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Setting up Arknights (CN) on Android outside of China



One should use both a PC and their Phone at the same time for smoothest setup.

Step 1: Download the game

The latest version is the following link  (download will start immediately)

You can do one of the following.

  1. Download on PC, Move it to your Android Device, and run it to install via an APK Installer Application
  2. Straight up download the file on your phone, click and install.

To confirm that you did the right thing, make sure the application has the following Icon:

P.S. This game won’t show up in your game launcher folder, but show like a newest application installment.

Step 2: Registering an Account

You should be on a PC right now and visit the bilibiliwebsite .

Mail registration has been closed, one must use their phone number, dw it’s safe.

At any point, if the website stops responding please refresh page, I had to type my info down 3 times before I could go through it…. That’s [Made in China] for you.

  1. Unique Name - A name that only you can use, duplicates not allowed
  2. Password - it must be a strong one and you MUST GET GREEN LIGHT

My password included the following to achieve green light

  • Symbol
  • Capitalized Letters
  • Lower Case Letters
  • Numbers
  1. Country - Please use Google Translate English to Chinese and type your Country, and then click the dropdown menu above and find the same symbols, it’s a bit of detective work.  P.S. the moment you find it, try to memorize where in the bracket it is located, incase you need to refill information 3 times like I did.
  2. Phone Number - Type your Phone Number
  3. Spam  “Send Code Button” every 1min.  I received a text on my 2nd click.  P.S. You can’t send code if you don’t have a Green Light Password.
  4. Type Verification Code
  5. Agree to Terms
  6. You can now finalize your account
  7. The site will then lead to various other things but you can just close it now.

Step 3: Login to the Game

Now that you have your account, it’s time to boot the game, you will be granted the following widget/popup:

In this case all you need to do is type the following

  • Phone Number, do not add country code
  • Your Green Light Password

Step 4: Final Verification

Potential Method 1

Advised to be on the Phone for this part.

P.S. we will be creating a fake Chinese ID which means you can’t really spend money on this game. 

You will now find the following screen:

Click this link on your phone 

Now here comes the part where you are recommended to be on the phone.

You should Copy Paste a Name + Chinese ID Card Number from the above link. 

The combination must match similarly to the provided website, hence why Copy Pasting is recommended.

Potential Method 2

Credit: LanceGT0#8946

Do you login and get the following verification message?


Do you need to do verification the legit way?  Here's How:

BILIBILI support email: [email protected]

Compose your email with the following:

EMAIL TITLE: 海外实名申请 - 明日方舟


1.证件类型:(身份证 (id),或护照(Passport)Pick one, if you used id use 身份证. if you used passport, use 护照. etc: 证件类型: 身份证 (ID)

2.真实姓名:Real name in ID or Passport

3.证件号码:ID or Passport Number

4.联系方式:(电话,或者邮箱)Contact Phone number / Email

5.游戏账号:In-game ID

6.游戏帐号绑定信息:(绑定的手机或邮箱)What you use to bound your AK account email or Phone Number

7.B站UID:(请您用游戏账号登录bilibili官网,可在个人页面中查看的数字ID)< Only visible UID in your bili account

Click on your Billi Profile Avatar, Scroll down to see 仅自己可见, that's where your uid is. 

  • It will require front and back photos of your passport or id.
  • Currently maybe they are handling too many verification that they wont be replying in email You can check your verification status at by yourself though
  • Usually will take 2-4 hours.
  • It will pop up a screen like this once you are verified. You should be able to login Arknights.

Need More Help?

If you followed all the provided steps, you can now access the game. Good Job! If you have questions feel free to join discord!

RIHQ iscord Server

Use the  “#arknights-help” Channel, and ask away, people here are helpful!

For iOS Users

It is possible to play the game on iOS with a guest account by following a different set of instructions, but a registered account isn't possible without a Chinese phone number on iOS. If you are alright with a guest account to simply have access to the game, the instructions can be found in the below link!

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Emma Nielsen. A danish gamer who is here to enhance your gaming experience

Daniel O'Brien

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Wanderer, Gamer, Eternal Student, and Weeb.

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I really like collecting stuff, virtual and physical. So it was only natural for me to get interested in mobages. Currently playing 明日方舟(Arknights), 战双帕弥什(Punishing: Gray Raven), アッシュアームズ(Ash Arms) and writing for Arknights. I also have a love-hate realtionship with Girls' Frontline.




2019 video game

2019 video game

Arknights (Chinese: 明日方舟; pinyin: Míngrì Fāngzhōu, "Tomorrow's Ark") is a free-to-playtower defense mobile game developed by Chinese developer Hypergryph. It was released in China on 1 May 2019, in other countries on 16 January 2020 and in Taiwan on 29 June 2020.[1]Arknights is available on iOS and Android platforms and features gacha game mechanics.


A game of Arknights
One of the levels of Arknights. In this level, enemies proceed from right to left, and to stop them the player has deployed (from the top) a ranged operator, a melee operator and a healer on the left side of the screen. At the bottom, the remaining deployable operators are displayed.

The core gameplay is that of a tower defense game, with a number of characters ("operators") as towers. Melee operators can be placed on ground tiles and ranged operators on elevated tiles. Melee operators physically block enemies from advancing, and ranged operators deal ranged damage, heal or otherwise support melee operators. Players must place operators on the correct tiles to prevent the enemy from infiltrating the player's base. Because there is often a limited number of viable solutions, especially at high difficulties, Arknights has also been described as a puzzle game.[2]

As the player progresses through the game, they unlock more stages, operators and resources, and are also introduced to new types of enemies and gameplay mechanics. Levels that have been cleared with a three-star rating can be auto-completed without player input, as the game records the player's actions and replicates them.

The game also has a base-building aspect, which allows players to construct facilities and assign operators to them. This allows players to increase their resources in the manner of an incremental game.[3] It features the usual array of free-to-play, gacha game mechanics, such as daily login rewards and randomized character acquisition through virtual currency which can be obtained by playing the game, through limited-time events, or optional in-app purchases using real currency.

Seasonal gameplay events introduce more complex but optional difficulties and handicaps, such as the game's semi-quarterly Contingency Contract.


Arknights cosplayer
A cosplayerrepresenting the Arknightsoperator character "Savage".

The game is set in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic future setting of the planet Terra, where people exhibit kemonomimi features – characteristics of animals or mythological races. Natural disasters leave behind a valuable mineral, Originium, which enables the use of "Arts" (magic), and often infects people with a progressive disease, Oripathy. Due to the disease's 100% mortality rate, and its high infectivity at the time of death, hostility towards the Infected became widespread, leading to their mass quarantine and expulsion by governments worldwide, and sparking tensions between the Infected and non-Infected.

The player takes the role of the masked and amnesiac "Doctor", who commands a team of "operators" of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical, medical, and self-defense organization. As Oripathy spreads, the team must search for a cure while defending themselves against threats such as the Reunion Movement, an Infected anarchist military force bent on overthrowing the governments of Terra in revenge for persecuting Oripathy victims.[3]


Arknights has an eclectic soundtrack drawing on a range of Western and Asian musical genres. Hypergryph has partnered with musical groups across the world to release Arknights-related songs and music videos. These include Steve Aoki ("Last of Me"), Yellow Claw ("End Like This")[4] and Starset ("Infected").[5]

The Arknights-related song "Renegade" written by Jason Walsh and performed by Substantial and X.ARI was nominated for "Best Original Song – Video Game" at the 2020 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.[6]


Pocket Gamer highlighted the game's extensive lore and high production values.[7] Julia Lee of Polygon wrote that "Arknights is the only gacha game I recommend to people" because of its art design, lack of purchase pressure and competition, and limited grind,[2] and Sisi Jiang of Kotaku noted that Arknights is rare among gacha games in that its easily obtainable characters are better in some circumstances than the game's rare, high-powered operators.[8]

The game was nominated for Google Play "Users' Choice Game" at the Best of 2020 awards and for "Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Mobile Game" at the 2020 Dragon Awards.[9] It won an award as one of the Best Innovative Games of 2020.[10]


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Arknights (CN)

Arknights is a strategy game where you have to stop enemies from getting through your defenses. A tower defense with a strong anime influence and that drops you head first in a chiaroscuro story.

In Arknights your objective is the same as other games in the genre: stop enemies from reaching a given point. To do this, you have to place various units on the battlefield that can stop them in their tracks. You can see where the enemies are heading at all times, so you just have to place your heroes intelligently.

As opposed to other tower defense games, in Arknights you have a limited number of units. Each of your heroes has very specific features, so you have to choose close combat, ranged or other units with different abilities. What's more, they have special powers that can be used when their energy bar is full.

Arknights is a fantastic strategy game that stands out from other tower defense games and takes you to quite a dark cyberpunk world. You have a huge selection of characters to recruit in the game, which makes it hard to get bored with. A cool anime style game where, fortunately, they haven't gone too far with the fan service.
Reviewed by Nelson de Benito Translated by Josh Sours:
[2020 Tutorial updated] How to play Arknights in CN server (Android/PC)


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Under Tides Event Overview [Arknights]


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