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Maintenance for Mastercool coolers is similar to standard coolers. They are both evaporative coolers but mastercools/aerocools but there are some differences when it comes to maintaining them for summer and shutting them down for winter. TLC’s cooling experts are experienced and qualified to maintain these types of coolers.

Pad Replacement

There is only pad with mastercools, unlike standard coolers. Unlike standard coolers, you don’t need to replace the pad every year. You can replace it every 2-3 years. These type of pads tend to collect hard water buildup over the years.

Distribution Tube

You need to make sure that the distribution tube is clear and free of debris. If this gets clogged with mineral buildup the pad won’t get wet and you’ll be blowing hot air into your home.

Removing Calcium Buildup

Your cooler should be cleaned thoroughly before you start it up for spring. Remove hard water buildup throughout the unit and we recommend replacing the float every year.


MasterCool Troubleshooting

MasterCool is a line of mobile evaporative coolers used to keep indoor temperatures comfortable when outdoor temperatures are excessive. These types of air coolers are used in home and commercial environments, including outdoor dining and manufacturing settings. An evaporative cooler operates by cooling the air through the evaporation of water, as opposed to the vapor-compression method used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Evaporative cooling is especially effective in hot and dry climates. Regular inspection of a MasterCool mobile cooler can help maintain a comfortable living or working environment.

  1. Check the unit’s power source if it fails to start. Reset the breaker and attempt to activate the breaker. If this fails, inspect the power cord for damage. Replace the damaged power cord. If the power cord is undamaged and the breaker has not been tripped, replace the cooler’s fuse located behind the service panel.

  2. Clean the water pump if the unit fails to produce sufficiently cool or moist air. Disconnect the cooler from the power supply. Lift the pad frames up and out of the cooler to access the water pump. Remove the water pump. Carefully unsnap the four tabs and separate the base plate from the pump body. Wash the impeller and impeller base with a mild detergent solution, removing all dirt deposits. Rotate the impeller to discharge any obstructive debris. Rinse the impeller and base plate, then reinstall both. Reinstall the water pump into the cooler.

  3. Inspect the water and pads if an unpleasant odor is detected. The water should be periodically replaced to prevent contaminants. The cooling pads should be replaced at least every two years.

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Portable evaporative cooler BC 221

industrialcommercialfor building

BC 221 Evaporative coolers Cool your factory, hangar or workshop for less. Our portable evaporative coolers offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional air-conditioning and create a comfortable working environment for your employees or customers. Key features - Efficient and durable spot cooler for industrial applications - Quiet running even with large air-flow - Automatic swing function as standard - Large water tank for longer operating hours - Large, durable wheels with brakes allow easy movement - Connect water hose or refill tank manually to offer comfort to your employees - Corrosion-resistant plastic casing - Air filter included to enable easy maintenance - Remote control to easily adjust speed - UV lamp, disinfecting the water Benefits of evaporative cooling - Clean air that reduces the risk of bacteria and virus - No chemicals or refrigerants - Low energy consumption - Virtually maintenance-free equipment How does it work The heart of the evaporative cooling system is the cooling pad where the water evaporates and the air passing through the pads is cooled. Evaporative cooling pads are manufactured from fluted cellulose sheets that are glued together. The material is chemically impregnated with special compounds to prevent rot and ensure a long service life and easy maintenance. Evaporative cooling and humidity A given volume of air at a certain temperature and pressure is capable of absorbing and holding a certain amount of water vapour. If that volume of air contains 50% of the moisture it is capable of holding, we say it is at 50% relative humidity.

Air Conditioning for the Garage

Mastercool Evaporative Coolers

Most people refer to Rigid Media Coolers as Mastercool Evaporative Coolers. Mastercool is a manufacturer brand name. Think about how most of us refer to petroleum jelly as Vaseline.

Mastercool evaporative coolers use one rigid media pad that is either 8″ or 12″ thick depending on the model chosen. Aspen pad evaporative coolers use pads on three or four sides that are only 2″ thick. There are two main advantages to rigid media found in Mastercool evaporative coolers.

  1. Less maintenance required. Unlike aspen pads which need to be replaced annually, Rigid media pads aka Cel-Dek pads typically will last about five years before needing replacement.
  2. Better cooling capability. The thicker media and solid sides of a Mastercool evaporative cooler result in lower temperature air entering the home. This is a result of better evaporation.


What Size Evaporative Cooler Do I Need?

Unlike determining the proper size air conditioner needed for a home or building, figuring out what size Mastercool evaporative cooler you need is very easy.

Swamp coolers are measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). In other words, how many CFM of air the unit is capable of moving (blowing into the home). Understanding how many CFM are needed for your home is something most people can easily determine themselves.

  1. Measure your home or buildings total square footage.
  2. Measure your ceiling height. (If you have different ceiling heights use the average).
  3. Multiply the total square footage by the ceiling height.
  4. Divide the number you determined in step to by two (2). 

Find an evaporative cooler with a CFM rating close to the number you arrive at in step 4*

Example: A 1,500 square-foot building with 8-foot ceilings.

1,500 x 8 = 12,000

12,000 / 2 = 6,000

In this scenario a 6,000 CFM cooler will do the job*.

*It’s a good practice to add 15-20% for applications where there are a lot of occupants in the home or where there are other heat generating appliances. In the example above, Magic Touch Mechanical would typically recommend a 6,500 to 7,200 CFM Evaporative Cooler.


How Much Does a Mastercool Evaporative Cooler Cost?

People are often surprised by the price to install a Mastercool evaporative cooler. Because stores like Home Depot and Lowes sell Mastercool evap coolers most people think they can have one professionally installed for $2,500 to $3,500 – not so.

What people don’t realize about those coolers in the big box stores is they are selling just the cabinet. They don’t even include the motor or drain pumps. Not including the labor or crane needed, a professional installation of a Mastercool evaporative cooler should include; motors, sheaves, pulleys, belts, drain pumps, thermostat, thermostat wiring, roof jacks, stands or leg-kits, barometric dampers, drain lines, roofing tar or sealant, and much more.

The average Mastercool evaporative cooler cost professionally installed will typically range between $5,000 and $7,000*.

*Depending on brand, size, type, and individual application.



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MasterCool MCP44 Evaporative Cooler Review


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