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44 DIY Closet Ideas Built with Pipe & Fittings

Closets can be awkwardly sized (or even nonexistent if you live in a studio or very old house) making it difficult, if not impossible, to install efficient shelving and racks.

Some big box home improvement stores provide a few options, but they can come with a hefty price tag and are limited in their customization options.

Kee Klamp fittings and pipe provide an ideal solution. They’re budget-friendly, easy to install, and have an infinite number of possible configurations.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 44 different pipe closet ideas that you can build yourself. When you design your project with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Take a look:

diy closet ideas

Kee Klamp customer Katy has built multiple projects using the fittings but this closet was her first. She liked that the fittings were easier to use than threaded pipe, since all you need is a hex key (or Allen Wrench) to tighten each fitting into place. This setup also enables you to make adjustments to the project’s dimensions as needed, which is an attractive feature for someone who might be new to DIY projects.

diy closet

Chris built this simple and sturdy wall-mounted rack to hang all his clothes. Recessed ceiling lights add a modern and minimalist touch. To build the same design, you will need 90° Elbow fittings, Single Socket Tee fittings, Two Socket Cross fittings, and Flange fittings.

diy closet idea

Brian wanted to increase the value of his home by replacing the outdated Closetmaid look of his walk-in closet with an industrial unit. He looked at other closet organizer kits, but preferred the aesthetic of Kee Klamp fittings. This closet gets the best of both worlds by adding inexpensive wire shelves to the top of the rack and a wall-mounted shoe rack on the side.

diy closet space

Kee Klamp customer Angela built three different clothing racks for the walk-in closet of her master bedroom. The two racks pictured here have integrated shelving for easily storing shoes. Want to build something similar for yourself? This complete guide details all the parts you’ll need and how to assemble them.

diy closet kee klamp

Clifford built these shelves for his closet using Kee Lite Railing Flange fittings and Gator Tubing. Kee Lite fittings are lighter than Kee Klamp fittings but can still stand up to significant weight. Cliff noted that “Each shelf can easily hold a pound man without flexing. I tested them.”

diy pipe closet

This might look like a built-in unit, but it’s actually a free-standing rack made to fit the dimensions of the space. Bob used one of these standard clothing rack kits and modified it for his needs. All the pipe was custom cut to fit his closet. He added an extra bar for more shirt storage, then fit a small cabinet inside to put his shoes in.

pipe closet

This unit floats shelves on the cross supports using Fixing Pad fittings. The vertical supports are mounted to the wall using Flange fittings. To take advantage of the extra space beneath the bottom shelf, you could add a clothing rack using Single Socket Tee fittings and a length of pipe cut to fit.

diy closet ideas 8

Black pipe with unfinished blonde wood is an easy way to make your closet look chic. If you like the look of this unit but aren’t sure how to build it, our team offers free design assistance. They can compile a list of the parts you need to get things started.

diy closet ideas 9

A large board mounted to the top of the rack provides long-term storage for shoes, hats, bags, or boxes of winter clothes. Another board mounted to the side of the closet helps divide the room and keep things separate.

diy closet ideas 10

Bags are a ubiquitous accessory, but there’s rarely dedicated closet space for storing them. Instead of using plastic hooks or drilling metal hooks into the wall, simply put a few Kee Klamp hooks onto the clothing rack. You can tighten the set screw so that the hook stays in place, then go back and adjust later if you want to move it.

diy closet ideas 11

An open concept closet design would also make sense in a mudroom or entryway. Family members can take off shoes, wet coats, or outerwear as soon as they enter the house. Using Kee Klamp hooks instead of hangers keeps the area looking tidy all the time, and wicker baskets on the top shelf hide small accessories like gloves and hats.

diy closet ideas 12

This shoe rack is built with threaded fittings, but building the same design with Kee Klamp fittings would allow you to quickly and easily adjust the height of each shelf as needed. This is useful when storing shoes of various sizes, such as high heels. Plus, if you want the same bronze and silver style as seen here, you can order Kee Klamp fittings in almost any color.

diy closet ideas 13

Don’t let the space below shelves go to waste. Turn it into another clothing rack instead. Simply add a Single Socket Tee fitting to the support pipe for the shelf, then another one for attaching it to the rack below. This example also uses Kee Klamp hooks, which would make it easy to hold belts or laptop bags.

diy closet ideas 14

Low ceilings or unusual angles shouldn’t keep you from making the most of your storage space. This particular clothing rack was designed to fit perfectly in a room with a low, sloping ceiling. To make one for yourself, all you’ll need are two Flange fittings and a length of pipe cut to fit.

diy closet ideas 15

A wall-mounted clothes rack doesn’t need to extend all the way down to the floor. If you only need a little bit of extra storage, Flange fittings mounted on some studs will do just fine. This makes for a stylish but practical closet solution in a studio or converted loft apartment. This particular project looks like it was made with threaded fittings, but you could build the same project with 90° Side Outlet Tee fittings and Side Outlet Elbow fittings.

diy closet ideas 16

If you don’t have any closet space, there’s no need to feel bummed about building a free-standing unit. This unique design uses 90° Elbow fittings to create a “stair-step” effect. This makes the piece visually interesting, but also makes it easy to hang shirts, coats, or dresses of varying length. The unfinished wood on the bottom and side add to the overall look.

diy closet ideas 17

When it comes to a free-standing closet, maybe you’re more of a minimalist. This option keeps things simple, which can help keep rooms from looking cluttered. It’s also incredibly easy to make. All you need are two Flange fittings, two Single Socket Tee fittings, two 90° Elbow fittings, and a few lengths of pipe cut to size.

diy closet ideas 18

This closet is slightly smaller and a more rustic interpretation of the last design, but uses many of the same fittings, but with Flange fittings for the feet instead of casters. There’s also a notch cut into the wood so that the vertical pipe is recessed into the shelf.

diy closet ideas 19

This clothing rack only uses Flange fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and 90° Elbow fittings. It also has a unique weathered style. Achieving the look of aged metal is actually quite simple and requires only a few household products. This DIYer aged the metal on a coffee table using toilet bowl cleaner, steel wool. and sandpaper.

diy closet ideas 20

Here’s another example of the same design as the last closet. If you don’t want to worry about designing it yourself, then take a look at this wall mounted clothing rack kit. It’s about six feet wide and eight feet tall. There’s also an extension option to provide an additional six feet of horizontal storage space.

diy closet ideas 21


This floor-to-ceiling unit is a stylish solution for anyone who only needs a little bit of extra storage. The vertical pipe passes through holes in the shelves, which rest on top of Three Socket Tee fittings and are supported in the back by another length of pipe and 90° Elbow fittings.

diy closet ideas 22


Just because closets can be small and have awkward angles doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the space. This custom made design plays off the wooden walls and ceiling by using contrasting black pipe and fittings. Wire baskets on each shelf would work well for storing smaller accessories, such as belts, ties, or gloves.

diy closet ideas 23


These clothing racks are framed on either side by shelves, which are the perfect size for storing shoes. If you want to keep things more organized, you can do what this person did and store loose objects in matching boxes. When you build your closet with Kee Klamp fittings, you can build the shelves to perfectly fit any and all of your needs.

diy closet ideas 25


Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. This project made use of some old dressers, then updated them with baskets and matching accessories. The bronze-colored rack above only requires two Flange fittings and two 90° Elbow fittings. The pop of color from the clothes adds visual interest to the room.

diy closet ideas 26


This free-standing closet would look great in an industrial loft apartment. In addition to a few stained and sealed pieces of wood, all you need are pieces of black pipe, plus Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings painted gold or bronze. Then add casters to the bottom shelf so that you can move the closet as needed. All in all, a unit like this could be assembled in an hour or two.

diy closet ideas 27

Take advantage of a large wall by installing a floor-to-ceiling open closet. While this one was likely built with a store-bought kit, you can create a similar effect with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe painted with our powder coating service. Plus, with Kee Klamp fittings, you can create a completely custom design.

diy closet ideas 28


This DIY pipe closet was built for a bedroom with limited storage space. The matching white dressers underneath the racks keep things looking tidy, as do the matching boxes on the top shelf. For the top shelves, it’s probably a good idea to stabilize things with a few Fixing Pad fittings.

diy closet ideas 29


Until now, there has always been a need to strike balance between adding more storage space and being able to reach high shelves. With Kee Klamp fittings, you can build a sliding ladder that perfectly matches your new closet.

diy closet ideas 30


There’s something timeless about the look of dark, stained wood with black pipe. You could even go to your local lumber yard and find some reclaimed wood for a closet that is as stylish as it is eco-conscious. Some Kee Klamp customers have even built shelves using bowling alley lane wood.

diy closet ideas 31


This display was built for a boutique clothing store but would work just as well in a walk-in closet. There’s plenty of room for hanging clothes and the design could include several more shelves for storing shoes.

However, a project this big can be daunting for a beginner, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for design assistance. They’ve helped dozens of people and businesses build large, complex clothing racks.

diy closet ideas 32


Some people prefer the look of wood units but want the functionality of pipe and fittings. Take advantage of an existing wood cabinet by inserting Flange fittings and a length of pipe cut to size. If you want the rack to extend through two or more spaces, simply bore a hole in the wood before inserting the pipe.

diy closet ideas 33


Floating shelves add storage without needing much vertical support. They’re easy to install, too. Simply mount the pipe to the wall with a Flange fitting, then cap the pipe with a Collar fitting and a Malleable Plug. This design also has a few vertical supports in order to make space for a horizontal clothing rack.

diy closet ideas 34

The shelf on the left provides a flat storage surface as well as a rack for hanging clothes. It couldn’t be easier to make, either. All you’ll need are four Flange fittings, two Three Socket Tee fittings, and two 90° Elbow fittings. Assemble the pipe and fittings, mount it to the wall, and then you’re reading to mount the shelf to the top.

diy closet ideas 39


A pipe closet would be a fantastic way to store a child’s dress-up clothes or costumes. Kee Klamp fittings are also adjustable so you can change the height of the rack in a matter of minutes. As your child grows, you can move the racks up along with them.

diy closet ideas 40


If you want to build shelves that perfectly fit a particular space, then Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are an easy way to support them. These shelves use Flange fittings to mount a pipe that supports the length of the shelves, then Single Socket Tee fittings and pipe to support the width. Another rack underneath provides more space for hanging clothes.

diy closet ideas 41


If you like the look of this closet but don’t want to bother with mounting brackets, you could simply rest the shelf on top of the pipes and stabilize it with Fixing Pad fittings. Then you could use Single Socket Tee fittings and another length of pipe to install the clothing rack beneath the shelf.

diy closet ideas 42


This free-standing closet has hooks on the side for hanging hats and bags. To achieve the same steampunk style as seen here, use a Three Socket Tee fitting and an Obtuse Angle Elbow fitting. If you want a hook but don’t want to worry about additional parts, use Kee Klamp hooks instead.

diy closet ideas 43


If you have a wide but shallow closet, bi-fold doors are a great way to hide things whenever you have company over. This closet has racks mounted at several different heights for different members of the family. Young children can reach their coats at the bottom, while the middle rack leaves enough room for long trench coats.

diy closet ideas 45


This wooden closet is beautiful but might not be ideal for someone on a budget. You could replicate the same design  with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe for a cheaper price tag. Top with some shelves using reclaimed and stained wood to get the same timeless style.

diy closet ideas 46


If you have solid wood beams in your ceiling, you might like the look of a suspended rack. All you would need is a length of pipe and a few Malleable Plugs to seal the ends. Then, suspend the rack from the ceiling using a few screw in hooks and some thick rope.

diy closet ideas 47


Dark brown wood with brown pipe and fittings might work well for someone looking for a country or rustic style. The shelves are tall enough to store several pairs of boots, and there’s a special hook for hanging a leather jacket. To build the hook, all you need is a Flange fitting, a 90° Elbow fitting, and a Malleable Plug.

diy closet ideas 48


Unfinished wood pairs beautifully with black pipe and fittings. Plus, the style looks upscale without being too hard on a budget. Going with unstained wood can also save you time while you’re building your project. It also fits naturally with a neutral tone carpet and wall.

diy closet ideas 49


Don’t let corners go to waste when it comes to adding storage. Staining the shelves the same color as the wood floor is a great way to add some cohesive style to the room. The black pipe and fittings also match the black finish on the chandelier.

diy closet ideas 50


Painting pipes and fittings is a great way to bring personality into your closet. You could achieve a similar look by ordering fittings in white, vertical pipes in gold, and horizontal pipes in white using our powder coating service.

By now you hopefully know what kind of closet you want to build, or you have several ideas for a custom design of your own. Whether you want to recreate one of the projects you see here or you want to bring something new to life, we’re here to help.

Our team offers free design assistance. They’ve helped countless homeowners and business owners build closets and clothing displays. They’d be happy to help you do the same.

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13 Ideas For How to Color Coordinate Your Closet and Keep Your Clothes Organized

There&#x;s no one right way to organize your wardrobe. Hours of watching shows like The Home Edit, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, and even Hoarders are proof of that. Rather, closet organization comes in many different forms that cater to different lifestyles and categorization preferences. For some, that means grouping items together by garment type (long-sleeves vs. short-sleeves, skirts vs pants, etc.), while others divide their closet into seasonal sections. There are also a handful of color coordinated closet ideas to try, too, and yes, they&#x;re just as structured as they are aesthetically pleasing.

I&#x;ve actually gotten into the habit of color coordinating my own closet at the start of every season. Admittedly, it doesn&#x;t stay that way for very long, but it does give me an idea of what shades I favor and lack in my wardrobe (information that comes in handy when I&#x;m shopping). Personally, I tend to stick with the classic ROYGBIV method, but a traditional rainbow arrangement isn&#x;t for everyone, so I reached out to a few organizational experts to map out some alternative methods to color coordinate your closet.

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Neutralize Your Hangers 

You want your clothes to be the focus of your closet, not the miss-matching hangers holding them up, which is why certified interior decorator at Inspired Home Interiors, Pattie Kelly tells InStyle the first step to color-coordinating is to rid your wardrobe of clashing hangers.

Move everything onto a white or beige velvet hanger, and this includes pants that can hang using clips, Kelly says. Creating a blank canvas like this allows the clothing to take center stage when color coordinating.

Or, Color Coordinate Your Hangers

I realize this tip contradicts the last, but professional organizer Stacey Agin Murray swears by this method that involves purchasing different colored hangers for different categories of clothing in your wardrobe.

For example, use beige for pants, blue for tops, and pink for dresses, or use beige for work clothes, blue for activewear, and pink for cocktail dresses," Agin Murray says. "Or, for fans of clear crystal hangers, tie a colored ribbon around the hook of the hanger or place a colored label in a noticeable spot on the hanger."

This type of color coordination acts as a kind of labeling system, so you know what type of clothing goes with a specific hanger or ribbon color.

Select a Neutral Palette of Storage Bins and Organizers

Even if you&#x;re pro color, The Container Store&#x;s divisional merchandise director, Lauren Hill recommends keeping your storage solutions, like bins and baskets, neutral as adding more color and dark hues to your space can make it feel more enclosed.

Go Classic 

If you don&#x;t have a specific system in place for how you organize your clothes, arranging them to mimic the colors of a rainbow is a great start, master organizer Jill Viglione, CPO® certified, National Organization of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, tells InStyle.

Sort clothing from left to right starting with the basics: white, cream, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, patterned clothes, brown, grey then black. The result is a closet that looks like a rainbow, she says.

Go Dark to Light

If rainbow doesn&#x;t resonate with your style, certified KonMari consultant and founder of Room to Thrive Home Organizing, Diana Horn, suggests giving the dark-to-light method a go. Instead of organizing your clothes like a rainbow, hang your clothes with the darkest colors on the left and the lightest colors on the right.

Organizing guru Marie Kondo, whose method I&#x;m certified to teach, says the resulting palette reminds her of the crash of a wave in the sea, Horn tells InStyle. While you might not need ocean-specific imagery for you to love your new wardrobe, we could all use a light and welcoming vibration, like a breath of fresh air, when we go to our closets.

Color Coordinate Each Type of Clothing

If you&#x;re the type of person who likes to categorize their wardrobe by type (short sleeves, long sleeves, skirts, pants) or style of clothing (formal vs. informal), certified professional organizer Amy Trager suggests color coordinating within each category.

Follow the general rainbow of ROYGBV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet), adding in brown, white, grey and black, too, Trager says. Hang from one side of your closet rod to the other. When you get to the next section of clothes, start the rainbow over. This will also give you a quick visual clue of where to look for each kind of clothing.

Identify Colors You Consider “Dominants”

Professional organizer Susan Santoro of the blog Organized 31 wants to make it clear that color coordinating your wardrobe doesn&#x;t necessarily mean you have to follow ROYGBIV to a T.

You don't have to use a particular color coding system, you decide which system works best for you, she advises.

For example, while many people get stuck figuring out where to place items that are white, brown, grey, black and patterned, Santoro came up with her own system: white before red; brown, grey and black, in that order, after violet.

It works well to decide what color you see as dominant in a patterned clothing item and then place it with the items of that color. she says.

Colors You Wear the Most Can Go Towards the Front of Your Closet

When organizing by color, you still want to take into account your outfit selection habits, Melanie Berliet, general manager of The Spruce tells InStyle. For example, if you gravitate toward a lot of black clothing, make sure your selection of black garments is easily reachable.

Separate Seasonal Items in Colored Bins

If you, like me, rotate which clothes hang in your closet by season, Agin Murray recommends using colored bins to separate them. For example, a white bin can be for winter and be used to store extra winter gloves and thick wool socks, while a blue bin might hold items for summer.

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Use Color to Group ‘Like with Like' Footwear

Using color to group &#x;like with like&#x; gives us the visual cue we need to do a quick scan of what we own and locate it quickly, Agin Murray says. This especially comes in handy when you&#x;re digging through your shoe collection. So group black flats with black flats, tan sandals with other tan sandals, and so on.

Doing this will also allow you to notice how many shoes of a certain color you own, what you&#x;re missing in your collection, and helps you spot pairs that need to be replaced.

Prioritize Your 'Power' Colors

Everyone has certain colors they feel they look best in. These, Campbell says, are your power colors &#x; hues you feel most confident in when you wear them &#x; and they should be the highlight of your wardrobe.

Lead with a power color to 'theme' your closet and then choose those outfits that make you feel incredible towards the front &#x;especially if you don't have different shelving units in your closet or lack space, Campbell instructs. Alternatively, if you don't have a particular power color, you know what clothes you feel great in consistently, so organize those first in your closet. Color coordinate those power outfits from lighter colors to bolder colors for easy styling.

Use Colorful Closet Tabs

Similar to Agin Murray&#x;s colorful hanger and ribbons tactic, fashion and lifestyle expert Alyson Campbell also recommends a colorful thief party product: Sorting labels that you can use to personalize and easily mark off key sections of your closet.

I recommend utilizing a sharpie marker that you can opt to color in on your tabs for additional easy visual cues, Campbell tells InStyle. For example, designate a color per season and then color coordinate your closet tabs to match!

Sort Patterns By Their Primary Colors

You might be wondering where patterns fit into a monochromatic color scheme. According to Marty Basher, an organization expert with Modular Closets, there are two steps. The first is to organize by color, and the second is to add a patterned category to that organization.

Most people tend to gravitate to certain colors when buying clothes, Basher says, and it&#x;s because of that, the majority of one&#x;s clothes might be in just colors, making patterns easy to file in among them. Once you separate the patterns from the solid colors, you'll be able to quickly spot them in the bunch.

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Welcome to our gallery of top luxury walk in closet ideas. A well designed walk-in closet can be a great way to store your clothing, shoes and accessories. Below you&#;ll find beautiful closets with essentials such as great storage cabinets and elegant lighting along with some really fun vanity features you&#;ll love.

The walk-in closet shown in the image above maximizes all sides of the available walls for storage. The U-shape cabinets are built from wood with dark wengue finish with simple molding details, but instead of a solid wood door, the doors are wood-framed clear glass so you can easily see what&#;s inside the closet. A separate closed shelf is dedicated for the bags, and at the center is an island of sorts, with additional drawers for belts, jewelry and other items.

Walk In Closet Design

Here are some of the most important elements to be considered with a walk in closet design:

Storage cabinets &#; Storing your shirts, sweaters, purses and accessories is important to save both time and energy to help you easily find what you need. A small glass fronted China cabinet can also work great for storing shoes so you can easily find them at a glance. Get more closet shoe storage ideas here.

Drawers &#; Many people when designing their own custom closets prefer to see their drawers facing the entrance for convenience.

Lighting &#; Illumination will help keep your closet bright, cheerful and help you quickly find what your looking for on those hectic days. It&#;s a good idea to select fluorescent lights rather than incandescent to cut down on extra heat the bulbs give off.

Windows &#; If you have a window in your walk-in you can benefit from natural light. Just remember that sunlight can bleach your clothes. To avoid this you may want to consider blinds or window coverings.

Hamper&#; Including a hamper in your closet is really convenient and keeps things tidy.

Mirrors &#; An assortment of mirrors in your walk-in can be a real time saver. Mirrors can also make your closet appear larger and help provide a lighter space.

Peninsulas and Islands &#; If you&#;ve got the room islands can really be a nice addition as they give you room for additional storage compartments and help when laying out an outfit. When considering a closet island make sure you have 36&#;” around the island on all sides so you have plenty of room to maneuver

Benches or stools &#; Benches can give you an easy place to sit and try on shoes. Stools are great for when you need a little extra help reaching those items way up on the top shelf.

Chandeliers &#; I left this for last because it&#;s not just functional, but for fun. Adding a chandelier is a great way to add your own flair and sense of style to your closet space.

To visualize your own ideas you can use a closet design software program. These will let you input your rooms dimensions and layout, then add different storage racks, hangers and accessories to see how your space would look.

Luxury Walk In Closets

This large inviting walk-in closet makes a real statement with its custom sitting island complete with plush upholstery. A contemporary chandelier and multiple recessed lights provides plenty of illumination and keeps things bright while cream dresser cabinets with satin pull knobs give a more traditional feel. A built-in vanity with extra wide seating is a great spot for applying makeup or jewelry.

This beautiful walk in closet is situated off the master bathroom. The layout features a large closet island with bench to help with changing and putting on shoes. The island has a chest of drawers to store clothing items as well as an elegant marble countertop. A chandelier gives this room a decidedly traditional elegance that is further enhanced by the glass door wardrobe and hardwood flooring.

In contrast to the previous walk-in closet design, this one uses open type closet with no cabinet doors. The maple laminated wood framing features high-tech closet hardware, including a pull-down hanging rod for easier access and a pants rack which you can pull out like a drawer. The open design allows ease of access and relieves the space which will possibly be taken by cabinet door swing. It also integrated LED lighting to its design so you can easily view the clothes.

This luxury walk in closet features a beautiful chandelier with a decorative tray ceiling and large arched window. Sheer curtains allow in natural light while large curtains are available to keep the room private. With plenty of room for hanging clothing and a few chests of drawers this large closet offers plenty of space. A Victorian style love seat, natural wood floors and decorative molding are additional touches that convey a sense of elegance.

This dream walk in closet is outfitted with almost everything you could want. It&#;s got a shoe rack with lots of storage capacity, glass faced cabinet doors and open cubby style shelving so everything is easy to see and access.

There&#;s a white quartz countertop island with built-in dresser of drawers and a sitting/makeup area. At the end of the room are mirrored doors to help with trying on clothing. Finally the room is brightly illuminated by four mini chandelier pendants and one large hanging chandelier.
A modern walk-in closet design with an impressive layout and size. Due to its expanse, it is able to separate clothes into multiple sections, even including a large shelf for shoes.

Although the closet is also open-type with no doors, more intimate items can be stored in one of the many drawers. Also, due to its all-white scheme, not only is the space bright, it also helps the color and material of the clothes stand-out, making it easier to view your wardrobe,
This is an example of a small walk-in closet which integrates modular closet units. The framing are all laminated in wengue. with a combination of wood and frosted glass adjustable shelves. The layout is also open-type with no closet doors. and it even has drawers with acrylic drawer faces which allows you to easily see the items stored inside.

This large walk-in closet has some very attractive features such as floor to ceiling wardrobe space, wood flooring, glass chandelier and a large oval carving mirror with drawers. The ceiling has an interesting grey and white striped pattern that contrasts nicely with the flat white cabinetry of the room.
This romantic closet set-up is not able to maximize the space available, but the combination of movable storage pieces and wall-mounted hanging rods gives it a romantic clothing boutique look. The large antique floor mirror is a nice touch to the space, as well as the small crystal chandelier.
This is another modular walk-in closet which uses pine laminates and a variety of shelves and drawers to address the closet storageneeds. Some of the notable features of this simple closet is the tie drawer which has separate divisions for each tie. Also drawers which combine wood and glass for its face to easily identify the contents. And the additional storage solutions hung on the rods like the hanging shelf for shoes and file boxes,
This small walk-in closes uses modular cabinetry with very masculine sensibility. It uses dark wood laminates combined with plain white,creating a nice contrast. It has adjustable shelves and a good balance of shelf and hanging rods.

It also has one column of acrylic drawers especially ideal for storing wallets, small bags and purses and other items. The see-through material makes it easier to find certain items without having to check every drawer.  This walk-in closet combines a modular piece of open cabinets and shelves with movable storage pieces with ornately carved drawers and solid wood construction. Despite the variety, all of them are matched in an orange-tone Mahogany color.

The large modular piece dedicates the central area for open shelves, while two sides are for the hanging rods. The whole unit has a 2-level bottom shelf which are used to store shoes and small bags.  This walk-in closet has a classic elegant appeal with its use of dark mahogany finish for its cabinets. Instead of laminated boards, it uses ribbon-grain plywood stained in mahogany finish to give the appearance of solid wood. It also has simple molding details on the edges and on drawer faces. Because of the dark wood finish, the closet might appear too dark so cabinet lighting was used to help illuminate the clothes.
This modern closet space is fairly large and well-illuminated because of its windows. Instead of traditional cabinets made from wood or plyboards, this walk-in-closet uses minimal wood in its design.

It uses metal bracing which is attached on the floors and ceiling to hold the drawers, shelves and hanging rods. These are adjustable so you can easily rearrange your cabinets according to your needs. The absence of wood sides and backing also make the closet look lighter and brighter.

Unlike the previous examples, this walk-in-close is very well-used and filled with clothes and other items. The cabinets are simple and modular with mahogany laminates. It has a nice variety of space for hanging clothes and shelves, as well as a large adjustable shelving for shoes. It also has shelves with acrylic doors to keep the items inside from being exposed and a square storage island at the center of things like socks and underwear.  Walk in closet ideas for small spaces need to pack a lot in to their designs. Because of the small space, this design uses a lighter shade of wood to help it look bigger and brighter. It uses Maple wood finish and opted to use open-type of cabinets.

Two parallel walls were dedicated for hanging clothes, while the wall at the center is where all the drawers and shelves are, making it easily accessible and offering plenty of space for clothing accessories. Aside from the presence of a window, this walk-in-closet looks light and bright because of its use of whites. It has white laminate floors and white cabinets with gold details. The white and gold combination of the cabinetry make for a very elegant and luxurious look, also using gold drawer pulls. It has a good balance of hanging rods, drawers and shelves, and even has a large part dedicated for a body mirror.
A walk-in-closet that has a very rustic appeal with its use of walnut cabinetry. The presence of two windows in closet eats a lot of wall space that could have been dedicated for full cabinets, but it makes it up y adding a rectangular island with drawers and shelves for storage. The space also has a bench built-in with the cabinets just below the window which also has storage underneath.
Having a unique layout, this walk-in-closet maximizes all the free walls of the spaces and uses them as storage/cabinets. We can only see one side of the closet because of the limited space, but you will be able to see the teak-stained open cabinets with a variety of open shelves, shoe shelf, drawers and even tie/belt organizers. There is also a dresser/vanity table at the end of the closet built-in with the main cabinets.

This is a simple closet design which uses light colored materials to create a bright and refreshing closet space. It uses light Maple laminated MDF boards for its modular cabinets which are fitted with hi-tech hardware like a pull-down hanging rod for easy access. Aside from the open cabinets, it also has a long island &#;counter&#; with a black granite top and lots of drawer space for additional storage.

Another example of a walk-in-closet which uses adjustable metal framing in favor of wooden framing. This results to a brighter, lighter and more spacious looking closet. The sky blue paint is visible due to the cabinet set-up, and facilitates in making the space fresher-looking.
The oatmeal paint color and carpet flooring used in this room makes the walk-in-closet look bigger and lighter. It&#;s a warm color which isn&#;t too heavy and can easily match whatever cabinet finish you intend to use. In this example, the open cabinets are white and doesn&#;t have wood backing, revealing the oatmeal colored walls. The cabinets are modular and have adjustable shelves and hanging rods.

This walk-in-closet has a nice contrast of dark and light colors, with dark gray flooring and light maple laminates for its modular cabinets. It also has a large daybed at the center of the room with matching dark gray throw and pillows. The cabinets are open type with large drawers and open shelves. The shelves are not adjustable, but the cabinets are fitted with adjustable hardware like the pull-down hanging rod.
The previous examples have shown cabinet modules with not wood sidings and backings, and are supported by metal bracing anchored on the floor and ceiling. For this example, the cabinets have no sidings, giving you that open effect, but uses laminated teak backing for a luxurious look. The open shelves and drawers are attached on the wall supports concealed between the laminated backing boards, and are all adjustable. Since it doesn&#;t have wood sidings, the hanging rods are attached underneath the shelves instead.

This is modern walk-in-closet divides itself from the bathroom and the bedroom only through a frosted glass partition. In order to not obstruct the glass partition, the cabinets used are supported by metal bracing attached on the ceiling and floor. There are all open and adjustable so you can easily customize it according to your needs. The white laminate and metal also matches the white-framed frosted glass partitions, making the space look unified.
Similar to the previous examples, these modular cabinets have no backing, helping make the small space look bigger. The cabinets also have no base, and they are all attached / supported by the walls. The shelves are all adjustable and so is the hanging rods so you can easily adjust your cabinet set-up according to your changing needs.

Similar to the above example, the cabinets used in this walk-in-closet also has no backing, but some shelves does have base supports. It uses a light beige colored laminate for a fresh and light appeal. The open shelves are pin mounted, and although adjustable, you are limited by the current locations of the pin-mounted supports. There is also a small window at the end of the closet and underneath is a chest of drawers for additional storage.This master bedroom walk-in-closet uses a more earthy walnut tone for its open cabinets. The unique floor plan of the closet space also results in quite a unique cabinet set-up. The cabinets are all floor to ceiling, with adjustable shelves and hanging rods and with no wood backing. It also has a good variety of drawers and shelves with different sizes for different storage needs. The cabinets for this walk-in-closet uses a unique combination of wood tones for its laminates. Shelves and drawers are laminated with a pine laminate similar to the flooring used in the closet, while the main framing, sides and backing are all laminated in a dark mahogany color.  The contrast of the wood tones brings a dramatic interest to the cabinets. It has a good variety of drawers, tie/belt organizer drawers and pin-mounted open shelves. The hanging rods are attached underneath the shelves.

The dark purple paint of this closet brings a refreshing look which is unique and interesting but not overbearing. The cabinets are open type and metal-framed, but is not attached on floors or walls but are movable. The shelves are adjustable, but the hanging rods are fixes. It also has movable drawers in white which is separate from the metal-framed open cabinets so you can place them wherever you need them be.

A fairly spacious walk-in-closet with a soft wood tone laminated cabinets. The cabinets are floor to ceiling, with adjustable shelves and small drawers. It is also fitted with pull-down hanging rods for easy accessibility. While the cabinets are open-type, there is a large shelf at the back of the closet with doors, ideally for storage of bags or shoes.

This is a large closet space with a large casement window, bringing in light into the space. The cabinets are simple and open-type despite the large floor area of the closet, and are laminated in white. One end of the cabinets are dedicated for shelves, and only a portion is for drawers. There&#;s a lot of hanging rod space, but they are non-adjustable and are attached below the shelves.

Like the previous example, this closet is large, but this one does not have the luxury of a window to help naturally illuminate the closet space. Nonetheless, the closet still looks bright due to adequate artificial lighting and white-laminated cabinets. The lilac carpet also helps soften the look of the space and add a pop of color to the space.

A large walk-in closet with a high and wide window which help illuminate the space. The high position of the window allows light into the closet, and at the same time, maintaining a fair amount of privacy and allowing a space to add more storage. In this case, the space under the window was allocated for a wall-mounted chest of drawers. The open cabinet at the end of the room is all for hanging clothes, while the side opposite the window is a combination of fixed open shelves and deep drawers.
This closet space has a cool palette mostly credited to the shade of gray used for its walls. The modular cabinets used have no wood backing so it exposes the gray paint of the walls, and the white laminates also help emphasize the gray walls. The cabinets are open, with an excellent variety of adjustable shelves, hanging rods and fixed drawers.
This is another large modern closet with modular open cabinets. You will notice that most of the space is dedicated for hanging clothes and only one small section is for drawers and open shelves. The hanging rods and horizontal dividers are adjustable, so if you need a space for your long gowns, you can remove the horizontal divider and on of the lower hanging rods to accommodate them. The finish of the cabinets are unique. The face of the boards are laminated in white, wile the sides/edges have gray PVC siding, creating a unique contrast.
This small closet space uses a gorgeous light shade of maple for the finish of its open cabinets. The space for hanging clothes are separated from the shelves and drawers, allowing you to easily separate items. It also has cute small drawers in a variety of sizes with molding details and a classic brass oval pull.

A modern walk-in closet which combines two laminate colors: gray and white. The gray laminates are applied on the main framing of the cabinets, while the white laminates were used on drawer faces and shelves. The shelves and drawers, however, are all fixed, along with the hanging rod, but there is enough variety of shelves and drawers for your storage needs.

Because of the very limited space, this closet used a white modular cabinet with adjustable shelves. It also uses glass shelves give a more light and open feeling, as well as metal drawers. You will also notice the inclined shoe shelf which makes accessing your shoes easier.

This small closet successfully uses all of the available wall for the cabinets, but avoids creating a corner for the cabinet to maximize the walls for the whole length of the hanging rods. 2 sides are mostly dedicated for adjustable hanging rods and shelves, while at the end are all the drawers and more shelves. The white laminates of the cabinets also help in making the space look bigger.
When coming up with small walk in closet designs its important to consider paint colors to help brighten the space and give it the appearance of being larger. Since this closet is small, it uses white-painted cabinets with no doors to help make the closet look bigger.

The cabinet design separates the space for hanging clothes with the section for open shelves and drawers. The open shelves are adjustable but limited to selected pin-mount heights, and the drawers are not fully enclosed so you can peek at its contents via its small upper opening/grab.

[expand title=&#;Show Image Sources&#; swaptitle=&#;Hide Image Sources&#;](1) jingdianjiaju1 from Flickr (Creative Commons License) (2) jingdianjiaju1 from Flickr (Creative Commons License) (3) jingdianjiaju1 from Flickr (Creative Commons License) (4) jingdianjiaju1 from Flickr (Creative Commons License) [/expand]


Wardrobes Closets that Combine Contemporary with Traditional: Black Wardrobe Closets with Frosted Glass Inserts

As a sleek and modern storage solution, this custom wardrobe takes bedroom to storage to new heights &#; quite literally. The soaring and stylish unit supplies abundant storage. The black laminate built-ins are made from a custom ordered material displaying Closet Works' ability to accommodate specific needs, wants, and creative visions outside of standard color options. The color, combined with frosted glass inserts and Chateau handles, creates a show-stopping, elegant statement piece in the bedroom. A separate shoe closet on the opposing wall offers additional storage with cubbies and extra shelving.

Black wardrobe closet for bedroom and dressing room

Bedroom Wardrobe Closet Detail Views

Wardrobes closets with pull down rods and pull out shelves

Closet ideas black

Who doesn't lust after beautiful walk-in closet ideas? All those shoes lined up in neat rows, the clothes color-coordinated and not an overstuffed drawer in sight. And while walk-in closets were once reserved for huge homes, they are increasingly becoming an essential for homeowners, and adding one to your space might be easier than you think.  

So whether you already have a walk-in closet and looking for ideas to give it a revamp, or thinking of adding one to your current space, we have plenty of gorgeous looks to help you create your dream space. From practical advice on walk-in closet layouts and handy storage solutions to choosing color palettes and making the space feel like a stylish room in itself, there are plenty of walk-in closets to get you feeling inspired (and just a little bit envious)

1. Opt for glass fronted cabinetry

(Image credit: Future)

Choosing glass-fronted doors over solid cabinetry will give your walk-in closet a more open and airy feel, and work especially well in small closets to avoid that claustrophobic feel. It's also a practical idea as you can easily see what is in each cabinet and will also encourage you to be more organized too, as you can't hide mess and clutter behind doors. 

2. Build in an island for extra storage

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

If you have got the space, adding an island to the center of your walk-in closet will make use of that dead space in the middle. Pick a design that will give you plenty of extra storage with drawers or cubby holes, and make use of the surface space too for keeping accessories or using to fold clothes before putting them away. 

3. No room for an island? Add a bench

(Image credit: Ben Gebo Photography)

And if you can't squeeze in an island, opting for a slimline bench that will run the length of a walk-in closet can provide a place to perch while you get ready. Plus, you can still use it for folding clothes and planning outfits. And if your space isn't too narrow you could go for an ottoman with storage – ideal for more bulky items like coats and bags.

4. Add a room divider to create a walk-in closet

If you are looking to add a small walk-in closet to your bedroom, be inspired by Mark Hix's fabulous home. An exposed brick room divider separates the main bedroom from the walk-in wardrobe behind. This three-quarter wall design means you get that feeling of a walk-in closet but it doesn't totally break up the room or feel like you are compromising the space in the bedroom. 

5. Or separate the space with a  curtain 

(Image credit: James Merrell)

If your walk-in closet adjoins your bedroom, copy this walk-in closet idea, and rather than going for a solid door, hang a curtain for a softer, more luxurious look. A curtain makes this lovely pink bedroom feel more open, like it's one large seamless space, not two separate rooms. This is a good look to go for if you have a small walk-in closet too as it will make the room feel less boxy. 

6. Throw down a rug 

(Image credit: Studio Peake)

Remember to treat your closet like its own room. Sure, its primary use is for storing clothes but you still want it to feel fun and inviting. If you don't want to add too much visual bulk, something as simple as throwing down a rug can bring warmth, color and pattern to the room. Make the space feel bigger by choosing a large rug that spans almost the entire room.

Another quick tip to take from this walk-in closet – add accent seating to give the room more of a luxe, dressing room feel. 

7. Mix in freestanding furniture 

(Image credit: James Merrell)

If you have really maxed out all your built-in closet organization ideas, bring in some freestanding storage solutions too. Coat stands are ideal for keeping those more bulky items from cluttering up your rails, plus makes them more accessible too. And you don't just have to use them for coats either, you could pinch this closet storage idea and use a stand for scarves and bags. 

8. Install subtle lighting 

Lighting is important in a walk-in closet as these rooms do tend to be dark and often windowless. As well as a strong overhead light or multiple spotlights, consider adding extra task lighting inside your cabinets. This makes it easier to see what's inside but also adds that glamorous, luxurious feel to a closet. 

9.  Wallpaper the doors

(Image credit: Future)

Looking for a quick DIY walk-in closet idea? Wallpapering the doors is a really simple way to transform the space, adding color and pattern. If your doors sit flush to the wall, you could wallpaper them entirely so it blends seamlessly into the wall or if the doors are paneled just paper in sections. 

Mirrored doors are also a good idea in a small walk-in wardrobe. In this narrow space, floor-to-ceiling mirrored doors double the space and light so you don't notice the tiny proportions. 

Make a walk in closet personal to you

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

As well as being a practical storage solution, a walk-in closet should also reflect your personal style. Rather than hide everything behind doors, take influence from this Victorian boho home and display some of your favorite accessories, hang artwork, and mix in antiques.  

This space also proves built-in wardrobes don't have to be boring. Vintage shutters have been used as the doors to add an extra rustic vibe to the room. 

Hang curtains to hide clutter

(Image credit: 2LG Studio)

If lots of open storage is making your closet feel cluttered, be inspired by this fabulous pink and neon yellow (what a combo!) dressing room and cover up shelving with a curtain. Looks lovely, hides unsightly mess, and perfect for small walk-closets too.

Add a ladder to maximize space in a small walk-in closet

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Tall, narrow walk-in closets are a reality for lots of us, but rather than dedicate the space up top to clothes you never wear that are just gathering dust, bring a cute ladder into the space so whatever height your storage, it's functional. 

If you have a cubby hole system as can be seen here, add baskets to highest shelves so rather than having a pile of jumpers topple of you every time you reach for them, you can just pull down a basket. 

Be extra luxurious and add a bath 

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

A super glamourous, but irresistible walk-in closet idea, adding a freestanding bath means you could double up the space as an ensuite bathroom. Plus you can go straight from the tub to getting ready for an evening. 

 Create a sleek look with simple cabinetry

(Image credit: Kate Martin)

For a very sleek, streamlined walk-in closet idea, go for simple paneled, handless cabinetry that blends into the walls. Facing fitted wardrobes use this narrow space really efficiently and since it's kept so minimalist and clutter-free, it actually feels like a much bigger room.

The ottoman, grounded by the rug, adds a focal point, plus some extra surface space. A long mirror at the end of the room, again works to expand the space and the compact console table is all that's needed to add a dressing area. 

Go dark in a small walk-in closet 

(Image credit: Sean LItchfield)

Sleek, dark walnut cabinetry makes this small galley walk-in closet feel every bit as sophisticated as a huge dressing room. Again, forgoing the handles gives an interrupted expanse of cabinetry that's perfect for a tight space. A couple of open shelves break up the cabinets and provide the perfect spot to throw a bag when it's not in use. Also note how the rug runs the length of the space, zoning it even more from the rest of the bedroom. 

What should be included in a walk-in closet?

What should be included in a walk-in closet will mostly come down to the size of your space and the items you need to store. But in general, a walk-in closet should include a mix of storage – rails, shelves, drawers, as well as small storage solutions like bins, baskets, and hooks. 

If you have the space you may want to include an island for added storage or a dressing table if you want the space to double up as a dressing room. A mirror is a nice addition as not only is it practical, it will also make the space feel more open and bounce light around. Good lighting is also key to include in a walk-in closet. Opt for spotlights of strip lighting within your cabinetry.

How do you layout a walk-in closet?

If you are designing the layout of a new built-in walk-in closet, the first thing to do is assess your needs. Look at what you need to store in your space and decide on what systems will work best. Do you have lots of longer items that will need rails? Or do you need more drawers than hanging storage? Do you want open shelving so you can easily see your items or would you rather have everything hidden away? Do you need to add in storage for jewelry and accessories too?

Then think about convenience. You want all your most worn items to be easily accessible, so ensure they are always within easy reach and near the front of your closet. Switch out your closet with the seasons too so everything in there are piece you will wear at that time of year.

IKEA PAX Wardrobe Assembly. Spacious Closet for your Dream Home.

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An adjustable closet system puts clothes and accessories within reach for people of all sizes. Build your own closet system to attain accessibility  features like roll-under space, as well as adjustable shelves and rods. Add closet accessories, such as hooks, additional rods or shelves, pull-out drawers, baskets, slide-out belt and shoe racks, and fold-down pants racks to customize your system.

The closet organizer shown here can be adapted to fit almost any closet. It is a simple plywood cabinet with three adjustable shelves and space above and below for additional storage and easy access. Use finish-grade plywood for the cabinet and support piece. Then paint, stain, or protect the wood with a clear finish. solid wood trim covers the plywood edges and lends strength to the shelves. For this, you can use clear pine or a hardwood such as poplar, oak, or maple. The shelves shown in this project are 11" deep. You may want to make them deeper. Just keep in mind that shelves longer than 36" may require additional support to prevent sagging.


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Having a designated area to organize belonging and clothing is crucial. Not only does it keep the space clutter-free, but also protects the units from dirt. If you want to store your things properly, take a gander at my walk-in closet ideas.

Before diving into walk-in closet designs, you should pick the right style and shape. Then, learn about generating space. Typically, the layout features basic components such as dressing bench, island, mirror, peninsula, and chandelier.

1. Luxury Walk-In Closet Ideas with Seating

walk-in closet ideas ikea

If your walk-in closet is spacious, opt for the U shape. Incorporate seating into the space to add function and style. This lets you rest, lay out clothes, and put shoes on. Here, the black round bench contrasts dramatically with a long white shag rug.

White color scheme and glass doors keep the closet airy as well as sunny. Meanwhile, LED strip lights under top shelves offer garments a spotlight.

2. Walk In Closet IKEA

walk in closet ideas do it yourself

Small space? No problem. You can still create a delightful walk-in closet with a brilliant IKEA hack. As seen in the picture, the room boasts hanging rods, shelves, and a chest of three drawers.

Home windows and crisp white furniture units develop a light feeling. Warm neutrals set an inviting mood. Black metal wall sconces, floral curved back chair, and patterned short curtain represent vintage style.

3. Modern Walk In Closet

walk in closet ideas home depot

Unlike previous examples, this walk-in closet has no exterior sidings. That’s why it looks cozy and airy. The black laminated wood backing boards and flooring bring some visual depth to the room.

Sharp corners and straight lines instantly give the space a modern feel. Drawers hide accessories from view. The open-type cabinetry displays neutral-colored clothing while hanging poles were attached underneath the black shelves.

4. Large Walk In Closet Design

 walk in closet small apartment

This impressive walk-in closet employs shelves and modular cabinets. Boxes act as movable storage pieces. The black backing boards allow pastel clothes and other items to shine.

Skylight prevents the closet from becoming too dingy. Polished concrete floor and area rugs pamper feet. In addition, Beige walls produce a serene environment in a flash. Moreover, Three-foot stool and velvet round ottoman enable you to try on your shoes.

5. Walk-In Wardrobe Lighting

walk in closet ideas his and hers

Wood drawers, shelves, and floors do not only add warmth to this walk-in closet but also offer nature’s raw beauty. Taupe ceiling and walls contrast stunningly with pure white trim.

Wall racks hold bathrobes, towels, and bags. Shag rug and square ottoman lend the space instant comfort. Downlights provide proper illumination after dark. On the other hand, The LED lights elegantly accentuate clothes and accessories.

6. Minimalist Walk-In Closet Ideas

design a walk in closet ideas

Are you a minimalist? If yes, apply this walk-in closet idea. Here, light gray and crisp white conveys a feeling of cleanliness. Modular shelves and hardware-free cabinets generate a sleek appearance.

Since this closet has a minimalist design, it offers a straightforward organization as well as storage. Wood units warm up the interior dominated by cool tones. The portable bench helps you reach the items on the upper racks.

7. Walk-In Closet Ideas for Men

walk in closet bedroom ideas

This walk-in closet is predominantly white. The color scheme makes the space bright and open. Gray and black add a masculine vibe to the room in no time. Skylights let plenty of sunlight shine through.

The closet combines open shelving and hanging rods with enclosed storage. Men suits and chrome poles inject more masculinity into the room. Dark wood center island carves a welcoming atmosphere.

8. Walk-In Closet Ideas with Carpet

walk in closet behind bed ideas

Different shades of gray bring a diverse feel and sophistication to this walk-in closet. Mirrors reflect the light and trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger. The cabinets keep clothes in place.

Candleholders and decorative items sit on the dresser table. Crystal chandelier casts a superior glow, while the wall sconces ooze vintage appeal. In addition, white round ottoman and blanket look elegant against the gray carpet.

9. Walk-In Closet Design with Shoe and Bag Racks

best walk in closet ideas

I admire this streamlined walk-in closet. Wood shelves are used as racks for folded clothing, bags, and shoes. They allow the products to be centerpieces. Storage baskets and boxes keep small personal items out of sight.

The hanging rods hold some wood hangers. Patterned area rug infuses the room with life and comfort. In addition, windows and crisp whites elicit a feeling of airiness.

Walk-In Closet Ideas with Creative Display

walk in closet chandelier ideas

This walk-in closet is both stylish and glamorous. The brilliant object displays grab the attention in no time. Without a doubt, the homeowner got the inspiration from fashion boutiques.

Black furniture units are in high contrast to pure white ceiling and walls. Pops of red spice up the area. Light fixtures provide appropriate illumination, while a long bench gives a cozy location to try different shoes on.

Wood Walk-In Closet Design with Island

walk-in closet curtain ideas

The dark-toned wood cabinetry sets a welcoming ambiance. Hanging metal rods showcase black and pastel-colored clothing. Meanwhile, the dresser works as the home for little private items.

Wall sconces and pendant light lend the interior classic aesthetic. Leopard chair cushions, patterned rugs, and indoor plants bring some visual appeal to the scene. Moreover, the island provides extra storage space.

Walk-In Closet Ideas with Lots of Mirrors

c walk in closet ideas

If you have limited room, don’t despair. Use this walk-in closet as inspiration. The white color palette makes it appear larger. Mirrors create a fabulous visual effect and highlight black hangers at once.

The center island comes with a built-in bench and drawers. Marble accents add a touch of luxury to the interior in an instant. Meanwhile, chandelier lights up the whole area.

Walk-In Closet Designs for A Master Bedroom

walk in closet design ideas

This walk-in closet features matte black cabinets and a rectangle-shaped island. They develop a seamless appearance and reinsure the space with drama. Drawer fronts as well as slab doors capture modern style.

Moreover, the room has an artful organization. Vivid clothing and storage boxes pop against the dark backdrop. Black rattan pendant light and jute rug bring natural textures indoors. Puck lighting keeps the closet from being drab.

Wanna explore more bedroom ideas?

Women’s Walk-In Closet Design with Customized Cabinets

walk in closet dresser ideas

Who states the gray color scheme is only for men’s closet? Since the homeowner chose light and medium tones, the room feels relaxing. Walls of the window allow ample sunlight to enter.

Dresses and clothes catch the eye, thanks to the muted backdrop. In addition, square ottomans inject a modern vibe and cozy ambiance into the whole scene.

Kids Bedroom Walk-In Closet Ideas DIY

ensuite walk in closet ideas

This kid&#;s bedroom boasts blue walls. In a flash, they carry fun appeal and life to space. White trim contrasts produce a fresh look. Light-toned wood flooring carves a homey feeling.

Furthermore, the DIY white walk-in closet accommodates vibrant hanging and folded clothes. The drawers and storage boxes are used to stash away knick-knacks. Meanwhile, the metal rack above the shoes holds children’s socks.

Walk-In Closet Design with Clear Glass Racks

master bedroom with ensuite and walk in closet ideas

White ceiling, cabinetry, and center island make these walk-in closet ideas more spacious than it is. Timber flooring infuses the room with warmth. Crystal chandelier offers proper lighting and grandeur.

Modular wardrobe adds contemporary charm to the interior. Glass shelves work as racks for folded clothes and hats. The acrylic encounters let you discover the products easily without examining your cabinet.

Walk-In Closet Ideas Pinterest

walk in closet ideas for small rooms

Needless to say, this walk-in closet is owned by a man. The modular cabinetry generates a masculine vibe. The subdued blue walls and wood cabinets introduce an appealing contrast. Additionally, Storage boxes nestle on top of the cabinetry.

The open shelves showcase clothes and pillows. Metal rods and hangers protect clothing from wrinkles. Drawers keep ties, socks, and pocketbooks safely, while downlight illuminates the space at night.

Opulent Walk-In Closet Design with Vanity

girl walk in closet ideas

This walk-in closet is huge. It divides clothes in different areas. Additionally, there are dedicated shelves for bags, makeup products, and shoes. The neutral color scheme sends out a soothing ambiance and lets things stand out.

The tray ceiling matches the shape of the round stool and wood flooring. Bubble pendant light, tufted ottoman, and arched windows give off elegance. Raised vanity cabinets deliver a contemporary appeal to the room.

Walk-In Closet with Bench and Island

girly walk in closet ideas

Wood shelves and cabinets carry a stunning shine to the walk-in closet. They emanate a welcoming atmosphere as well. Long dressing island and built-in bench feature drawers for keeping accessories and small bags.

Clear glass inserts enable you to find the clothes with ease. The standing mirror looks marvelous on the island. Striped bench cushion steals the show. Moreover, Pendants and downlights lend the closet a soft glow. Views from windows please the eye.

Walk-In Closet with Bathroom

walk in closet ideas houzz

If you are not space-challenged, build a walk-in closet with a bathroom. It should feature floor-to-ceiling cabinets for a grand appearance. A crystal chandelier and marble walls infuse glamor into the area. Mirrors enhance the room’s brightness.

Black vanities and dark brown center island assert a sense of sophistication. A tufted bench, chair, and floral stool provide ample seating area. In addition, the unfinished timber flooring commemorates nature’s rawness.

Walk-In Closet with Plenty of Storage

walk in hall closet ideas

Taupe ceiling and beige walls impart a feeling of serenity. Wood cabinets include drawers and open shelves. Not only do they warm up the whole room, but also keep the space mess-free.

Floor covering, cylinder pendant light, and square ottomans produce a focal point. Furthermore, the decorations were put on top of the drawers. They complete the walk-in closet perfectly.

Monochrome Walk-In Closet

walk in closet ideas india

In case your closet room is not so large, try this idea. The walk-in closet maximizes the whole walls and utilizes them as cabinets. Black furniture units create a dramatic effect.

White flooring and ceiling with fluorescent lights prevent the closet from feeling too gloomy. As a result, vintage suitcases and gray island offer manly appeal.

Walk-In Closet with Slanted Ceiling

 walk in closet small island

Warm neutrals set a peaceful mood. Meanwhile, window shutters filter sunlight and protect clothes from fading.

The hanging metal poles, shoe racks, wood standing mirror, and white island represent contemporary style. Metal track lights help the homeowner deal with the sloped ceiling.

His and Hers Walk-In Closet Ideas

walk in closet inspiration

This walk-in closet is large. It features an open-type wardrobe for both men’s and women’s clothes. The intimate items were stowed in the drawers.

Mirrors and downlights make the room bright. Meanwhile, the vintage bench gives you space to rest after trying your clothing and shoes on.

Narrow Closet Design

walk in closet ideas light

Your space is at a premium? Steal the look of this tiny walk-in closet. White cabinets and shoe racks open up the room.

The dark suede clothing bench is a splendid contrast to white and light closet colors. As a result, it generates a lavish look, too.

Wood and White Walk-In Closet

small walk in closet lighting ideas

Polished wooden cabinets add natural elegance and warmth to the closet. White ceiling and countertops exhibit a clean ambiance.

Chandeliers and wall sconces light up the room. The long island includes upholstered seating. Meanwhile, flowers adorn the space.

Classy Wood Cabinets

l shaped walk in closet ideas

This walk-in closet is mostly gray. The downlights and wall sconces keep the space well lit. Carpet gives off a cozy feeling.

Wood cabinets offer mesmerizing grains. Moreover, the glass inserts allow you to see the shoes and other stuff stored inside with ease.

White-Toned Walk-In Closet

walk in closet mirror ideas

No doubt, white is a perfect color for your walk-in closet. It symbolizes cleanliness, elegance, sophistication, and freshness.

The coffered ceiling, crystal chandelier, columns, and gold accents exude a sense of luxury. In addition, white shag rug and center island top the laminate wood flooring.

Straight Walk-In Wardrobe Design

mini walk in closet ideas

Wood flooring and cabinetry imbue the straight walk-in closet with warmth. Blue-painted glass inserts introduce a terrific contrast.

The open shelves and hanging racks are utilized to store frequently used products. Meanwhile, antique vase acts as a charmer. It is perfectly in sync with the color palette of the closet.

Walk-In Closet with Marble Island

medium size walk in closet ideas

I love the way the homeowner displayed her things in this closet. The hanging metal racks hold clothes, while open shelves accommodate shoes. Mannequin’s hand is utilized to showcase jewelry.

Different tones of wood bring visual interest to the room. Marble island top and metallic accents create a high-end look.

You can use those walk-in closet ideas as home decorating inspiration. Choose the design that fits your budget, personal preference, and storage needs. Let’s make outfit magic happen!

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