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You may recognize Super Trainer Elise Joan from 3 Week Yoga Retreat.

Now get ready for her new program: Barre Blend.

Barre Blend is a low-impact workout that delivers high-impact results. It fuses ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio interval training and is designed to help you burn fat and create a lean, toned physique.

Get to know Elise — her idea of a perfect meal, what motivates her to work out, her greatest achievement, and more!

What You Don’t Know About Me… by Elise Joan

1. My favorite food: I have so many favorites! But I LOVE anything chocolate. And salt and vinegar potato chips!

2. My least favorite food: Acorn squash.

3. My idea of a perfect meal: I am truly an Italian at heart, so my perfect meal would be spaghetti Bolognese with garlic knots, chopped salad, and a cheese plate — followed by homemade chocolate layer cake with a scoop of vanilla gelato!

4. What motivates me when I’m not in the mood to work out or eat healthy: I’m mostly motivated by a desire to FEEL good.

If I’m not working out and nourishing my body well, I tend to get brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety. So, my greatest motivation is to feel my best and function at my highest potential so I can create, and be present for all the people I love.

5. My guilty pleasure: BBC murder mysteries.

6. One thing I’m really good at: Maintaining a positive outlook on life. Oh, and baking!

7. One thing I’m really bad at: Driving.

8. How I clear my head after a crappy day: I usually move my body in some way. Whether it’s a sunset walk with the pup, a yoga class, a swim in the Pacific, or a game of cornhole with my husband Nolan — I love any sort of moving meditation to clear my head.

9. The song (or type of music) that always puts me in a good mood: I not-so-secretly LOVE ’90s and 2000s hip-hop! It always makes me smile. And classic ’80s and ’90s music.

I also love listening to classical music while I work, and anything from the Rat Pack era when I cook. I think different kinds of music make me feel happy in different ways.

10. The talent I would most like to have: I’d love to be able to play golf, so I could keep up with my husband! And Jedi mind control (obviously).

11. Who I admire and why: I admire all women who elevate and support other women. We need each other to thrive, so let’s keep lifting one another UP!

12. The qualities I most admire in someone: Kindness, a solid work ethic, generosity of spirit, accountability, integrity, and a killer sense of humor.

13. The things I most value in my friends: Loyalty, joyfulness, a “say YES” spirit, and the desire to actively make a positive impact in the world.

14. Qualities that have gotten me to where I am today: Optimism, authenticity, empathy, and resilience.

15. The change I’d like to see in my industry: Beachbody is definitely the front-runner for curating positive change in this industry.

They focus on delivering premium content to genuinely help all people… and I love seeing their commitment to body positivity, age diversity, and helping Team Beachbody Coaches build their own successful businesses.

Outside of Beachbody, I’d love to see less emphasis placed on the number of Instagram followers and popularity, and more emphasis placed on real experience, true passion, and ongoing education in trainers, teachers, and leaders in my industry.

16. The best advice I’ve ever gotten: “Trust yourself, and your path… and find joy in the journey as it all unfolds.” —my Dad

17. The best advice I could give someone: Stay focused on being the best version of YOU you can be…. And then show up intentionally and powerfully each day in the direction of your goals, and surrender what is out of your control.

18. My greatest achievement is: Professionally, becoming a Beachbody Super Trainer!! Personally, turning life’s challenges into opportunities to learn and grow.

19. My idea of a perfect day: Waking up early and enjoying my hot coffee and morning gratitude meditation, followed by a workout. From there, I’m pretty easy — maybe a beachside brunch with my friends and then an afternoon adventure with my husband and pup!

It would DEFINITELY include an afternoon nap, a Face-Time with my nieces and nephews, and then maybe a romantic dinner with Nolan, followed by a movie night IN.

Learn more about Elise’s journey to finding her calling and purpose:

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LOOKING OUT OVER CORFU. . . The calm, after the storm ⛈. The island and its’ residents are safe🙏🏻 and well♥️. The rains slowed the same evening they began, so there was minimal damage to the town and everyone got to safety♥️🇬🇷. I have to say, I have rarely seen a community come together to help each other (and total strangers!), in quite this way. when you are in Greece, you are family. And I will always be indebted to the kindness of strangers who offered us shelter, safety & the safe return to our homes. Many residents stayed at our retreat resort when they couldn’t get back to their homes due to road conditions, and everyone took care of everyone else. I can’t wait to share more of the lessons I have learned from this amazing & truly life changing retreat. I feel so blessed to be with the most loving, open, and wonderful humans anyone could ask to share time & break bread with ♥️. I think we all will leave a piece of our hearts with the extraordinary, resilient, compassionate & proud people of Corfu. Xoxo Elise #travel #meditation #affirmation #gratitude #fitness #wellness #yoga #greece #korfu #corfu #islands #barre #athomefitness #beachbody #bettertogether #community #prayer #quotes #positiveaffirmations #travelblogger #bootymoves #coreworkout #legday #gains

Corfu, Kerkira, Greece

Sours: https://www.picuki.com/profile/elisejoanfitness
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Barre Blend FREE Workout with Elise Joan Beachbody

Getting Personal With Elise Joan Bliss

At Blue Osa, we are really fortunate to welcome Yogis and retreat leaders from all over, and I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing several by Skype before they arrive. Many interviews turn into conversations, and my talk with Elise Joan was no different. Elise’s passion for all-over wellness and fitness has fueled an impressive career: her influence is boundless and inspiring. From TV to Musical Theater, Dance, Fitness, Yoga – Elise has reached so many people in so many ways.

Getting personal with Elise Joan Bliss

Harriet: I saw in your bio that before your career in fitness and theater you danced ballet.

EJ: Yes. When I was little I used to watch Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with my mom, and I’d be dancing around in the basement. My mom put me into ballet because I was always running into things, she said. I started at three and danced all the way through high school and then with the VA Ballet, outside Washington.

H: Do you think that ballet laid the foundation for the life path that you followed?

EJ: Absolutely. With ballet, I could always express myself physically, through dance. Especially as a teenager, it was so important to be able to go into the studio and move. The combination of music and movement fed into my yoga and musical theater. I’ve never really known life without it.

H: I saw a quote by Rumi that you use and wondered if you’d comment on it: “Only from the heart can we touch the sky”.

EJ: I like to use quotes in my classes, and this is one I’ve used since early on. It’s about acting from the heart instead of doing what society or our parents tell us to do. I was in pre-med when I started college and it was expected I’d get a PhD or a medical or law degree. I realized early on that wasn’t my calling, and that I didn’t want to live a life of practicality. When I announced to my parents I was going to move to NY and pursue musical theater they were like “Uh, that’s not a real job…” But I had the self-awareness to know that I wouldn’t be a starving actress forever.

We all have the capacity to touch the sky, to really fly – is how I interpret that. But only if your feet are firmly planted, then you fly with your heart. My teaching is about helping people find what’s inside of them, because no matter what, we all have that potential inside.

H: Different Yoga teachers have different plans for their retreats. I saw that beyond yoga twice a day, you want to encourage outdoor experiences here in Costa Rica, jungle treks for example. Can you discuss your intention for that week?

EJ: I’ve led retreats in the Galapagos, and Africa – and we always get people out doing stuff beyond yoga classes. Surfing, or zip lining, for example. You can stay by the pool and read a book or dive deeply into yourself, which is cool…but I want to get people the opportunity to learn about themselves and be open to new experiences….to get out of their comfort zones and explore the natural terrain – push their edges, eliminate the limitations. Yoga off the mat, yes.

H: You’ve accomplished so much in your life; I’m wondering what your vision is 5-10 years from now?

EJ: I try to keep it fluid because my experience in life is that it’s uncertain. Plans are made to be broken but goals are always awesome. I just launched my new website, elisejoanfitness.com. It’s a membership site – we created brand new, innovative software that we have the patent for. My parents were both scientists, and they saw a void where scientists needed a way to get patents for their innovative work in science. They both went to law school in their 40’s so they could facilitate this. They taught me that it’s never too late to manifest your vision. I’m filling a void in the fitness industry. I want to be innovative in a way that I feel people in the world can benefit.

H: I ask everyone this question: Do you have a favorite asana?

EJ: Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen it in my pictures – it’s rock star pose. I love it. It’s a heart opener; it’s a backbend; it’s an exalted position. But it also turns your world upside down, and you shine form your heart center; it’s a vulnerable position. It also feels great in the body. There are so many metaphors.

H: Elise, I really appreciate your taking the time to talk. It’s been a real pleasure hearing your thoughts – Your commitment to helping others achieve their potential is such a gift and an inspiration. Thank you – we’re looking forward to seeing you at Blue Osa!

Check Out the Latest Upcoming Retreats at Blue Osa

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