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Anko Products Inc. develops and manufactures high quality low cost peristaltic tubing pumps. Located in Bradenton, Fla., the company deals in building its gearmotors, molding plastic parts and assembling the pumps, among others. It provides an array of products, such as the peristaltic pumps and gear motors. The pumps are used for many different industries as beverage pumps, flavor pumps, ink pumps and medical pumps. The company's clients list includes Comeau Technique Ltd. and Williamson Pumps Ltd.
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Oem Peristaltic Pumps, Cased Peristaltic Pumps, Depend O Valves, Oem Gearmotors, Replacement Parts
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Anko Products Inc - Bradenton, FL
Anko Products Inc - Bradenton, FL
Anko Products Inc - Bradenton, FL



Anko Products Inc.


Products: gear motors & pumps, peristaltic pumps, sampling pumps. metering pumps, dispensing pumps. beverage pumps. positive displacement pumps. medical pumps, oem pumps, sanitary pumps, fluid sampling pumps, self priming pumps, duplex pumps, gear pumps, metering, injection or proportioning pumps, also ac

Phone: 941-749-1960

Fax: 941-748-2307

Address: 3007 29th ave. east,bradenton,fl,34208


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Pump:Peristaltic: Anko: MityFlex: 907-101-60108-4

The Anko 907 is a fixed speed general purpose pump for dispensing fluid based products.
This peristaltic pump is useful for practically anything that flows and can be used almost anywhere, from the laboratory to the laundry room. It can be used to pump coffee, cream or
even soda. Our pumps can be found on shop floors, in kitchens or waste water treatment
The 907 model can be used to move waste water, chemicals, detergents, food products,
printing inks and many other difficult to handle fluids.
The peristaltic pump is ideal because it is self-priming, acts as a check valve when off, fluid touches only the tube and is easy to service.
The 907 model is controlled by a simple on-off switch that activates the pump. If required, it can run for hours at a time.

Electrical: 115 VAG, 60Hz. On-off switch
with 6' (1.8) power cord.
Motor: Shaded pole gear motor - with
stainless steel output shaft.
Pump: Polypropylene with stainless steel
Flow control: Fixed flow, non-reversible.
Suction Lift: Self-priming up to 29ft. (8.8m).
Can run dry continuously -
Pressures: Up to 20psi (1.35Bar).
Contacts: Fluid being pumped
contacts tubing only.
Case: Talc filled polypropylene.
Mounting: Plastic case - wall mount or flat
dry surface.
Dimensions: 5.8

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