo also has a chant below the idol.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Rudraksha

shiva tattoo

This tattoo shows a hand that has clutched the weapon of destruction- the Trishula. Along with the weapon are also the major elements of the lord that is the musical instrument, Damru, his rudraksha mala and the third eye that sees all the evil.

  • Aum Symbol Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

A simple om symbol is quite enough if you want something small and not too elaborative yet want it to display your sentiments. An om tattoo is quite a religious and spiritual means of expressing your sentiments. The wrist is a great place to get this tattoo inked.

  • Shiva Tandava Dance Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The Tandava dance is very specifically attached to the name of Lord Shiva. This is both a dance of destruction and that of bliss. It is considered to be one of the most ferocious dance forms done by any god or goddess in Hindu mythology.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design Under A Tree

shiva tattoo

Here the lord is seen sitting in his favorite posture of meditation. He is seen in a relaxed and calm temperament here as he meditates under a tress. This tattoo design is great for some who is a true devout of shiva and wants his blessings in every step of his life.

  • Trishula and Third Eye Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This Trishula design is pretty innovative. Right in the middle, it is adorned with a beautiful gem. although the tattoo is not colored and done just using black ink, the beauty of the design is very apparent. The equipment is also supplemented with a tiny Om symbol right at the middle and the third eye of enlightenment.

  • Small Shiva Tattoo Design On Back

shiva tattoo

The Damru and the Trishul have known to be the favorite requirements of lord shiva without which he does not move about. One is the weapon of destruction and the other one is the force of the universe. The two equipment symbolizes his power as a creator, preserver, and destroyer.

  • Colorful Third Eye Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This design is pretty simple with a Trishul, a serpent, ash mark, and their eye. However, it is different from the rest because of the colors that have been given to the third eye of the lord. The blue color is associated with acceptance and calm temperament while the other eye has a red color which is associated with rage and anger.

  • Smoking Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

It is quite surprising that lord shiva is often depicted as smoking a weed in many of his portrays But this has a great significance. Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years and is also considered a sacred plant in the Hindu religion. The lord first encountered the plant during the great Samundra Manthan.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Ganesha

shiva tattoo

Shiva is known as Pashupati or the lord of the animals that means the souls that are attached to darkness, governing them from his boundless knowledge. Ganesha, on the other hand, is known as Ganapati or the master of the group. He is the chieftain or head of the animals, the leading of which is the elephant and shows Shiva’s mindfulness in manifestation.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design In Meditative Posture

shiva tattoo

Here Shiva is untroubled by any external forces and is busy meditating. Most of the pictures of Shiva are seen in this posture because he believes that it is only through meditation that one can evade ignorance and set foot on the path of enlightenment.

shiva tattoo

The om is the sound of the universe. This sound is considered to be the first sound from which everything else was born. Therefore, it is in the sound vibration of ‘om’ that everything lies. Just like Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Thus the very pillars of our Universe, of matter and consciousness, seem to recline in sound vibration.

  • Big Shiva Tattoo Design On Shoulder

shiva tattoo

This is a very simple Shiva tattoo done on the shoulder. Here, the shiva is seen with a  side face. The temperament of the lord looks calm and soothing, with his lock over the most powerful equipment, Trishul.

  • Standing Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

In this tattoo design, the focus of the wearer is on the strength of the lord. The lord has been seen as very muscular in this image. Probably the wearer wants something powerful to keep him inspired wth this tattoo design because Shiva has also been known as the strongest god in Hinduism.

  • Rudra Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This design on the upper shoulder of the man displays the components of Shiva like Rudra mala, the Trishul, Damru, the third eye of enlightenment, and the symbol of om. Below all the elements are the word “Rudra” written in Hindi and English text.

  • Raging Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The raging image of Shiva has been delicately done by the tattoo artist in this picture. Shiva is known to be the wrathful one. He is the destroyer and the creators of the universe. If you can notice the om symbol in the middle o the design also had an infinity symbol with it. This way, you can personalize your design too.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Tiger

shiva tattoo

The image of the tiger is related to power and strength which also reflects the basic nature of shiva, the head of all the gods himself. The lord is often seen meditating on a tiger skin and wearing one as a garment too. It shows his victory over evil and the power of his strength.

  • Creative Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a very creative design that represents half the face of lord shiva with the other half replaced by the majestic weapon, Trishula. The tattoo is also supplemented by the flower of enlightenment, lotus, and gems and stones. This tattoo shows the majesty of lord shiva.

  • Shaded Black Ink Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This shiva design is shaded in black and looks very mysterious. It s made right above the west and covers the whole arm. The lord shiva is sitting in a very peaceful and quiet environment with his eyes closed for meditation in tranquility.

  • Full Body Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Once again a full back lord shiva tattoo is beautifully presented in this image. Lord Shiva is seen meditating in the primary image. There is also a picture of lord shiva and Parvati, his consort right below the huge image of shiva meditating. All the elements are beautifully presented here.

  • Peaceful Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This peaceful image of lord tattoo is full of radiance and glory. His facial features look at peace and calm. I like the triangular images down below the portrait where it represents the three worlds. When facing up, they symbolize balance and control, when facing down they become unstable. The triangle is essentially a masculine shape, but when transposed it also symbolizes female portrayal. In spirituality, triangles denote the unity of body, mind, and spirit.

  • Beautiful Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The portrait of shiva in meditation is combined with a lot of geometrical images. It is a combination of the new form of art with the old. His head is seen radiating into a halo which means that he has gained enlightenment and is far from ignorance.

  • Peaceful Meditative Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The image of lord shiva in the meditative state looks very peaceful. The unique part of this tattoo is the way the halo has been represented. It also has some Sanskrit alphabets inscribed in it.

  • Traditional Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

It looks like a very ancient depiction of lord shiva in his dance pose, The lord is called Nataraja, the lord of dance, and this image displays the emotion well. This tattoo design looks like it has been taken straight out of some history books and it has also done justice to it.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Temple

shiva tattoo

Just like we see the image of goodness Ganga on the top of the head of lord shiva, here we see the image of a temple beautifully carved with all its details on his head. The shape of the temple and its positions such that it has replaced the hair of the lord.

  • Unique Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This image of lord shiva is beautifully made. He is seen meditating over the lion’s skin like he usually does. The design has a lot of geometrical and dot work art in it. I like the halo which is made out of the om symbols and represents a deeply spiritual and religious aspiration.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design Outline

shiva tattoo

Sometimes you do not need many colors or other extra elements to fill your tattoo designs, especially if it such a huge tattoo like this one. Here the tattoo has covered the entire back  but the wearer has refrained from filling in any colors in the design. The outline of the shiva looks equally enchanting.

  • Full Arm and Shoulder Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This design looks very masculine and powerful, I must say. The om symbol has been highlighted against the red backdrop. The shiva stands atop right where the shoulder begins pointing at his position in the wearer’s mind. This whole arm design looks very creative.

  • Tiger and Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Once again a beautiful picture of shiva meditating on his tiger skin but in this design, the features of tiger have been elaborately drawn so as to focus more on power and strength. This image also shows a balance between the peaceful and calm features of shiva while the ferocious looks of the tiger.

  • Dot Work Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The first look that one gives is on the beautiful and decorative halo work that is behind the head of lord shiva. The halo is made in the form of a flower done with some beautiful dot work. However, the meaning for halo remains the same, that is, enlightenment.

  • Black and White Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a beautiful description of the shiva tattoo that has been made here. The unclad body covered with ashes or just a robe made ou of lion skin has much significance. It shows the life of an ascetic. This image of Lord Shiva shows that Lord Shiva’s existence is much greater than the real-life happenings that are going on in the world. As per some religious scholars, Shiva’s naked body covered with cemetery ash points to the theory of life and death and how death is the intimate reality of life and must be accepted.

  • Om Namah Shivaye Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is the om Namah Shivaya design of lord shiva with a swastika and an om symbol. There are many forms of lord shiva and in His Mahamrityunyaya form, Lord Shiva is seen as the great defeated of death and provider of life. The Mahamrityunjaya mantra is based on a true tale where he gave life to a saint. It is one of the two main mantras of the Vedas, along with the Gayatri mantra. It is chanted during the deep state of meditation to remove ignorance, death, and disease.

  • Warrior Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

As we already know, Lord Shiva has made his place amongst the Hindu gods as the most unique and powerful one. He is the lord of the lords and ha many forms of creator, destroyer, and preserver of this universe. This is because he is in total command of the planets and cosmos. His forms contain both good and evil. The most distinctive feature of shiva is the third eye that is right between his forehead which denotes enlightenment. Othe of his main elements include the snake Vasuki around his neck, the crescent moon adorning his head, the sacred river Ganga emerging from his matted hair, the Trishula as his armament, and the Damru as his musical apparatus. This picture of shiva serves to bless the devotees with grace, knowledge, and peace by the means of penance, enlightenment, and meditation.

shiva tattoo

Shiva tattoo does not have to be collaborative and all-encompassing. They can be as sleek and small as this one that fits right on the arm. Here, the Trishul tattoo looks quite enchanting probably because of the fact that this been beautifully engraved and adorned.

  • Roaring Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Lord Shiva is often called the auspicious one but this roaring picture might say otherwise. This is because he has multiple forms. He is both good and evil. He is one such deity that is worshipped by the Shaivites in India. He is known to have a far more complex personality than other gods in the Hindu religion. This is because he has contradictory qualities. He is mostly seen as meditating in tranquility or roaring and training fiercely like in this tattoo design. He is both the destroyer as well as the creator of the universe. He is an ascetic but at the same time the symbol of sensuality. He is the benevolent herdsman of souls and the fierce fighter too. Originally known as Rudra, the lord shiva was addressed as a minor deity mentioned only three times in the Vedas.

  • Mahadev Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

A simple way to depict the tattoo design of lord shiva to get this ‘Mahadev’ tattoo. This is simple and written in Sanskritized text format. Mahadev is literally translated to the lord of the lords and t is an appropriate title to describe lord shiva too.

  • Triangle Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Here the triangle, which is the union of the body, mind, and the soul  in the universe encompasses the chant ‘om Namah Shivaya.’ It is very significant because this is what lord shiva stands for too. The design is supplemented by a Trishul and a Damru too.

  • Abstract Shiva Tattoo Design on Arm

shiva tattoo

This is the abstract tattoo art which depicts a Sanskrit letter and the image of lord shiva inside it. It is a pretty creative way to show the reverence fo the lord by making such a creative tattoo design. A tattoo like this does not even need many colors or elements.

  • Shading Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a shaded image o flood shiva with his snake on the neck. The features of lord shiva are pretty grave in this design. He and his multiple forms are an example of the same. The shaded effect makes the design look very realistic. This design is fit to be made at various places on the body.

  • Angry Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is quite an angry image of lord shiva. Shiva is considered to be the  ‘shakti’ or power. He has the power of the destroyer and is considered to be the most powerful god of the Hindu religion and one of the leaders of the gods in the Hindu Trinity. Lord Shiva is known by multiple names like Mahadeva, Mahayogi, Pashupati, Nataraja, Bhairava, Vishwanath, Bhava, Bhole Nath which depicts his multi-faceted personality too. Lord Shiva is essentially the most complicated of Hindu gods. In the form of body art, the designs depicting Lord Shiva can be placed anywhere on the body from your arm to your shoulder blade but you can make it personalized by adding your own twist to it.


  • Om Shiva Tattoo Design on Shoulder

shiva tattoo

The tattoo here is a combination of many components of shiva here. The main attractive element is the horns of shiva’s vehicle, the bull called Nandi which means ‘joyfulness’. Other aspects that you can see are the third eye and the lotus flower which are two symbols that point towards enlightenment.

  • Trishula Shiva Tattoo Design With Chants

shiva tattoo

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is amongst one of the oldest and most vital Mantras in Hindu mythology. It has both religious and spiritual importance. This mantra that you can see in the picture belongs to Lord Shiva.

The name ‘Mahamrityunjaya Mantra’ is a combination of three Hindi language words, that is, ‘Maha’, which means great, ‘Mrityun’ means death and ‘Jaya’ means victory, which together means to conqueror victory over death. Other names for it are ‘Rudra Mantra’ or ‘Trayambakam Mantra’. The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra which is associated with Shiva is actually have been said to be created by Rishi Markandeya. The Moon was once in a grave problem due to a curse given by King Daksha. To resolve this, Rishi Markandeya gave the Mahamritryunjaya Mantra to Sati, Daksha’s daughter, to save the Moon.

  • Gorgeous Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a simple shiva tattoo design with his main elements and a lingam. The best part of making shiva tattoo on the arm is that it is clearly visible from here. Lord Shiva is often displayed to be as the supreme ascetic who is busy in his meditation and path to self-recovery. He has a passive and composed disposition and that is what the tattoo artist has wanted to capture in this particular design too. No matter how complicated this diety is in the Hindu religion, it is one of the most fascinating ones.

  • Lifelike Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This lifelike shiva image looks pretty exquisite. I love how the lower part of the tattoo is the lotus flowers that symbolize enlightenment and wisdom. It is the main aim of shiva too to spread the same in the world and eradicate the universe of darkness and ignorance.

  • Black Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo portrays the black and white image of the Hindu god of destruction, that is lord shiva, who is the supreme god. He is also considered to be the god of yogis too. Amongst the tattoo lovers, he is immensely popular because of his personality. Those who want to showcase their spiritual and religious beliefs favor getting shiva tattoo designs on their skin.

It is said that Hindu gods were not really mythological or just in fables and imagination. They were actually flesh and blood and existed in real life. They achieved their place because of all the good karma, the deeds, that they did in their life. Many religious scholars say that Vishnu and Mhandev are not individual names but are titles instead to honor the person who has the potential to be great leaders and become god-like. This tattoo is a representation of the same.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Neck

shiva tattoo

Getting a tattoo on the nape of the neck is extremely popular. However, the downfall is that it can not be too big. For the neck, you need a smaller version of your tattoo design. The positive aspect is that you can hide it easily whenever you want so that it remains personal to you. Here, the wearer has got the name of the lord inked on her neck.

  • Modern Art Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a modern shadowed art form that represents Shiva in a meditative posture, smiling because he represents a calm and tranquil demeanor. This tattoo is great if you do not want something too elaborative for your body ink. The size depends on the place area that you choose.

  • Unique Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The chant that is presented in this tattoo is actually pointing towards achieving moksha. By Moksha, the lord is actually taking us out of the world of illusion that is Kama, Krodha, Moha, Mada, and Lobha to make us realize things that are beyond this and takes us towards the true purpose of existence. Therefore, this power of destruction that these objects in the tattoo symbolize has great power.

The destruction opens a path for the new creation of the world and peace in the world. It is a new opportunity for the beauty and the ignorance to fold away. Known as Satyam, Shivam, and Sundaram which symbolizes the Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, Lord Shiva portrays the essence of pure goodness and godliness. Many shiv enthusiasts get themselves inked especially on Maha Shivratri which is a great Hindu festival that honors lord shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati.

  • Third Eye Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattooshiva tattoo

The third eye of Lord Shiva is a symbol of victory of good over evil, and of knowledge over ignorance. The om symbol is made in a beautiful font that symbolizes the creation o the universe and without destruction, a new beginning is not possible. Therefore, destruction and creation go hand in hand.

  • Om Namah Shivaye Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a beautiful representation of lord shiva with om Namah Shivaya written in Sanskrit text and goddess Ganga sitting atop his head. The addition of flora makes it a bit more attractive.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Upper Back

shiva tattoo

Getting a design on the top of the back is a great option. It provides a great amount of space for the tattoo and is easily customizable. Like all other common tattoos of lord shiva, this too has the main symbols of the lord present in it.

  • Creative Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This one is indeed a unique tattoo of lord shiva. Lord Shiva is often seen as the supreme ascetic who has a passive and calm demeanor and that is what has been captured in this tattoo too. The tattoo shows the ascetic and meager life of the lord in search of enlightenment and if you are on the same track, this design would suit you the best. He might be one of the most complex deities in the realm of gods and goddesses in India but still is considered one of the most fascinating of Hindu gods.

  • Outline of Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

You do not have to do much with your lord shiva tattoo to show your reverence towards him. Just a simple tattoo of the portrait of lord shiva is enough. In fact, this outline of lord shiva is pretty simple and looks very minimalistic too.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Wrist

shiva tattoo

The wrist is one of the great places to get a small and minimalistic design. Although shiva designs are very large, you can still get a smaller one done for yourself. This wearer has combined both the shiva and Ganesha symbols into one which makes the whole design more significant.

  • Om and Trishula Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a simple symbolic tattoo to pay reverence to lord shiva. The design is done with bold black outlines while the inside of it is done with red color. The red color is quite appropriate for a shiva tattoo because of the connotations of fire and anger it holds which resonates with the personality of Shiva himself.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Chest

shiva tattoo

The flower design at the top gives femininity to the shiva tattoo design. In general, Lord Shiva is said to be having the attributes of half man and half woman. In the full figure of Siva, the male and female attributes are often united. The evidence of this is the Shiva Linga which is the symbol of Lord Shiva that shows both the male and female reproductive organs, Lingam (phallus) and yoni (the female organ). This symbolizes the wholeness of his nature and the actual nature of all created existence.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design with Feather 

shiva tattoo

This tattoo looks very beautiful. Although it will attract the female shiva followers more, even boys can apply this kind of tattoo. The Trishula is joined with a beautifully made feather of a bird that looks lovely! Even the om symbol made in between the Trishul and feather makes a heart-shaped. It shows the utmost devotion to lord shiva.

shiva tattoo

This is a simple and symbolic tattoo to pay homage to the lord and can be made on any part of the skin. The arm is quite a suitable place for this tattoo because the tattoo is quite visible from here.

  • Pleasing Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The om, Trishul, and the third eye together hold a great significance not just in Hindu culture but other eastern cultures as well. The om is the cosmic sound and vibration that is responsible for the creation of the earth. The Trishula represents the three states of being, while the third eye is the seeker of knowledge and eliminated ignorance. All these tree symbols together represent creation and have long been a part of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain meditative rituals and practices.

  • Male-Female Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a great depiction of Shiva and his wife Parvati. Shiva’s female consort and wife is Parvati, who is his second wife. It is due to his generosity and love for his wife Parvati that Shiva is also considered to be an ideal husband for many. The couple together with their sons is a role model for an ideal family too. The family, besides the couple, consists of the six-headed Skanda and the elephant-headed Shiva reside on Mount Kailasha in the Himalayas. This tattoo is a perfect example of the love that a couple must share.

Lord Shiva is also said to be someone who can’t be separated from Shakti that is another name for his wife, Parvati the daughter of Himavaan who is also called Haimavati. There is no Shiva without Shakti and no Shakti without Shiva. The two are one or what is known as the absolute state of being.

  • Symbolic Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The whole tattoo is made with black ink but to break the monotony of the design, a little om symbol with red ink has been added. It is quite a creative way to keep things a little less boring and add a zing to the design.

  • Dancing Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Lord Shiva is the dancing god with one of the most ferocious kinds of dance performances. He is always seen in meditating form or dancing form. His dance, called Tandava, is done on the rhythm of creation. In many representations, he is shown with multiple hands. Here, one pair represents a balance of life and death. Shiva is also seen with three eyes, making him Tri-Netra, and with a blue neck, becoming popular as Neel Kantha because of the position he drank to save the world from destruction. There are many more associations related to Lord Shiva.

  • Full Back Black Ink Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

The full-back tattoo of the lord is made graciously. It might have taken a lot of patience on the part of both the artist and the wearer for such a big tattoo. Here Lord shiva is seen meditating peacefully, with Nandi, the bull, right across the lord. The mountains in the background make for a serene atmosphere.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Side Arm

shiva tattoo

This Damru and Trishul are made right on the arm of this wearer. You can add some colors to it to make it appear a bit more vibrant.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Thumb

shiva tattoo

The thumb is a good part to make a tattoo if you want a small tattoo design for yourself. Tattoos on fingers and thumb are quite trending now. Not only are they small but still quite visible too. This makes for a win-win situation for the wearer. Here the wearer has opted to keep only the front part of the Trishul.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design Creative

shiva tattoo

This design is pretty creative with half Trishul and half shiva face pattern. The damru right in the middle makes for another interesting element that is unique to the lord. Although the design is made using pretty basic elements, it is still done in a creative way.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Back Center

shiva tattoo

This Trishul is accompanied by an om symbol. The wearer has made this small tattoo on the upper back so that it is quite visible. It is a great placement especially for girls so that it can be visible at any time possible. Although this design is done in black and white, it still looks pretty.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design Realistic Look

shiva tattoo

This Trishul design is beautifully made with many patterns engraved on it. It is also accompanied by a damru and a rudraksha mala. All of the three elements are very important symbols of Lord Siva. The arm is a great placement idea for such designs.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design on Front Arm

shiva tattoo

This design is an amalgamation of modern and traditional art wor. The om is carved inside the Trishul very beautifully. The whole design is colored in a way to make it look realistic and have a deep impact on the wearer and the onlookers too.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Skull

shiva tattoo

Shiva is known as the destructor of all the evil that is in the world. In some portrayals of hs, you might have noticed him wearing a skull necklace. It is because he is very ferocious and believes that it is only after the death of ignorance that enlightenment can occur. The skull represents that.

  • Strength Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Shiva is the most supreme power among all the other gods and that is why he is also the most favored one. He is the god of meditation and of yogis too. There are millions of people all over the world that worship him. Many of them get inked with the design of Shiva too to reflect their spiritual and religious beliefs. For this purpose, the om and Trishul symbol is the most common one along with the third eye and some times the musical instrument, Damru.

Trishula symbolizes the important triads that are associated with the life of shiva. The first one is the triad of the Hindu deities- Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Taking it further, the three gods have special powers and the triad is also applicable here. The three powers are- Creation, Preservation, and Destruction.

  • Tribal Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo is the tribal design of the shiva and that’s why it looks more unique. In the center of this tribal shiva design is the shadowed portrait of shiva himself with an om symbol and a Trishul. The tribal designs on the outside look beautifully done with bold and sleek strokes.

  • Shiva Tattoo Design With Tiger

shiva tattoo

This is a very simple design of lord shiva while meditating on a tiger skin. The tiger has a lot of significance and shows victory over any kind of power. For a larger design, you can choose to refrain from colors and extra appendages and choose to be simple instead.

  • Beautiful Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Here, the lord looks very frightening. Probably this is the destructive form of the lord. He stands atop the mountains and looks extremely angry. His locks have spread out of fury. The river that is coming out of the mountains is pouring its water over the lingam.

  • Modern Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This one is quite a different artistic representation of Shiva. In this design, shiva is surrounded by many planets and the cosmos around him. In general, shiva is shown with not just one but multiple faces as a creator, destroyer, and preserver of the cosmos. He has both bad and good aspects. He is pretty moody, has no inhibitions, is extremely easily pleased by his devotees, protects the downtrodden, and alters the laws of destiny as he deems fit. Therefore, because of all these attributes, he is known as the God of mercy and kindness. He protects his devotees from the evil that are around them and that’s why many people seek to get ink shiva tattooed on themselves. The Lord blesses his followers with grace, wisdom, and peace.

  • Shaivite Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a representation of a life-like picture of lord shiva or one of his devotees. Ther is a reason why Shiva is called the lord of the lords or in Hindi as, ‘The Devo Ke Dev-Mahadev’. This is because although he might look calm from the inside, he can turn into a destroyer. He is called Bhola Nath but has multiple shades in his personality. He is the one who teaches us the wisdom of living a true life. This tattoo represents the lord as the destroyer of evil. He can not tolerate injustice and is always ready to destroy evil. Therefore, this tattoo designs suitable for someone who is looking out for the same personality traits and has zero tolerance for evil and ignorance around himself.

  • Dark and Powerful Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is god shiva sitting peacefully under a tree. However, he is not an ordinary god but rather very complex who has multiple roles to play and multiple forms to portray n his daily life. His dress code might seem simple with a snake on his neck and lion skin as his robe, but it has a lot of significance. He is often seen wearing a necklace of skulls and if often seen accompanied by some scary looking demons who are bloodthirsty. It shows his strength and courage.

  • Multi-Colored Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is also a quite creative Trishul design. The middle blade of the Trishul is replaced by the third eye. It is a very symbolic gesture because the three eyes of lord shiva resonate with the three blades of Trishul. The Om Namah Shivaya chant across the Trishul tells of the religious sentiments.

  • Realistic Looking Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo pays homage to the different avatars of Lord shiva. He is multifaceted, just like Lord Vishnu. Here are a few of his avatars which you can choose as your tattoo inspiration:

  • Virabhadra: It was Virabhadra, an avatar of Lord Shiva, who spoilt Daksha’s yajna and chopped his head off.
  • Bhairava: His Bhairava avatar, also known as Kaal Bhairava, was created by him to save the Sati Pind.
  • Durvasa: His Durvasa avatar was known for his angry demeanor.
  • Khandoba: Khandoba was another avatar of Shiva that was more popularly known in Maharashtrian and Kannada cultures.
  • Hanuman: Finally, the Hanuman avatar is called as the eleventh Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva during the era of Lord Rama.
  • Cool Shiva Tattoo Design on Arm

shiva tattoo

This tattoo depicts a peaceful portrait of lord shiva in a meditative state with the snake coiled around his neck. Shiva often wears a snake that remains coiled around his upper arms and neck which is a symbol of the power. Snake is one of the deadliest creatures because it is venomous. The natural process of molting or shedding of the snake’s own skin is symbolic of the transmigration of the human soul’s from one body to another after its physical death.

  • Full Back Cool Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

In this tattoo, shiva is present with all his basic elements, the snake, the trident, the musical instrument, the tiger skin as well as the crescent on his head. Here are some of the attributes that this tattoo displays:

1. The trident that shows the three Gunas of the universe.
2. The snakes that show that the lord is beyond the power of death and poison. The serpent also stands for the Kundalini energy that is present in each human being.
3. The sound and the vibration produced by Shiva’s two-sided drum gives out the rhythm of the heartbeat and makes the sound AUM in the musical voice.
4. The vehicle of Shiva is the white bull who is named Nandi and that means the joyful.
5. Shiva is often seen seated on a tiger skin and even wears a tiger skin. The tiger represents the power of the mind.
6. Shiva lives on one of the highest places in the world that are the Mount Kailasha in the Himalayas.
7. His third eye symbolizes the all-knowing awareness that eradicates ignorance and brings in knowledge.

  • Enchanting Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo 1

This design looks very enchanting and would gather a lot of onlookers because of the creativity and the beautiful colors that are used in this design to make it very attractive. Here, lord shiva seems to be traveling cross oceans as one can make out from the rippling waves in the tattoos design. The colors are bold and describe the personality of lord shiva very appropriately.

  • Om and Trishul Shiva Tattoo Design on Arm

shiva tattoo

Hindu si considered one of the oldest religions in the world and has many more symbols than any other religion. Each Hindu religious symbol has a different meaning and connotation and is used for different occasions too. The tattoo here is made from combining om symbol and Trishul, the weapon of lord shiva. The combination of these two symbols represents the presence of consciousness and power. Trishul is a highly revered symbol as it represents the triad. Om is the sound of the cosmos. The vibration produced from the universe is often said to be the cause of creation.

  • Trishul and Armband Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo is in a band form and is made across the arm. However, you can also make it across your leg too. The band consists of a Trishul symbol that represents the three feminine powers, that is, of will, action, and wisdom. This piece of ink design has been inspired by many such beautiful elements.

  • Auspicious Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Every portrait of lord shiva has a Vibhuti on his forehead, which is the there lines of ashes drawn that depicts the immortality of the soul and the glory that is the lord himself. The beginning of shiva was because he absorbed some of the characteristics of an earlier fertility god to become what he is now. He is the part of the trinity. He is considered the power who has the ability to destroy, preserve, and create. His importance is well known because even in temples his portrait or idol is kept away from other gods.

  • Simple Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

A lot of people who wish to get their bodies inked with lord shiva tattoo do it as a way of expressing their individual believes ins spiritual and religious undertones. There has also been a significant rise in the faith themed tattoos amongst tattoo enthusiasts as a tattoo is a form of self-expression. Such tattoos make it up for both moral and personal statements. This lord shiva tattoo tells exactly the same thing here.

  • Realistic Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This is a beautiful tattoo of lord shiva with all the elements of the lord present here to mark a bold statement. However, here, the lord is seen in a roaring and feisty temperament. This is because he is the lord of destruction. The beautiful art that has surrounded this feisty god provides a great balance to the whole tattoo design.

  • Shiva With Chillum Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo represents lord shiva smoking marijuana. However, this is also a form of meditation. In Hindu scriptures, there are different forms of meditations mentioned. These different forms become different paths of each yogi but for shiva, the art of meditation is absolute. The mind is made still and peaceful while all the senses are dropped. Even the mantra and tantra become formless which is the essence. Thus through such mediums, shiva tells of letting go of the worldly passions and forms of the world. This path of shiva is the bath of an ascetic yogi.

  • Trishul & Third Eye Tattoo of Lord Shiva

shiva tattoo

This is Avery powerful tattoo design for the devotee of lord shiva who has decided to get it inked on their body. The third eye symbolizes the end of ignorance. You can assume the wrath in the eyes of the god too. The wrath is because maybe he is on his way to destruct the evil and ignorance of the world. This tattoo will serve as a reminder to the wearer too.

  • Nataraj Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Lord Shiva is also called by the name of Nataraj or the Dancing God. This divine art form is performed by Lord Shiva and his divine wife, Goddess Parvati. This powerful dance performed by Lord Shiva is called Tandava. Shiva’s Tandava is a kind of a vigorous dance that is also the source of the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction. The wrathful Tandava shows his violent nature as the destroyer of the universe.

The power or energy of Shiva that is depicted in this dance is Parvati. Shiva’s first wife was Sati and his second wife was Parvati. Both are the forms of Adhi Shakti. They are also known by their other forms, such as Uma, Gauri, Durga, Kali, Annapurna, and Shakti. He too is known by many names and titles. Shiva taught Parvati, Vedanta (transcendent knowledge), while Parvati taught him Sankhya (cosmological knowledge). Both are perfected, yogis.

  • Religious Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo can be worn by a Shaivist who belongs to the most popular religious culture. Although it has many theological practices, aloof them are focused on three principles: Pati or God; Pasu or individual soul; and Pasa or bonds that confine the soul to earthly existence. The aim of any shiva follower is to free himself from any kind of bonds through ascetic practices and penance by doing meditation and yoga and renunciation. Such people are wanderers and do not have a stable home either. They mark their heads with three horizontal lines or Vibhuti which marks the three aspects of shiva too.

  • Interesting Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This shiva tattoo design presents him as a warrior and the savior of his devotees and the whole of the earth. You can choose to make this tattoo in black ink or can add some colors to it so that it looks more vibrant. This tattoo becomes the symbol of hope and victory for all of his followers.

  • Warrior Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

This tattoo design shouts the strength and vigor that shiva represents. He is known for multiple such adventures and doings which have saved the heart before. He has even swallowed poison to save the rest of the world. A tattoo like this becomes the recalling of his various feats and sacrifices.

  • Deep Meditation Shiva Tattoo Design

shiva tattoo

Shiva is known for his long and elaborative meditation sessions to gain knowledge and finish ignorance from this world. He has lived a life of an ascetic which is quite visible by his form. A tattoo like this with shiva seated on a cloud serves a reminder to the wearer to make sacrifices in the name of goodness and eradicate evil.

  • Om Shiva Tattoo Design on Upper Back

shiva tattoo

The upper part of the shoulder near the chest is a great place to get a tattoo design like this. The best part of this area is that it can be hidden and shown according to your own plan. It is quite a simple one with an om symbol along with the chants.

  • Lord Shiva Tattoo with Ganga on Head

shiva tattoo

Getting a simple portrait of lord shiva is quite a great idea. Here, the beautifully constructed portrait is quite visible to the onlookers.

Although it is a very religious and spiritual tattoo that represents the deep recesses of the mind, a tattoo can still be personalized with different elements because in the end tattoo is an art form. Designing the tattoo would not alter the meaning of the design taking into consideration the fact that many people get these symbols done without knowing the meaning first.

  • Alluring Lord Shiva Tattoo with Trishul & Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

shiva tattoo

This fierce-looking shiva tattoo design is majestic. The deep black ink gives it a sense of power and stability. The chant below gives it the needed religious undertones.

shiva tattoo

This is one of the most common tattoos when it comes to lord shiva inspired tattoos.

With this, we come to an end of 150+ tattoo ideas pertaining to lord Shiva. Such a long list should be enough to inspire you for your next Lord Shiva tattoo inspiration.

Fake Tattoos

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Shiva tattoo om

| Mahadev Tattoo with Trishul and third eye | mahavev, trishul, third eye, eye, third, hindi, calligraphy, black, hand, tattoo, shading, shade, rudratattoo, rudra, ,tattoo, india, ahmedabad, gujarat, hand tattoo, highlight. Maa Tattoo Designs, Trishul Tattoo Designs, Shiva Tattoo Design, Hindu Tattoos, Body Art Tattoos, Tattoo Shading, Arm Tattoo, Mahadev Tattoo, Third Eye Tattoos
| Mahadev Tattoo with Trishul and third eye | mahavev, trishul, third eye, eye, third, hindi, calligraphy, black, hand, tattoo, shading, shade, rudratattoo, rudra, ,tattoo, india, ahmedabad, gujarat, hand tattoo, highlight.
Customisation of shiva elements design. Designs -- OM tattoo with eye, tripund, trishul and rudraksha. ———————— ORIGINALLY DESIGN AND TATTOO BY - Rahul Baarve @rahulbaarve_ At Tattoo Uddhyog, Bhopal, Central India  ———————— TATTOO UDDHYOG ———————— FOR APPOINTMENTS -- MAIL- INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK- Direct Message @rahulbaarve or @tattoouddhyog Call/WhatsApp- 07554937264 // 8357836919 —————————————- #wecreatememorieswithink  #getinkedfromtattoouddhyog Mom Dad Tattoo Designs, Shiva Tattoo Design, Small Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Designs Men, Om Trishul Tattoo, Trishul Tattoo Designs, Wolf Tattoo Sleeve, Sleeve Tattoos, Om Tattoos
OM tattoo, eye tattoo, tripund tattoo, trishul tattoo, rudraksha tattoo, shiva tattoo
Customisation of shiva elements design. Designs -- OM tattoo with eye, tripund, trishul and rudraksha. ———————— ORIGINALLY DESIGN AND TATTOO BY - Rahul Baarve @rahulbaarve_ At Tattoo Uddhyog, Bhopal, Central India ———————— TATTOO UDDHYOG ———————— FOR APPOINTMENTS -- MAIL- [email protected] INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK- Direct Message @rahulbaarve or @tattoouddhyog Call/WhatsApp- 07554937264 // 8357836919 —————————————- #wecreatememorieswithink #getinkedfromtattoouddhyog
Om namah Shivaya Tattoo - Tattoo for Lord Shiva Lovers - Shiva Tattoo

Om tattoo is very popular among religious tattoo lovers. The word OM has a huge significance in Hinduism. According to the sacred Vedas, Om (pronounced as Aum) is the cosmic sound that created the universe. The Upanishads further stated that the holy syllable Om is the door to ultimate and infinite knowledge.

Om is not only significant in Hinduism but it also holds a special place among Sikhs. Om is short for Onkar in the Gurumukhi Punjabi language. It is chanted as Ik Onkar which roughly translates to God Is One.

OM Meaning

The metaphysical concept of Om is so deep within Hinduism that almost every mantra starts with Om. Here are some sacred mantras that are often recited in praise of Tridevas (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh):

  • Om Bhur Bhava Swaha (Praise the Lord who ends sorrows and gives eternal happiness).
  • Om Namoh Shivay (Praise of Lord Shiva)
  • Om Bhagwati Vasudevay Namah (Praising the Lord Vishnu).

Om Tattoos are not only popular among Hindus but in fact, these designs have crossed seven seas and found popularity among westerners too.

OM Tattoo Designs

If you are looking for Om Tattoo ideas then you have stumbled upon the right page. We have curated here a list of some of the best om tattoo designs that you can try. But before you try you must know the real meaning behind Om.

Here we have selected 80+ Om tattoo designs that look equally great on both men and women.

Om Tattoo Designs 1
Om Tattoo Designs 1

Small Om Tattoo

If you want to have Om symbol tattoo on wrist or palm area, then it’s better to go with small om tattoo design as in the below image.

Om Tattoo Designs 2
Om Tattoo Designs 3

Om Tattoo with Trishul

Here is a cool om tattoo with trishul design. It looks good on hand or back where you have enough space to get it tattooed in big size.

Om Tattoo Designs 4
Om Tattoo Designs 5
Om Tattoo Designs 7
Om Tattoo Designs 8
Om Tattoo Designs 9
Om Tattoo Designs 10

Om Tattoo on Wrist

Let’s look at some examples of simple om tattoo on wrist. Having om tattoo on wrist is perfect if you want to have a small one and also visible to you at all times.

Om Tattoo Designs 11
Om Tattoo Designs 12
Om Tattoo Designs 13
Om Tattoo Designs 14
Om Tattoo Designs 15
Om Tattoo Designs 16
Om Tattoo Designs 17
Om Tattoo Designs 18
Om Tattoo Designs 19
Om Tattoo Designs 20
Om Tattoo Designs 21

Om Tattoo Meaning

Religious – As Om is a sacred word, so an om tattoo design will signify your deep faith in religion (especially Hinduism).

Self-Aware – Om represents meta-consciousness. It shows that you are not interested in the materialistic world but rather want to know the true meaning of life. You want to know your role/place in this vast universe.

Positivity – Om shows your cosmic awareness and how much you appreciate life.

Peace – Many devotees have claimed that they found eternal peace while chanting Om, so it can also signify that you are looking for peace and prosperity.

Om Tattoo Designs 22
Om Tattoo Designs 24
Om Tattoo Designs 23
Om Tattoo Designs 25
Om Tattoo Designs 26
Om Tattoo Designs 27
Om Tattoo Designs 29
Om Tattoo Designs 28
Om Tattoo Designs 30
Om Tattoo Designs 31
Om Tattoo Designs 32
Om Tattoo Designs 33
Om Tattoo Designs 34
Om Tattoo Designs 35
Om Tattoo Designs 36
Om Tattoo Designs 37
Om Tattoo Designs 38
Om Tattoo Designs 39
Om Tattoo Designs 40
Om Tattoo Designs 41
Om Tattoo Designs 42
Om Tattoo Designs 43
Om Tattoo Designs 44
Om Tattoo Designs 45
Om Tattoo Designs 46
Om Tattoo Designs 47
Om Tattoo Designs 48

Om Tattoo Ideas

There are many styles of Om tattoos that you can try. First of all, you should know that Om is written differently in various scripts. You can find all the representations on this page.

You can choose any of the representations for your tattoo design. However, the traditional Om design in Devanagari script remains the most popular.

We won’t recommend you any tattoo ink other than red or black.

Om Tattoo Designs 50
Om Tattoo Designs 49
Om Tattoo Designs 51
Om Tattoo Designs 52
Om Tattoo Designs 53
Om Tattoo Designs 54
Om Tattoo Designs 55
Om Tattoo Designs 57
Om Tattoo Designs 56
Om Tattoo Designs 58
Om Tattoo Designs 59
Om Tattoo Designs 60

Om Tattoo Placement Guidelines

As Om is a religious word, so you must keep in mind that your tattoo does not offend anyone. The thumb rule is that you always get inked with religious tattoos on the upper part of the body. The best placement would be near the heart but you can also go for the neck, wrist, forearm, or bicep. If you are going for a small design then choose fingers.

Unique Om Tattoo Ideas

A really unique idea would be to have 108 small om tattoos making a big OM. This would be tough and costly but worth it. This is because chanting Om 108 times is considered to bring peace and luck to the person. You can also try Om tattoo design with Trishul of Lord Shiva. You can find many abstract tattoos of Lord Shiva that can be mixed up with an Aum tattoo.

Size-wise we would recommend opting for medium to small size. A large size Om tattoo will occupy the whole chest or back which is not a good idea for blue-collar workers.

Om Tattoo Designs 61
Om Tattoo Designs 62
Om Tattoo Designs 66
Om Tattoo Designs 65
Om Tattoo Designs 64
Om Tattoo Designs 63
Om Tattoo Designs 67
Om Tattoo Designs 68
Om Tattoo Designs 69
Om Tattoo Designs 70

Om Namah Shivay Tattoo

Let’s look at some cool om namah shivay tattoo designs. These are very popular among hindu tattoo lovers or shiva devotees.

Om Tattoo Designs 71
Om Tattoo Designs 72
Om Tattoo Designs 73
Om Tattoo Designs 74
Om Tattoo Designs 75
Om Tattoo Designs 76
Om Tattoo Designs 77
Om Tattoo Designs 78
Om Tattoo Designs 79
Om Tattoo Designs 80
Tattoo Om Meaning
Tattoos Om Ideas


So this was our huge collection of 100+ Om Tattoo Designs. Which one did you found most attractive? Which one are you going to get inked with? Please share it with others too.

References: Om Wikipedia


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