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Miitopia: Every Personality, Explained

By Tanner Brossart


In Nintendo's Miitopia, a Mii's personality impacts their performance in and out of battle. Here is a breakdown of every personality type in the RPG.

In the world of Miitopia, every prominent character becomes customizable. From the simple townsfolk to the daring protagonists, players can put their favorite Mii characters right into the story of this quirky RPG.

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Customization goes much more in-depth than simple job selection and character creation, however. Personalities also play a role in this game. When making a new party member, the game gives a choice between seven unique personality types. Each one grants bonuses both in and out of combat, and they all make for interesting interactions between heroes. Some may seem more useful than others, but each one can accentuate the strengths of certain characters and their jobs.


As the name suggests, Airheaded Miis are prone to forgetfulness and absentminded behavior. They may suddenly attack a random enemy instead of the one they originally targeted. They might even distract the enemy by playing with them, or they might avoid interacting altogether.

In various cutscenes, Airheaded types might not even pay attention to their fellow travelers. Overall, they have a great comedic effect on the plot. Just make sure not to pair it with important healing jobs, lest they slack off at an inopportune time.

Here are the Airheaded's quirks:

  • Oops – Mii attacks the enemy with the highest HP, reducing its guard so that it receives 1.5x damage for that turn.
  • Frolic – Mii distracts an enemy so they cannot attack.
  • Sleepyhead – Recovers HP by falling asleep.


Cautious Miis try to get out of dangerous situations as quickly as possible. They like to warm up before attacking, doubling their move's effectiveness. They can also finish an enemy off with a powerful attack to end the battle early. This makes them great for heavy-hitting jobs like the Warrior.

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Their cautious side also makes them rather prepared, as they sometimes store extra snacks away to heal themselves. However, they aren't risk-takers, either; they will often skip out on drinking random potions during their travels, even if they're actually beneficial.

Here are the Cautious' quirks:

  • Warm Up – Delays its attack until the end of the turn, doubling the move's effectiveness in the process.
  • Prepped and Ready – When out of the main recover items for MP and HP, the Mii will reveal it has an extra MP Candy or HP Banana.
  • Finisher – Finishes off an enemy, permitting the Mii's standard attack with a 1.3x bonus can reduce all of the target's remaining HP.


Miis that have the Cool personality are great at avoiding harm. They can ignore certain status effects from enemies and even dodge physical attacks. However, their aloof nature also comes at the expense of their allies.

Cool Miis don't like to cover for their teammates, even when it's absolutely necessary. They also give up early on when digging up treasure during their travels. Still, having cool people in the party is sure to make the adventure that much more fun.

Here are the Cool's quirks:

  • Avoid – Dodges regular or physical attack.
  • Shan't – Doesn't cover ally.
  • Pressure Point – Rather than use a skill, it hits the target with a regular attack that comes with a 1.5x bonus.
  • Indifference – A Status effect is ignored.


This lively personality type is great at dealing damage, withstanding fatal blows, and supporting teammates. Their Charge quirk deals extra damage to enemies at the expense of two HP, and they can survive an otherwise deadly attack with 1 HP remaining. They may also restore the MP of a fellow party member (which boosts their relationship). This makes them a great form of support for teams that rely on MP usage.

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Outside of battle, they will automatically drink whatever they find lying on the road. Simply put, Energetic Miis are very peppy, albeit a tad reckless.

Here are the Energetic's quirks:

  • Hang On – Survives fatal blow with 1 HP.
  • Charge – Attack amplified by 1.3x, however, 2 points of self-damage is inflicted.
  • Cheer – Recovers the MP of another Mii and improves the relationship meter.


This personality trait is sure to be a favorite of any team composition. Kind Miis protect weakened allies and donate snacks to teammates who don't have any. Both of these boost the relationship meter of those involved, allowing for better teamwork and new skills.

This kindness also gets extended to monsters; sometimes, Kind Miis may even spare enemies who are low on health. This doesn't always work, however, and other party members may resent them for it.

Here are the Kind's quirks:

  • Donate – Gives HP Banana or MP Candy to another party member.
  • Cover – Mii saves a party member from being knocked out.
  • Spare – Mii decides to not attack an enemy. If the monster appreciates the gesture, they will leave. If they do not, the foe will attack the Kind Mii. When the latter happens, one other party member will resent the Kind Mii.


The Laid-back type has a wide variety of quirks, though they aren't the greatest at maintaining good relationships. Laid-back Miis may sometimes swipe snacks from other party members, or even use them as cover against enemy attacks. They may even slack off and use their skills at only half their original power.

Other times, however, they can get unusually focused to deal extra damage, or avoid status ailments like the Cool types. In fact, they essentially combine the quirks of the Cool personality with the comedic timing of the Airheaded personality.

Here are the Laid-Back's quirks:

  • Slack Off – Conserves MP, reducing the skill's effectiveness by 50% in the process.
  • Nah... – Emotion-based status effects are ignored.
  • Cadge – Mii steals an HP Banana or MP Candy from another party member. Unsurprisingly, this act is resented.
  • Hide – Let's another Mii take a hit.
  • Get Serious – Improves damage dealt or healing.


Outside of battle, Stubborn Miis are finicky. They toss bottles away before telling what they are, but they also dig for treasure no matter how long it takes.

During combat, they are a force to be reckoned with. Stubborn teammates withstand attacks to take half as much damage or sometimes use the same attack twice in a row. They may also refuse help on occasion, leading to the assisting Mii feeling resentment. All in all, they are a hardheaded type best suited for strong fighters.

Here are the Stubborn's quirks:

  • Bluff – Mii rebuffs an ally's assistance.
  • Patience – Reduces damage received by 50% for one attack.
  • Again – Attacks twice.

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Miitopia Personality Types and What Do They Do

The fact that you get to choose how your party members look, as well as what kind of person they are sets Miitopia unique from other role-playing games on the Nintendo Switch. You can put your family, friends, or other people you care about into your game and watch them interact with one another with the use of this feature. Miitopia takes the notion of game-like Miitomo or Tomodachi Life expands it to allow players more control over what happens.

In this guide, we will tell you which are the best personalities, what are their types, what are the personality quirks, and everything else you need to know about personalities in Miitopia.

All Miitopia Personality Types

In Miitopia there are seven types of personalities, each with its own mannerism that affect the gameplay and party relationships.

Following are the types of personalities:

  • Kind
  • Energetic
  • Laid-Back
  • Cool
  • Stubborn
  • Air-headed
  • Cautious

What Do Personality Types Do?

In and out of battle, each personality type has a set of “quirks” that affect both the Mii and their party members. The “Affection” stat of both Mii’s raises when action positively affects their relationship and the “Resentment” stat of both Mii’s raises when an action has a bad impact on their relationship. Raised Affection leads to a deeper relationship, which has its own benefits. A high Resentment level can lead to a disagreement, which hinders both Miis’ capacity to fight.

Kind Miis are concerned about their party members and prioritize their buddies.

In-battle actions:

  • Miis have the ability to persuade creatures to abandon the battle. However, that monster will not give any experience points or grub to the party. If the Mii is unable to persuade the monster to go, it will attack the Mii, raising the Resentment of a random party Mii.
  • The Kind Mii will sometimes and take the below for another Mii when the other Mii is about to pass out as a result of the monster’s attack. Both Miis will gain Affection points as a result of this.
  • Miis who are kind can give one of their HP Bananas or MP to a party member who is in need.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • When a Mii’s face is put on a monster, Kind Miis will tremble in horror. Although it has not been proved, some users have noticed that Kind Miis frequently attempt to resolve disputes between Miis.

Energetic Miis don’t tire easily and they can be hyper.

In-battle actions:

  • When attacking energetic Miis can be a little overly excited causing them to take a little damage as a result of this. Monsters are dealt more damage as a result of this.
  • If their party members don’t have enough MP to complete a task, Energetic Miis can cheer them on. As a result, the elated Mii is inspired to finish the mission and refill some of their MP. Both Miis then gain relationship points.
  • When an Energetic Mii is about to be hit with a blow that will cause them to faint, they might sometimes “hang on” resulting in the blow leaving them with 1 HP instead of 0.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Unless the Unknown fluid “Smells funny”, energetic Miis will drink from a bottle holding unknown fluid. When it comes to drinking water, they will consume it in a single swallow.


Laid-Back Miis can easily shake off things, and they tend to be nonchalant.

In-battle actions:

  • Laid-back Miis can hide behind another Mii before being attacked by a monster, causing their party member to take the hit instead. As a result, the Resentment levels of those Miis rise.
  • Laid-back Mii steals an HP banana or MP candy from a party member and uses it right away if they run out of them don’t have any in their stash. These Miis’ resentment levels will rise, potentially resulting in a dispute.
  • If three other party members help out a Laid-back Mii, it can sometimes do a lot of damage to an enemy. They can refill more HP or MP than usual if they are healing. The opposite of Getting Serious, a Laid-back Mii will sometimes choose to preserve MP, allowing them to act with half the MP but only doing half the damage.
  • Laid-back Miis can sometimes shake off a status effect a monster is attempting to inflict on them by simply being uninterested.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Laid-back Mii when discovering digging spots outside of battle, they frequently stop digging for treasure if it is not discovered on the first try.

We don’t need to explain their personality because their name explains it all.

In-battle actions:

  • Cool Miis will occasionally target an enemy’s weak spot and deal more damage than usual.
  • If a monster tries to land a physical attack, Cool Miis will sometimes jump out of the way, causing them to take no damage.
  • When a party member tries to hide behind the Cool Moo, the Cool Mii will refuse to cover them sometimes.
  • Cool Miis can be immune to a monster’s status effect.

Out-of-battle actions:

After one attempt at digging up buried treasure, Cool Miis will give up the same as Laid-back Miis.

As you can see their personality name, they are stubborn so they don’t give up easily and they need to get things right.

In-battle actions:

  • Stubborn Mii can brace for impact in advance of an attack, taking half the damage they would normally.
  • Stubborn Miis will attack the enemy again if they are dissatisfied with the amount of damage dealt by an attack.
  • Stubborn Mii sometimes refuse the help of an ally, when they try to help a Stubborn Mii. This can lead to the Mii who offered assistance developing resentment toward the stubborn Mii.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Stubborn will keep digging until they find buried treasure. They will also throw away any bottles containing unknown liquids.

Air-headed Miis can get distracted, and are often living in their own world.

In-battle actions:

  • An Air-headed Mii will occasionally attack the wrong target by accident. The mistaken enemy’s guard will be dropped, and as a result of this oddity, they will take 1.5x the damage.
  • Instead of attacking, Air-headed Miis will sometimes spend their to galavant with an enemy. The opponent will not attack anyone even if no damage is done, and the Air-headed Mii can still save their party members.
  • Air-headed Miis will occasionally choose to sleep instead of fighting during a turn to regain health.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Unless it “smells funny,” Air-headed Miis will drink water and any unknown beverages right away. The player will then be able to choose whether or not to consume it.

Cautious Miis can be nervous about performing and they are calculated.

In-battle actions:

  • Sometimes, the ever-calculating Cautious Mii will opt to finish off a monster.
  • To prepare, a Cautious Mii will do some stretches and wait until the conclusion of their turn before attacking. During this period, their attacks will do twice as much damage.
  • When a Cautious Mii requires a snack and doesn’t have any on hand, they will occasionally appear out of nowhere, claiming they had planned for this precise situation.

Out-of-battle actions:

  • Cautious Miis will refuse to drink from an unknown bottle.

Which Personalities Suits Which Jobs?

  • Kind: Kind personalities benefit from support classes like the Cleric, Popstar, and Chef. Kind Miis not only prioritize healing above attacking, but they also have the added benefit of donating HP Bananas and MP Candies to people in need.
  • Energetic: Attacking classes, such as the Warrior, are excellent Energetic choices due to their combative nature. To compensate for the HP loss caused by the “Charge” quirk, it is recommended that you eat items that raise your HP.
  • Laid-back: Attacking classes benefit from being Laid-back, such as the Thief. The Thief has the ability to steal snacks from enemies, which is useful because Laid-back Miis eat more snacks.
  • Cool: Classes that attack, such as the Warrior, gain from the Cool personality. For Cool, stay away from healing classes like the Cleric, as attack-heavy classes gain the most from the “Weak Point” quirk.
  • Stubborn: Attack-focused classes, like the Cool personality, benefit from being Stubborn since they can block strikes and have a chance to attack again.
  • Air-headed: There isn’t a certain class that fits this personality type the best. Avoid assigning this personality to a Mii who you rely on to carry a battle because they tend to sleep during battles and distract enemies.
  • Cautious: Jobs that require both Support and Attack, some of which may come as you go through the game, fit this personality type perfectly. Cautious Miis can make combat that much smoother with their extra food stockpile to boost HP and MP, the “Finisher” quirk that quickly removes enemies, and their prep work that makes strike more potent.

For those looking for a more lighthearted game, Miitopia is the JRPG. Each person will have their own unique and wacky experience by balancing different diverse work classes with varied personalities. This is one of the best games for role-playing with your in-game characters if you like that sort of thing.

That’s everything you need to know about personality types in Miitopia.

Sours: https://gameinfinitus.com/guides/miitopia-personality-types-and-what-do-they-do/
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Personalities are a mechanic in Miitopia.

Party member personality

Personalities are assigned to the Hero and his/her teammates upon their creation, and can be changed at any time through their profile. A Mii's personality does not only reflect their attitude - it also grants them different quirks that activate randomly during battles and various events. A Mii's personality can be changed at any time through their profile.

All personalities have positive quirks and negative quirks. For example, a Mii with the Stubborn personality may defend themselves to take less damage (positive), but they can also refuse help from teammates (e.g. healing from a Cleric). (negative)

Below is the list of personalities that can be assigned to party members.

Traveler personality

Traveler Mii characters encountered in Travelers' Hub also come with their own personality. Unlike the seven personalities mentioned above, Travelers' personalities do not affect the battle in any way. Also, what personality a Traveler has depends on their skills decided by their Mii's submitter (for example, a Mii with the Chatting skill will become a Chatty Mii in Travelers' Hub), which is done before submitting said Mii to Miitopia's Mii Central. The only things that are affected by the Travelers' personalities are the quest wording (though changing the Traveler via Mii Cast into another with a different personality still keeps the dialogue from the firstly-generated character) and Traveler-only events during explorations. In the Nintendo Switch version, the Traveler-specific personalities still exist, but due to the lack of Mii Central's manual submission, the personalities given to them upon arriving at the Travelers' Hub are decided randomly.

Below is the list of Traveler personalities and the associated skills.

Mii's Skill Personality
Singing Singing
Sports Sporty
Acting Thespian
Comedy Punster
Music Virtuoso
Martial Arts Kung Fu
Dancing Disco
Adventuring Starry-Eyed
Film Directing Director
Cooking Culinary (US)/Home Cooking (EU)
Chatting Chatty
Public Speaking Orator
Craftwork Innovator
Drawing Artsy-Fartsy (US)/Arty-Farty (EU)
Studying Studious
Writing Bookworm
Fashion Trendy
Dining Gourmet
Not Telling Randomly Selected
Sours: https://miitopia.fandom.com/wiki/Personalities
Just a silly observation at the Café on personalities


Miis that are party members must, during creation, have a personality tied to them. This affects their tone of voice and speaking patterns, and also causes them to behave in certain ways during battle and certain events. There are 7 personalities in the game, and each comes with a set of positive and negative quirks that will make the way they battle unique, as well as make them react to a few map events in ways that may or may not be desirable to the player.

Some personality quirks will not activate on the player's Mii if they are actively being given orders by the player. If a quirk will not activate under these conditions, a note under the "Effect" section of the quirk will have information on this.

Which personality is most suitable for which character from a gameplay perspective is dependent on what role the Mii is fulfilling with their choice of job. Keep in mind that any information outside of the tables and Affected Events sections for each personality includes my own opinion on each personality. Feel free to experiment with whatever personalities you like on your Miis.


This is perhaps the least-intrusive personality of all seven, as combat is affected the least and no events are affected by a Kind personality.

Battle QuirkEffect
CoverIf an ally Mii is about to take an attack from an enemy that would result in their death, the Kind Mii will take the hit instead. This quirk has a moderate chance of activating, and will increase the relationship between the two Miis if both Miis are still alive after the Kind Mii takes the hit.
DonateIf a teammate is out of HP Bananas or MP Candies and attempts to use one, the Kind Mii, if they have one on hand, will give the needful Mii one of theirs. This will increase the relationship between the two Miis. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.
SpareIf a Kind Mii initiates a physical attack against an enemy, the Kind Mii might attempt to spare the target. This quirk activates very rarely, and if the enemy flees the fight, it drop no EXP, Gold, or Grub. If the enemy doesn't flee, it will attack the Kind Mii and a random teammate will become upset at the Kind Mii, which can lead to resentment towards the Kind Mii. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.

Best Roles: Kind Miis are best suited to play Defenders, as Cover is great for jumping in the way of attacks aimed at teammates with lower HP or Defense. Likewise, they will be taking less damage from higher Magic and Defense stats, which means they will be using less HP Bananas and MP Candies.

Worst Roles: Kind Miis are the least useful on Healers. Since Healers have some of the lower HP and Defense stats in the game, they are killed more easily by enemies and certainly shouldn't be jumping in front of enemy attacks. In addition, if they fail to Spare a target with a high attack strength, they may just be killed by the counterattack.

Affected Events: (None)


This personality is great for characters that have single-target normal attacks as well as characters that can't take very many hits.

Battle QuirkEffect
ChargeIf the Energetic Mii attacks using a physical attack, they might instead attack with slightly more power than usual and deal 2 damage to themselves in the process. This quirk activates very commonly. If the Mii that's attacking has a normal attack that were to hit all enemies, the Mii instead hits one target, of which is random.
CheerIf an ally Mii is almost out of MP, the Energetic Mii will spend their turn "cheering" them on, which restores a small amount of MP. How much MP is restored is related to the target Mii's maximum MP. This quirk increases the relationship between the two Miis. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.
Hang OnIf the Energetic Mii takes a hit that would normally kill them, they may rarely have the chance to stay alive with 1 HP remaining.

Best Roles: Energetic Miis are great for playing all roles, but shine the brightest on Healers or Support roles, especially those with single-target attacks. Since Charge activates very commonly when using physical attacks, it will essentially be an upgrade to their attacks if they are only meant to attack one target in the first place since 2 damage to themselves quickly becomes unnoticeable. Hang On protects characters from death more often than you'd expect, so it may just save your healer so they can revive the rest of your party or use a skill to bring them back from the brink.

Worst Roles: Energetic Miis have no incompatible roles, but may not work very well with jobs that utilize a multi-target attack such as Thief or Pop Star. Unlike with single-target physical attackers, Charge is almost always a downgrade in this case(with the sole exception being only one target to strike), and may just be a deal-breaker if this is the case.

Affected Events:

Bottle Drink: Energetic Miis will always drink the bottle immediately unless they remark it "smells funny".


Laid-Back has the potential to be very powerful, but it's also very risky. It's the personality most likely to cause resentment in teammates, and it may weaken the power of skills unexpectedly. While not the most difficult personality to manage, it's certainly one of the least helpful ones.

Battle QuirkEffect
CadgeIf the Laid-Back Mii attempts to use an HP Banana or MP Candy when they don't have any left, they will take a random teammate's HP Banana or MP Candy if they have any on hand. This will cause the target Mii to become upset with the Laid-Back Mii, which can lead to resentment towards the Laid-Back Mii. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.
Get SeriousIf the Laid-Back Mii uses a skill that deal damage or restores health, they may become "unusually focused", which will more than double the damage or healing of the skill. This quirk activates at about the same, very common rate as Slack Off.
HideIf the Laid-Back Mii is selected as a target from a physical attack by an enemy, they may leap behind another Mii, who will take the damage for them instead. This will cause the target Mii to become upset at the Laid-Back Mii, which can lead to resentment towards the Laid-Back Mii.
Nah...If the Laid-Back Mii is selected as a target for a status-inflicting move by an enemy, they become immune to the attack if this quirk activates. This quirk activates moderately commonly.
Slack OffIf the Laid-Back Mii uses a skill that deals damage or restores health, they may instead expend half the MP required for the skill and do less than half of the original damage of the skill. This quirk activates at about the same, very common rate as Get Serious.

Best Roles: Laid-Back Miis are best suited to Offense roles, but even then, they can be hit-or-miss in terms of effectiveness. Of these Offense roles, they are best suited to Mage or other magic-heavy Offense roles, since they can get at least some value out of Hide (when it isn't causing feuds in your party). In addition, Mage's spells are often high enough in power to where the Slack Off penalty to the damage won't reduce the power enough to be completely ineffective. It's undeniable how satisfying the Get Serious quirk can be sometimes, though, and that alone may be worth it to try this personality out.

Worst Roles: Don't use Laid-Back Miis for Defender or Healer roles. You don't want your high-health, high-defense characters leaping behind your squishies. Healers are unsuited for the Laid-Back personality simply because Slack Off may make a healing spell near useless at the wrong time, spelling doom for your team.

Affected Events:

Pothole: If the Laid-Back Mii attempts to dig up a pothole and fail to find anything, they will give up immediately without the prompt to continue digging deeper.


Cool is one of the better personalities, as its battle quirks are almost completely positive and don't intrude on job attack patterns like Energetic. Since its battle quirks are broadly useful, it's definitely one of the best, if not the best personality to pick.

Battle Quirk

AvoidIf a Cool Mii is selected as a target from a physical attack by an enemy, they may leap out of the way, taking no damage from the attack. This quirk activates moderately commonly.
IndifferenceIf the Cool Mii is selected as a target for a status-inflicting move by an enemy, they become immune to the attack if this quirk activates. This quirk activates moderately commonly.
Pressure PointIf the Cool Mii attacks using a physical attack, they may instead do more damage than expected with it. If the Mii that's attacking has a normal attack that were to hit all enemies, all enemies will take more damage from the attack. This quirk activates very commonly.
Shan'tIf an ally Mii is about to take an attack from an enemy that would result in their death and the Sacrifice relationship perk is supposed to activate, the Cool Mii will decide not to take the attack for the ally Mii. This quirk does not cause the ally Mii to become upset with the Cool Mii. This quirk has an extremely low chance of activating at all, since Sacrifice doesn't always activate in the first place.

Best Roles: Cool Miis are amazing. They can honestly fit any role of the four since the ability to do more physical damage, dodge attacks, and avoid status ailments is ubiquitously useful regardless of job choice.

Worst Roles: Like what was just stated, there's probably no bad jobs to match up to a cool personality. Go nuts!

Affected Events:

Pothole: If the Cool Mii attempts to dig up a pothole and fail to find anything, they will give up immediately without the prompt to continue digging deeper.


Stubborn is a tricky personality. Its useful battle quirks are great, but their tendency to refuse healing, even when gravely wounded, is one of the hardest quirks to put up with, especially since it causes ally Miis trying to help them to become upset.

Battle QuirkEffect
AgainIf the Stubborn Mii performs an action, they may deem it unsatisfactory and perform the same action again on the same target(s). If the Stubborn Mii attacks with a physical attack or damaging Skill and the target isn't killed, Again can trigger. If the Stubborn Mii restores health to a teammate(s) with a healing Skill and the health of the target(s) isn't completely restored, Again can trigger. If the Stubborn Mii attempts to resurrect a dead teammate and the Skill fails to resurrect, Again can trigger. If the skill being repeated costs MP to use, the MP Cost will be spent twice: once for each use of the skill. Again will not activate if the Stubborn Mii doesn't have enough MP to use the skill again.
BluffIf the Stubborn Mii receives healing or a support skill, they may refuse the assistance. This will refund the MP that the ally Mii would have spent on the skill, but wastes the turn and causes the ally Mii to become upset, which may lead to resentment towards the Stubborn Mii. This quirk activates very commonly.
PatienceIf a Stubborn Mii is selected as a target from a physical attack by an enemy, they may brace themselves. This will result in the Stubborn Mii taking half damage from the attack. This quirk activates moderately commonly.

Best Roles: Stubborn Miis can work with either a Defender or Healer Role, although they won't be receiving benefits from any more than one quirk. Defenders will find use with Patience, but this may be offset by the Bluff quirk when they need healing. Since Stubborn Healers will be covering the healing, they will not suffer from Bluff for the most part and can make use of Patience to protect their low health total or bolster their otherwise-low defenses.

Worst Roles: Patience is a rather useful perk, but is overshadowed by the Cool personality's tendency of just leaping out of the way and dodging all physical damage altogether, so Stubborn isn't really so much bad for roles as it is outjobed by Cool Miis.

Affected Events:

Pothole: If the Stubborn Mii attempts to dig up a pothole and fail to find anything, they won't stop until they find something.

Bottle Drink: Stubborn Miis will always toss out bottles without drinking them unless the contents of the bottle smells funny.


The Airheaded personality can be helpful for Miis that don't put out a lot of damage. The quirks this personality provides gives them a chance to do something more useful with their turn.

Battle QuirkEffect
FrolicWhen the Airheaded Mii's turn comes, they may instead cancel whatever action they were going to do and instead start to play with the enemy. This will result in both the Airheaded Mii and the enemy losing their turns. This quirk happens somewhat commonly. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.
Oops!If the Airheaded Mii attacks using a physical attack when there is at least two enemies in the battle, they will lose focus and instead hit the other enemy with increased damage. If the Mii that's attacking has a normal attack that were to hit all enemies, the Mii instead hits one target. This quirk happens very commonly.
SleepyheadIf the Airheaded Mii attacks using a physical attack when below 50% health, they might instead fall asleep in a similar fashion to the Mage's Sleep Tight spell. They will recover health every turn while asleep, and wake in a few turns. This quirk happens somewhat rarely. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.

Best Roles: Airheaded Miis are best suited to Support roles. Since they don't put out as much damage as Offense characters, it won't be nearly as bothersome to watch your Support character frolic with an enemy. It can be a bit beneficial if Oops! activates since many support jobs like the Princess would do much more substantial damage, although to the target with the most health.

Worst Roles: Oops! is usually helpful for anything except Magic-based Offense characters, but they're putting their damage out with Magic rather than physical hits, so no role is really hit too hard by this personality. Healers may suffer the most from this personality due to Sleepyhead putting them to sleep when they should be healing. Frolic doesn't actually impair them at all since it only activates off of physical attacks, meaning that when they are given a turn where they'd heal, they would heal all the time during those circumstances.

Affected Events:

Bottle Drink: Airheaded Miis will always drink the bottle immediately unless they remark it "smells funny".


While it is a feasible personality for the main character, the Cautious personality is a problem for teammates. Speed for the most part isn't particularly an issue in Miitopia; it mostly is there just to determine the turn order of your teammates after you're done leveling up, but the Cautious personality makes turn order an issue. This makes it one of the worst, if not the very worst personality in the game.

Battle QuirkEffect
FinisherIf the Cautious Mii attacks using a physical attack targeting a damaged enemy, they might instead kill the target in one hit, regardless of their Attack stat. This quirk activates somewhat rarely.
Prepped and ReadyIf the Cautious Mii attempts to use an HP Banana or MP Candy when they don't have any left, they will take out an HP Banana or MP Candy as a result of being prepared for the situation. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.
Warm UpIf the Cautious Mii does a physical attack or a skill that does damage or restores health they may instead do the action at the very end of the entire turn (after everyone else has acted) with about 2x the effectiveness. This quirk activates very commonly. This quirk will not activate if the Mii is being given orders.

Best Roles:

As stated above, the Cautious Personality does not activate Warm Up if the Mii is being given orders. This means that the player character, so long as they aren't set to "Autobattle", will not unexpectedly choose to attack at the end of the turn. As a result, the Cautious personality is exclusively beneficial to the player character with the Finisher quirk being the only of the three to activate at all. Whether this exceeds the bonuses granted by the Cool personality or not is up for debate, however.

However, for teammates (and the "Autobattling" player Mii), the mere existence of the Warm Up quirk is what truly reserves this personality at the bottom of the totem pole. Attacking last not only feels incredibly cumbersome, it can also get the Cautious Mii killed before they do anything. There isn't a single role that this personality is best in; rather, it's best for a single job: the Tank job. Since the Tank has no speed growths and without Grub will always be at 0 speed, they will suffer no repercussions for Warming Up since they're likely going dead last in battle anyways. That being said, Tank is a very difficult job to even use in the first place due to this speed problem, which rapidly accentuates the problems with both this personality and the Tank job.

Worst Roles:While this personality actively causes most jobs and by that logic all roles to struggle, the fastest jobs obviously struggle the hardest. By min-maxing standards, it's advised to stay away from Cautious, but if you're going to use Cautious, avoid using it with Mage, Cat or Thief.

Affected Events:

Bottle Drink: Cautious Miis will always toss out bottles without drinking them unless they remark it "smells funny".

Sours: /3ds/195500-miitopia/faqs/75319/personalities

Personalities miitopia

Miitopia Switch List of Personalities

This article is a list of all personalities and skills and their effects for Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn more about personalities and the quirks associated with each!

You can finish the game regardless of the personality you choose, so if you're looking to have fun without worrying about efficiency in the early stages, it's best to just use your preferred personality to go with your playstyle. However, if you want to get the best out of your character, continue reading our guide below for our recommendations.

Below is a list of each personality and their ranking.

Best Personality for All Jobs

Cool can increase the damage of a regular attack and help avoid an enemy's attack. It can also help you avoid status effects by being indifferent.

It is advantageous to use this in the early stages of the game because of it has almost no disadvantages, and is useful across almost all jobs and party members.
Cool Personality and Quirks

Cool is safe to use in almost every Job, except for Vampires because some of its skills such as Curse makes it incompatible with some of the personality's quirks.

MP management becomes important in the mid-stages of the game as using Skills during a battle becomes the key to winning.

Energetic is an excellent personality to use because it gives the ability to recover the MP of their fellow party members who have little MP left.

Just like Cool, it has almost no disadvantages, so it's a good idea to switch to Energetic at around Chapter 5 (Powdered Peaks, Peculia, Nimbus).
Energetic Personality and Quirks

Below is a list of each Personality and their quirks and effects.

CoverProtects allies and takes damage instead.
DonateHave allies who do not have recovery items use their own items.
SpareWhen the HP of the enemy (excluding the boss) is less than half, you have a chance to dodge the attack and kill it. If it fails, you will be attacked by the enemy.

Kind Personality and Quirks

CheerRecovers the MP of an ally that has low MP. Works once per battle.
Hang OnSurvive with 1 HP when taking fatal damage.
ChargeInflicts 1.5 times more physical attack damage on one enemy, but inflicts '2' damage on self.

Energetic Personality and Quirks

HideHide behind your friends and let them take the damage.
Cadge Takes a food from an ally if they do not have any left.
Get SeriousMP consumption of the skill remains the same, and the damage increases.
Nah...Offers immunity to emotion-based status ailments.
Slack OffThe MP cost of the skill is halved, but the effect is also reduced.

Laid-back Personality and Quirks

Pressure PointInflicts 1.5 times more damage with a normal physical attack.
IndifferenceImmunity to status ailments.
Shan'tRefuses to cover for an ally.
AvoidDodges the enemy's normal physical attacks.

Cool Personality and Quirks

FinisherFinish off an enemy with low HP.
Prepped and ReadyChance to retrieve recovery items if you don't have HP banana or MP candy. Activated only once per battle.
Warm UpWarm up at the beginning of the turn and attack at the end of the turn. The effect of physical attacks or HP recovery skills are doubled.

Cautious Personality and Quirks

FrolicBlock the actions of one enemy (excluding the boss) for one turn.
SleepyheadWhen HP is less than half, you will fall asleep.
Oops!Physically attacks enemies other than the one it is aiming for, dealing 2.5 times more damage.

Airheaded Personality and Quirks

PatienceHalves the damage of normal physical attacks.
BluffOccasionally refuses help from an ally.
AgainRepeat the same action twice.

Stubborn Personality and Quirks

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Subtle details in Miitopia that not everyone cares about

Miitopia: The Best Job & Personality Builds

Personalities in Miitopia influence a Mii’s behavior by giving them different in-battle quirks that can compliment their job.

Miitopiamakes it’s way from the 3DS to the Switch, and brings it’s zany RPG experiences with it. Using the enhanced Mii creator, players can create a party of almost any character imaginable. On top of picking a Mii’s job and battle catchphrase, players can also choose a personality trait for them.

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These personality traits will influence their behavior in battle, whether it be by making them take a hit for an ally or attacking the wrong enemy by mistake and dealing more damage. However, not all are positive. For instance, Stubborn characters may flat out refuse healing from their allies! All of these abilities are triggered at random and can make or break a difficult battle. Some of these personality passives fare better with different jobs, so here are the job combinations with the best synergy for each personality type.

Miitopia’s Strongest Job and Personality Combos

Airheaded – Cat

  • Airheaded is arguably the weakest personality, but the Cat job can still salvage it. The Oops! quirk increases an attack’s damage, but forces the target to attack someone else. Because of the Cat’s already strong attack stat, this quirk can multiply it to even higher levels.

Cautious – Tank

  • Tanks are unique in that they rely on MP for their basic attacks, so the Prepped and Ready quirk will ensure they have a source of MP Candy in case they run out. Their already high attack stat work well with the Finisher quirk, which will outright instakill a foe if the user’s regular attack can defeat it when multiplied by 1.3. Also, Warm-Up, a Cautious quirk that raises the power of a skill but delays it till the end of the turn, pairs well with the already slow Tank job. If it activates, it’s practically a free buff!

Cool – Cleric or Flower

  • Keeping healers alive to mend the party’s wounds and revive fallen comrades is important in RPG battles, and the Cool personality will help keep Clerics out of danger. The Indifference quirk has a high chance to negate status conditions that might prevent a Cleric from performing their healing duties, and the Avoid quirk has a chance to negate all damage dealt to them. On top of that, the Pressure Point quirk, which increases a regular attack’s power by 1.5, will help the normally weak Cleric deal more consistent damage. Other healers, like the Flower, benefit in similar ways.

Energetic – Warrior

  • Warriors already deal a lot of damage, so why not deal a little extra? If an energetic Mii uses its Charge quirk, it will increase its damage by a little bit. Further, the Proud Protector ability, which makes the Mii who uses it to take damage in place of allies, pairs well with the Hang On quirk that has a chance to revive an Energetic Mii with one health. Activating Proud Protector will place the Warrior in a dangerous position, so this helpful quirk can help save a Warrior if they take more damage than they can withstand.

Kind – Thief

  • Kind Miis will always donate their HP Bananas and MP Candies to allies that need them. Because Thieves can steal them from opponents with their Pilfer ability, they’ll have a near-infinite supply to give away. Thieves also have multiple ways to avoid damage, like with their backflip dodge or their booby trap counter, meaning they’re good survivalists that can maintain their HP. This makes them good candidates for the Cover quirk, which lets Kind characters take hits for low-health allies. Jobs that have high bulk and recovery will also make good use of the Cover ability.

Laid-back – Scientist or Mage

  • Scientists tend to use up a lot of their MP and don’t have the best defense, so being able to Cadge MP candies from an ally or Hide behind them during combat can address both of those faults. Also, its powerful magic attacks and Cure.exe, a spell that heals an ally’s HP and MP, might be boosted with the Get Serious quirk. Having increased immunity to certain status ailments with the Nah quirk helps Scientists continue their offensive and support skills unopposed. Mages have many similarities to the Scientist job, and can make use of this personality too.

Stubborn – Chef

  • Stubborn is one of the more difficult personalities to work with, as stubborn Miis have a chance to outright deny healing from their allies! However, if a Stubborn character has healing abilities, it won’t stop them from healing themselves. This makes the Chef job an excellent fit for this weird personality. Furthermore, the Patience quirk, which reduces enemy damage, will keep the more durable Chef alive longer so they can keep their team healthy.

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Miitopia is available on Nintendo Switch.


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