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Rated with 1 star
Kathy of Carlisle, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2021

American Carpet South installed our carpet for Home Depot. (They are a subcontractor for Home Depot, and then they subcontract to other installers.) We had a total of 8 visits from them to address the poor installation. They even delivered a replacement carpet with a hole in the middle of it. For weeks we had to live with just padding and tack strips while they reordered the carpet. They finally replaced the carpet, but we are back at square one with a poorly done job (poorly done seams and creases in places). One team even stole towels from us, which ACS reimbursed us for. They have lied to us repeatedly throughout the process. All told, the installers burned our carpet all the way through to the pad because they used the iron improperly, damaged walls which had just been painted in our brand new house, piled furniture into closets causing scratches, and broke a lamp. These damages have not been reimbursed.

We did get a partial credit from Home Depot because of the time it took from ordering to the final installation (4 months) and the trouble of being home for so many visits. However, American Carpet South has not reimbursed us for any of the damages. They are stalling and we may end up needing to take action in order to have the lamp replaced and the walls and furniture repaired. Buyer beware!

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Rated with 1 star
Matt of O Fallon, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2021

Home Depot Flooring installation has been epic failure. The installer did not show up after waiting 3 months. I paid in full over 6K upfront. Now, a week overdue and no floors. Disorganized! Terrible service once we discovered installer didn't show up. Home Depot 3rd party install company Superior Installations is incompetent. Do not seem to care or make priority. Never pay in full up front. Go find a good flooring company recommended. It's not worth using Home Depot to save a few bucks. My floors still are not in after 3.5 months. Disaster, headache, stress and now my home sale is at risk. No go Home Depot.

Rated with 1 star
Gene of Lawrenceville, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2021

I contracted the installation of hardwood floors with Home Depot end of July. I had been debating working independently or with a major company, and ultimately decided to go to Home Depot because I thought the work would get done in a quality and professional manner. When I purchased my new floors, I was never informed of the situations where the contractors would be unable to install the floors. Home Depot had multiple opportunities to do this: during the initial transaction, when the technician came to measure the rooms, or when the contractors came to begin work this morning.

As a customer, I should be informed of all the variables at play so I can make an informed decision. The contractors came this morning, tore apart half of my carpet, tore flooring in appropriate places, and then said “sorry we can’t do the work, you need to find someone to level the floor”. As a customer that spent 10k, I wish someone from Home Depot would have informed me of issues with installing the floor if the house was not leveled. This is necessary information that Home Depot should bring forward to all their customers. The contractors left my place a mess, and uninhabitable. I contacted the store manager, and the response was unacceptable. I am writing this to give others fair warning. Home Depot is truly a scam.

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Rated with 1 star
D. of Essex, MD Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2021

My hardwood flooring project began in Feb 2021 when I put down a deposit. Sept 2021 and it still isn't professionally finished to satisfaction. Communication and scheduling with the flooring installation company, ACS, is very poor. I have also contacted HD Corporate. The stress, frustration, disappointment of a 7 months experience cannot be told here! It's a nightmare! I have fully paid for this project but HD should readily refund my money.

Rated with 5 stars
Kathy of New Lebanon, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2021

The man and women that came to my home today were excellent to work with! They were quick, clean and very respectful in my home. These two make a great team in getting the job done nicely!!! I would highly recommend the people that came to my home.

Rated with 1 star
Jamie of Palmerton, PA Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2021

Bought carpeting from Home Depot and the installer came. The bedroom closet was not supposed to be carpeted but he went in and did it anyway. Several days later I went to the closet and realized he stole a brand new still in box Fire Stick. I will never do any business with Home Depot again.

Rated with 1 star
William of Circle Pines, MN Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2021

After 3 years the carpet we had installed showed some wear. We bought a carpet with a good warranty (life proof) 25 year wear warranty. We are only home 6 months of the year, so it is only a year and a half old. I called Susann (the expediter) on their warranty and they said, because it is in front of a chair there is no warranty. BUYER BEWARE.

Rated with 1 star
Hollie of Sacramento, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2021

Our experience with this HD was a nightmare and we ended up canceling our flooring job a month and a half into it. The people in the flooring department do not know how to process their orders and installs correctly and wasted a lot of our time. We got a measurement done and I received a 22 page PDF estimate that only stated, "Let me know if you have any questions." I waiting 2 days thinking they would call and go over the 22 pages they sent but no call, so I called HD and talked to Sasha, the lady who helped us originally. She said she didn't know why I got that and that we had to come in and go over it and pay for the order.

My landlord and I went in the next day and it took an hour to pay for it because neither Sasha nor the customer service ladies knew how to process a payment correctly for $6300! Isn't this what they do every day! We were then told they had to order the flooring and they would call us when it was to be delivered. We were told the install would take a day, that we could leave the product in the garage once it was delivered and that we only needed the threshold delivery for this reason. We were also told that the installers would move 6 items per room. (This is random but important later.)

We were then ghosted for a month until they told us the trim we wanted wasn't available so we had to pick a new color out. It took them a month to tell us this! My wife went to the closest store where the flooring associate was rude to her to the point that she left and went to the next closest store. They picked out the new item and the associate called the Truxel store to let them know. The Truxel store never even added that item to our order after my wife wasted 2 hours doing what they asked. I tried following up with the flooring department 3 times, the first time customer service bounced my call around for 20 minutes, the second time I was on hold for 30 minutes then the last time I was on hold for 10 minutes before I gave up.

I called corporate on a Friday to see if they could help because we were having nothing but problems. The man took my info and said someone would call me back in 30 minutes. The next day I called again as I didn't hear anything back and I was told they had no record of my call, but that she would enter my info and have someone call me back on Monday. Tuesday I once again called corporate and was told the lady from Monday did not process my call correctly and that it would still be another 24 to 48 hours before I received a callback.

We then finally got a call for delivery and set it for Monday June 28th and the Install was set for July 14th. The installers stated we had to keep the product in the house, that it would take 3 days to do the install and that they would only move 2 items per room. This was a major issue because it contradicted what we had been told and my wife and I both work and cannot just take 3 days off to babysit the installers. Also, if my wife was home in the morning when they came, as we had planned for the one day, she would not be able to move all the items out by herself as we were told 6 would be moved per room.

At this time I was still waiting for a call back from corporate hoping we could resolve some of these issues but still had heard nothing back. I received an email on Sunday stating we had our set delivery for the next day and that it was a threshold delivery and it defined a threshold delivery, to the outside of the house. Again this was a problem because I work mornings and only my wife is home and she is not responsible to bring all of this in the house.

I called the Truxel store and asked for a manager. I spoke to Butch and explained everything in detail also stating that we don't even have a delivery time, we had a 14 hour window and that was not going to work. He worked everything out for a set time on Monday and we also discussed compensation for all of this hassle. I asked for half of the install to be completed, about $1500 or I wanted the order canceled because this had been a nightmare. He stated he would only comp up to $500 and that he would have to get with his manager and get back to me.

Monday comes around, ready for delivery and they only delivered part of the order. I didn't call HD at this point because I was just tired of dealing with this and it wasn't worth it at this point. Shawn called me back later on Monday and said all they can do is $500 off my order. I told him they didn't even deliver the whole order and he said, "We had the rest coming on Tuesday." I explained to him that I knew nothing about this and if that was the case they could have just delivered it all on Tuesday instead of coming twice!!! He didn't seem to be bothered at all by the incompetence of his employees. I told him $500 was not close to being worth it and at this point I wasn’t dealing with HD and wanted to cancel the order.

They set an appt for Tuesday (the next day) to pick up the flooring. He was supposed to get back to me on how the refund would be processed, if we needed to go in or if it would go back onto the card automatically. Thursday rolls around and still no call back from Shawn so once again I CALLED HOME DEPOT and asked him how the refund would be processed. He then told me they already issued the refund and emailed me a receipt. In this whole process I must say that the only thing that went according to schedule with no hassle at all was canceling the appointment and having the flooring picked up. They were professional and even called to tell me they would be a little late. I don't know if anyone will actually read this or even care but I care. This should not have happened.

I have been a loyal HD customer my whole life, I have spent thousands of dollars there and with the refinance on the house, planned on spending thousands more fixing things up. After this experience, I will never shop at a HD again. My hard earned money will not go to a company that treats their customers this way and are so unprofessional. I now drive the extra 10 minutes to Lowe's and will be going there tomorrow to get the process started on our flooring along with the bathroom remodels. Originally I tried to post this review on the HD website but it was denied saying it did not meet their ‘guideline’ requirements. After reading the requirements, that was a load of bull and nothing I said was on their list of things not to say. They don't even want honest feedback from their customers!

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Rated with 1 star
Mike of Duluth, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 9, 2021

I had a great experience with the Johns Creek staff and management. I only needed to re-carpet a stairwell, 16 square feet. The install company that Home Depot Contracts with is called U.S. Installation Group. They not only cancelled my installation but did not respond to me or the store management who I got involved. When I finally reached a supervisor at U.S. after holding for 20 minutes, not only was she condescending but acted as if she was doing me a favor by talking to me. Needless to say I've wasted 1 1/2 months on this project and cancelled. I cannot believe that a great company as Home Depot would be doing business with this shoddy company.

Sours: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/home_depot_floors.html

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Home Depot Tile Flooring Installation Cost.

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Cost to Install a Tile Floor

Item detailsQtyLow  HighTile Flooring Cost 
Non-discounted retail pricing for: Residential grade glazed ceramic tile 12" x 12". Moderate to heavy traffic. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery.129 square feet$232.73$306.47Tile Floor Installation Labor, Basic 
Basic labor to install tile floor with favorable site conditions. Measure, fabricate and secure backer board. Layout tile pattern. Fabricate and install with thinset mortar. Grout and clean surface. Includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup.129 square feet$232.73$306.47Tile Floor Installation Job Supplies 
Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install tile floor including: fabrication and polishing disposables, manufacturer recommended underlayment, fasteners, adhesives and surface sealants.129 square feet$232.73$306.47Tile Floor Installation Equipment Allowance
Job related costs of specialty equipment used for job quality and efficiency, including: 10" diameter diamond wet tile and stone saw, mortar box and power mortar mixer. Daily rental. Consumables extra.129 square feet$232.73$306.47Option: Remove Tile
Detach tile and mortar from backing surface. Break into haul able pieces. Remove from home and dispose of legally.129 square feet$232.73$306.47Tile Flooring Debris Disposal
Costs to load and haul away old materials, installation waste and associated debris.129 square feet0.76781250.8734375 Unused Minimum Labor
Balance of 2 hr(s) minimum labor charge that can be applied to other tasks.   Totals - Cost To Install Tile Floor   Average Cost per Square Foot  
Sours: https://www.homewyse.com/services/cost_to_install_tile_floor.html



This true floating floor is made with real porcelain tile in ultra-realistic wood, stone, marble, and concrete looks.


RevoTile features ClicFit™ Technology, a unique locking system derived from the Uniclic® profile, the groundbreaking technology developed by the leader in locking systems and our parent company, Mohawk Industries, ensuring the ultimate quality and performance in design. 























Sours: https://www.daltile.com/revotile

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