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To ensure the durability of garments, there needs to be clear communication as to how to care for these. This is why garments feature care labels, providing instructions on washing, drying, ironing and the like. These labels, typically sewn into the inside of the garments’ side seams, have become the established way to communicate garment care. However, it has become equally common for customers to cut these off before wearing the garments, as they can be particularly uncomfortable and scratchy. They can also be inconvenient from an aesthetic point of view, if they become visible above a neckline or waistband because they flip up, or if they create a bulge in a lightweight garment. Customers rarely keep the care labels, and the same can be applied to brand labels, often situated at the back of the neck with the brand’s logo on them, which can equally irritate the skin and thus be cut off.

A way to avoid the discarding of care labels is to use “tagless” labels, which are directly on the textiles of garments. These are simply printed or imprinted into the fabric, meaning that the comfort and look of the clothes are not compromised. Tagless labels also ensure that the care instructions are always available to the wearers, meaning that they are less likely to revert to dry cleaning or washing at the wrong temperatures. Tagless labels can be achieved through heat transfer, screen printing and pad printing, the latter being recognised as the most efficient technology for tagless labels.

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Sours: https://designforlongevity.com/articles/tagless-labels


Take the irritation and frustration of tags out of clothing with tagless care labels. From sportswear to activwear, and now fashion. We've seen tagless care labels make a huge impact in the clothing market over recent years, and we can walk you through everything you need to make the switch to tagless.

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The latest tech on the streets, UltraColour, is our vibrant fine-detail and soft feeling heat transfer that looks great on garments and apparel. Making it the perfect product for creating tag less care labels.

  • Ultra Fine Detail

  • 1 to 2 Colours

  • Eco-Friendly Water Based Inks

  • Small to Large Quantity Runs



Switch from using tags to tagless care labels. With a larger area for more information, one tagless label can replace multiple tags. Long lasting and less irritation, tagless care labels are quickly becoming the industry standard. 

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Clothing is as much about the feel and experience of wearing a garment as it is about how good someone looks in it. Have you considered using tagless care labels in your designs? If you haven't, give us a call and we can organise a sample for you to see for yourself.

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Sours: https://www.vicontransfers.com.au/heat-transfers-for-tagless-care-labels
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Tagless Neck Tags

About Threaded Merch - Palmdale Screen Printing - Los Angeles custom t shirt printing screen printing Threaded Merch

Time To Go Tagless

Do you want to brand your shirt and make it a marketing tool? Of course you do!! Then you need inside tagging. In this process, we remove the tag from the shirt and replace it with a screen printed tag that has your logo on it. It makes the shirt recognizable 100% to your company. It changes it from ‘just a tee shirt’ to a marketing strategy. It’s a step up in professionalism. It makes you look like you are totally on top of things (which you are!).

Tagless Main Care Label Iron-On Heat Transfer Printing for Garment Apparel Clothing

New developing Tag-less/label-free garment apparel clothes heat seal label heat transfer paper/ film for most of active wear                 

1. New developing Tag-less/label-free garment apparel clothes heat seal label heat transfer  film for most of Garment fabrics logo of active/underwear garment clothing Washing CARE & CONTENT instruction's label for permanent Brand / I.D. . 

2. It is more comfortable for skin touch & cheap comparing woven/printed lable,which offers brand and variable information without a sewn-in label, very good washing fastness after transferred- more then 50 time washing. 

3. Send your artwork details with ratio size break down, then we should quote you back soon.

 Samples with customers' registered trademarks, logos and diagrams are for demonstration only and not available for sale.

   Tagless Main Care Label Iron-On Heat Transfer Printing for Garment Apparel Clothing

You will use our online designer to upload your existing tagless label design or design your brand new tagless label heat transfers on the spot.  Minimum order is 100 pieces, minimum print size is 1"x1" / maximum print size is 3" x 3".  All custom tagless label heat transfer come ready to transfer with transfer backing paper, ready to transfer on your garments!  Instant pricing discounts available for larger quantities.  Let's get started!

create your own custom tagless labels

A Few caveats:

Not all shirts de-tag cleanly. If the shirt has a surged edge, instead of a folded seam, we cannot remove it completely without leaving a hole behind. If having a bit of tag visible is a deal breaker for you, please order a sample shirt before placing your order!!

This will add a day or two to your production time. As with every order, we recommend you give yourself (and us!) as much time as possible.

Note- On lighter garments we recommend using a lighter ink color (Cool Grey 3) since ink shows through the fabric much easier.


There is some info you are required to put on the inside tag by federal law. They are: country of origin and fiber content

Please provide tags that accurately reflect this info. In some cases, you may need to provide additional art for your tags after the shirts arrive-mostly because we don’t always know where the shirts will be made.

You can find more information about these regulations here.


(Adds 14-24 working days to production time.)

100-499 $0.99/ea
500 and up: $0.65/ea

Tagless Main Care Label Iron-On Heat Transfers

You can add Tagless Care Labels to your order for that private brand touch! 

Everyone keeps asking about our tagless inside size labels with their logo, website, washing instructions and social media info screen printed on the inside after tearing away the tags for private labelling.  A question we get alot for those who already have their own merch but need inside tagless labels alone, do we offer just selling the custom inside tagless labels as just heat transfers for them to apply later? The answer is YES! We do! Minimum order per size label is 100 pieces and up. 

Minimum Order is 100 Sizes Tags per size, so if you need additional sizes, like Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, it has to be "atleast 100 of each” , "NOT 10 Small, 30 Large, 20 XL! 100 PIECES PER SIZE, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 

TAG PRINTABLE AREA: Min Size 1" Wide x 1" Tall  / Max Size 3" Wide x 3" Tall

Opaque White Ink- Add $.35/ea.

Why? We screen print our inside tags using a special small format automatic printing press. To get an opaque white we need to run the tags through twice. This still doesn't yield a truly solid bright white. So we end up screen printing the tags onto transfer paper and then heat pressing them on. Basically it's more steps and more work, so more money!

Sweatshirts - Add $.35/ea.

Fleece is very difficult to print on. We prefer to use transfers as they yield a more solid print.

Transfers - Add $.35/ea.

Some customers prefer the way a transfer sits on top of the shirt. They have a more opaque look vs. a direct screen print. Since we need to make transfers and then press them on it's a much slower process so it costs a bit more.

NOTE- Any of the above 3 options can be combined for a one time charge of $.35/ea. Example, if you do a transfer on a sweatshirt it's just one charge of $.35/ea.

Sours: https://www.threadedmerch.com
How to heat press tagless neck label transfers


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Everything You NEED To Know About Printing Custom Neck Labels


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