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The Nano Cure is The World’s First Self-Healing Tent

What on earth is a self-healing tent? The Nano Cure uses a lightweight, water-resistant nylon fabric that is double-coated on either side, to create a self-healing, self-patching material; simply rub your fingers over the hole, and your body heat will actually cause it…. heal itself right in front of your own eyes. How cool is that?

Obviously this only works for very small punctures or tears; for massive cuts and slices…it isn’t going to do much. But this is a truly handy way of eliminating the need for a repair kit, and you can rest-assured those tiny leaks and holes won’t ruin your overnight trip.

On a less-innovate side, the Nano Cure is a good all-around camping tent – it fits 4, measures 9 ft by 7.5 feet and 5.5 feet tall, has the afore-mentioned nylon ripstop build, a rain-fly and canopy, and mesh vents and windows. It’s huge and spacious and weighs a hefty 8 pounds (for ultralite backpacking, this is not). They also boast of its easy 3 Minute Setup.

But pitching this bad boy for a weekend with a few friends, without fear of leaks or holes…looks like a promising time. You can pick one up by backing them on Kickstarter, where the tent starts at $200. Pitch in enough, and they’ll even send your their original Nano Cure windbreaker and hammock.



Nano Cure Tent – The World’s First Self Healing Tent

Nano Cure Tent

Sleeping in a leaky tent is far from comfortable and if you’re tent forms a hole while adventuring in the wilderness, patching it up can be an issue. Imperial Motion has created the world’s first self healing tent aptly named the Nano Cure Tent, which is capable of self-healing with just the rub of a finger repairing any holes or punctures that may occur. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the lightweight water resistant material NCT.

Imperial Motion explain a little more about the revolutionary material and the self-healing technology implemented into the tent fabric. “NCT is a lightweight, water resistant nylon ripstop with resealing and repairing capabilities. Naturally, nylon rip stop is extremely durable, but when combined with the special double sided coating and the heat of your fingers, small holes and punctures can be repaired. The reinforced fibers of the rip stop also create additional reinforcement and support around the puncture, which also aids in the repair function. The healing effect works very well on small punctures or lacerations which means we certainly don’t recommend testing your new tent with big scissors or knives.”

The Nano Cure Tent is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from $200 or roughly £153. Providing the first 500 lucky backers with one of the first self-healing tents available on the market. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful worldwide shipping is expected to take place during December 2018.

Source: Kickstarter

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In a world of fast consumerism, self-healing products might seem like a fantasy. However, at Springwise we have recently seen several products using a self-healing material. There’s an example of self-healing fluid that prevents leaks from power cables. Similarly, another company has developed a self-healing glass which can be useful for smartphone screens. Now, a new self-healing tent from Imperial Motion could mean the end of rainy leaks spoiling a camping trip.

The tent is made of a fibre called Nano Cure Technology (NCT). This nylon rip-stop material doesn’t tear when punctured. Instead, the NCT layers simply move apart when pierced with a small object. After puncture, these layers form a strong support around the wound, preventing further damage. Holes in the fabric can then be repaired without the need of tools or kits. Users simply rub the damaged area between their fingers. The motion plus the heat generated by friction causes the separated layers to rejoin, resealing the hole. Imperial Motion stresses that the NCT Tent currently only self-heals small holes, with the technology not yet able to overcome major damage. In addition, The NCT tent features a waterproof silicon layer, meshes for air ventilation during hot summer days, and a simple rapid setup system.

The NCT Tent is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and is available in a range of colors. Earlybird supporters can pledge USD 200 for an NCT Tent. Imperial Motion hope to ship the tents to a larger consumer market by late 2018.

Technology continues to help those seeking adventure in the great outdoors to stay safe and comfortable. However, what other technologies could provide safer and more comfortable outdoor experiences?

23rd July 2018



How Nano Cure Tech Works

Imperial Motion pitches the first self-healing tent

Everything from electronics to concrete is getting the self-healing treatment nowadays, but the technology rarely seems to make it to commercial products. Now, Imperial Motion is pitching a self-healing tent, made out of a proprietary material it calls Nano Cure Technology (NCT).

To gain its healing superpowers, the material starts with a nylon ripstop fabric that is sandwiched between two layers of water-resistant silicone. According to Imperial Motion, when the material is punctured it doesn't actually break – instead, the nylon threads are just pushed apart. They can be coaxed back together by rubbing the puncture wound with your finger for a few seconds, leaving little to no trace that anything was ever wrong.

The company cautions that it only really works on small holes and tears, but the ripstop design should help keep the small ones from getting too big anyway. Imperial Motion has been putting the NCT material to work in backpacks, duffel bags, hammocks and jackets since 2016 (and other companies have since followed suit with similar products like Slughaus' Wolverine Pack), but this sounds like the first time it's shown up in a tent.

Imperial Motion

The self-healing ability is the obvious headliner here, but even aside from that Imperial Motion's Nano Cure Tent sounds like a decent piece of equipment. It measures 9 ft x 7 ft (2.7 x 2.1 m) at the base and stands 5.5 ft (1.7 m) tall, with a waterproof tarpaulin floor and a rain fly that's also made of the NCT material.

The tent can sleep four, and apparently it's easy enough for "anybody" to set up in three minutes. At the end of the trip, it all packs away into a bag measuring 2 ft (0.6 m) long and 7 in (17.8 cm) high and wide, weighing just 8 lb (3.6 kg).

Imperial Motion is currently funding the Nano Cure Tent on Kickstarter. Pledges for the tent itself start at US$200, although for lower bids you can get NCT hammocks, backpacks, and jackets. So far it's raised just over $10,000 of its $100,000 goal and if all goes to plan, the Nano Cure Tent is set to ship in December 2018.

Check it out in the video below.

Source: Imperial Motion

Nano Cure Tent // The World's First Self Healing Tent


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Nano Cure Self-Healing Tent

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Imperial Motion, a company that took there ‘what if’ ideas and rolled with it, is all about the constantly evolving way of life, which led them to create one of the most technologically advanced tents out there. It’s called the Nano Cure Tent, and they state that it’s the world’s very first self-healing tent.

The Nano Cure Tent has water resistant nylon ripstop, along with resealing and repairing abilities. On its own, nylon ripstop is immensely durable; however, when its combined with Imperial Motion’s special double sided coating, along with the heat of your fingers, small holes and punctures can be restored. Additionally, the reinforced fibers of the ripstop will also create further reinforcement and support around the hole, aiding in its repair ability. This ultralight tent also has mesh ventilation windows, a rain fly, canopy and a tarpaulin bottom, so you can sleep easy knowing that there won’t be any moisture seeping through. Imperial Motion’s 4-person capacity tent is also super easy to set up and take down because it has less parts, so you can save some time and enjoy more of nature. Check out Kickstarter to back this amazing project now.

Purchase: $200

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NCT Tent Kickstarter // The World's First Self Healing Tent


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