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Supro Delta King 8 Review

Since its 2014 revival, Supro has given fans of small, low-wattage combos plenty to talk about. This should come as no surprise. Tiny but ferocious amplifiers with the Supro logo have been on the scene since the early days of the electric guitar and landed on some of the most classic guitar records of all time. And the company's recent offerings have captured the sonic essence of those vintage models with a line of well-built, modern amps that look just as cool as they sound.

supro delta king 8

Thus far, the current Supro team have drawn inspiration primarily from their 1960s models. But the new Delta King series digs in a little deeper, delivering the sound and aesthetics of their 1950s combos—stripes and all. The Delta King 8 is the tiniest of the bunch, offering just 1 watt of all-tube class A power via a single 12AX7 preamp tube and a single 12AU7 power tube. While it may be small, this amp lives up to the sonic legacy of its vintage predecessors and projects a surprisingly fearsome roar.

Recorded using a Creston Jazzmaster with Lollar JM pickups and a Shure SM57 going into an SSL 2+ with no EQ, compression, or effects.
  • Clip 1: Controls at noon, miked.
  • Clip 2: Controls at noon, direct line out signal.
  • Clip 3: Full volume, tone control at noon, full master volume, miked.
  • Clip 4: Full volume, tone control at noon, full master volume, direct line out signal.
  • Clip 5: Full volume, tone control at noon, master volume muted, line out plugged into a 1971 Fender Deluxe Reverb, miked.

Robust, Balanced, and Nasty

Playing the Delta King 8 is immediately satisfying. Using Telecaster- and Jazzmaster–style guitars, I set all three knobs—volume, tone, and master—to noon and got a clean, smooth, midrange-focused tone. This is, however, just about all of the clean volume that this amp has to offer. Turning the volume knob above noon gently eases the combo into an overdriven sound that, at full volume, is gnarly and cutting but retains warmth and clarity. The boost switch bumps the volume and adds a little more gain. Naturally, I had the most fun with everything cranked and the boost on. But while it's impressively loud for 1 watt, the Delta King 8 will be most useful for recording, practicing, or for extremely quiet gigs.

Turning the volume knob above noon gently eases the amp into an overdriven tone that, at full volume, is gnarly and cutting but retains warmth and clarity.

The 8" Supro DK8 speaker sounds robust and balanced, and easily handled the overdriven tones without sounding trashy. I've probably spent too much of my life wondering about speaker swaps for other small combos, but I'd be quite satisfied with this stock speaker.

A Cure for the Backline Blues

The line-out jack on the back of the Delta King 8 provides a line-level signal that is perfect for direct recording. This feature was thoughtfully positioned before the master volume control (an unusual feature on an amp this small), which means you can get warm tube preamp tone straight into your audio interface and opt to have the speaker muted when you turn the master volume down to zero.

That isn't the only trick up the Delta King 8's sleeve. To unlock its hidden superpower, go ahead and plug the same line-out straight into another amp. In this setup, the Delta King 8 essentially becomes a tube-driven overdrive unit. Chronic sufferers of the backline blues will celebrate the fact that this little Supro can lend its low-watt, class A tone to bigger, flatter-sounding stage amps. I was blown away by the snarling sounds it generated with my Deluxe Reverb at very reasonable volumes. And by keeping the master volume up on the Supro, you can also create cool A/B blends if you mic up both amps. If you're used to playing house gear but can figure out a way to schlep an extra 15 pounds, this tiny amp could be a game-changing addition to your gigging rig.

The Verdict

The Delta King 8 delivers much of the vintage Supro experience in a hip, well-built package. It's fun, sounds good in clean settings, and great in more overdriven ones. At $449, it's a great deal for those reasons alone. But the convenience and versatility that comes with the addition of the pre-master line out opens up possibilities in the studio and offers solutions to backline woes that make the price even more appealing.

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How will this 5 watt tube amp stack up to the needs of an apartment player who mainly records and jams at lower volumes?

Overview & Cost: $549.00 from,, and (Some Affiliate Links)

Supro’s Delta King 10 has been on my mind since it was announced during the virtual NAMM madness earlier this year. Boasting 5 watts of power, two channels (one clean, one dirty), and built-in boost and reverb controls, it feels like perfect apartment-playing tube bliss. There’s a 12AX7 tube pre-amp, and then a vintage Supro-voiced 6V6 tube power amp to provide plenty of headroom and just a touch of compression. The boost switch engages a FET-style boosted tone that adds just a slight amount of dirt, but retains a nice clean, bell-like signature. Right next to that is the drive switch, which engages a Pigtronix FAT gain channel that adds a ton of natural body and overdrive. The rest of the control knobs include a channel volume, master volume, treble, bass, and reverb knob for some user friendly but still versatile tone shifting.

Sound & Opinion:

I really ended up loving the Supro Delta King 10 as a pedal platform amp. It’s clean, compressed, and generally creates a very flexible palette that you can alter via your pickup, pedal, and signal chain setup. I mainly played through my hollow-body Stanford Crossroad Thinline 30, as the P90s paired well with the amp to create a room filling sound at lower volumes. There was little to no buzz or hum, except for when I hit a fuzz pedal on, which made it a joy to record with. With only 5 watts of power, it was also really easy to dial in all sorts of amp tones from cranked amp breakup to more sterile, treble-rich cleans. With higher treble, I did feel the Supro started to thin out a bit and become sort of ice-picky. So I do think it is really limited by having only a 2-band EQ, but the use of pedals rectified most unpleasant sounds that arose when trying to demo it and record some tracks for my own records. The built-in FET boost sounds great though, and that soon became an always-on sound when paired with the compressed, clean channel. Moving over to the overdriven channel was fun, and I really liked the sound of the overdriven channel when I opened up the master volume a bit. At the lowest volumes it just felt way too compressed. It’s pretty fun for open chords, single note riffs and arpeggios, though it didn’t nail the punk wall of sound you know I love. Not that I really expected it to…

Conclusion & Final Score: 7.3 out of 10

Overall, I felt that the Supro Delta King 10 does exactly what it sets out to do: create a flexible pedal platform for at-home recording. It is missing some of the “oomph” I’d want in a small combo amp that I’d mic up for live shows, but it really comes alive with pedals and tone tweaking in a studio setting. The built-in FET boost, reverb, and drive channel are highlights for me in terms of versatility, but you’d definitely want to invest in a footswitch to get the most out of these specs. If you’re looking for a clean, crisp pedal platform on a budget, this has to be a top tube amp contender. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it looks great, either in the black or tan tolex with the racing stripes. This Delta King 10 is a great option for singer-songwriters, guitarists stuck in a cramped dorm or apartment, or players who like to shape their signal chain from the pedalboard.

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The Delta King 12 captures the unmistakable Supro amp tone that helped sculpt the sound of the early electric Rock & Roll and British Invasion music of the '60s.

Its single-ended Class A tube power amp provides the same raw tonal characteristics and remarkable touch sensitivity of its mid-century counterparts, all while delivering a full 15-watts of 6L6 tube punch through a proprietary 12-inch DK12 speaker. Other key features include an FET-driven boost function, a Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, a 3-band EQ and even a custom-made, genuine analogue spring reverb!

Supro Delta King Series - The BEST Living Room Amps?!

Custom DK12 Speaker

Supro's custom 12-inch DK12 speaker offers a balanced, rich sound that allows the voice of your electric guitar to shine through. It's specifically designed to capture the magic of the original field-coil speakers used by amp makers in the "Golden Era" — sure to appeal to lovers of traditional guitar tone!

Pure Valve Power!

The Delta King 12 features a 12AX7 tube preamp, where the audio is gained up and sent to a Class A 6L6 power amp to deliver pure, unobstructed tone that epitomises the old-school Supro sound.

Plenty of Tone-Enhancing Features

Onboard analogue spring reverb, FET-driven boost functionality, and a Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode allow for an exceptional range of available effects and tonal options. A Line Output allows for a direct-to-recording option or driving tones to an additional amp.

Old-School Charm

Hearkening back to the original Supro combo amplifiers, the Delta King 12 features a custom poplar cabinet design with its striped livery evoking lots of '50s nostalgia!



  • WATTAGE: 15W
  • KNOB CONTROLS: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb, Master
  • EFFECTS: Boost, Drive
  • INPUTS: 1
  • REMOTE SWITCH JACKS: TRS Double Footswitch


  • HANDLE: Rubber
  • COVER: BC12
  • TOLEX: Black
  • PIPING: Cream
  • COLORWAY: Black and Cream
  • GRILL CLOTH: Black


  • CAB DIMS (IN.): 17” x 7.5” x 16”
  • CAB DIMS (CM): 43 x 19 x 41 cm
  • WEIGHT (LBS): 28 lbs
  • WEIGHT (KG): 13 kg

Supro Delta King 12 15-Watt 1x12" Valve Combo Amp in Black Video Reviews

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SUPRO Delta King! - Move Over Blues Junior!

Supro unveils the retro-inspired Delta King amp series, Keeley Custom 12, combo upgrades and a new chorus pedal

GEAR 2021: Supro has announced its first new products of 2021 with an aggressive expansion of its tube combo lineup plus a new stereo chorus pedal

There are updates to such Supro favourites as the '64 Super, ‘64 Reverb, and Black Magick models, while its Robert Keeley collab continues with the Keeley Custom 12. But the big news is the vintage-inspired and affordable Delta King series, which looks to offer Supro's very own Blues King series some stiff competition as the best compact guitar amplifier for old-school rock 'n' roll and blues tones. 

  • NAMM 2021 is cancelled, but we'll be covering all the big January gear announcements right here on MusicRadar.

Delta King

There are 1x8, 1x10 and 1x12 options in the Delta King series, each available in a choice of two custom tweed with black stripes, and black with cream stripes. The Delta King combos have single-ended Class A tube power sections and are voiced to recreate the rock 'n' roll tone of the 50s and 60s British Invasion.

The 15-watt Delta King 12 (RRP $649) is the flagship model in the series, and packs a number of cool features into its compact control panel, with its FET-driven boost, a Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode for adding extra heat, three-band EQ, a master volume and analogue spring reverb.

Under the hood you will find a 12AX7-driven preamp and a 12AU7 triode in the power amp, and it houses a single 12-inch DK12 speaker in a poplar cabinet. 

Image 1 of 5
Image 2 of 5
Image 3 of 5
Image 4 of 5
Image 5 of 5

The 5-watt Delta King 10 (RRP $549) shares much of its larger sibling's tone profile, and likewise uses a 12AX7-driven preamp and 12AU7 triode power amp, and features the FET boost and Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode. The main difference besides the more modest power output is the 10-inch speaker, and a two-band EQ.

The Delta King 8 (RRP $449), meanwhile, is a single-watt tube combo that should work well for the home and even better for the studio, with a line out positioned before the master volume so you can find send some pure tube dirt to your DAW, or indeed as an outboard overdrive going into a larger amplifier.

There are controls for volume, tone and master volume plus a switch to activate the FET boost. As the name suggests, it features an eight-inch BK8 speaker.

Keeley Custom 12

Image 1 of 3
Image 2 of 3
Image 3 of 3

The Keeley Custom 12 was designed in collaboration with pedal guru Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics, and expands upon its the Keeley Custom 10's 1x10 format with a single 12-inch Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker and 25-watt of power. 

As you would expect from an amp with Keeley's name on it, the Keeley Custom 12 is configured to play nicely with your pedalboard. Its ECC83S-based tube preamp preamp and 2-band EQ are voiced for taking gain pedals in front of them, while a wholly transparent effects loop is on-hand for modulation.

The Class A power section features a pair of Tung-Sol 6V6GT tubes. The cabinet is clothed in Supro's distinctive Blue Rhino Hide tolex with white piping and a silver/blue grille clothe on the front. It is priced $1199.

As for the updates, the trio in question all receive speaker upgrades, with the '64 Super and ‘64 Reverb now featuring eight-inch Jensen C8R speakers, and the Black Magick 12-inch combo featuring a Jensen P12Q.

Supro Chorus pedal

The Supro Chorus is an all-analogue, bucket bridge-driven chorus/vibrato unit with full stereo operation that allows you to increase the delay time on one side of the stereo field while shortening it on the other.

It features four controls on the enclosure for Speed, Depth, Time and Dimension – plus a Vibrato toggle switch that removes the clean signal, leaving only pitch modulation for that characterful seasick tone.

 The Dimension control is where this gets really interesting. It mixes the stereo channels together so you have two delay lines that are being modulated in opposite directions. When in the Vibrato mode, you can use the Dimension control to dial in a double vibrato effect. 

You can even hook an expression pedal up to the Supro Chorus and control the rate of the effect on the fly. 

The Supro Chorus is priced $259 and takes 9V DC power to get it going.

See Supro for more details.


Delta king supro

Supro Amps have been popping up as the amp of choice for players more frequently since the brand was acquired by Bond Audio last year. At this year’s NAMM ‘Believe In Music’ week, the manufacturer announces several new products and upgrades to existing models.

New for 2021, the Delta King 8, 10, and 12 are moderately priced, vintage-inspired combos available in two appealing color designs. The ‘64 Super, ‘64 Reverb, and Black Magick combos receive upgrades, and the all-new Keeley Custom 12 combo joins the line as successor to the best-selling Keeley 10. Last, the new Chorus pedal joins the line of vintage-inspired, all-analog effects, offering full stereo modulation and rich chorus tone.

Here’s the info on the three Delta King amps, supplied by Supro:

Delta King 8

The Delta King 8 is a modern rendition of the low-wattage Supro amplifiers that were produced in Chicago during the mid 1950s. True to the Supro sound, it features a genuine Class A all-tube signal path, featuring a 12AX7 tube preamp, our custom 8-inch BK8 speaker, and vintage-style poplar cabinetry. Offering just 1 watt of all-tube tone, the Delta King 8 is a studio must-have, featuring a Line Output that allows the amp to be used as a source of pure tube distortion before hitting another amplifier or going directly into your DAW. The Line Out is even conveniently located before the Master Volume, allowing you to crank the preamp gain while simultaneously blending in the sound of the onboard speaker to taste.
– Delta King 8 street price: $449

Delta King 10

The Delta King 10 delivers the authentic 6V6-powered tube-amp tone of the Chicago-made Supro combos from the 1950s. Its Class A power amp provides all of the natural compression and touch-sensitive headroom that have made these vintage “single-ended” combos a bedrock of recorded rock history. Offering 5 watts of power through our custom 10-inch DK10 speaker, the Delta King 10 strikes between at-home recording amp and onstage rig. Features include front-end gain via a 12AX7 tube preamp, a FET-driven boost function, Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, 2-band EQ, master volume, and custom-made genuine analog spring reverb.
– Delta King 10 street price: $549

Delta King 12

The Delta King 12 combo captures the vintage Supro amp tone that helped sculpt the sound of early electric Rock & Roll and the British Invasion of the 1960s. Its single-ended Class A tube power amp provides the same raw tonal characteristics and remarkable touch sensitivity features of its mid-century counterparts, all while delivering a full 15 watts of 6L6 tube power through our custom 12-inch DK12 speaker. Features include front-end gain via a 12AX7 tube preamp, a FET-driven boost function, Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, 3-band EQ, master volume, and custom-made genuine analog spring reverb.
Delta King 12 street price: $649

Supro website:

Delta King 8 Demo with Zach Comtois - Supro

Supro soups up its existing product line and introduces all-new Delta King tube amp collection

NAMM 2021 isn't taking place in the physical realm this year, but you'll find all the hottest January gear launches in our guide to the biggest guitar, amp and pedal releases of 2021 so far.

Supro has souped up its product line with a smattering of new guitar amps, a new effects pedal and a number of upgrades to existing products. 

These fresh additions include all-new Delta King tube amps, a chorus pedal and new versions of familiar favorites such as the Black Magick combo, all of which seek to provide big Supro tones.

Read on to find out more about the new releases.

New to the fold is the Delta King line of amps – a collection inspired by the Supro tube amps of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Available in three power ratings, the Delta Kings each feature a 12AX7 tube preamp and 12AU7 triode power amp in a bid to deliver unmistakable Supro sounds.

The one-watt Delta King 8 is a modern rendition of low-wattage Supro amps from the ‘50s, and features a custom-made eight-inch DK8 speaker and a line out situated before the master volume, which allows guitarists to crank the preamp gain and blend in the sound of the speaker to taste.

The larger Delta King 10 offers authentic 6V6-powered tube amp tones from the ‘50s by way of a 10-inch DK10 speaker, FET-driven boost function, Pigtronix FAT high-gain mode, two-band EQ, master volume and custom-made genuine analog spring reverb.

Said to be suitable as an at-home recording or an onstage amp, the Delta King 10 has a natural compression and touch-sensitive headroom that made single-ended combos back in the day a "bedrock of recorded rock history".

Finally, the Delta King 12 offers 15-watts of 6L6 tube power through a 12-inch DK12 speaker, which aims to capture the vintage ‘60s Supro sound that helped sculpt early electric rock 'n' roll. The same onboard features from the Delta King 10 appear, however the largest model favors a three-band EQ over a two-band one.

The Delta King 8, 10 and 12 sport either a vintage tweed/black stripe or black/cream stripe colorway and are available now for $449, 549 and $649, respectively.

Another all-new addition to the Supro lineup is the Keeley Custom 12, which is seen as successor to the company's Keeley 10 amp. Designed in collaboration with Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics, the new amp promises to be the perfect pedal platform and seeks to seamlessly integrate your ‘board into an all-tube amp that boasts classic Supro tones.

Maintaining midrange heft through an ECC83S-based tube preamp and two-band EQ, the Keeley Custom 12 also features a Bruce Zinky-designed cathode-biased Class A power section loaded with premium Tung-Sol 6V6GT tubes to achieve that Supro sound.

A Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker also features, as does a transparent effects loop that allows guitarists to inject delay and reverb pedals into the all-tube signal path without unwanted distortion on modulation effects.

The amp also flashes a custom Blue Rhino Hide tolex, a Supro silver/blue grill cloth and white piping to complement the premium tone with a premium aesthetic.

The Keeley Custom 12 is available now for $1,199.

Supro has also taken the opportunity to upgrade some existing amps, including the ‘64 Super, ‘65 Reverb and Black Magick combo.

The five-watt ‘64 Reverb combo is described as an ultra-compact and gig-ready combo amp that boasts a tube-driven spring reverb, eight-inch Jensen C8R speaker and two-band EQ for solid, flexible tones. Three line outputs also appear for taming the onboard speaker or for using the all-tube outboard gain/reverb as an effects unit.

A reissue of the iconic 1x8 Supro combo from the ‘60s, the ‘64 Super comes equipped with a Jensen C8R eight-inch speaker features only a single volume knob, allowing guitarists to hear the full tonal range of the high-gain tube preamp. 

The '64 Reverb and '64 Super are available now for $999 and $749, respectively.

A fourth and final amp upgrade comes in the form of an updated Black Magick combo, which is said to be a faithful recreation of one of rock 'n' roll’s holy grail amps.

Based on the build of Jimmy Page’s 1959 Supro combo, the 25-watt, Class A, all-tube amp boasts more gain than any other Supro amp and promises an unmistakable midrange bite and warm, balanced tones through its 6973 tubes and Jensen P12Q speaker.

A versatile tone circuit also allows the two independent preamp channels to be linked together for a full, fat tone.

The new Black Magick combo is available now for $1,399.

Announced alongside the aforementioned amps is an all-new Supro Chorus pedal. The all-analog, full-stereo pedal utilizes a pair of MN3007 Bucket Brigade IC chips to deliver thick chorus effects while maintaining exceptional headroom.

The pedal features speed, depth and time control knobs, which allow for specific sculpting of the effect. A dimension control and a vibrato switch also appears, opening up a number of complex chorus possibilities.

The Supro Chorus pedal is available now for $249.

For more information on all the new releases, head over to Supro.


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