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Antagonists, may also be referred to as villains, are arguably the spark of a good season of Total Drama and over the past 6 seasons and The Ridonculous Race, there have been a good amount of characters who have been considered as antagonists of the show. But which 10 characters are considered to be the main antagonists and which are considered the best!!! Time to find out:

10. Justin (TDA)



Justin is enough of an antagonist to make it on this list but is sadly at the bottom. What makes an antagonist of Total Drama good is someone who looking back on the season you realize that without them, the season probably wouldn’t be as good. Unfortunately, Justin doesn’t fall under that distinction. Justin was obsessed with his looks and when he thought he lost them, he tried to become a “strategist” to succeed. Unfortunately this led to him being disliked by many fans and when he was voted off, the season went on just fine and some might say got better.

9. Mike/Mal (TDAS)



Get a load of this guy!!! Mike was first of all not gonna be a good character when in TDROTI, his entire personality (at least his main one) was centered around Zoey. But when he was brought back for TDAS, he got even worse (as if that was possible). I’ll give him this, he was the obvious MAIN antagonist which puts him on this list and higher than Justin. But what puts him low is the fact that he was far from entertaining as people grew annoyed with his antics and predictable gameplay. Mal’s personality was all bad with no redeeming qualities like other antagonists. A good antagonist is someone you love to hate and someone who you might’ve hated at first but looking back realized they were awesome. But to most fans, Mike was someone you hated while watching and don’t want to think about even after the season for the most part.

8. Sugar (TDPI)



Sugar, the main antagonist of season 6 of Total Drama. In her defense, Sugar provided some entertaining moments and was the Main antagonist of TDPI. Unfortunately, this doesn’t put her higher than 8. Sugar was undoubtedly one of the most mind-numbingly annoying characters the show has ever seen. The reception from fans about her have not been good as people were over her pageant girl persona and rude attitude. A good antagonist is someone who despite everything is still liked. And to this day, I haven’t heard a single person say they like her.

7. Jo (TDROTI)


Oh Jo. Jo, Jo, Jo. Now we’re getting to a better antagonist. What an abrasive character. Jo is considered an antagonist due to her competitive and rough nature which antagonized characters such as Lightning, Cameron, and Brick. And the fact that she was placed on the Villainous Vultures in TDAS. Her antics and rough actions did display a good amount of funny moments and her character isn’t  completely terrible as I occasionally enjoy watching her. What puts her lower than others is the fact that she wasn’t the main antagonist of her season and still leaves a lot of fans with a bad taste in their mouth.

6. Scarlett (TDPI)


Scarlett!!!!! One of the highlights of the dysfunctional 6th season of Total Drama in my opinion. Scarlett was one of the main antagonists of her season and definitely gave some good character moments. Her smart and maniacal mind really made her a fun character. Watching her get annoyed with Max was definitely entertaining. You would think threatening the other characters lives for the million would put her on the top but only seeing her once, and on a non so adequate season in my opinion puts her in the middle which is pretty fine.

5. Courtney (TDA)


Some may argue about this but oh well! Courtney in my opinion was a decent antagonist. She rubbed the other characters the wrong way and made a huge impact on the later half of the season. Her character moments were great especially around Duncan and Lindsay which really improves her. Overall, without Courtney, Heather would’ve probably been the main antagonist which is a repeat of TDI or God forbid, Justin. What puts her in the middle and not on top is the fact that she came in late which kind of makes her impact limited.

4. Jacques and Josee (TDRR)


Jacques and Josee!!!! The ice dancers from The Ridonculous Race which is labeled, by many fans, as the season that saved Total Drama, or at least put it in a better light. I personally loved The Ridonculous Race and these two definitely helped out. These two victory-hungry characters were the main antagonists and loved to sabotage and no doubt made this season interesting. Their disputes with other teams, primarily The Cadets were great to watch and Josee perceiving the goths as vampires was hilarious. This definitely helps them make it high on this list especially because without them, The Daters might’ve been considered the main antagonists which is pitiful. What keeps it just shy of the final 3 I guess is because we only saw them once and this season had a lot of other things going for it to where if they were gone, the season wouldn’t of been a TOTAL, ABSOLUTE Loss.

3. Scott (TDROTI)


Scott! The evil-doer of TDROTI. Scott was undeniably the main antagonist of this season. And a phenomenal one at that. Scott’s character centered on causing trouble and succeeding at it. He not only made this, in my opinion dysfunctional a bit entertaining, he had great character moments such as his brawls with Fang the shark. Scott is liked by many fans and considered by many as a great villain and antagonist which helps him rise toward the top of this list. What stops him from being number one is the fact that his season was very short and his antagonism kind of dies down in TDAS.

2. Alejandro (TDWT)


Alejandro!!!!!! The devil himself!!!! The first person on this list in reference to TDWT. Alejandro is no doubt the main antagonist of TDWT and is an incredible one. To all those people who say the producers got lazy and just made another Justin I say, REWATCH THIS SEASON!!! Justin in no way lives up to Alejandro. He was a brilliant charmer and great character. His impact on the season was great and he provided great moments especially with Heather. ANYONE THAT CAN MAKE HEATHER SEEM LIKE A HERO IS DEFINITELY A GREAT ANTAGONIST!!! He plotted and schemed and made it to the end which is something a lot of the antagonists on this list failed to do which helps him be high on this list. What puts him at number 2 and not number one is the fact that number 1 cannot be beat!

  1. Heather (TDI and more)


HEATHER!!!!! I LOVE HEATHER TO DEATH!!!! SHE IS BY FAR THE BEST ANTAGONIST EVER!!! Heather is a classical villain and is the original. Her impact on the first season was so big that it shaped almost the entire course. She had great moments and had entertaining conflicts with several characters, primarily Leshawna and Gwen. She was epic and is loved by many fans and hated by other which makes her amazingly memorable. But what puts her at the top is that her antagonism never ends. Every season she has competed in, she has caused conflict, mischief, and drama and the show is called Total Drama!!! To the producers who made her, I take my hat off to you because she is by far the best Antagonist is Total Drama History!!!

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Total Drama Villains Ranked

Hey guys! I decided to make a post ranking the ten villains of Total Drama from worst to best:

Heather (TDI)

Justin (TDA)

Courtney (TDA)

Alejandro (TDWT)

Scott (TDROTI)

Mal (TDAS)

Sugar (TDPI)

Scarlett (TDPI)

Jacques and Josee (TDP:TRR)

Note that Jacques and Josee will be counted as one ranking, rather than separate ones. Rankings will take strategy, competitive dominance, and other personality aspects into account. Now, let's get started!

#9: Courtney

user uploaded image

Courtney took the role as Total Drama Action's main villains following her return to the franchise. Now, Courtney is well-known for her sudden change to bratty, hateful behavior in Action - this, combined with the constant perks she was given due to her lawsuits, gave her the villanous role in the season.

Courtney's main issue as a villain is that most of her attempts to dominate the game were not a result of strategy, but rather straight-up unfair behavior. She sued her way into the game, which is understandable - she was cheated out of her debut season, and received little to no justice until Action. However, most of her strategic forces consisted of perks she received through lawsuit threats, including gourmet meals and immunity in her early stages of the season.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Courtney - I just don't think she works well as a villain. She's smart, but not in a way that makes her a strategic threat. I think she's best as an anti-hero, as she was in World Tour and All-Stars.

#8: Justin

user uploaded image

Justin started Total Drama out as a silent, minor character. He served as slight comic relief in some purposes, but due to his early elimination and lack of lines, did very little until the special. However, in Total Drama Action, Justin began to use his looks as a strategic force; he used naive, gullible contestants Lindsay and Beth (who, quite interestingly, were Heather's pawns in the previous season) to do things for him. While this was an excellent strategy, it was put to waste when Justin was shown to use their 'services' to boost his ego rather than dominate the competition.

However, I will admit that Justin did have a fair

share of strategic thinking during the season. He did bring up alliances later in the season, and got both Trent and Gwen, notable for their good performance in the former season, eliminated early in the competition. It, however, doesn't overlook the fact that Justin's villainous role was inconsistent and inefficient, especially after Courtney returned to the competition. At this point, Justin became more of a comedic character until his elimination.

Maybe Action just wasn't a good season for villains.

#7: Sugar

user uploaded image

Sugar's status is really weird. Some consider her to be a full-on villain, whereas others consider her to simply be an annoyance. However, her villanous status is passable when you consider her role in Pahkitew Island as well as her elimination status and impression.

Sugar, like many villains, was meant to give the 'love-to-hate them' vibe. She was clearly meant to be more annoying than anything, and when you take her immunity streak of SEVEN EPISODES (insane!!) and constant degradation of other characters into count, she did her job well. I can definitely say for sure that Sugar's elimination was nearly as, if not as, satisfying as Heather's in Island.

Sugar did prove to be decently intelligent in picking and choosing who to eliminate, although the majority of her choices were based on personal bias rather than objective strategy. Regardless, she got a few players eliminated, most notably including Ella and Jasmine. However, a lot of her wins were also derived from dumb luck, which made me dislike her more as a villain. Regardless, Sugar did a decent job.

#6: Scarlett

user uploaded image

Scarlett is an interesting case. She is the first villain of the entire series to place her strategy toward winning the money directly, rather than dominating the competition and her opponents. She was a very intelligent player, utilizing her 'outcast' status to remain under the radar. She also utilized the alliance concept decently well through using Max to perform evil deeds.

Scarlett eventually found out the secret to Pahkitew Island, and as a result, essentially gained full control of it. She became an actual danger to the contestants, threatening to end their lives if she isn't given the money. Scarlett definitely defines the concept of 'evil' in a way no other villain has before, and that is why she has such a high ranking compared to what she would have if not.

I'd say Scarlett's only issue is probably how long she remained under the radar. If she revealed herself slightly earlier than she did, and intimidated her competition, it might've been more interesting and have given Scarlett more spotlight as a villain. However, her low-radar strategy and very few villainous moments outside of 'Scarlett Fever' makes her generally forgotten as a villain in comparison to her season's only other, Sugar.

#5: Jacques and Josee

user uploaded image

Jacques and Josee were agitating. Consistently pouty characters combined with a never-ending desire to win create some crazy competitive characters, and that annoyed me. However, I'm starting to realize that this was a rather good ambition and it led to a lot of their wins. Not only did they provide a decent amount of humor (Jacques in particular), but they did their job as villains well. Not only did they cause various eliminations and threw many other players off their game, but they even got eliminated in a traditional villain method - placing third. Now, I loved this, because they HATE bronze. And it was satisfying to see their placement.

I actually don't have too much else to say about this duo. I do respect their ambition, and while it made their ego overpower their logical thinking at times, it also caused a large amount of their wins. I don't like them very much (Josee in particular), but they did well.

#4: Mal

user uploaded image

Mal is quite the interesting concept. I love the fact that Mal functions as a completely unexpected force, hiding behind an otherwise tame persona. Mal is designed in a way no other Total Drama character is, and that's what made his concept so excellent. Had All Stars had more episodes and better writers, I think Mal could potentially take the role as the franchise's best villain.

Now, I understand that most people are going to immediately shoot down this ranking, saying Mal's strategy consisted of "breaking toys and being Shadow the Hedgehog". Now while this basically 100% true, there's more to his character than that. Now, I am no Mal fanboy - he's actually my least favorite of Mike's personalities, and I don't like him much. I just respect his strategies. Breaking Sam and Sierra's electronics to throw them off their game was an intelligent move, and causing drama amongst the more sensitive characters (take causing Cameron and Courtney to kiss, for example) was also intelligent. While some of Mal's strategies and situations (such as taking mental dominance during Moon Madness) were ridiculous, I have to give his character some respect. I don't think he gets enough of it.

#3: Scott

user uploaded image

Scott went from being one of my most hated characters to my second favorite. Scott is awesome because of how his character is designed - not only is he a strategic mastermind, but manages to stay interesting because of his secondary status as comic relief. Scott used the previously unseen strategy of throwing challenges to eliminate his team members, which was smart. Rather than forming alliances or using his own personality traits to charm others, he simply laid low and wrecked havoc when necessary. His elimination was also fairly satisfying, and while I hated him, I couldn't help but feel a little bad for him in the ROTI finale.

While he took more of an anti-hero role in All Stars, this is when I really began to start liking Scott. He was much more humorous, but still villainous when necessary. The finale should've been him VS Courtney, in all honesty.

#2: Alejandro

user uploaded image

Alejandro is an excellent villain. Deciding between whether to place him as #1 or #2 was extremely difficult, and I'm still slightly reluctant about placing him here. Alejandro dominated the HECK out of World Tour, causing a whopping ten eliminations: Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, DJ, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Duncan, Cody, and, in his ending, Heather. Alejandro mixed the charm that Justin had with intelligence and physical ability, making him an insanely powerful competitor. His status as a newcomer also allowed him to place a good first impression, lowering the guards of his targets down - especially regarding those attracted to him.

Alejandro also takes the status as the first villain to actually reach the finale of the season they dominated - Alejandro did an excellent job in the finale as well, at least until he fell for Heather's tricks. However, even so, Heather still lost in Alejandro's ending, even if it was for a ridiculous reason. Regardless of the outcome of Alejandro's placement in the finale, he was a fierce competitor throughout World Tour and even All Stars, and I give him loads of respect for his strategy.

#1: Heather

user uploaded image

Now, let's be honest - this was an obvious one. Heather is notorious for being the first villain of the franchise, and boy, has nobody ever compared to her strategy and dominance. Over the course of the series, she has been responsible for the elimination of a total of FOURTEEN people:

Island: Eva, Justin, Beth, Harold, Trent, Lindsay, DJ, Izzy, Geoff

Action: Gwen

World Tour: Blaineley, Duncan, Cody, Alejandro (in her ending)

No one has compared to Heather in strategy. She knows the weaknesses of her competitors and takes advantage of them. She knows who to pick and choose in forming alliances, targeting naive, unsuspecting contestants. I don't even want to rant about this character - she is just plain intelligent and excellent all around. Kudos to her.

And that about wraps it up! Here's the rankings:

9) Courtney

8) Justin

7) Sugar

6) Scarlett

5) Jacques and Josee

4) Mal

3) Scott

2) Alejandro

1) Heather

What other rankings would you guys like to see from me? Tell me in the comments - I love doing these! See you guys around!

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As Total Drama has developed, we've gotten to see many different ways a main antagonist could form. But the main antagonists do sometimes fail.. alot.

6th: Mal/Mike (Total Drama All Stars)

I honestly didn't even think this nonsense would occur while watching the TDAS premiere. Mal caused very few eliminations (1, to be exact) and didn't affect anything except for the terrible relationship between Mike and Zoey. He could've done so much more as a villian, but all he did was break Sierra's phone, Sam's GameGuy, and get out Alejandro which everyone in the fanbase saw coming. 

5th: Sugar (Total Drama Pahkitew Island)

Sugar was also a poor excuse for a villian. All she did was torture Ella pre-merge, and finally decided to "tell on her" and get her disquallified from the game. After that, all she did was betray Sky in Sky Fall, but still managed to fail in the Final 3. She got out one person in the game, and that one person was probably the most innocent player there. I don't see why Amy couldn't have made it farther and actually developed as a main antagonist. 

4th: Scott (Total Drama Revenge of the Island)

Honestly, I dread putting Scott at this rank, but he is slightly better than Sugar and definitely better than Mal. Scott's gameplay was so bad and I couldn't stand it. Once again, he got out the most innocent players (Beverly, Dawn), and had no reasoning for it at all. Although B and Dawn are innocent, I will give him the points for getting out Mike, which is why I find him better than the other two. He still was a bad villian, overall, and deserved to lose to the other three in the Final 4, even though I really don't find them as amusing characters either.

3rd: Courtney (Total Drama Action)

Although I love Courtney alot, her being the main antagonist was a poor excuse for one. Justin could've easily been the main antagonist and would've done the title justice, but it was Courtney instead. She basically cheated her way through the game and did nothing else. It would've been different if maybe she backstabbed Beth and voted her out, but obviously that wasn't happening since they were so far in the game and the others wouldn't have done it. She didn't even have potential as a main antagonist to be honest.

2nd: Alejandro (Total Drama World Tour)

Alejandro's strategy was also a very questionable one but it wasn't as bad. He decided to get out Team Victory's girls, which made no sense at all. It was obviously just a poor excuse to wipe out Victory, which is sad, because that was probably my favorite team, beating Amazon by a bit. DJ and Lindsay had so much potential in World Tour and it was wasted because of Alejandro. I also never got why he didn't do anymore villianous acts after that, other than probably vote out Owen who, once again, was the most innocent player out of the Final 8. 

1st: Heather (Total Drama Island)

Heather is probably going to stay the best antagonist in Total Drama history. I doubt some trash villian will top her. She had a fake alliance with the two dumbest girls on the Island, and it went in her favor by the Final 9 when Lindsay left. BUT, although she had an amazing strategy and outlasted most of her enemies, the whole "Hey, Heather wins an immunity pass for the 100th time" type of thing got old. But other than that, she was a great villian and we need TDI Heather back. She has been the only villian yet that wasn't afraid to take out the stronger players. Nowadays she is just arguing with someone for her plot line, which sucks.

Total Drama Villains and Bad Guys! (My Way)


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