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How do you know when a Yorkie is pregnant?

A Yorkshire terrier pregnancy can be an exciting time that goes by swiftly. There is plenty to know about the pregnancy from the signs to the method of care to ensuring smooth delivery. 


So, how do you know when a Yorkie is pregnant?

Determining if your Yorkshire Terrier is pregnant could require a vet to do an ultrasound pregnancy scan or blood test. However, not always you have a chance to visit a vet or you don’t want to visit a vet whenever your yorkie met a male dog. This means you have to rely on signs to find out if your Yorkie is pregnant. Some of the most common signs include: firm and large nipples, firm belly, being less active and loss of appetite. If you find that your dog shows more than one sign you should definitely visit a vet to get a confirmation. You can also talk with a professional veterinarian online, by clicking this link: chat with on-call veterinarians.

The most common pregnancy signs in the very early stage:

Her nipples begin to be firm and large

This is one of the initial signs that there is. Here vulva also begins to swell and remains swollen all through the pregnancy. The nipples start darkening close to the end of the pregnancy.

Having a firm belly

Her belly begins to look bigger and round. On touching, you realize it is firm and cannot be easily squeezed. This shows that the Yorkie is pregnant and her pregnancy is beginning to grow.

She starts being less active

This can be clearly seen. The Yorkie stops being as cheerful as it used to be. She becomes sluggish and lazy and often spends time sleeping. You Yorkie may also start being more clingy and may want constant attention from you. You may see your Yorkie with a toy that she tries to mother as a way of preparation to mother her puppies. She may also start cleaning herself regularly, or more than she used to before.

Some Yorkies may lose their appetite too

They start eating less and having nausea or vomiting in the morning. This is a assign of morning sickness. She also has discharge on her nipples all through her pregnancy. 

She starts gathering around items (nesting)

She uses these items to make a comfortable nest. The items are often soft. After gathering the, she starts spending time in her newly formed nest often asleep.


Later on, other signs may include:

Enlargement of the belly by the third or fourth week. This is usually because the pregnancy has already started to grow and the embryo or embryos are already forming. Keeping in mind that she can have more than one puppy, the belly is expected to be large. A larger belly gives more room to the developing embryos.

There is an increase in appetite

Your Yorkie will begin to eat a lot more than usual. She will be often hungry and require regular feeding. She’s already feeding for more than one. The developing embryos also need the nutrients to develop into healthy puppies. Make sure you give only nutritious and high quality food! 

Your Yorkie begins to gain weight

This of course is triggered by the increase in the food intake. She begins to look chubby and still craving more food by the clock. The embryos are also becoming large contributing to the increase in weight.

After twenty two to forty two days, the vet can easily tell whether the Yorkie is pregnant through a blood test. The ultra sound is not as necessary but it can help in tracing for any abnormality in the developing fetuses. After around forty five days, the ultra sound can clearly show the number of fetuses that are growing in your Yorkie. This is because the bones have started being well calcified. This can help you know the king of nest to make for your Yorkie, either a large one or just a normal nest.


How long Yorkies are pregnant? 

Yorkies have a sixty three day gestation period. This has an extension of up to 68 days and a minimum of 58 days. After the maximum days are over, it may be time for you to call the vet to find out what may be wrong with your Yorkie.


The pregnancy care

You should do a good research even before mating. This could be by finding out what kind of genes may be passed down through breeding. This gives your choice of mating dog a clear to go ahead and mate with your precious Yorkie. However in case the mating already accidentally happened, you can do the whole check-up after, right away if possible.

After knowing she is pregnant, every one that touches her should do so gently. She should also be treated with care and fed well and regularly. Her needs should be put in to consideration.

She should be placed in a warm and secure nest as the pregnancy develops, she will begin to spend time by herself in a quiet area or in her nest, relaxing or sleeping. This means that you can move her nest or set it in a quiet corner of the quiet room.

She should be provided with enough food. As her pregnancy grows, so does her appetite. She should be able to get to eat when she wants to this means that you can scrape off her eating schedule and allow her to feed free. However, you should be keen to ensure that the food you are giving her is fresh. The previous day remains should be removed. You can even use a different bowl so that you can go clean the previous day’s bowl. Washing should be in hot soapy water. This is for both the water bowl and the food bowl.

The dam should be kept fit. This means that you should make sure that she exercises regularly. Exercise keeps her fit for the delivery process. The best exercise could be taking a walk on the sidewalks. a ten to twenty minutes’ walk in the morning and evening daily is enough. Runny or jumpy activities should be avoided at the time of pregnancy.

Extra supplements should be avoid unless under the prescription or approval of a veterinarian. This is because some of these minerals may affect the Yorkie in her post pregnancy time. For example, giving calcium during pregnancy can result to Eclampsia during post pregnancy period.


How many puppies does Yorkie have for the first time?

A Yorkie can have between one and five puppies at once. This may be determined by the genes of the other Yorkie that it breeds with or the gene history of your Yorkie. This is one of the reasons why it is important to have a breed examination of your Yorkie and the mate before they actually mate or even right afterwards. When there are a large number of puppies, for example five, some of them might be still births or even die a short time after birth


How many times can a Yorkie get pregnant?

A Yorkie can get pregnant twice in a year. After reaching puberty, your Yorkie is ready to get pregnant. She begins to experience estrus. Estrus can be described as a heat cycle. Estrus is a time when she can get pregnant in case she mates. Puberty is reached when the puppy gets to six months. This is subject to the breed. However, Yorkies experience puberty after reaching six months


False yorkshire terrier pregnancy signs

False pregnancy may also be referred to as pseudo pregnancy. It refers to the condition of a female dog that is not pregnant showing pregnancy signs. This could include lactation or even nursing without having given birth to any puppy. The dog may show these symptoms few months after hear/ estrus is over. This is caused by hormonal imbalance in the dog. Your Yorkie could experience this condition, with symptoms lasting up to a month. Some of the clear symptoms include:

  • Depression. This is where the Yorkie looks sad and does not want to associate with other dogs or even you. She tends to spend time alone and looking lonely and sad.
  • Vomiting. Constant vomiting could be a sign of bad health and may make your Yorkie dehydrated and sickly.
  • The production of a brownish liquid or watery liquid from her mammary glands. The liquid looks like breast milk yet the Yorkie has not yet delivered or gotten pregnant.
  • Loss of appetite. The Yorkie stops feeding and would rather stay hungry than even take a sip of water.
  • Change in behavior. The once jolly Yorkie begins to be less happy and starts spending time alone and in corners. She may also be getting sleepy.
  • Mothering activities. The Yorkie might pick up toys and pretend that she is nursing them. She could even begin picking up soft clothing and other items to make a comfortable nest for her and the puppies like an expectant Yorkie.


The causes of false yorkie pregnancy

The exact causes are not clear but are assumed to be caused by hormonal imbalance. This means that progesterone and prolactin are over produced. These two play crucial roles in the development process. After surgical; removal of ovaries and uterus (ovariohysterectomy), some dogs are seen to show these symptoms too. This happens three to four days after the procedure is carried out.

For the Yorkie to be diagnosed, you need a complete medical report or history of the health of your dog. This includes the day the symptoms began to show as well as the exact symptoms being displayed by your dog. The vet is due to examine your Yorkie through physical exam to evaluate the body systems and overall health of the Yorkie. On top of this, there is regular blood testing, testing of urine and also blood count. Also, an ultra sound may be necessary to give an accurate report on the uterus


Red flags

Most pregnancies and deliveries often go by smoothly. However, you should be fully aware of the behavior of your dam during the whole delivery and pregnancy period. This is good so that you can spot any kind of abnormalities as soon as they occur. Some of the abnormalities include:

Being pregnant past the gestation period – This is when the dam does not give birth in 68 days. You should call a vet in case this happens so that he can check your dam.

After twenty four hours of temperature drop without her delivering any puppies. This is one of the most serious occurrences.

After one puppy comes out but the rest do not, yet you know that there are more yet to be delivered. This means that your Yorkie required help thus you should call a vet to tell you what to do next.

  • Excessive blood loss – This could lead to the death of your Yorkie.
  • When your Yorkie seems to be in severe pain it goes on for a long period of time. The veterinarian could tell you how to help ease the pain.
  • In case the Yorkie begins to vomit, show distress or signs of weakness.


Treatment of false pregnancy

Sometimes the treatment may not be necessary since the symptoms may stop after around three weeks. However, some of the ways to treat include:

  1. Wrapping a warm cloth on the breasts then compressing them to allow milk out and avoid leakages in the house.
  2. A licking Yorkie, may need the Elizabeth collar. The lack of licking minimizes the stimulation
  3. Hormonal medicine may be taken. These inhibit prolactin which causes production of milk. Cabergoline has fewer side effects than Bromocriptine. However you should be sure before you give either of them to the dog since they could cause an abortion if your Yorkie was actually pregnant.


These signs means that you need to call a veterinarian as soon as possible. That one simple call may make all the difference in saving the life of both the Yorkie and the puppies.

Yorkie pregnancy time may be one of the times when a Yorkie feels delicate and needs attention. Providing good care to your Yorkie during this time may be crucial in ensuring that she has a good and safe pregnancy and delivery period. Visiting the vet as soon as you see signs of pregnancy ensures that you are well updated on the condition of your Yorkie. The fact that she might experience a false pregnancy makes this even more crucial. It is good to provide the best environment for your Yorkie in terms of both physical and nonphysical needs such as attention and a quiet environment.


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Have you noticed your dog acting a bit lazier than usual, or perhaps eating less of her evening meals? These can be signs of pregnancy, and if she otherwise seems healthy and happy, you may have puppies on the way!

Some of these symptoms can also be signs of illness, so it’s important to have any marked change in appearance, appetite, or activity level checked out. Of course, if you think your dog may be pregnant, you have a much happier reason to bring her to the vet! Here are 5 signs to watch for:

1. Decreased Activity

If your dog easily becomes exhausted or is spending more time napping, it may indicate that she is pregnant. For dogs that are typically energetic, this decrease should be taken seriously. For dogs that already enjoy snoozing all day, it may be harder to notice a decrease in energy. If that’s the case, try paying closer attention to how quickly she tires during walks.

2. Changes in Appetite

A pregnant dog’s appetite can fluctuate in different ways, depending on the dog and the stage of her pregnancy. Early or midway into the pregnancy, she may eat less or even vomit occasionally (the canine equivalent of morning sickness). However, she may also eat more than usual and be dissatisfied with her meals. These fluctuations correspond with your dog’s changing hormones. Click here to learn more about feeding a pregnant dog.

3. Unusual Behavior

If your dog is pregnant, you may notice certain changes in her behavior. For instance, she may seek the comfort of her owner more often. A pregnant dog might spend more time at your side, looking for extra attention. On the other hand, a pregnant dog may seek isolation and not wish to be bothered; she may seem depressed or even irritable when given attention.

4. Enlarged or Discolored Nipples

While a female dog’s nipples are normally small, pregnancy causes her nipples to grow in size during the early stages of pregnancy. The areolas also become somewhat rounded compared to their usual flatness. You may also notice your dog’s nipples turning a slightly darker red than normal, which would indicate an increase in blood flow. Later into the pregnancy, her nipples may occasionally leak milk, as well.

5. Weight Gain and Enlarged Abdomen

As the puppies grow, your dog’s abdomen will expand in size. This can be one of the clearest indicators of a dog’s pregnancy, especially if your dog has no other reason for sudden weight gain. However, enlarging of the abdomen occurs relatively late into your dog’s pregnancy, meaning that if you notice this sign, along with others, it’s time to take her to the vet.

6. Nesting Behaviors

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, you may notice your dog begin to shred bedding and other available materials to create a nest. She may also become irritable and reclusive during this time, so it’s best to limit her contact with small children.

Compared with humans, dog gestation periods are a relatively short 56-70 days. As a result, acting quickly on signs of pregnancy is crucial to ensuring a comfortable, safe birth for your new puppies. After a proper examination, your local veterinarian can provide you with all of the instruction you need to properly care for your pregnant pet.

Do you think your dog may be pregnant? Please contact your veterinarian about the care she needs.


Sours: https://www.noahsarkvet.com/6-signs-of-pregnancy-in-dogs
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Do you have a female Yorkshire Terrier? And you are in doubt whether she’s pregnant or not?

Or are there any other pregnancy-related confusions or questions in your mind regarding her?

If yes, you have landed in the perfect place. I am Daniela Carrera, a certified professional trainer and I love helping dog owners in solving their dog’s bad behaviors or any other problems.

There are many visible changes and signs in your female Yorkie when she is pregnant and I will enlist these and guide you with what to do if she’s pregnant.

Can my Yorkie get Pregnant the first time she mates?

It is possible for your Yorkie to get pregnant the very first time she mates with a male Yorkie.

If you are not interested in mating her or having puppies, you need to get her spayed. Also ensure that she maintains a distance from other dogs, especially Yorkie males.

Spaying also reduces the risks of mammary and ovarian cancer.

How do I know If My Yorkie is Pregnant?

how to know my yorkie is pregnant

There are some signs of Yorkshire Terrier pregnancy. Some very common visible signs are visibly large nipples, an increase in belly size, laziness, less appetite.

If you observe more than one of the symptoms among these in your Yorkshire Terrier, there are very high chances that she is pregnant.

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Though, the best way to know whether your Yorkie is pregnant or not is a blood test or an ultrasound scan. I understand not everyone can visit a vet or some don’t want to.

Ultrasound tests can only determine the pregnancy in the later phase of it. Also, Pregnancy can be detected in a blood test only if your Yorkie is at least 3 weeks pregnant.

That’s why I wanted to write something which would guide you in detail on how to get to know if your Yorkie is pregnant and if she is, how to care for her.

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What are some Visible Signs of Yorkie Pregnancy?

Unusual Increase in Belly Size

There is a sudden increase in the belly size of your Yorkie. It starts to look bigger.

Upon touching, you can feel that it is hard and not easily pressable. These are some of the first signs of pregnancy in dogs.

Large and Firm Nipples 

One of the most initial signs of pregnancy is Firm nipples. The nipples start to grow and this happens really fast.

Even the nipples that were previously non-existent will also start to pop out. Vulva also starts to swell as well.

Sleepiness and Lazyness

Your Yorkie will start suffering from morning sickness. She will start to lie in her resting place for most of the time.

The amount of time she sleeps will increase as well as she would need more sleep when she’s pregnant. She will not be as active and playful as normal.

Develop Motherly Instincts 

If you observe your Yorkie carefully, she will start having motherly feelings. For example, she may start to love a toy too much and shower love on that toy as if treating it as a child.

Sharp Decrease in Appetite 

Your Yorkie will start eating less and will stop being food motivated as well.

Need Constant Attention from the Owner 

She will start to get more clingy and would demand a lot of attention from her owner.

Prefer to stay Indoors

She will prefer to stay indoors and would curl herself up and lie on the sofa or at any other comfortable place. Her activity level would decrease a lot as well.

She will refuse to do any exercise and would like to sleep more.

Gathering around Items (Nesting)

Just like birds collect items to build nests for themselves, your Yorkie will start to collect soft items at a corner in the house to build a resting place.

She would start spending a lot of time in her newly created nest.

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Yorkie Pregnancy Symptoms that are Visible Later on 

Yorkie month 2 pregnany symptoms

  • By the end of week 4, the size of her abdomen or belly will start to grow more and she will start to gain a lot of weight.
  • There is a sharp increase in appetite. Your Yorkie will start to eat a lot during the later phase of pregnancy. She will require regular feeding. This is the time when you need to feed her with High-Quality food.
  • Because she starts to eat a lot, she starts to gain weight fast as well. This is because the embryos in her start to get in the shape of puppies.
  • After 40-45 days, the ultrasound scan can clearly differentiate and tell how many lives are there inside your Yorkie’s abdomen.

How many times a Yorkie can get Pregnant?

After reaching puberty, your Yorkie can get pregnant. She can get pregnant twice a year.

Upon reaching puberty, that is after she is 6 months old, her heat cycle gets started. During this heat cycle, your Yorkie can get pregnant if mated.

When do Yorkies Deliver Puppies?

Yorkshire Terriers have a gestation period of 63 days. This can range from 58-68 depending upon individual Yorkies.

Therefore your Yorkie can deliver her babies after 58 and before 68 days of her pregnancy.

How many puppies can a Yorkie deliver the first time she gets pregnant?

The answer to this question mostly depends upon the genes of your Yorkie and the one with whom she mated. The history of their genes determines the number of puppies that can be born.

Generally, one to six puppies can be born at once. But when a large number of puppies take birth, some of them die even before they are born or die after some time.

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How to Care for your Yorkie during Pregnancy 

how to care for yorkie during pregnancy

During the pregnancy of your Yorkie, you need to be careful on the issue of strangers or guests who might disturb or piss of your pregnant Yorkie.

There are frequent mood changes in a Yorkshire Terrier during pregnancy and you never know the reaction from her. Also, feed her with high-quality food items like Blue Buffalo.

The area provided to her for resting should be a comfortable place with plenty of toys and adequate heat. She could start nesting there later.

She would be spending a lot of her gestation time in that area only and would even not like to interact with human family members sometimes. Don’t be bothered and let her spend time alone at peace.

Though your Yorkie would not like to go outdoors often, you can try and take her for walks at least once a day. She should get a breath of fresh air outside daily. You can also play some light games with her if you think she wants to play. Here are some Toys that Yorkies loves to play with.

As stated earlier, your cute little Yorkie will get hungrier more often and would eat a lot more during the later phase of her pregnancy (Month 2). Therefore, ensure that you have more amount of dog food already there with you at your house than you normally have.

Do not feed your dog so much that she gets heavy. Instead, focus on feeding her more often rather than feeding her more at the scheduled meals.

Avoid any extra supplements and if there is any needed, it should be fed upon approval from a Veterinary.

Can Yorkies show signs of pregnancy even when she’s not?

Yorkies can show signs of pseudopregnancy. This is a state of a female Yorkie showing symptoms of pregnancy while she’s not.

This condition is due to an imbalance in hormones. Mostly, these symptoms are seen in Female Yorkies who have just gone through a heat cycle 15-20 days back.

But these fake pregnancy or pseudopregnancy symptoms would not last more than a month. These symptoms can be:

  • Vomiting: Constant Vomiting, especially in the morning.
  • Sadness and Loneliness: During this phase, your Yorkie may not want to interact much with you. She would like to spend time alone.
  • Motherly instincts: Your Yorkie will develop motherly instincts and may start nursing small stuffed toys. She can even start collecting soft items to build a nest.
  • Loss of appetite: There would be a sudden decrease in appetite of your Yorkie and she may even stop eating anything.

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How to Treat Pseudo Pregnancy 

The symptoms of pseudopregnancy will not be visible for more than 4 weeks or a month. But if you are still worried about your Yorkie, there are some ways which can treat pseudo pregnancy state in your Yorkie.

  1. Hormonal medicine like Cabergoline can be taken. It does not let her body produce milk. Though, you should only give this medicine to her when you are sure that she is not pregnant, or else she will be aborted.
  2. If she is stopped from licking, it can stop her stimulation and treat false pregnancy.
  3. Wrap a cloth around her breasts and then compress them to allow milk out of her body. This will prevent any leakages in the house.

Final Words

Yorkshire Terrier’s pregnancy is that crucial time in her life when she needs you the most. You need to Feed her with high-quality food items.

Provide her with attention when she needs it and let her be alone when she wants to be. You play an important role in ensuring her safe and successful pregnancy and delivery.

Visit the vet as soon as you observe anything uncommon or weird.

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Pregnant Yorkshire Terrier Belly - Dog Training

Yorkie Pregnancy

The dam should be placed into a whelping box as labor begins. This can be a cardboard box with one side cut out in order to "flap down". Another option is a canine bed (a Perla bed without the cushion, but lined with soft cloths can work well). If the sire or any male dogs are in the home, they should be removed and safely separated to a different room. 

Having lots of layers of clean newspaper or small sections of sheets lining the whelping box will allow you to keep pulling soiled and soaked sheets away, leaving a new layer of clean paper or sheets.

The puppies may come out one right consecutively or there may be a time span of up to 2 hours in between the puppies emerging.  Each will be born encased in its own amniotic sac. In some cases, this rips open as it passes through the birth canal, but more often than not, it remains intact and will be gently torn open by the dam. She will also bite the umbilical cord and lick the puppies to clean away mucus and stimulate breathing. 

Once all the pups are born, it is perfectly natural for the dam to ingest the umbilical cords, amniotic sac, placenta and other tissues.

Any puppies that do not find their way to her tummy to nurse should be carefully moved there. Keep an eye out for a newborn puppy that is very small and being pushed out of the way by larger littermates.  All puppies will need to be closely monitored to make sure that they are adequately nursing.  If not, bottle feeding may need to be done as hypoglycemia can quickly set in 

Cleaning bedding should be put down and a heating pad, set on "warm" should be put under the blanket.

Sours: http://www.yorkieinfocenter.com/yorkie-pregnancy

Pregnant belly yorkie

Everything You Need To Know About Yorkie Pregnancy

We all know that having a child is one in a lifetime experience and that the mothers are probably the happiest in their lives at that same moment. This applies to animals as well – they are living creatures, so giving birth is very important. If you own a Yorkie and see that she is pregnant, you should be as happy as she is. And, because you are her owner, you need to do everything in your power for her to have a healthy labour and give life to beautiful puppies. As with any other pregnancy, Yorkies also need to check some boxes before they get pregnant. In this article, we’ll cover everything you may need to know about this process, what you should pay attention to and what you should do after the puppies see the light of the world.

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We think that this is very important to distinguish at the start of our article. If you wish that your female Yorkie has puppies soon, then you shouldn’t spay her. Spaying is a process dog owners undertake to stop female dogs from mating and having puppies. We can debate whether this is okay to do or not, but the fact is that this process is widespread, and many dog owners do this to their dogs. A female dog that is in heat can be tough to bear and may cause a lot of problems for you. On the plus side, spaying also decreases the chances of ovarian and mammary cancer, which is something you should keep in mind for the wellbeing of your dog.

It goes without saying that if your dog is spayed, it can’t have babies. On the other hand, if it isn’t spayed, then in several months, you might be welcoming a few cute puppies!

Signs of Pregnancy

Unless you paired your Yorkie while she’s in the heat to mate with another Yorkie terrier, sometimes it might be really hard to notice if your dog is pregnant or not. She might be in the heat and you let her walk around the neighborhood where she saw a beautiful male dog. One thing led to another, and in a few weeks, you might notice a more prominent belly of your Yorkie. So, the first thing you should keep in mind if you want for your Yorkie to have puppies is always to control her movement and see what she does. The best-case scenario is that you pair her with another Yorkie – this way, the breed will keep on living. But, if she mates with a dog of another kind – there’s nothing wrong with that.

Yorkies are small dogs, and it’s often hard to notice if they got pregnant or not. In the first few weeks, there isn’t a guaranteed method which you can undergo to see if she’s pregnant or not. 

You can take her to the vet for an abdominal X-ray, but yet again, the X-rays won’t show you anything until later in the pregnancy. Blood tests are also an option, but they won’t be accurate until a minimum of 3 weeks has passed. You might be wondering if there is a way to confirm your Yorkie is pregnant at the start of her pregnancy. The answer is yes, and there are some clear signs which you should look for:

  • She might feel a bit more tired than usual and in most cases a bit grumpy,
  • Her nipples will grow in size which you’ll notice,
  • She might start to collect things such as toys and other objects to create a “nest” – something many pregnant dogs do to create a comfortable place for themselves,
  • She might start grooming herself way more than she used to,
  • Her belly might become firmer than it was before;

Depending on the week your Yorkie pregnancy is, the signs start to get more noticeable. Between weeks 3 and 4, her belly will become larger, and that’s a clear indicator that in some time, you’ll be meeting new puppies. Later in the pregnancy, her appetite will increase, which means that she will start eating way more than she used to. This also means that she will gain some weight, and this is entirely normal – you shouldn’t worry about it.  


What every owner wants to know is how many puppies will be born. While there isn’t a precise answer to this question, the studies have shown that average litter has a size of 4. While this isn’t an accurate number and it depends on Yorkie to Yorkie, this is an estimated average, so you shouldn’t worry if the amount of your puppies is lower or higher than that. If you want to learn more about the puppies and know how many puppies a Yorkie can have, you can read another article of ours which covers this topic.

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Let’s say that you confirmed that your Yorkie is pregnant. You might be thrilled, but don’t let that fool you that you aren’t facing a hard time. The whole pregnancy is often tough for your Yorkie, and you should do everything in your power to aid her. We’ll cover some of that later. But first, what’s the length of pregnancy of an average Yorkie? Many studies show that 63 days is a golden middle. It’s a number that’s real for many Yorkies. Some Yorkies may deliver even at 58 days, while some may deliver at 68 days. If it’s past 68 days, it’s time that you call your veterinarian just to see what’s going on. 

During Pregnancy

This is probably a critical part of every pregnancy. If you wish that your Yorkie delivers healthy puppies, you need to follow some simple steps to ensure that. The first step probably has to be done before any mating. You should take your Yorkie for a full blood scan to rule out any genetic disorder they can transfer to the puppies. If unfortunately, it says that your Yorkie has some genetic disease that will make the life of puppies harder, then you might want to back off from mating.

If the tests turn out negative and you proceed with mating, your Yorkie will probably get pregnant, and you should be happy about it. First thing’s first – you need to be gentle with her – not only you but everyone who has contact with her. She’s carrying puppies in her belly, and any sudden and hard movement might cause unease for her, and that’s something we want to avoid.

As the pregnancy goes by, as we said, she will start to eat way more than she used to. It’s up to you to ensure that she always has enough food and water, and if you have the possibilities to do so, you should get food of the highest quality. Intake of nutrients is vital for a dog that is pregnant, and quality meals will ensure that she gets enough of those. At the same time, you shouldn’t let her eat too much – you need to find the golden middle. 

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You should also make a place for her. As we said, while the dog is pregnant, she will start “nesting,” which means that she will lay down in a cozy place just to rest and relax. At the same time, you should keep an eye on the number of physical activities she has throughout the day. Of course, she mustn’t jump and tumble around, but she needs a few walks during the day. This will ensure that she gets enough exercise during these two months of pregnancy.

Also, you don’t need to add supplements such as vitamins in their meals unless your vet doesn’t say so. Self-medicating isn’t a good idea, and if you want to give something to your Yorkie, you should talk to your vet first. 


Hopefully, after a long two months, your Yorkie will deliver. This is a process of its own, and it’s best if you let a vet do the delivery. But, in some cases, the dog delivers unexpectedly, and at this point, you need to stay calm to deliver healthy puppies yourself. You should place a lot of towels/newspaper/any other fabric underneath your Yorkie where the puppies will be born. Ensure that the towels are warm. When the delivery begins, usually, the dog will do everything on its own, and the puppies will come out in an amniotic sac. It might get a bit dirty, but hey, it wasn’t clean when you were born. The puppies might come out consecutively, or there might be a pause between the two puppies, sometimes lasting even for an hour or more. The mother will most likely rip the sac of the puppies and lick them after they come out, so you should let her do her work. If everything goes smoothly, a few puppies will be joining your family!

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Post Pregnancy

After your Yorkie delivers, you should clean her and let her rest. She has had a rough time, and she needs all the sleep she can get. In the meantime, you can place the puppies somewhere warm and call your vet to check them out and give you instructions on what to do next. The next few weeks are crucial for the wellbeing of the pups, and you should inform yourself as much as you can on this topic. The hardest is behind you, and if you just follow the instructions of your vet, your puppies will grow healthy and strong. 

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