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Stardew Valley: Fair Guide

By William Gifford Backus


Once a year, Stardew Valley's Pelican Town is transformed into a Festive Fall Fair filled with fun minigames and shopping.

Once a year, Stardew Valley's Pelican Town is transformed into a festive wonderland to celebrate the Fall season. There are unique shopping opportunities and activities aplenty to keep even the most busy body occupied for hours.

The Stardew Valley Fair only takes place on Tuesday, the 16th of Fall, though it is an annual event. Plus, it runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (in-game time), meaning that there's plenty of time to hit up all the booths.

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Here are all the different booths and limited-time items available, and all a player needs to know about the Grange Display, a fun opportunity to show off all of their hard work.

How the Booths Work

The Fair's currency runs on a system of Star Tokens, similar to how an arcade uses tickets to reward someone for completing a game or activity. There are certain booths that use mechanics from the game to reward players Star Tokens. Most of the booths actually require Gold to access, with the most common cost being 50g.

Here are all of the game booths, with a description of the mechanic and potential rewards.

  • Fishing Minigame (50g) - This one is pretty self-explanatory-- the fishing works in the same way that it does in the base game, there's just a limited amount of casts. Each fish yields 12-25 Star Tokens, plain items will reward one, and a player will get bonus tokens for a perfect catch.
  • Slingshot Minigame (50g) - There will be a number of targets that a player has to hit with their Slingshot. There are three different colored targets to hit, with each rewarding a different number of Star Tokens: Red- 1, Blue- 2, Purple- 5. Players will also be given extra tokens based off o accuracy.
  • Smashing Stone (Free) - There will be a stone next to an energy bar. Click on the stone at the right time, when the bar reaches the top or bottom, to get on Star Token.
  • Token Seller- As the name implies, will sell one Star Token for 50g.
  • Fortune Teller Booth (100g) - No Star Tokens involved this time, but the Fortune Teller can give a player valuable information on the two Villagers atop an individual's Social menu.
  • Spinning Wheel- Players can bet a certain amount of Star Tokens (limited only to the amount that they have) on whether a spinning arrow will land on the orange or green half of a wheel.

Once a player has accrued a vast amount of Star Tokens, they can head over to the Shop Booth to purchase exclusive items. To purchase every single fixed item will cost 3,900 Star Tokens, and each one is purchasable only once per year. Here are all of the fixed items available.

  • Dried Sunflowers (100 Tokens) - Cosmetic for a player's house
  • Fedora (500 Tokens) - Wearable item
  • Light Green Rug (500 Tokens) - Another item to liven up a home
  • Rarecrow (800 Tokens) - One of eight collectible items
  • Stardrop (2,000 Tokens) - Will increase a player's max energy by 34 points upon consumption

There are some other random items that can pop up in the shop.

  • Pepper Poppers (250 Tokens) - A consumable cooked dish that restores health and energy
  • Triple Shot Espresso (400 Tokens) - Provides an extensive Speed buff
  • 100 Hay (500 Tokens) - Used to feed livestock
  • Glowstone Ring (1,000 Tokens) - An item that emits light and can attract objects on the ground
  • 24 Mixed Seeds (1,000 Tokens) - A grab bag of plantable seeds

The Grange Display

Like any town fair, the Grange Display provides the opportunity to showcase valuable items for the potential of great reward.

To enter into the contest, approach Mayor Lewis and interact with him. You can enter up to nine items to be judged. Each one will be assigned a specific point value, largely based off of rarity. So, as a general rule of thumb, Base value will return the lowest points while Iridium will prove to be the most valuable. Entering nine items will also give players an automatic nine points.

There are eight categories of items recognized by the fair that are all pretty standard.

So, to maximize the amount of points a display is worth, use nine Iridium-quality items with a high selling price. Netting 90 points will earn First Place and 1,000 Star Tokens.

Stardew Valley is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Save File

If you would like the app to scan a save file in order to recommend what items to use for the display, you can select the save file below:

Please use the full save file named with your farmer's name (or farm name) and an ID number (e.g. Fred_148093307); do not use the SaveGameInfo file as it does not contain all the necessary information.

Default save file locations are:

  • Windows: %AppData%\StardewValley\Saves\
  • Mac OSX & Linux: ~/.config/StardewValley/Saves/


Expected Score

Load a save or select items with the form above.


  • 28 Dec 2020 - v3.0 - Support for Stardew Valley 1.5
  • 24 Jul 2020 - v2.0.1 - Updated forum link in footer
  • 26 Nov 2019 - v2.0 - Support for Stardew Valley 1.4
  • 12 June 2019 - v1.1.2 - Fixed error with some item stacks being ignored
  • 12 Feb 2019 - v1.1.1 - Fixed error parsing difficulty modifier
  • 30 Jan 2019 - v1.1 - Improved support for iOS save files
  • 15 Dec 2018 - v1.0.1 - Handling mod items a bit better
  • 2 Nov 2018 - v1.0 - Initial release
Sours: https://mouseypounds.github.io/stardew-fair-helper/
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The fair is one of the 8 festivals throughout the game. It happens on the 16th of every fall and is a great occasion for you to get some stuff that you previously probably could not have found. The way that the festival works is that it awards you Star Tokens which you can redeem for items at the fair that you normally cannot get. One of such items is a Starfruit which increases your overall energy permanently. It happens in the middle of Pelican Town and starts at 9:00 am. You can enter the festival from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Once you leave the festival you will return to the farm at 10:00 pm. You will not be able to enter the town before the festival starts. Here is the walkthrough on what to do to get the most out of this festival.
The way to get the most out of the fair is to win the most games so that you can get the most Star Tokens. The first thing that you should do is to speak to the mayor.

He will tell you to display the items that you have brought for the Grange display. If you speak to him again he will give you 1000 Star Tokens. The second thing that you need to do is to win the Grange display because that will get you 1000 tokens. Winning the display can be a little tricky but you can easily do it if you have the right items. All you need to do is to use the items that are of the highest value, the items that are of the gold or higher quality and you need to make sure that the items are of different categories such as Fish, Fruits, Artisan goods and so on. There are 8 categories that you can choose from so it is better if you diversify and keep the widest range of goods possible.

The third trick to win at the fair is the most important but it is a little complicated. There is a wheel of fortune in the fair that you can bet Star tokens in. It is basically a roulette wheel and it gives you a reward if the color you choose comes up.
However the game is rigged in such a way that the orange color does not come up 3 times in a row. Therefore what you can do is to place small bets at first until you get orange twice in a row and after that happens you can place an enormous bet on the green color and you are sure to win big.
These tricks will definitely help you but don’t forget that the games are fun to play and easy to win.

The fishing one is particularly easy if you just need a bit more tokens it is the way to go.


Sours: https://forums.tomsguide.com/faq/stardew-valley-how-to-win-at-the-fair.201692/
Stardew Valley Fair Mysteries

How To Win The Stardew Valley Fair Grange Display Contest

By Gabrielle Marie HustonUpdated


You'll need 2,000 Star Tokens to buy yourself that precious Stardrop, and the Grange Display contest is the best way to get them.

Quick Links

The Stardew Valley Fair is a wondrous event that takes place on the 16th of Fall every year in Pelican Town. It's a time for the townspeople to come together for fun events and for local craftspeople and shopkeepers to display their excellent craftsmanship. Of most interest to players is that farmers can show off the very best of their annual harvest.

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In the fall, you can compete in a contest called the Grange Display, Stardew Valley's best opportunity to show off your progress on the farm. You'll face off against Marnie, Willy, and Pierre to prove that your farm produces the absolute best goods in Stardew Valley. The one to beat is Pierre, who famously wins the competition every year (if you don't, that is!). This guide will give you all the info you need to win and put him in his place, year after year.

Updated July 17th, 2021 by Gabrielle Huston: With new content coming to Stardew Valley all the time from ConcernedApe, more and more players are being introduced to the game than ever before! The Grange Display is a challenge set to the player in their very first year and can be tough to overcome. It's not immediately clear how Lewis judges the contents of your display or what you should change in order to reach first place. With this guide, we can help to lead you there. We've updated it to make it more readable and helpful!

How Many Points Do You Need?

There are five different rankings you can achieve in the Grange Display contest at the fair. If you're interested in grabbing some items from the Star Token shop, including one of the only Stardrops in the entire game, you'll want to earn as many Tokens as possible by getting first place.

RankingRequired PointsRewarded Star Tokens
First Place90 or more1,000
Second Place75500
Third Place60200
Fourth Placefewer than 60 points50
Disqualifiedinclude Mayor Lewis' shorts750 (as a bribe)

How Do You Score Points?

You'll earn points four different ways once you've entered the display contest. There are some points you'll earn just for entering, but the ones you'll want to focus on are the ones you get for submitting items.


Just by entering the competition, you've earned 14 points.

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Number Of Items Entered

Your display will earn points just for being full, too! Always include nine items, even if some of the items are no good or even trash, because it'll increase your point total and ensure you don't lose any points.

9 Items Entered9 points
8 Items Entered7 points
7 Items Entered5 points
6 Items Entered3 points
5 Items Entered1 point
4 Items Entered-1 point
3 Items Entered-3 points
2 Items Entered-5 points
1 Item Entered-7 points
0 Items Entered-9 points


The fair recognizes eight item categories for the display. Including an item from each category will earn your display 5 extra points. However, this will only work a maximum of six times, so you only need items in six of the categories, not all eight. Your last three items can be repeats, if you so choose!

The item categories are...

  • Animal Products (anything gathered from your animals, such as eggs, milk, or wool)
  • Artisan Goods (anything created using a keg, preserves jar, oil maker, etc., such as pickles, jellies, honey, wine, or mayonnaise
  • Cooking (any food item, often made in a kitchen, such as Maki rolls, Ginger ale, Pancakes, Spicy Eel, or Sashimi)
  • Fish (anything caught with a rod or in a crab pot, such as sea cucumbers, snails, stingrays, pike, lobster, halibut, or lingcods)
  • Foraging, Flowers, and Tree Saps (items found in the wild or flowers grown on the farm, like holly, mushrooms, poppies, winter roots, or cave carrots, as well as tree saps like pine tar or maple syrup)
  • Fruits (any fruit grown on a tree or in the ground on the farm, such as melon, starfruit, strawberries, cactus fruit, apples, blackberries, or coconuts)
  • Minerals (any special gem or stone found while mining rocks, including amethyst, aquamarine, obsidian, jade, star shards, or thunder eggs)
  • Vegetables (any vegetable you can grow on the farm, such as beets, amaranth, pumpkins, taro roots, tea leaves, garlic, corn, or hops)

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Sell Price and Quality Of Items Entered

The final way you'll earn points is based on the sell value and quality level of your items. Ideally, you want to place iridium quality items that would sell for 200g or more, because they'll earn 8 points (the maximum for one item).

Item's Sell PriceNormal QualitySilver QualityGold QualityIridium Quality
0g-19g1 point2 points3 points5 points
20g-89g2 points3 points4 points6 points
90g-199g3 points4 points5 points7 points
200g-299g4 points5 points6 points8 points
300g-399g5 points6 points6 points8 points
400g or more6 points6 points6 points8 points

The Grange Display considers the actual sell price of an item, not its base sell price.

For example, an albacore is worth 75g at normal quality and 112g at gold quality. According to this chart, a gold albacore will be in the 90g-199g level. Then, because it's gold quality, it gets more of a bonus. So, a gold albacore would be worth 5 points.

How Do You Do The Math?

Taking all the information from the previous section, you can now refer to the items you have in your inventory to check whether or not you can win the contest. You have a week's notice for the festival, so there's plenty of time to make last-minute adjustments.

Step one is to assess your items's individual point value. ​​​​​​(For this calculation, we've assumed you haven't taken the Rancher Profession or anything else that increases an item's value. If you have, you should take that price into account to calculate point totals.)

First, maybe you've spent some time cultivating a barn, with plenty of goats and cows that you love! If so, you'll be able to get iridium quality Large Milk. That has a base sell price of 380g, which makes it worth 8 points. If you put some of the lesser quality Large Milk into a Cheese Maker, you can earn a gold quality Cheese. It has a base sell price of 345g, making it worth 6 points. You can also get Goat Milk — an iridium quality Goat Milk will fetch you 450g so it's worth 8 points in the display.

Perhaps you've also cultivated a small coop and a few ducks. Toss any duck egg into a Mayonaise Maker and you'll be rewarded with a normal quality Duck Mayonaise, worth 375g. It'll earn 5 points.

If you knew the fair was coming, you could have saved the best few crops from the past three seasons. One normal quality Parsnip (from the spring) is worth 35g, or 2 points in your display. A normal quality Melon (from the spring) sells for 250g, getting you 4 points. And a gold quality Pumpkin (from the fall) is worth 480g and a cool 6 points.

Your other adventures throughout Stardew Valley can earn you the last few points you'll need. Fishing up a gold quality Albacore would earn you 112g or 5 points. Hanging on to a Diamond from the mines would have sold for 750g but it gets 6 points in your Grange Display.

Your current point total is 50. Now, we'll consider everything else.

You've included 9 items, so you get a bonus of 9 points.

Plus, you entered the contest period, so that's another 14 points.

Finally, you've fulfilled the Vegetables, Minerals, Fruits, Fish, Artisan Goods, and Animal Products categories. That's5 points each to a total of 30 points.

Your final, first-place score is a total of 103 points!

Some Sample Winning Display Combinations

Note: whether or not you have certain Professions that increase the base value of certain items will affect the exact total you come out with. These examples are just guidelines.

124 points:

  • 4 Iridium Quality Goat's Cheese
  • 1 Iridium Quality Fiddlehead Fern
  • 1 Iridium Quality Coconut
  • 1 Iridium Quality Duck Feather
  • 1 Iridium Quality Purple Mushroom
  • 1 Iridium Quality Pike

118 points:

  • 1 Iridium Quality Large Milk
  • 1 Iridium Quality Woodskip
  • 1 Iridium Quality Sashimi
  • 1 Normal Quality Diamond
  • 1 Normal Quality Starfruit
  • 1 Normal Quality Goat Cheese
  • 1 Iridium Quality Super Cucumber
  • 1 Iridium Quality Sturgeon
  • 1 Iridium Quality Tiger Trout

103 points:

  • 1 Iridium Quality Large Milk
  • 1 Normal Quality Hops
  • 1 Gold Quality Albacore
  • 1 Iridium Quality Goat Milk
  • 1 Normal Quality Duck Mayonaise
  • 1 Gold Quality Cheese
  • 1 Normal Quality Melon
  • 1 Normal Quality Diamond
  • 1 Gold Quality Pumpkin

96 points:

  • 1 Gold Quality Mayonnaise
  • 1 Gold Quality Purple Mushroom
  • 1 Gold Quality Midnight Carp
  • 1 Gold Quality Strawberry
  • 1 Gold Quality Pumpkin
  • 1 Gold Quality Artichoke
  • 1 Gold Quality Sardine
  • 1 Gold Quality Crystal Fruit
  • 1 Gold Quality Coral

100 points:

  • 9 Iridium Quality Truffles

Can You Win In Your First Year?

While tough, it's absolutely possible to win the contest during your first year in Stardew Valley. Prioritize variety and getting at least six of the applicable categories, then high quality silver or gold items, in that order (don't sacrifice having all six categories just for a slightly higher quality item).

Some items that earn great points and you can include in the first year are:

  • Gold cheese is absolutely obtainable in your first year so long as you've been giving your cows the love and attention they need. They're part of the "Artisan Goods" category, and at the gold level are worth 6 points.
  • The recipe for Cheese Cauliflower is easy to obtain; Pam will mail it to you once you've achieved three hearts of friendship with her. Not only that, but its ingredients aren't unreasonable either — cauliflower, which you can grow in spring, and regular ol' cheese. This dish — which counts as part of the "Cooking" category — is worth 5 points.
  • If you have managed to invest in goats already, goat cheese of normal quality is worth 6 points. It only goes up to 8 points if it's Iridium, so you don't need to worry about having to invest in a relationship with your goats to score high here. Like regular cheese, goat cheese is an Artisan Good.
  • Melons, which you can grow in the summer, fall into the "Fruits" category. They are worth four points at their normal quality. However, bumping the melon up to silver (which can be reliably done with a little fertilizer) means it's worth 6 points! Just be careful to plant them early in the summer, because they'll take 12 days to grow.
  • It's tempting to experiment with the things you find while foraging, but if you come across a purple mushroom, put it away for your grange display! It counts as part of the "Foraging, Flowers, and Tree Saps" category, and is worth 4 points at normal quality. If you're lucky enough in your first year to stumble upon a silver or gold quality purple mushroom, it'll be worth 6 points.
  • Grow some cauliflower in your first spring and save at least one — once preserved, they become pickles. Pickled cauliflower is worth 6 points, at normal quality! It also counts as an Artisan Good.

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Valley fair stardew

Stardew Valley Stardew Valley Fair, including Grange Display and Star Tokens explained

The Stardew Valley Fair is the highlight of the fall festival calendar for Stardew Valley.

This festival allows you to show off your best farm produce at the Grange Display and be rewarded with Star Tokens, which can then be exchanged for a variety of prizes.

After the relaxing Dance of the Midnight Jellies, the Stardew Valley Fair wants to keep you as active as possible. There's a variety of mini-games you can play and even a Fortune Teller.

On this page:

Stardew Valley Fair date and time in Stardew Valley explained

The Stardew Valley Fair is one of the most exciting festivals in the game, here are the time and location details:

  • Date - 16th Fall
  • Time - 9am to 3pm
  • Location - Pelican Town
  • Return to Farm at - 10pm

Grange Display in Stardew Valley explained

Each Stardew Valley Fair offers you the chance to show off your best farm produce at the Grange Display.

Competing against Pierre, Marnie and Willy, you can place up to nine products into your Grange Display box for Lewis to judge.

Technically you only need to submit five items to the Grange Display to avoid dropping any points, but it's best to fill in every spot and collect as many points as possible.

There are eight categories that you can submit items for:

  • Animal Products
  • Artisan Goods
  • Cooking
  • Fish
  • Foraging
  • Fruits
  • Minerals
  • Vegetables

It's a good idea to try and submit one item from each category, because having a variety of items will help increase your overall score.

The quality of your submissions is also important, because the higher item quality, the more points you'll receive for it.

For competing in the Grange Display, you'll be rewarded with a number of Star Tokens depending on where you place in the competition.

  • First Place - 1,000 Star Tokens
  • Second Place - 500 Star Tokens
  • Third Place - 200 Star Tokens
  • Fourth Place - 50 Star Tokens
  • Disqualified - 750 Star Tokens

If you fancy being disqualified from the Grange Display competition, then all you need to do is place a certain mayor's purple boxers in your box. This will upset Lewis, but he will pay you off to keep quiet, which I'm pretty sure makes this blackmail.

Lewis will ask you to return his 'item' the next day, but, if you decide to hang onto the boxers, you'll be able to repeat this trick next year. You will never lose any friendship points from pranking Lewis.

Once you're ready to have your Grange Display judged, go and tell Lewis.


It will take him some time to judge each box, so feel free to go and explore the fair. You'll get a notification once he's finished judging and you need to talk to him to receive your prize.

With Star Tokens in hand, always remember to collect your items from the Grange Display box, because, if you don't, they'll be lost forever.

Star Tokens and mini-games in Stardew Valley explained

You can also earn Star Tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair by competing in a variety of mini-games.

There is a fishing mini-game, where you're rewarded for the number of fish you manage to catch before the time runs out, and a slingshot mini-game, which involves breaking as many targets as possible.


If your pockets are full of cash, you can also purchase Star Tokens from the Token Seller.

One Star Token costs 50g, so, while this is the quickest way to earn Star Tokens, it's by far the most expensive.


The easiest, and cheapest, way to earn Star Tokens, however, is to bet them on the Spinning Wheel.

The Spinning Wheel dial has a 75% chance of landing on green, so the trick is to bet half of your Star Tokens on green and slowly collect as many tokens as you need. Just make sure you don't bet all your tokens at once.


One of the main goals in Stardew Valley is to complete the Community Center bundles or, if you’re corporate minded, you can buy a JojaMart Membership. Fishing is a great way to earn money in Stardew Valley, especially if you decide to use crab pots and ponds. Throughout the year you’ll also be able to take in a variety of festivals, including the Egg Festival, Stardew Valley Fair and the Night Market.

Star Token prizes in Stardew Valley explained

Once you've collected enough Star Tokens, you'll be able to spend them on some prizes.

The four items you can purchase are:

Dried Sunflowers100 Star Tokens
Fedora500 Star Tokens
Rarecrow (Howl's Moving Castle)800 Star Tokens
Stardrop2,000 Star Tokens

Except for the Stardrop, you can purchase one of each item every year.

With the Stardew Valley Fair completed, it's time for the spookiest event in the Stardew Valley calendar - Spirit's Eve!

Sours: https://www.eurogamer.net/
Stardew Valley Fair Mysteries

The Stardew Valley Fair is an event that takes place on Fall 16 between 9 AM and 2 PM in the town square. You can talk to Lewis to begin the grange judging. After judging, unlike most events, you can continue to stay at the fair, but it will end when you leave the town square by going west to your farm, fast-forwarding time to 10pm.


Gus is grilling up a storm near the Community Center with his signature secret sauce. You can consume an unlimited number of Survival Burgers by interacting with the grill, all food compliments of the mayor. The energy and health bonuses still apply, as does the foraging bonus, although it is still counting down in real time even though it is not visible during the event. You can take advantage of this by stopping by for one last bite before you leave.

Minigame Booths

There are several games where you can gain Star Tokens, a currency that can be exchanged for prizes at the shop near the entrance by the farm. Maximum amount of tokens you can have, seems to be 9.999

Name cost Description
Fishing minigame250Gold.png50g Play the fishing minigame to catch fish. Fishing works mostly as per usual, with a basic Bamboo Pole with no energy cost and no treasure chance, but your fishing level will still give you an advantage. Each caught fish gives between 15 to 20 points, based on how fast you catch the fish and what type of fish it is, with higher difficulty fish granting more points. All trash and algae give 1 point. For successfully catching all fish and for each perfect catch (the fish never leaves the green bar), you get extra points at the end.
Slingshot minigame250Gold.png50g Shoot the targets with your slingshot (press the action button for the keyboard/gamepad, or pull in the reverse direction that you want to fire with your mouse cursor). Each target gives different points (red, blue, and purple). At the end you get a point multiplier based on your accuracy.
Smashing StoneAt the Smashing Stone you can test your strength by clicking the stone at the right moment when the bar hits the top. for hitting the top you get one Star Token. The bar is stopped when your pickaxe strikes the pad, not when you start swinging. You can also get a star token by hitting the stone when the bar is at the bottom.
Token Seller250Gold.png50g At the Star token Seller you can buy Star Tokens for 50g each.
Clairvoyant booth3100Gold.png100g At the Clairvoyance Booth the Fortuneteller will tell you events from the future for 100g once. This information is based on the social status you have with the villagers and your highest ranked skill. She will tell you something about events with the first two people in your social menu.
Spinning Wheel
Sours: https://stardewvalley.fandom.com/wiki/Stardew_Valley_Fair

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