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A zombie gamemode for FiveM with a big focus on letting the player adventure the map to find random scenarios involving AI survivors and zombies.

This mod is still in an early WIP phase.


  • Download the resource.
  • Extract the zipfile and copy all files to resources/corruptsnail.
  • Open server.cfg and add .


  • Add safezones where players can meet each other, restock on ammo, get random items or accept random missions
  • Have heavily armed AI guarding the safezones
  • Make it possible for players to collect a phone and map for free in every safezone to gain access to all-map communication, make all players who also have a phone visible on the map and make all hidden blips visible
  • Dynamic spawning system (there should be way more zombies spawning in Los Santos than in the desert in the middle of nowhere)
  • Random AI survivor scenarios (i.e. rebel groups or military helis flying by like in the old version of CorruptSnail, can either be friendly or hostile)

[OUTDATED][Gamemode] RottenV | Zombie Gamemode [Alpha v3.0]

This gamemode features, as said in the title, zombies. They’ll spawn randomly around you, hungry for brains. How long can you survive?

Current features:

  • Random zombie spawning system

  • Zombies may spawn with pistols or other weapons. (These are droppable once the zombie is killed)

  • No Radar and a replacement HP indicator

  • All lights around the map are disabled

  • Etc…

I’m constantly working on adding more features. This is only the beginning.

Latest Version
Older versions:

Just put this in the resources folder, add it to your AutoStartResources and you’re ready to go. Also I recommend you to disable scripthook mods in the server config for a full zombie survival feeling!

You can try this gamemode out on this server:
It’ll also have features before they are being made public.

Also make sure to join the discord to always stay updated or to give some suggestions:

Have fun! :wink:

Thanks to:
@nobody - For his no random peds or vehicles script.
@Boss - For his weather freeze script.
The 5R discord - For helping me with some natives.


  1. Instacart sprouts
  2. Roland powered speaker
  3. Worx saw blades

Video Not Full


Zombie Full Server [Updated][2 Server]

This Server Created&Designed For Zombie Action Server

Server Language : ENG – Thai

All Scripts / Maps / Vehicle Optimized so High

There is So Much Animations/Skins For Zombie

FrameWork : ESX Edition / Custom Zombie / FS  —-> There is 3 Framework in 1 Server

Developed By FiveM-Store (Enjoy)

We Dont Placed Full Video Because There Is Some Leakers (Sorry)

If You Have Question Open Ticket on Discord or Live Chat or Website


Get the scripts today!

If you have any questions about our products or our service detail, please feel free to call us +1 (601) 509-1705 or to message us visiting our Contact page or Facebook page and you can create a ticket on Tickets Area.

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Script fivem zombie


Zombie Survival Roleplay (GTA V FIVEM SERVER)


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