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Dungeons & Dragons: 9 Homebrewed Playable Races You Should Try

By Christopher Julian Anaya


Dungeons & Dragons lets players play as tons of races and classes. Those looking for something more unique should take a look at these homebrew races.

The world of Dungeons & Dragonsis a melting pot boasting diverse styles, beliefs, and chiefly races. Many humanoids coexist in the Material Plane living in relative peace despite their considerable differences. D&D's base books and various expansions provide players a wide selection of races to choose from.

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Although dozens of choices are available to the community, many inventive individuals have expanded this list offering endless possibilities. Everything from homebrewed variants, subraces, and races is available to those seeking to make a distinct character. However, some creations exceed all others for their inventiveness, effectiveness, and roleplaying capabilities.

9 Abomination

  • Size: Medium, no definite height or build.
  • Alignment: No preference between Lawful and Chaotic, Evil.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Strength +1, Dexterity +1, Intelligence +1.
  • Suitable Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, and Ranger.

Every race bears a weakness or flaw that adds depth to their character, however, Abominations are entirely imperfect. Once a simple humanoid, they are the product of an evil wizard's desire to create the ultimate servant. By infusing a mortal being with desirable features such as that of a dragon, lycanthrope, etc. they can create a harrowing and deadly minion. The horrid experiment that brought an Abomination into being, grants it great power yet much hate.

The components used in its creation grant a variety of powerful abilities and traits. These characteristics, however, make an Abomination's true form a terrifying and irredeemable sight. If players want to become a conflicted or downright malevolent monster, this is race is the best choice.

8 Aarakocra Penguin Variant

  • Size: Medium, 5 ft tall, between 80-100 lbs.
  • Alignment: No preference between Lawful and Chaotic,Good.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Dexterity +2, Wisdom +1.
  • Suitable Classes: Monk, Ranger, and Rogue.

The Aarakocra are a bird-like race resembling avians like eagles, vultures, and - with this homebrew creation - penguins. Unlike other members of their race, Aarakocra Penguins reside in both frigid tundras and oceans. While many would suffer under these conditions, these Aarakocra not only live comfortably but prosper as well.

Aarakocra Penguins have adapted to their harsh and unforgiving environment granting them unique traits. Although they cannot fly, they are excellent swimmers capable of traveling fifty feet each turn. Additionally, Aarakocra Penguin's time in the tundra has granted them incredible resistance against the cold. Those looking to play a versatile and fun variant of the Aarakocra should take this race.

7 Animated Armor

  • Size: Medium, its height and weight are dependent on its armor.
  • Alignment: Any.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Constitution +1, Strength +1 (Heavy), Dexterity or Strength +1 (Medium), Dexterity +1 (Light).
  • Suitable Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, and Rogue.

Armor is an invaluable asset to nearly any adventurer, however, some sets can undergo journeys alone. Animated Armors are living individualistic sets of armor given life by magic. Typically, they carry out a specific task given to them, yet they will forgo their duties to carry on pressing matters, such as a world-saving adventure.

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Although Animated Armor possesses significant strengths it has equally as impactful weaknesses. It does not require basic necessities i.e., food or water, and gains traits depending on its armor type. Since Animated Armor relies on magic, however, dispelling its armor will render it useless. Players wanting a roleplaying challenge should try and bring life to this - literally and figuratively - empty being.

6 Mousefolk

  • Size: Small, 2-2 1/2 ft tall, 25 lbs.
  • Alignment: Neutral, Good.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Dexterity +2, Wisdom +1 (Meadowguard), Intelligence +1 (Softpaw).
  • Suitable Classes: Monk, Ranger, and Rogue.

There are many animalistic humanoids in the Material Plane, however, none are quite like the homebrewed Mousefolk. While they are seemingly unimpressive, the Mousefolk are an immensely proud and virtuous race. Their stalwart moral code and distinct characteristics shape them to become masterful warriors or knowledgeable scholars.

Mousefolk are naturally dextrous and perceptive although their backgrounds dictate their specialty. Meadowguard's are formidable fighters with a deep connection to nature and its creatures. Softpaw's, however, are studious intellectuals with mastery over tools or instruments. Those seeking to be small yet proficient adventurers should become Mousefolk.

5 Elf-Orc

  • Size: Medium, 6-7 ft tall, 150-250 lbs.
  • Alignment: Chaotic, Good or Evil.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Strength +1, Dexterity +1, Constitution +1.
  • Suitable Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, and Ranger.

Half-breeds are typically the product of a human player and another humanoid, however, combinations like Elf-Orcs are possible. These rare hybrids are the product of a taboo relationship that both races look down upon. This causes a great deal of internal conflict in Elf-Orcs and regardless of their efforts they may never truly find closure.

Elf-Orcs hold the strengths of each race making them an unpredictable and deadly adversary. Their elven blood grants them magical power - depending on the subrace - and dexterous movements. However, their orcish blood makes them durable and aggressive in their assaults. If players want to become an immensely conflicted half-breed, the Elf-Orc is their best choice.

4 Dryad

  • Size: Medium, 4-6 ft tall, weight unknown.
  • Alignment: Lawful or Chaotic, Neutral.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Wisdom +1, Charisma +2.
  • Suitable Classes: Cleric, Druid, and Warlock.

The fey are among D&D's most mystical creatures and the opportunity to play one is a magical experience. Of the numerous fey races, none spark as much wonder as the homebrewed Dryad. Born from a tree by a powerful fey, Dryads are the guardians of the forest and its inhabitants, yet they may leave their position to carry out a higher purpose.

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Being a fey and woodland protector grants it a unique bond with nature unlike any other. A Dryad's ties allow it to control the environment around it chiefly to defend itself or others. In addition, they may commune with both plants and animals to gather information. Players looking for a deeper and more potent connection to nature should take on the Dryad.

3 Dhampir

  • Size: Medium, 6-7 ft tall, 150-250 lbs.
  • Alignment: Any, Evil.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Dexterity +2, Charisma +1.
  • Suitable Classes: Bard, Fighter, and Monk.

Vampires occasionally form - genuine or sadistic - bonds with mortals that may lead to the creation of a Dhampir. These are half-breeds far more sinister and unnatural than any other. Dhampir's unique bloodline influences them towards a path of evil and rarely if ever do they overcome their innate desires.

Possessing the undead blood of a vampire, grants this race many strengths and weaknesses. Dhampirs hold the innate power of vampires granting them incredible magic and affinity for the undead. However, they also bear the flaws of undeath such as a weakness to sunlight and radiance. Those seeking to be a vampire without giving in to the path of evil should become a Dhampir.

2 Demigod

  • Size: Medium, 5-6 ft tall, 150-250 lbs.
  • Alignment: Depends on their divine parent, even so, their human nature draws them towards Lawful Good.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Constitution +1, other bonuses vary depending on their divine parent.
  • Suitable Classes: Any.

Throughout history there are many tales of mortals with divine powers, however, these Demigods do not exist in D&D. They are like any other half-breed, although, they receive more admiration than they do disdain. Demigod's direct connection to divinity garners them fame and recognition, which can be rewarding yet dangerous. Their abilities and traits depend greatly on the concentration of their divine parent.

For instance, being the offspring of the god of war will grant a Demigod incredible fighting prowess. Regardless of their godly parent, they will always possess a fortitude, unlike that of any mere mortal. Players looking for a divine connection closer than any other should become a Demigod.

1 Succubus

  • Size: Medium, height and weight unknown.
  • Alignment: Lawful or Chaotic, Evil.
  • Ability Score Bonus: Dexterity +1, Charisma +1.
  • Suitable Classes: Bard, Rogue, and Warlock.

Succubi are fiends that reside all throughout the Lower Planes, chiefly the Nine Hells and the Abyss. These infernal beings live only to tempt mortals and lead them towards a path of evil. Although Succubi typically act under higher beings as seducers, they may forgo this role entirely to carry out personal goals or missions.

Their fiendish and lustful nature grants them many powers meant to fulfill their position as tempters. Succubi may shapeshift to conceal their true appearance or become alluring to a particular individual. Moreover, they bear an innate ability to sway others towards acts they would not normally do. Those seeking an infernal background with an interesting twist should try out the Succubus.

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DnD Homebrew Race: Gromlins (Redesign)

GSeren's avatar



My boyfriend and I made a D&D homebrew race based off of furbies!
They're called Gromlins by us, but if you wanna use them, feel free to call them whatever you want!

They're fey creatures, that, despite their first appearances, have strong ancient ties to the fey wild's magic, and can live around 150 years old, though, some extremely powerful ones have probably lived longer. Though, in childhood (which goes by quickly anyway, reaching the maturity of a ten year old by about three), they look a lot more muted, their colours weak and grey-brown, and as I like to say, "like a moldy kiwi". 
Gromlins don't really have distinction between gender, and really only go by whatever other races call them, or whichever they think sounds nicer. 
Being the embodiment of "mischievous fairies", they tend to be Chaotic-Good folk.
They're small creatures, literally, under "small" in the stats, and are usually around 3 feet tall.
They have very tight-nit, yet friendly societies, welcoming in any other fey creatures and anyone who is colourful, shiny, or just pretty. They actually need to have such strong societies too, for if a Gromlin is secluded for too long, it will die. 
They tend to have long yet elegant-sounding names, stuff like  Jelenairra, Brihanna, Narkmendi, Branokas, Vicdarai, or Jarrynna, with equally as long last names, that tend to start with Mc, Mac, Van, or O', such as Van Amersvoort, O' Muireadhaigh, MacKrummundai, MacGalgrimrom, O' Bhelduhran, or Van Cuidightigh.

They're eccentric in their ways, the towns and cities made by them nearly as bright as their fur. Cheerful, loud, energetic, and natural show-off, Gromlins love parties, music, art, and magic of all sorts. They have merchant selling strange wares on their streets, and odd fey plants growing along their castle walls.

Link to proper Gromlin race book page > Here!!

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© 2018 - 2021 GSeren

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/gseren/art/DnD-Homebrew-Race-Gromlins-Redesign-766769882
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    Your history has so many choices! (440 items)

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The Best Homebrew Races for D\u0026D 5e!

DnD 5e Homebrew — Awakened Undead Race by the_singular_anyone

See more posts like this on Tumblr

#homebrew#race#DnD#Dungeons and Dragons#D&D#5e#5th#edition#undead#the_singular_anyone

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Creature: Smoke-Cursed

"It was a horrific sight to see," the elderly man croaked, tears in his eyes, rubbing the back of his hand with crooked, wrinkled fingers. "They- They were reduced to naught but ashes, and yet - the act itself would not be their end, as they rose again, but this time many, and screaming, and howling in agony as if their very souls were ripped from their beings."

Followers of the Regth-Koth. For the distant, evil entity Regth-Koth, its followers are nothing but ants crawling for its own attention, and it feels no love and no affection towards anything but itself. A group of cultists that, in their dedication and thoughtless worship, mistakes the attention of Regth-Koth for a blessing from their master, may find that some things were not meant to be understood by mortal minds. Regth-Koth hates self-obsession within the ranks of its followers, and although it likes to see them crawl over each other to reach its own aberrant heights, it reduces those who have proven themselves to be too self-servient to a cloud of agony and pain, and creates a smoke-cursed.

Perpetual damnation. Smoke-cursed can also be created through the intervention of other divine or semi-divine creatures, although their appearance is low and the punished act must be severe. Smoke-cursed are perpetually caught in their own pain and suffering, an amalgamation of many souls damned in the same place, merging and twisting together in a ghost-like, otherworldly entity. A smoke-cursed has no motivation or intentions, but is so engrossed in its own agony and suffering that it only wishes to relieve itself by forcing that pain on others. It has no physical touch, but the sounds emitted by a smoke-cursed are maddening enough to make the bravest warriors flee. Smoke-cursed haunt their original homes, whether that be the lairs they once worshiped their dark masters in, or whatever battlefield that caused their combined, instant deaths.

Aberrant nature. A smoke-cursed doesn't require air, food, water or sleep.

Friends and companions. Smoke-cursed are sometimes employed by the very cults that become them, if a cult worshiper manages to avoid the destruction of their master. For dark cults that follow aberrant entities from beyond the veil, and whose cult followers are prone to narcissism or self-worship, it is not uncommon to see more than one smoke-cursed contained in an air-tight room, only to be set free when the lair is invaded or the cult needs a sacrifice.


Subclass: Path of the War Dancer

This subclass has been in the works for over a year, and it’s finally ready for posting! A war dancer barbarian focuses on physical fitness, flexibility and bolstering their allies and themselves. Entertain, bless, frighten, stun, awe, and destroy with this subclass inspired by war dancing and physical prowess.

For better, full-page high quality imagery, take a look at the Path of the War Dancer at the Homebrewery here!


Creature: Sea Drake

The waters churned angrily, bubbles rising to the surface, and dark scales glid along the undertow. A finned ridge raised out of the water, and Neya just had enough time to duck out of the way as it slashed towards her. Finally, the creature's head raised from the waves, and its crocodilian maw grinned darkly.

Sea guardians. Sea drakes are not true dragons, but an offshoot of the drake subtype that has adapted well to underwater dwellings. Sea drakes are rarely seen in fresh water, as they prefer the crashing waves and nutritious fish of larger seas. Sea drakes are solitary creatures, but their mating season can last up to two years, during which young sea drakes look for a partner, and raise their young together for the first year or two, so it is not unlikely to see two sea drakes, plus possibly a gaggle of wyrmlings, in a group.

Draconic intelligence. Sea drakes are not as intelligent as the winged serpents of the land, but boast enough intelligence to know when they are being deceived, humiliated or undermined. They make quick work of any creature that dare wander into its lair, which is often a cave on the shore that has both an entry through the water, and a dry one. Sea drakes collect items from shipwrecks, and each has its own collection of things it finds most fascinating, whether that be flags, ships' wheels, or even human bones. Its careful organization of its hoard makes it evident to it immediately when something is missing - and any creature courageous enough to steal from it will be hunted and punished with a breath of lightning.

Friends and companions. Sea drakes rarely team up with each other, but if they do, they are a mating couple and will defend each other to the death. Other creatures that sea drakes may tolerate are sarduk, hippocampi, merfolk and plesiosaurs. A sea drake may be pulled into the clutches of sea hags, merrow or sahuagin, but they will do anything to avoid serving masters such as larger sea-dwelling dragons, dragon turtles, krakens or morkoths.

tabletopresources: “Source Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips, and tools for your game! ”


Check out Tabletop Gaming Resources for more art, tips, and tools for your game!

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Sours: https://dnd-5e-homebrew.tumblr.com/post/134526127807/awakened-undead-race-by-thesingularanyone

Race dnd homebrew

King’s Homebrews

[id: creation of a dnd item based on those little finger dinosaur things - the plastic ones you place on your finger and which have open alligator mouths and two long spindly hands. Here, they’re called Finger Buddies. A red one smiles wide as it sparkles. A yellow one, seated upon the ground, looks confused as it looks to where it should end. Then, it pulls up their torso to reveal newly crafted legs and feet underneath! The legs are black and equally thin to their arms. A blue Finger Buddy gleefully cackles as it steals a coin - pretty much the same size as it - and runs away. 

The description on the image reads:

Finger Buddy: Tiny Magic Item, unaligned.

Armor class: 5
Hit points: 2 (1d4)
Speed: 5 ft 

Strength: 4 (-3)
Dexterity: 16 (+3)
Constitution: 5 (-3)
Intelligence: 6 (-2)
Wisdom: 5 (-3)
Charisma: 3 (-4)

Invulnerability: When a Finger Buddy drops to 0 HP it simply becomes a toy again, unless its body is completely destroyed.

Actions: Bite, Melee attack: +1 to hit, reach 1ft. (one target)
Hit: 2 (1d2+1) piercing damage.

A further description says:

Finger Buddy: Magic Trinket, Rare:

These small colorful finger pupits can be brought to life for 24 hours using a single drop of blood. Once animated, the Finger Buddy is loyal to the caster whose blood was consumed. It can comprehend and follow simple commands such as Retrieve, Explore, Attack, etc. It cannot speak or write in any language but will communicate via small grunts and squeaks. If one caster activates multiple Finger Buddies at once, they will operate as a Swarm.

Market price: 5GP

Weight: 1 oz

end id]

Sours: https://dnd-homebrew-races.tumblr.com/
How to Make Your Own D\u0026D Race - BenderWaffles Teaches

D&D Felis Race Homebrew

Edit 2-7-19: Version 1.2 is here! Oops, i accidentally deleted the original comment/post? My apologies! I am an Imgur noob. I have put out this version of the race on D&D Beyond, link below. Currently the Beyond version has no variant race, I will add it once i figure out Beyond more. I will also work on getting it on the wiki, or if you have experience on the wiki PM and i will give you the transcript and you can post it so long as you credit. As for the future I have an idea for a class and it seems like a fun challenge to tackle. I will trickle updates to this as they are needed based on feedback I get. Again thank you all for the support :D I look forward to hearing about all your tales of the tails. Update Notes: GRAMMAR, Page Alignments, Variant changed to Feral, Lore updates to be more in line with 5E, Severe weight loss, Age reduction, Purrsuasion nerf D&D Beyond Link - https://www.dndbeyond.com/races/761771-felis Artists: https://www.artstation.com/tahra + https://www.twitch.tv/geersart

Sours: https://imgur.com/gallery/GzuvdIM

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